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Vape Tanks, Sub-Ohm & Mesh

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The time has come to choose your new vape tanks and atomizers for your device. You can never go wrong with these incredible options from the biggest names in vaping. Here you will find a selection of ingenious dripper tanks that have been built to maximize vapor, dissipate heat and optimize flavor. You will also find specialized creations that are built to work with specific devices for even better results like sub-ohm vape tanks for advanced users, and a wide selection of the latest mesh style tanks. There are plenty of rebuildable drip atomizers and rebuildable tank atomizers to choose from while you're here.

For many vapers, a good quality vape tank is a must have. By storing juice within the device, you can vape freely for much longer than a dripper allows. In the past, vape tanks have been about sacrifice. Trading capacity for flavor has been a choice not many have been willing to make. In recent years, the evolution of tanks has created some absolute flavor machines that rival even the best drippers. A wide variety of tank designs helps to ensure there’s something for nearly everyone.

Types of Vape Tanks

There are two primary designs of vape tanks to match the two main methods of vaping. Direct-to-lung tanks typically use lower resistance coils, have larger and less-restrictive airflows, and are designed to produce a large amount of vapor. This style of tank is better suited for higher-wattage devices with the capacity to power the large coils required. DTL tanks tend to provide a more intense experience than other methods and can be quite satisfying for formerly heavy smokers. As the name implies, the vapor is drawn directly into the lungs rather than staged in the mouth. Sub-ohm tanks would be classified as a DTL style of tank.

Mouth-to-lung, or MTL, tanks feature a far more restrictive airflow that serves to collect and condense the vapor. The condensed vapor can provide for more intense flavor than DTL offers while using far less power to heat the coil. Many new vapers find MTL tanks to be a far easier transition as it more closely mimics the act of smoking. MTL tanks will produce little vapor in comparison to DTL setups. Because of this, higher concentrations of nicotine are usually more satisfying than not.

Advanced Vape Tanks

While beginner tanks utilize a premade coil, an advanced tank may feature a rebuildable-deck that allows creating your own custom coil. Built to suit the user’s preference, different variables such as resistance, coil size, and wicking material can be altered to produce the ultimate custom vaping experience for each person.

In recent months, many advanced sub-ohm tanks have begun to feature Temp-Control Compatible coils. While most TC coils being used are pre-made, the extra level of knowledge and specialized equipment required to correctly operate coils pushes them a bit more towards the advanced side of vaping. Most of the newer portable vape mods feature a TC setting of some form, though it can be a bit tricky to get it working properly.

Choosing the Best Tank for You

For many beginners, using a device that features pre-built coils is a solid choice. As for determining your style of vaping, there’s just no substitute for experience. With so many devices to try, it’s no wonder many advanced vapers buy and sell vape accessories frequently. Thankfully, a bit of clever research and some thoughtful experimentation you’ll be on your way to vaping the perfect tank in no time!

If quality vape accessories at a reasonable price are your game, be sure to check out DirectVapor’s vast selection of tanks, RTAs, Drippers, and more!

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