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RDAS (Drippers)

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You’ve landed here because you’re ready for the next level. Most serious vapers call these “drippers,” but technically you’re shopping for a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, or RDA. The reason the RDA is the vape device of choice for many in the community is that it works by dripping liquid directly onto the coil. It holds less liquid than the traditional atomizer, but the vapor is dense and flavor-packed in a way that you can’t get any method. Choose the right vape RDA and you’ll never go back to your conventional tank, and we’re confident that the right vape RDA for you is here in our carefully-selected collection. Sigelei, Kanger, and Tesla, among many other manufacturers, are changing the game with innovation and deeply customizable technology.

Rebuildable atomizers hold a special place in the hearts of many vapers due to their incredible performance and unbeatable control. Here at DIRECTVAPOR, we carry the widest selection of RDAs, or drippers, anywhere on the web. You can now buy vape drippers online directly from us and have the latest designs delivered straight to your door.

How RDAs Work

RDAs, which is short for rebuildable dripping atomizers, connect to your vaping device in place of your standard vape tank. The dripper itself offers a rebuildable deck upon which you can place coils and wicks in a configuration that suits your needs. Then you simply drip a few drops of e-liquid straight onto the coils and begin vaping. The result is that you will get denser clouds and a bolder flavor due to the fact that the liquid isn't sitting in a tank and getting wicked slowly up. You will have enough liquid to take eight to 10 strong hits before you need to add another drop or two.

The Benefits of RDAs

There are a number of reasons that people prefer RDAs over other tanks, such as sub-ohm tanks. Flavor and vapor density are certainly at the top of this list. You are dripping liquid directly onto the coil and wick so it will be vaporized instantly before soaking down into the fibers. This allows the individual ingredients to maintain their intended mix. Plus, you gain greater control of how much liquid is making its way to the coils at one time. With a regular tank, the wick stays fully saturated all the time, and you cannot increase or decrease the amount of liquid present at any one time. The liquid seeps deeper into the wick fibers and begins to form a residue that can further reduce the amount of liquid being vaporized and can change the flavor of the vapor over time.

Aside from those problems, another reason that people choose RDAs is that they frequently change liquid flavors or coil configurations. Since the RDA is not constantly filled, you will not need to worry about dumping out excess liquid if you suddenly decide to switch flavors or types of liquid. This also makes it easy to try new coil and wick types without much waste.

RDA Manufacturers at DIRECTVAPOR

Nearly every big-time manufacturer in the vapor game these days has come out with their own RDA. However, there are a handful of companies that have really focused on this technology from the very beginning and they've got it down to a science. For now, the big three manufacturers in the RDA field are Geek Vape, Sigelei and Wismec. Each of these brands has become a staple of the vaping world thanks to the quality of their work and the innovation that they brought to the dripping world.

Most Popular RDAs at DIRECTVAPOR

Now is the time to highlight some of the best-selling RDAs we have on our site. Each of these RDAs features some unique aspect that makes it a star. First up is the Vandy Vape Pulse 24 RDA. This dripper features a 24-millimeter building deck and deep well, along with dual build capabilities for massive cloud production and intense flavor.

The Recoil Rebel RDA by Grimm Green and OhmBoyOC is another independent collaborative effort that came together in pure bliss. This major hit comes in several classy color finishes, as well as having a brilliant three-post design. This gives you more room to work as you build upward so you won't feel cramped.

The Cosmonaut by District F5ve is one of the newest RDAs on the list, but it already has a big reputation. This gold-plated dripper is notable because it uses a flat build deck design with no upright posts. The side-by-side building capabilities and improved conductivity give it a boost in performance.

The Augvape Druga RDA is an extremely build friendly dripper that comes in at 24mm and features the . It features triple airflow controls plus an incredible clamping system to streamline your coil builds.

Finally, the Dead Rabbit RDA by Heathen & HellVape is another 24mm dripper that offers more flexibility than ever before. This four-post design allows you to place coils in parallel or in series to create the optimum level of power and heat for your needs.

Tips for Buying RDAs

As you prepare to buy RDAs online, it's important that you read up on the different styles of drippers available and get familiar with different building forms. The best vape dripper is the one that produces the best flavor for you without making you pull your hair out trying to build. If you are new to dripping, you will probably want a larger build deck so you have room to work and a simple post system that doesn't require a ton of precisely lined-up screws to hold things together. You should also look for RDAs that offer some flexibility in airflow, which can make a major difference in performance no matter what coil configuration you're using.


DIRECTVAPOR is the home of the No Clone Zone and a 15-day return policy. When it comes to the best vape dripper, you don't want to risk leaks or poor connections in your build. We have a large selection of RDA drippers to choose from, including a few dripper tank devices that offer the benefits of dripping with the convenience of a small tank. Our Low Price Guarantee and free shipping mean that you are always getting the best deal when you buy from us. If you are ever unsure about which RDA is best for you, you can peruse our reviews section or vape blog to see what other vapers are saying about their experience. They can give you helpful feedback and guide you toward the best components on the market. Plus, our team is always here to answer your questions day and night.

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