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Searching for the Best Affordable Mods?

If you’re shopping for vaporizers, you’ve probably noticed the huge array of prices attached, and sometimes it may seem as if finding an affordable one within your budget is nearly impossible. However, this is not the case at all times. Rather, knowing where and how to shop can be one of your best assets in finding the right vape device for you. So, here is our breakdown for finding a good, cheap mod. So here are the best mods under $40; enjoy!

Know What You Want:

Figure out exactly what you want from your mod. Chances are, if you are aiming for the best price possible, you are after functionality. You probably want a mod that does its job well, and gets you through the day with no hassles. In that case, we suggest:

The Eleaf iStick 30W Mod

The Kanger SubVod Mega TC

Eleaf iStick iPower Nano TC Mod

Call for Backup:

Having a backup mod or two is pretty much a necessity. You need to have a few options at all times, and having extras takes the pressure off in case you forget your mod at work, or break it, or whatever; having something to turn to in an instant is a good idea. Some great inexpensive mods that work well as backup devices are:

Aspire Odyssey Kit v2

Innokin iTaste SmartBox iSub V Starter Kit

Kanger TOGO Mini Vape Mod

Affordable Clouds:

You’re after a mod because big clouds look enticing. You may have just gotten into this whole vape mod thing, and perhaps you have not yet even tried an advanced vape device yet, however you are intrigued and ready for some serious artillery to play with. We suggest:

Tesla 80W TC Mod

Sigelei Spark 90W TC Mod

Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Mod

Hope these suggestions were helpful! There are lots of mods out there, and when it comes to vaping, the options can seem endless. If you’re after the most affordable mods that work well, it can seem even more daunting. However, it can be done, and you can find exactly what you’re looking for in order to get vaping happily without spending big bucks.

Mar 28, 2017 8:20:05 PM Vape Learning Center,

How to: Break in Your Coils

Breaking in your vape coils may seem like a waste of time, and a meaningless, pointless ritual that interrupts the time you get to spend lovingly with your vape, but really, it isn’t. Consider it to be like foreplay, enabling your coils to work at their best with the right amount of attention paid to them for optimal performance. Yes, we just went there. Yes, we are serious. And yes, you will thank us for the heads up! ;)

Brand new coils work best after the kinks have been worked out, so here’s what you need to know to get this going ASAP. The better your coils work, the better your vapor is going to be, and likewise, the better the flavor is going to be. You’ve got nothing to lose by adding this extra step, and absolutely awesome vaping to gain! The following steps will get you covered!

  1. The Setup: First things first, you need to fill your tank up to max capacity. This will make it easier on the liquid to enable it to enter the wicking space. As the coil gets saturated, there will still be a good amount of juice in there to break in the coil.

  2. Prime it with a few puffs: You will then prime your coil with several dry hits without actually activating the battery. By doing this, you create a suction motion in the device that will force the e-liquid into the wicking section to speed the process of saturation. No more than 5 dry hits are necessary. Going beyond this can cause liquid to enter your mouth, or cause flooding of your tank; no bueno.  

  3. With a full tank and properly primed coils, your vaping is about to get awesome. So, we suggest taking it easy and gradually adding some power. Starting at about 4.2V - 4.4V, and taking some small quick hits and blowing them out without vapor. This will get the process going quickly. Repeat 5 times, and your coils should be totally ready for some serious vaping.

Not bad, right? The process of priming your coils is not difficult, nor is it time-consuming or tedious, but it leads to amazing performance and added maintenance for your tank. And, once you get into the habit of priming your coils, you’ll be doing it automatically every time to get the best performance.

Mar 26, 2017 11:39:35 PM Vape Learning Center,

Spring Break is ON! Vape and Don’t Litter, Please!

Our area of the world draws in millions of people yearly because it’s gorgeous, fun, hot, and nonstop when it comes to things to do. Number one attraction: the beach. Hence why many, many thousands of college-aged spring breakers head to our shores to get down ‘n dirty, and unleash the tension they’ve built up during the semester whiling away with the books. However, we’d also like to give a shout out to all the spring breakers visiting: your cigarettes and other trash are not welcome on the beach. It’s a very bad idea, and completely irresponsible to think that our ocean, shores, and wildlife habitats are here for your unbridled destruction. Need a solution that will give you an easier time when dealing with your trash? VAPE.

It’s much easier to deal with vape gear than cigarettes; we all know you aren’t going to be strutting around between the beaches and the clubs with a tote full of cigarette butts on you. Oh no- those are going to get tossed on the floor, inconspicuously as always, right? Well, vaping enables you to make the sensible choice in not littering, while taking the burden off your shoulders from having to deal with those butts. Nice, right?

Vaping also comes with the benefit of being easier, cleaner, less smelly, and loaded with flavor. Digital alternatives to smoking offer amazing sensations, along with a simpler setup. There’s nothing to light, just take out your vape and use it. Put it away when you’re done, with no trash or extras to deal with. It couldn’t be easier, and expect some good karma to come your way for taking the responsible course of action!

We are a South Florida based company, and one thing we are very familiar with is out of town visitors, especially during spring break, when throngs of college kids head to our shores to partake in the partying SoFla is so known for! So, we ask you to please be responsible when visiting; opt for vaping over traditional cigarettes, and please keep your trash in its designated place; not on the ground, not on the beach. Vape on, and party on, spring breakers!

Mar 24, 2017 6:41:04 PM Vape Current Events,

Spring is In! Here’s the Gear You Need!

Spring has officially sprung, and it seems as if everyone is taking in the feeling of renewal! If you’ve been prepared ahead of time and gotten started with your spring cleaning, then you’ve most likely made some space for new vape gear! Whether you are up for a new tank to start blowing mega clouds, a new mod for a new level of performance and power, or some refreshing new liquids, we’ve got it all to make the new season delightful. So keep reading for a look at the new items you need in your life! Happy spring, everyone!

New Liquids: Far by Element: This new line from the beloved Element E-liquids is definitely far out in their offerings. With a new spin on juices with some creatively gourmet flavors, these are liquids you will want to experience. For example: Marshmallow Breeze combines marshmallow and mint; Neon Red Slushie is a combination of red slushie goodness and juicy red berries; and Melon Ball takes the cake for smooth, refreshing springtime flavor with its simple, clean, juicy flavor that is simply melon.

New Tanks: The Tesla Shadow Mini Tank is a fantastic small-scale tank that offers a massive amount of power and performance. The Joyetech Ornate Sub Ohm Tank is an excellent new tank that aims to stand ahead of the pack. This tank was inspired by magnificent architecture to offer exquisite engineering and functioning; talk about high-design! At 6ml and proposed to have some of the best flavor output, it will definitely be worth a try if you’re itching for something new this spring! The Sense Herakles Weirdo Tank: definitely eccentric in its design, if you’re after something really “out there” give this unusual tank a try. Weird can often equate to remarkable, so you should definitely see for yourself!

New Mods: If you’re looking for a badass new mod, the Joyetech Cuboid 200W TC is a super-powered mod at an excellent price; you’re getting Joyetech quality and performance here! Additionally, the Vaporesso Attitude MOD Starter Kit a starter kit full of performance, centered around the Vaporesso Attitude 80W mod. Personalized specs and lots of power come out to a very nice kit with satisfying options!

So now that it’s spring, we’re sure you’re ready to enjoy the warmth and return of longer days! Fun awaits as the temperatures heat up, so get ready for adventures and enjoying the freedom that comes when winter leaves. Happy spring from DIRECTVAPOR!

Mar 21, 2017 10:57:21 PM Vape Current Events,

ANML E-Liquids Will Bring Out the Beast in You!

When it comes to e-liquids, you know DIRECTVAPOR has always got the hook up. We keep our shelves stocked with the latest, greatest, most delicious vape juices so that you always have a source to score them, and at the best prices. So, with that in mind, have you tried ANML Unleashed e-liquids yet? This company is one of the best out there, and if you are aiming for something new, delicious, and sure to bring out the ravenous, raging, vape juice loving beast in you, look no further. ANML gets it; they understand what vapers want, and what makes this demographic tick. They understand what flavors are going to make you want more, and basically, they know how to make one damn good bottle of e-liquid, loaded with flavor! And, because their juices have become so popular, we are proud to offer their newest offering: the ANML Unleashed Combo Pack. Unleashed, as in, released from restraint, has just released a badass set of 4) 60ml bottles of their signature flavors. Like the name states, it’s Unleashed because you will get all four of these hellions in one shot, ready to get into your tank, and take your vaping experience to the wild side. If you’re a fan of ANML Unleashed e-liquids, the ANML Unleashed E-Liquid Combo Pack was made for you! The collection includes: Thrasher: This creamy, voluptuous, peach-infused, candy-splashed e-liquid is ferocious in the most mellow way! Sugary, creamy, and peachy; it’s a really luscious flavor! Reaver: Covering all ground for a delicious fruit blend, this one is full of sweet strawberry, rich coconut, tart pineapple and a touch of cream. It comes on strong with the sharp citrus fruits, and finishes with the coconut-infused cream base. Beast: Beastly and quite creamy, this flavor is a perfectly rich banana cream pudding. Banana, rich vanilla pudding, and creamy beyond words, for those after a smooth banana e-liquid that goes heavy on the cream, this is for you! Grizzly: The vape version of milk ‘n cookies; sweet dessert creaminess plus the lightest touch of chocolate! Creamy yet full of substance, this juice is smooth and loaded with flavor. We encourage you to get yourself this complete set of awesomeness today! A collection of 240 ml of deliciousness is nothing to pass up. Keep your juice cabinet stocked and your taste buds happy with the complete ANML Unleashed set!
Mar 15, 2017 11:36:11 PM Vape Learning Center,

Why Try a Mod?

Mods have been around a long time, and if you are familiar with vaping, you have probably seen them in action. However, many people are not quite into them (yet). Are you in this position where you vape with smaller pens or cig-a-likes, but have not ventured into the realm of ultra-high performance? Well, here are some of the key factors on why trying a mod may be in your best interest. These devices offer a new range of options and a pretty intense experience, and contrary to popular belief, they are not all extremely complicated or intricate. Mods are clearly not ideal for every vaper out there, but if you want more out the process, here’s why you should consider journeying down this path.

If you’re thinking about why a mod will work for you, definitely give them a go if you answer yes to any, or all of the following questions and you have a distinct wish to go further!

  • Are you the go-to person among your fam and friends when it comes vape questions and advice regarding anything vapor?

  • Do you enjoy the process of experimenting high power when vaping?

  • Have you researched the ins and outs of the vaping industry to learn more about the many hi-tech products?

  • Are you super knowledgeable about vaping, and love the whole tech-aspect?

  • Do you consider yourself a hands-on vaper?

  • Are you craving a more powerful, satisfying, and intense vape experience?

  • Are you intrigued by the electrical aspects of vaping without being intimidated?

  • Have you thought about building your own vape device?

It’s that simple! Vaping with a high-powered mod can be incredible. It is all about the feeling, the experience, and how it fits into your desire for a more intense vape, so if you’ve answered “yes” to the questions above, there is a good chance that using a mod will rock your world. So give one a try! Of course, if you are still intimidated, afraid of using one, and are unsure of what to do with it, just steer clear; you may not be ready or you may be perfectly comfortable with the vape device you’re currently using. If you are ready to take that next step, well then, we have many beginner mod starter kits that will tickle your fancy, so check them out!

Mar 14, 2017 11:26:27 PM Vape Learning Center,

2017’s Best Super Vape Tanks

Tanks range in performance options, abilities, and specs however one of the most sought after categories is the super tanks. Those of the highest power, highest performance abilities, and designed especially for the most advanced users. These are not for beginners, and they promise a very exciting experience. Keep reading to learn about 2017’s best vape super tanks!

Wismec Cylin RTA by Jay Bo Designs

This tank is pretty legendary for its innovativeness. It is a convertible RDA/RTA tank, and one of its most notable aspects is how it powers up low ohm devices with its buildable tank. It also features the unique notch coil design, which provides maximum flavor and cloud production. The 3.5ml size is great for heavy usage, and the 22mm build deck is exceptionally spacious.

Sense Blazer 200 Sub Ohm Tank

Not many tanks can match this 26mm diameter, 6ml beast with its massive coil heads! Capable of firing up to 200W, this tank is one of the most impressive. The Blazer leads the pack with a huge juice capacity plus its giant coil heads for the most intense draw. Its most unique feature is the latched fill system, created for making cloud production easy, while locking in flavor with its reverse sandwich style coil. The flip-top is an added bonus, which adds to the convenience.

SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank

The Smok TFV8 Baby Beast is such a great tank! Smok has pioneered tank technology over the past few years, and this more petite version is a perfect option for portability. It has three turbo coils that have been condensed into micro form, which enables this tank to produce sizable clouds. Flavor is one of its greatest assets, which can be attributed to its cotton coils and expertly engineered chassis. Airflow control allows you to choose between large, open clouds or a more constrained draw for those after a mouth-to-lung hit. Simply, the Baby Beast was made to make vaping at a high level amazing, wherever you go.

Horizon Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank

The HorizonTech Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank is remarkable, offering the never before seen eight coil (Octuplet Coil) construction in a sub-ohm tank. What this equates to is 4 stacked vertical coils. One of the best features is the top filling setup, which includes a splash-proof vent. The innovative V Coil Platform that Horizon just unleashed is the very first eight-core coil structure developed with a variety of single, dual, quad, and Ni200 Nickel coils for some of the most intense vapor production ever seen. And, as if that were not enough, there is an RTA option that allows you to add your own coil. Handling up to 150W, there is nothing out there like it!

Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King Sub Ohm Tank

Making their second appearance on this list, SMOK has proven they are among the very best creators of tank tech out there. Now, with the TFV12 Cloud Beast King, you should be expecting some major performance. This extraordinary tank boasts supreme power, able to hit 320W. It has a 12-coil head structure, made to deliver some incredible hits with amazing draws, all the while producing plumes of vapor. With a 28mm diameter along with a huge 6ml capacity and a 3.5 mm hole for exceptional airflow, the performance is in a league of its own. The optional RBA-T deck works with triple wrapped coils for great flavor and the ability to customize as you desire. The deck allows you to mount a dual or single coil, depending on your preferences. Good luck finding a tank that tops the Beast King!

Mar 13, 2017 10:25:16 PM Vape Learning Center,

10 Great Reasons Dry Herb Vaping is the Best Way to Enjoy Herb

Vaping is awesome, but when you combine its power with that of herbal goodness, the outcome is nothing short of amazing. Have you tried dry herb vaping with vaporizers yet? If not, here are some pretty darn good reasons to spark your interest and get you motivated. Once you’re ready to move beyond the intrigue stage, you have to check out our unbeatable selection of alternative vaping products to get you on your way. Don’t forget, we’ve got the best prices and the best variety when it comes to the most dynamic vapor products out there, so head on over and see for yourself! In the meantime, here are our top 10 reasons to vape your herb!

  1. Convenience: Set it up, pack it in, make sure the battery is charged, and you’re ready to go!

  2. Freedom: Versatility is key when enjoying herbage, and vaping allows for tons of it.

  3. No smoke: Smoke is annoying; it leaves a trail of lingering scent; it’s not good for you, so why bother if you have other options?

  4. Options: Speaking of options, having lots of them is always good, and being able to vape and add them as needed allows the whole process to work for you.

  5. Portability: Get your herb vaporizer set up, and get ready for action, wherever that may be.

  6. Stealthy: As much as you want to get out and about, sometimes it’s best to have a little discretion. In which case, an herb vaporizer will be your best friend because many designs are made to fit easily in your pocket and go just about anywhere with little detection.

  7. Less Stuff: Lighters and additional gadgets have become very much outdated with simpler devices.

  8. Modern Technology: Digital seems to have improved everything! Analog herb smoking is definitely a thing of the past with vaporizer technology that allows a more intuitive, seamless process.

  9. Cleanliness: In a compact device where you can load you herb or concentrates, you don’t have to deal with messy devices and things falling out at the wrong time.

  10. No Fire: This aspect is one of the best, and not having to use a lighter (or keep track of one because they are always disappearing) is a great thing. Fire and your lungs are not the best combo, so why go there if you can stick with clean, dissipating vapor?

Mar 12, 2017 10:26:21 PM Vape Learning Center,

Happy National Pancake Day!

Pancakes… those sumptuous, delicious, cakey, soft, and sweet breakfast treats that turn any ordinary meal into an exceptional one are certainly something to celebrate! Whether you like them plain and smothered in butter and syrup, covered in fruit, chocolatey, fried with nuts, or in any other of the millions of ways to enjoy them, pancakes are divine. Hence the day of celebration; who doesn’t love pancakes?! So, because today happens to be National Pancake Day, we thought it would be mighty appropriate to celebrate the occasion by highlighting our favorite pancake flavored e-liquids!

So get ready, because if you didn’t have time to fry up a feast this morning (it is a Tuesday, after all), you can still get down ‘n dirty with a proper pancake e-liquid. Full of flavor, decadence, and no calories, this may turn out to be your favorite way to enjoy them!

Pancake Man E-Liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics 60ml

Let’s see… this flavor covers all ground when it comes to overloaded pancakes! It’s got a super fluffy pancake taste, a nice big topping of strawberries, doused in fine maple syrup, and finished with clouds of whipped cream. Yes, all of these flavors packed beautifully into one fantastic bottle of vape juice. Pancakes could not get better; even at a pancake house!

Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust Trueberry Sugar & Knife E-Liquid 30ml

Taking the concept of pancakes and adding an exotic twist, this flavor gets the pancake flavor on overdrive! Rich and tangy pineapple pancakes are topped with luscious blackberry syrup, for a phenomenally decadent breakfast treat whenever you crave it.

French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics 60ml

While this is technically not “pancakes” it’s a very similar, very tasty, almost pancakey-flavor that is equally delectable at the breakfast table. French toast, a wave of maple syrup, fresh blueberries, and topped with whipped cream result in a fantastic treat that tastes so close to pancakes you would think it actually was after vaping it!

Mar 7, 2017 8:20:54 PM Vape Current Events,

Tasty Clouds: New Vape Juice You Need in Your Tank!

We are always on the search for the hottest, most innovative new e-liquid lines, and we’ve got some good ones to tell you about. Getting new juice makes an ordinary day feel like Christmas. Or your birthday. Or some kind of celebration if you’re really into vaping. So if you’re looking for something exciting to get into your tank, keep reading!

Moo E-Liquids

This brand is all about creamy, and making sure you are getting the best creamy e-liquids around. These luscious flavors are the result of supremely fine juices, with a milky base. With flavors like Strawberry Milk, Vanilla Almond Milk, and Banana MIlk (among others), these are incredible liquids.

ADE E-Liquids

Think Kool-aid, fruit punch, amazing, refreshing juicy-juices from your childhood. Now imagine similar flavors blended into magical fruit potions that you vape… that, my friends, is the essence of ADE e-liquids. Purple Ade, Red Ade, and Blue Ade all mimic the flavors of potent fruity, tangy goodness.

Liquid EFX

This line of e-liquid flavors kind of goes overboard with the funky, powerful, blasting flavors in fun, fruity flavors. They are superpowered in their taste, and exceptional in terms of producing great clouds and vapor. Additionally, they are all sold in sizable 60ml bottles, at the really great price of $24.95; which makes them a fantastic deal for fantastic juice!

There is nothing like some new juice, new delicious flavors that get produced from your tank to make it feel like everything is right in the world. Of course, it may not be, but why not escape for a few moments into the bliss of experiencing something new? For vapers, new juice is always a good thing, and with all of the amazing new brands and new experimental flavors always abound, being a vaper is almost always a delicious thing. So, on the subject of indulging in new juice, you’ve got get some of our new offerings in your tanks ASAP.

Mar 6, 2017 9:56:12 PM Vape Current Events,

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