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Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub-ohm Tanks

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If you’re checking out the best sub ohm tanks, you probably also already know that you’re looking at an atomizer resistance level of less than 1.0 ohms and as a result, you’re producing massive vapor and flavor. Safety is crucial here so you need a mechanical or regulated mod that’s capable of handling sub-ohm coils and atomizers. If you’ve got that down and you’re an experienced user, it’s time to take a look at the best sub-ohm vape tanks. We stand behind our products, and that includes making sure that our customers are as safe as they are savvy. As usual, expect to find the best vape tanks at the best prices.

Sub-ohm vaping is one of the most popular forms of vaping these days. It produces larger, denser vapor clouds with more pronounced vape juice flavors. It has also allowed vapor tricksters to get more out of their vapes and create more complex trick routines. If you've grown accustomed to a simple vaporizer and you're looking for something that will expand your vaping abilities, sub-ohm vaping is the next step along that path. The first step in building your very own sub-ohm rig is deciding on a sub-ohm tank.

The Benefits of Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm tanks function with the help of very low resistance coils. Since the resistance of these coils is notably lower than traditional vape mods, they can get hotter faster. The lower resistance also reduces the amount of resistance that you experience when you first try to draw vapor as you will begin feeling the vapor flow instantly. You will experience more fullness from your vapor clouds and a stronger hit all around, which is helpful if you've felt unimpressed with smaller mods in the past.

Tips for Buying Sub Ohm Tanks

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a sub-ohm tank to work with. First of all, sub-ohm vaping relies heavily on the type of coils you choose and how they are configured on your base. You will want to select a tank that leaves plenty of room for inserting your coils and working with your hands. This process can be especially frustrating for newbies in the beginning, so having a little extra space to work with is a nice feature.

Also, you will want to find a device that has a good airflow system in place. Aside from adjusting the resistance of your coils, you will even be adjusting the airflow through your device to obtain proper temperature and flow. Some tanks have poor quality airflow adjustments that are difficult to use. Aim for something that is sturdy and allows you to set your airflow without having to adjust it every time.

As you shop for tanks, consider how much liquid capacity you need. Many sub-ohm tanks are designed with 5ml or more of liquid capacity, although few people go through this much liquid in a single day. You'll notice that these high capacity tanks can also be pretty bulky and awkward to carry if they don't fit quite right on your device.

Popular Sub Ohm Tank Features

Some of the most notable features offered in sub-ohm tanks today include upgraded multi-pole connectors for your coils. This allows you to stack multiple coils on your base without blocking too much airflow. The type of coil holders can vary widely from one brand to another, although clamps tend to be the easiest to work with for new sub-ohm vapers.

Sliding airflow adjusters are also in right now. By gently twisting or sliding the outer sleeve of your tank, you can partially or completely block some of the airflow in your tank. Some people prefer wide airflow slots because they give you more room for adjustments, while other people prefer multiple portholes around your vape mod.

Sub Ohm Tank Brands

The good news is that most manufacturers of box mods have already developed their very own sub-ohm tanks to couple with your devices. Thus, if you have a brand that you trust and are familiar with, you can often find a sub-ohm tank to match. However, this shouldn't keep you from exploring the wide range of independent sub-ohm tanks on the market. For instance, SMOK's Beast lineup has gained plenty of notoriety in the vaping community. You will also find brands like Sense, Wismec, Kanger, and UWell here at DIRECTVAPOR. We even have a selection of sub-ohm tanks from brands like Horizon which are focused purely on creating beautiful tanks that can work with any device of your choice.

Even if your device comes with a matching brand tank in the horizon, it's worth exploring these other options to see how changing the airflow or coil structure will affect the quality of your vape.

Why Buy Sub Ohm Tanks at DIRECTVAPOR

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