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2023 Vape Guide

Best Vape Products of 2022

Best E-Liquid
Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

MSRP: $21.95

Special Price $17.95

Build Quality /10
Versatility /10
Value /10
Form Factor /10
Ease of Use /10
Being one of the most trusted brand's for e-liquid, it's no wonder Naked 100 makes it to the top our of list for best vape products of 2020! Plus, this refreshingly delicious e-liquid never gets old! Cloud production, flavor, value.. this juice has it all!

Top-Rated Items of 2022

Rank #1
FreeMax M Pro Sub Ohm Vape Tank
Mesh has become a popular trend in vaping, and for good reason! Mesh coil tanks provide better flavor and cloud production than traditional coils. The FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank, top-filling tank not only utilizes this amazing technology while also providing a leak-proof intelligent design!

MSRP: $27.99

Special Price $19.95

Build Quality /10
Versatility /10
Value /10
Form Factor /10
Ease of Use /10
Rank #2
Build Quality /10
Versatility /10
Value /10
Form Factor /10
Ease of Use /10

Our Vape Shopping Guides for 2023 feature the best vape mods, tanks, and vape juice available. Now that vaping has become a mainstream phenomenon, new vapers can be easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of e-liquid choices available. Not only do you have to choose what type of device you want to use, you also have to decide on the best liquid that you will enjoy vaping.

Here at DirectVapor, we have hundreds of popular flavors from some of the biggest and best brands in the industry, and this guide is designed to help you narrow down your search to something a little easier to take in. Whether you're looking for inexpensive vape mods for beginners, or advanced devices, there's something for everyone.

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Now that vaping has become a mainstream phenomenon, new vapers can be easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of e-liquid choices available. Not only do you have to choose what type of device you want to use, you also have to decide on the best liquid that you will enjoy vaping.

Here at DIRECTVAPOR, we have hundreds of popular flavors from some of the biggest brands in the industry, and this guide is designed to help you narrow down your search to something a little easier to take in.

Let's break things down by demographic a little bit to help you find your vaping groove.

Best E-Liquid Brands

With hundreds of brands in the vapor game these days, it can be hard to decide on just one to start with. This is a quick preview of some of the best brands on the roster today. You can read more about each brand below.

  • VaporFi -VaporFi is credited with having more than 30,000 flavor combinations available through their website. If you're looking for variety, this is the place to go.

  • Naked 100 - The quality of Naked 100 cannot be overstated and the experience in vaping from one bottle to the next just what you’re looking in fruit favored e-juices. Naked 100 is acomprehensive line of liquids that satisfies every need in every category of vaping and does so in the form expect from a premium e-juice brand.

  • Air Factory-Their dedication to using only the finest flavor extracts produces a premium quality e-liquid you will hard to put down. Air Factory utilizes the finest USP grade ingredients, giving excellent flavor in the maximum VG based e-liquid.

  • Solace Each and every one of their flavors stands out from the rest, covering the whole spectrum of popular vape categories

  • TWIST - This may be a strange addition to this list, but this unique brand has really made an impact on the scene for those who love crazy candy flavors. They have also earned a pretty good reputation with menthol lovers.

Aside from these five big players, there are a number of smaller brands that have also made it into our Best Of list. As you read on, you will find our favorites showcased according to the category that they best fall into.

For the Ex-Smoker

By and large, many vapers come to vaping as a means of leaving behind cigarettes. For ex-smokers learning to vape, the choice of a great e-liquid is often imperative to sticking with the new habit. A poor flavor the first time around can discourage smokers from wanting to vape full-time. Most notably, ex-smokers tend to stick with traditional tobacco and menthol flavors rather than branching out into the wider world of candy and dessert flavors.

First, let's explore some big name brands in this arena. Almost every brand has introduced a smoker-friendly flavor to help ease the passage into vaping but there are a couple of brands that really stand out for their willingness to make that transition comfortable. For instance:

  • VaporFi has taken home plenty of awards with their flavors, but they are one of the few companies that have introduced multiple versions of their tobacco liquids and menthol liquids. They have created tobacco flavors that cover the wide spectrum of traditional options offered by red and VaporFi Watermelon Wave . On the menthol side of things, they have also added a number of menthol twist options, including VaporFi Mighty Menthol, and lighter minty varieties. VaporFi also deserves a shout out for having the best flavors overall for ex-smokers.

  • The Tobacconist by Element -deserves a mention here as well. This entire brand has built their identity upon quality tobacco-flavored vapes. They have some interesting recipes, but they have also mastered the authenticity of the tobacco flavor and hit that you're looking for.

PACHAMAMA By working long hours and using the best ingredients available in order, Pachamama has sought to create a series of flavors that would take the vaping world by storm.

On the menthol side of things, Juice Roll Upz has taken these icy cool vapes in a whole new direction.Feel free to peruse our blog as you search for your best tobacco vaping experience.

For The Cloud Chaser

When it comes to cloud chasing, your choice is far more about the chemical content of the liquid than the flavor itself. Nevertheless, there are plenty of fantastic flavors in this category, so you shouldn't let that deter you. In fact, manufacturers have learned by now that if you're going to be vaping competitively you need a really smooth flavor that won't irritate your throat or cause you to get burnt out.

Right off the bat, we'd like to introduce you to some of the best e-liquid brands for cloud chasing. You're searching for liquids that come with very high VG options to produce those thick clouds. While 70 percentVG has become a new standard within the industry, there are only a handful of companies that have gone beyond this mark into the max-VG range for vapor production.

  • HUMBLE -The most prevalent among them is Humble Juice. These incredible flavors come in many varieties, and their unusual numbering system gives you a taste of mystery every time you try one.You just have to unwrap it to discover the intense custard filling inside.

  • In terms of best flavors overall, we'll give it to Salty Man. They've been around for a while and people give them rave reviews. With flavors like Strawberry Blast you'll really enjoy every cloud you blow.

  • In the unique flavors category, Vape Breakfast Classics have earned themselves quite the cult following these days. If you're really into breakfast foods, these may be the liquids for you. SadBoy is a true Cookie replica that you just might fall in love with.

For the Herb Lovers

Choosing proper e-liquids for herb lovers can be a challenge. Herbal flavors are known for being more subtle and complex. While many e-liquid manufacturers have dove head first into bright fruity flavors and wild desserts, you need to find brands or even vape flavors that specialize in relaxing options.

Here at DIRECTVAPOR, we find that the most popular flavors in this category are the ones with rich spices.

Thus, we'd like to introduce you to some fabulous concoctions that was put together by Jam Monster. Passionfruit Orange Guava is a whirlwind of Passionfruit and other fruits perfectly blended into a vape juice. Jam Monster is also known for its distinctive line of fruit vapes featuring very complex spices and flavors. They may be a little sweet for some people, but they definitely don't lack depth. Try Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate on for size and see if you can pick out all of the flavors on your own. Obviously, any of Jam Monsters' great fruit flavors also have a wealth of earthy herbal tones for you to love.

For the 90s Kid

Let's face it, 90s kids were raised in an insane generation of technological advancement and rapid changes. They have seen their childhood fall away into the distance perhaps faster than any generation before them. We can't help but empathize with their desire to take things back and relive the joys of their childhood once more. The good news is that there are several iconic flavors that are just right for doing so.

  • VaporFi and Cosmic Fog have come together to offer two fantastic ’90sflavors that you will want to get your hands on. Their Vanilla Caramel Bites are reminiscent of your favorite movie theater treats. Meanwhile, the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream flavor will take you back to all those times you chased the ice cream truck down the street as a kid.We have to give it to VaporFi and Cosmic Fog for creating some of the most flavorful e-juice options in this category and for recognizing the need for these classics. After all, there is no shame in enjoying some of the flavors from your childhood that make you smile.

  • Policeman by One Hit Wonder is another stellar example featuring your favorite cereal. Marshmallows and sweet sugary cereal bites come together in a blissful way.

  • ADE -While we're here, we should also mention another distinctive brand that has made its way to the top: ADE. You know, those delicious sports drinks that are supposed to give you back everything you need to be a competitor? You can now enjoy Purple Ade, Red Ade and Blue Ade anywhere you go in vapor form. While we're on the subject of beverage vapes, there are also some fantastic slushie vapes that will jog your memory of hot summers as a kid. You definitely don't want to miss out on that.

For the Sophisticated Fruity

If you're all about layering on the flavors and taking your taste buds on a joy ride, you're in luck. A few brands have really stepped up to the plate and taken on the challenge of creating flavors that will blow your mind with their complexity and authenticity. Two particular brands come to mind in this category: Fresh Farms and VaporFi. However, there are plenty of others worth a mention.

  • Fresh Farms -The team at Fresh Farms has gone above and beyond to create some of the most indulgent fruit flavors you will find anywhere in the vapor industry. They are renowned for their spices and perfect balance. It's almost as if they sought out some of the most difficult fruit-flavored dishes to make and then got right down to the business of replicating them in vapor form. Their top selling Barnyard Berry is just one example of how perfectly all berries can be created out of vapor alone.

  • VaporFi -VaporFi has introduced Dragon Banana Berry and Fruit Dragonthol, both of which are exemplary. These two coffee-inspired e-liquids are suitable for anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of fine pairings.

For the Lovers of Fine Libations

At the end of a long day, sometimes all you want is to kick back and have a drink. Now you can with these incredible vapes. Sure, there are some great coffee vapes out there, but VaporFi have also stepped up with some incredible mixed drink options.

Most notably, VaporFi's Raspberry Mocha is a perfect example of what a mocha should taste like in your hand. By looking at VaporFi under the e-liquids navigation on the site, you will find fruity mixed drinks of all kinds. Of course, VaporFi is well known for having some of the best vape juice in the industry thanks to their huge selection of mixes.

For the Nostalgic Candy Kid at Heart

Candy, candy everywhere! There are seriously so many incredible candy vapes on the market today, it's almost impossible to narrow this category down. For whatever reason, vapor manufacturers discovered the sweet spot with candy vapes and they have endeavored to recreate every candy we have ever loved as a child, including creating some fascinating combinations that you know we all wanted to try when we were younger.

The two standout brands in this category are Juice Roll Upz and Chubby Bubble Vapes. They have both created some of the most popular candy flavors known to man. Juice Roll Upz offers fruity candy roll-ups in green apple, watermelon, strawberry and an odd orange-cherry flavor. Meanwhile, Chubby Bubble Vapes offers a few tasty gum flavors like melon, blue raspberry, grape and fruit punch. The accuracy of these flavors is almost too good to be true.

Naked has also made a few stellar entries here with their sour and sweet chewy candies, and you definitely won't want to miss One Hit Wonder's Magic Man, which is a fantastic gummy bear rendition. We'd like to thank these brilliant minds for giving us all the candy we can get our hands on, guilt-free.

For the Cookie and Cake Lover and All-Around Sweet Tooths

We know you just can't help yourself when you get around a tray of fresh warm cookies. The good news is that there are some standout entries in this category as well. Yes, we talked earlier about some of the popular desserts flavors in the Foodie category, but let's take a moment to appreciate some really special cookie and dessert vapes here.

  • I LOVE... -It would feel wrong if we didn't start out with I Love Cookies Too. This perfect sugar cookie vape is to die for. If you're really a cookie monster, you'll have a hard time resisting this flavor. Of course, these guys couldn't help themselves either, so they went ahead and created I Love Donuts and a number of other flavors that perfectly round out the baked goods category.

  • Nilla Vapers also made a strong showing with their traditional vanilla wafer and strawberry wafer flavors. Wafers tend to be mellower in flavor, which is nicely laid out in these liquids.

  • Quiet Owl has an unusual Late Night flavor. This after-dinner treat is the best way to settle down in the evenings with ice cream, caramel, and chopped nuts.

  • Bam Bam's Cannoli takes us around the world to enjoy an international favorite with a variety of different cannoli takes that will keep your mouth watering. Did you even know that a cannoli could be dipped in fruity pebbles? We didn't either until now! If you've been searching for a totally unique flavor to run with, this cannoli is worth your while.

Get to Vaping

Hopefully, this guide has given you some insight into what makes a vapor flavor a best seller. We know that we couldn't possibly nominate just one flavor to be best for everybody, so we had to drill down and determine what each type of vaper is really looking for. You can of course check out our Best E-Liquids of 2023 nominations for additional insights into the world of incredible vape flavors. The good news is that we were able to identify some really incredible brands and flavors in each category.

Don't forget that DIRECTVAPOR is home to the largest selection of e-liquid products from all over the world. We also back all of these products with our Low Price Guaranted.

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