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Box Mod Starter Kits

Box Mod Starter Kits
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Box mod starter kits come in two main categories: the regulated box mod and the unregulated (or mechanical) box mod and DirectVapor proudly carries both. While much attention is placed on regulated box mods in the industry, many vapers continue to prefer unregulated mods. Whatever your preference, you can come to DirectVapor for starter kits, components and replacements. This category is a step up from the original vape pen, but includes a much greater variety of features and capabilities to enjoy.

Box mod kits have been around since the early days of vaping. Originally made by repurposing metal switch boxes often used for electronics and musical equipment, the box mods of today have evolved into some of the most powerful, high-tech, and stylish devices on the planet. For many experts on the scene, box mods are the preferred vape of choice. Box mods use a 510-style of threading that makes them compatible with nearly every tank, RDA, and vape accessory on the market.

Benefits of Box Mod Kits

1. Battery life - Box mods typically house 2 or more batteries in an “external” configuration, meaning they can be swapped for fresh cells and charged in an external charger. This allows you to carry spares and extend the range of your device indefinitely.

2. Customization - Many modern box mods include the ability to upgrade the firmware of the device as the manufacturer makes improvements to the way the chip performs. Other boxes, such as all DNA-equipped mods, have been designed to work fluidly with a computer-based configuration utility to offer complete customization of the chip inside. For expert-level vapers, custom firmware is also available on select devices, though it can be a bit tricky to navigate at times.

3. Raw Power - Two batteries can mean twice the battery life, or it can mean twice the power. Most box mods are configured to run in Series mode, which means 200+ watts of output, on-demand.

4. Looks - It’s hard to beat the looks of a well-designed box mod. As the platform is larger than a pen or tube-style vape, there’s more room to show off the aesthetics of the device. From resin panels to intricate grooves and even Steampunk designs, a wide array of artistic themes and concepts are at play when it comes to box mods.

Features of a Box Mod Vape

Most modern box mod vapes are equipped with some safety features that prevent you from yourself as you learn the intricacies of vaping. From short-circuit protection to over-volt and under-volt cut-offs, these features help to stop or limit power from flowing when something is wrong.

Next, box mods will often play host to the full panel of temperature control options that allow you to use a wide variety of compatible wires. Expert vapers can appreciate the ability to set coefficient values for unique alloys designed for vaping while beginners can certainly enjoy a variety of standard pre-set options. Custom power curve options can help to narrow down your perfect vape even more.

Why choose DirectVapor for Box Mod Vape Kits & Gear

DirectVapor is the preferred source of vaping equipment for many new and advanced vapers alike. Thanks to a careful dedication to quality, a low-price guarantee, and some of the best e-liquid brands around, DirectVapor has what you need to be the best vaper you can be. Be sure to check out their huge selection of devices today!

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