WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit


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Begin your vaping journey with the Smok Vape Pen 22 starter kit as it will provide enthusiast level flavor and vapor production without the concern of complicated box MODs. Smok has provided the beginner with an accessible and powerful vape pen starter kit that is far removed from high resistance mouth to lung devices. The Smok Vape Pen offers all of your vaping needs packed into one device with an internal tank and a 1650 mAh internal battery. Smok's Vape Pen 22 provides direct output voltage with streamlined safety protections including short circuit, low resistance, low voltage protection and over current protection. Vape while you charge with safe and convenient pass through charging capabilities. This bottom airflow vaporizer provides the vaper with wide open airflow and simply unmatched flavor! Begin your vaping journey with a Smok Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit today!

What's Included:

  • 1 x Smok Vape Pen 22
  • 1 x Preinstalled 0.3ohm Dual Core
  • 1 x 0.3ohm Dual Core
  • 1 x MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual

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Specs & Features

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 2ML Tank Capacity
  • Integrated 1650mAh Battery
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Integrated Unibody Design
  • Direct Voltage Output System
  • Operating Voltage Range: 3.4-4.2V
  • Single Button Operation
  • Intelligent Battery Life Indicator
  • 8 Seconds Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • MicroUSB Charging Port - Passthrough Capability
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Flavor-Focused Design
  • Threaded Top-Fill Method
  • Fixed Bottom Airflow System
  • Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
  • Detachable Structure
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling.
  1. Glass breaks easily review by Vapgirl on 7/6/2019
    Overall Rating

    Taste great BUT pen leaks and after changing the coils glassware broke. Wasted my money.

  2. Leaks a Lot review by dueda on 6/30/2019
    Overall Rating

    It just leaks. Should have better fitting and more O-rings; it comes with just two coils (one installed), so soon you'll have to buy spares; just hope you get them in time. The battery won't last all day long if you're a heavy vaper like me, but will take real long to recharge. The body is not really sealed, so the constant leaks will get to the electronics and can even damage the battery - No good!

  3. Great starer review by teia on 11/26/2018
    Overall Rating

    I was new to vapeing and I wanted something big but not too big. When I saw this I knew It had to be this one it was perfect. A nice clean hit with a crisp air flow its the best starter kit in my opinion

  4. Good starter, but leaks. review by OC on 10/18/2018
    Overall Rating

    This is a great starter vape pen. I purchased this recently and I am loving it. It is easy to setup and produces big clouds. My big problem and the reason why I gave it 4 stars is that it leaks a little when you put it upside down or tilt it at an angle. I'm not sure if it is supposed to leak like that and that you are supposed to keep it upright at all times. If someone can clarify, that would be nice.

  5. Loving my pen review by Loving mom on 8/24/2018
    Overall Rating

    So this is my 1st vape I have ever had!! And let me tell you i love it !! I got it to helped stop smoking, after 16 yrs !!! And this pen is Awsome!!! Now, I ordered a different pen at 1st and It was backordered so after calling customer care they sent me this one instead and told me i would love it !!!! Well, they do know what they are talking about ! Now it does leak every once in awhile but if you tighting the top it's ok !!! But I am glad customer care help me get this one I'm very happy!!

  6. Great Vape review by Me on 8/10/2018
    Overall Rating

    Works great built good a big flavour and clouds

  7. Wife is loving it review by Reddog on 8/9/2018
    Overall Rating

    This company DV was fast shipping and the smok vape pen 22 is great no leakage well they all tend to leag apon first time usage due to you have to put juice on O ring before adding tank. Do that and it wont leak. But wife loves it but wants a better 1 as in a mod box kit now. Great starter.

  8. 22 review by K12 on 8/7/2018
    Overall Rating

    I purchased this pen as a back up. I’m was pleasantly surprised with the proformance.
    Light wieght, produces a great cloud. Smooth hits and produces clean flavor.

    My only complaint is that it leaks through the air flow openings. I found that if you fill the 2mil tank with 1mil it doesn’t leak nearly as much if at at. 2mil’s is already a small amount so it does get aggravating always refilling it but hey, at 2mils you’re having to refill a lot anyway with the added leakage. So pick your struggle. Battery wise,can’t complain.

    All in all it’s economical. Also it’s simple to use. Id highly recommend This product to any beginner or as a back when your fav mod breaks etc.

  9. Great starter review by Shadowalker on 7/23/2018
    Overall Rating

    I bought it as a start in the vaping world and to quit smoking. There were a couple of hiccups in starting. All user error. There is a total of 4 o-rings that need to be in place. Due to USPS mauling my package, one of the o-rings was lose in the package, and it or leaked everywhere. I fixed it and no leaks. My only complaint would be that there is little to no way to know if the battery is dying until there is nothing. That being said. I puff regularly and it lasts two days. The coil lasted me a week. When the coil is done, you know it. The burnt taste is virtually unpalatable, but that is a good thing because you KNOW to change the coil.

  10. Leaks and over heats review by Dirtyhippie on 7/21/2018
    Overall Rating

    Had this vape for a couple weeks and ever since it came out from the box it leaks EVERY WHERE. Every use it just continually leaks even when it's just sitting straight up on my dresser. Also, over heats while in use and while it's charging. Definitely do not recommend this product after how much juice loss and over heating and burning my mouth.

  11. Save your money for a better mod review by Pinkie on 7/20/2018
    Overall Rating

    I bought this pen with the intention of vaping CBD juice. As a vaping newbie, I didn’t want to spend a lot in case I hated it. I love vaping and this pen does create some nice clouds, however it leaks like a B. I also have gotten some dry hits when I’ve soaked my brand new coil for 30 minutes. I’d say to save your money and get a better mod. Even at the low price of $19.99, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  12. Leakage, Over heating... But decent battery life and gives great hits & flavor review by DirtyHippie on 7/17/2018
    Overall Rating

    Not a bad first vape and I've received it a couple weeks ago, but when I first bought it the leakage wouldn't stop from the air holes... I figured out that if you take out the coil and blow into it then it gets the rest of the juice out which ive noticed a lot more less leaking after that. I dont really like how really hot it gets while it's charging. Which is why I always let it sit in front of my fan while it's charging to prevent it from over heating. Battery life is decent. Overall, it gives fantastic flavor and hits really good. Perfect if you want something small, but I can tell that it's very fragile so not recommended for people who are very clumsy with dropping things. There's more better options for people who want to start vaping for less leaking and no worries for over heating.

  13. Leaks like crazy review by Shania on 6/27/2018
    Overall Rating

    I got this vape 2 weeks ago and vape juice continues to leak thru the air flow. Hits ok but This is not worth your money.

  14. Smok 22 review by Monkeyluvr on 6/17/2018
    Overall Rating

    So I received my smok 22 today in the mail. I got it as a back up for my mi one that I’ve lived up till now...the smok 22 has much better flavor! I had no idea what I’ve been missing! And way bigger clouds! That’s not that important to me but I know it is to lots of others. This was 1/2 the price of my mi one and so far I feel it’s better. And the shipping!! Can’t believe how fast the free 6-8 day shipping was! I placed the order early morning of the 14th and it’s here the evening of the 16th! I just checked the mail and was so surprised it was in there! The best $20 I’ve spent in a very long time! I’d recommend to any vaper out there who’s looking for something small and simple. I’ll only be ordering my vape needs from direct vapor!

  15. Wonderful pen review by shorty70 on 6/17/2018
    Overall Rating

    Best. Vape. Ever. My knowledge of today's products is very limited. Years ago I tried the cig-alike cartridge thingies with the glowing tips, what a joke that was. Thought I'd try again and got this bad boy. Couldn't be more pleased. Didn't want a box mod with batteries and bs. This is simple... great flavor, good clouds and easily carried. No problems at all with leaking as I carry upside down, sideways, all kinds of ways. Make sure the atomizer is tight to battery and you're golden. For 20 large I'm thrilled. Good job Smok.

  16. Vape pen 22 love it review by Meg on 6/8/2018
    Overall Rating

    I have a lot of vapes and this is my go to travel baby smok 22 all day vape it hits amazing too I was suprised

  17. Grate I love it review by Boot on 6/8/2018
    Overall Rating

    Love it

  18. Great Flavor and Cloud, but the Leakage!!! review by RandyD on 6/7/2018
    Overall Rating

    I started vaping with a Smok X8 and decided to get a smaller version, and purchased this pen. Boy, what a fantastic little device it is! Great flavor and cloud production, but the leakage is driving me up a wall!! No matter what I have tried, it still leaks out the air vents! It would get a 5 star rating if Smok would fix this problem.

  19. Great little vape review by Aziano on 6/7/2018
    Overall Rating

    Can’t go wrong with this one if your a smoker and want something ....
    thank you Direct Vapor for really fast shipping and your great prices for original item

  20. Love it review by First time vaper on 5/28/2018
    Overall Rating

    This is my first vape pen and I love it. I have not had any problems with leaking or anything.

  21. Clouds for such a small pen review by Clouds on 5/24/2018
    Overall Rating

    First vape that I've bought used other peoples but let me tell you clouds ! For the size. Only reason 4 star is bc small leakage from time to time but overall great! Very happy !

  22. Amazing review by Big boy on 5/3/2018
    Overall Rating

    Does any one know if you have to sign anything when u buy it

  23. Love it review by Laurie31 on 5/2/2018
    Overall Rating

    I now have 2 getting ready to order my 3rd. I really love this I use these more than my higher priced devices. Hits good and no leaks! Good battery life to best deal ever

  24. Love it review by Tlynn on 4/26/2018
    Overall Rating

    Tried the pen and a few months later, I still love it

  25. love it review by ajsch on 4/22/2018
    Overall Rating

    I have used other pens in the past but nothing like this. When i started using it it did leak, but I soon realized i tightened the coil a little too tight and problem fixed.

  26. great choice review by startingvapor on 4/16/2018
    Overall Rating

    I was an avid oral tobacco user and my girlfriend hated it. I switched to vaping and she has enjoyed it much more. I had never really experimented with vaping and this was the first device I had ever purchased aside from the cheap weak e-cig from the gas station. Great flavor and ease of use made it worth the purchase. Three weeks without tobacco and can say I don't plan on going back! Oh by the way, as everyone said the first pull off of it did choke me out and it did take a little getting used to.

  27. Love it review by Laurie31 on 4/16/2018
    Overall Rating

    I just got this vape pen last week and was really loving it. Then yesterday I started getting dry hits. So trying to see how to get rid of the dry hits. I have had no leaking at all. I will get another one if I get the dry hits figured out. Because it's a great device.

  28. Love it !! review by Everyday vaper on 2/15/2018
    Overall Rating

    I just got mine today, and imidiatly put juice to the coil ,and put it together, then turned it on. At first pull the taste was awesome, vapor production was amazing as well. So over all for 20$ it's the best mod I've owned. And I have bought many devices. Great for on the job.

  29. Great vape review by Meg on 1/19/2018
    Overall Rating

    This pen gives me better flavor than my 225w mod. To prevent leaking, hold the top of the tank to unscrew the drip tip. That way the coil won't unscrew with it. Also try not to over prime the coil. Just put some juice on the holes and top, fill it, and eait five minutes. This little device is simply amazing.

  30. First Vape Pen review by Yanna on 1/12/2018
    Overall Rating

    I bought this as a Christmas present for myself & this device is very easy to use. It produces great clouds & flavor. It did leak a little but if you tighten the coils, that problem can be fixed. I would recommend this product to anyone

  31. Awesome! I love my Smok Vape22 pen! review by ZombiMom on 1/11/2018
    Overall Rating

    This is an amazingly easy, great Vape pen. Huge clouds, great tastes, long battery life, well made, except I wish they'd use gorilla glass for the tank! The rainbow color is my favorite & my 2nd one. The color will not rub off, it goes deep through the metal. My first one lasted approx. 1 1/2-2 years, until the battery wore out, actually the contacts inside the plug in area became broken, so the battery probably would still work, but I can't charge it. The battery holds a charge all day & I smoke all day, so its great. You can smoke while it's plugged in for charging, which is also a good thing. Best device for the price! I think people who pull too much juice through for priming are getting what they call leaking.
    This is an upgrade to the original design. The newer coils seem to allow more juice to get through without having to suck too much to prime. I also like the change in the cap. You can now refill it by only removing the tip part, so it is easier to fill in the holes underneath. No longer have to take off the entire top, risking spillage.

  32. First-time review by Cee Stevenson on 11/15/2017
    Overall Rating

    Long time smoker here, about 20 years. Its been a little over a week without smoking any cigarettes. I do experience oil leakage and battery life is awesome.

  33. Works But Leaks review by MMH on 11/14/2017
    Overall Rating

    I brought this vape pen being a beginner in vaping and I'm overall pleased with the design, operation, setup, taste, and vape it produces. That being the case, the leaking is a problem. I think it's because it's leaking through the vents when I re-juice the coil (because juice tastes better that way when I do it), so it might be just waiting for the coil to fully soak up the juice before I start smoking. Other than that, I'm pleased with it.

  34. Excellent for moving into sub-ohm vaping review by Kevin on 11/11/2017
    Overall Rating

    This is the first sub-ohm vape product I've used. Just about killed myself on the first puff. HUGE amount of vapor. After the coughing fit, figured it out real quick. I did have some issues with leaking, but that was remedied by getting the coil tight. Then learned to put the top on just tight enough so the coil doesn't start to spin when refilling with juice.
    I vape with 100% VG, so the coils will get clogged. But, a little warm water and a toothpick to scrub the center tube is all that's needed to run the coil again. I completely dry them out before using again. (fan exhaust on my laptop is sufficient to dry them).
    I bought two, but one pen died after a couple of days. DirectVapor is sending a replacement. Couldn't be happier with ordering and customer service.

  35. It’s nice. review by Pparks45 on 11/5/2017
    Overall Rating

    It’s wonderful but it has a little problem. The power button light blinks 10 times and I don’t know why? But otherwise it is great I totally recommend it.

  36. Design Flaw review by Nick on 10/30/2017
    Overall Rating

    Great product overall for the price listed, it has the best flavor i have yet to experience out of any Mod I've vaped from. the design flaw is within the coil when you pull the tip out to refill juice. the coil will sometimes come out with the tip and causes leakage throughout the airflow holes. otherwise, this is a very practical pen that i would suggest to anyone who is looking for it. especially flavor junkies.

  37. The best device. review by John B on 10/26/2017
    Overall Rating

    Produces the best flavor of any vape device, period. You can check all of the YouTuber's reviews, they agree. Big huge dense satisfying clouds, best flavor, extremely portable, sufficient battery life, low cost, and simple design = almost leak proof. I seriously gave all of my other vaping devices away to my family and friends and bought a second one of these for myself. I can not praise this device enough. Taking the time out of my day to write this review for this wonderful vaporizer, and say thank you to both Smok, for crafting this device, and Direct Vapor, for everything they do.

  38. Additional information review by Lee on 9/13/2017
    Overall Rating

    I forgot to mention in my previous review that sometimes I'll get moisture near the fire button. I've found that when that happens it's time to replace the coil.

  39. My favorite review by Lee on 9/13/2017
    Overall Rating

    I love this pen. I bought a SMOK Stick V8 Big Baby Beast Starter Kit right after I bought this as a back up because I wanted a bigger battery but I realize now I should have just bought a second Vape Pen 22. It's only leaked once after the first time I filled it. Since then I fill it by unscrewing the mouth piece on top only. When I change the coils I finish that and close it up while still empty. After that is done I unscrew the mouth piece again and fill the tank. Filling by mouth piece only has prevented any other leaks. I've never had an issue with the coil coming off. Usually I have to wrap a rubber band around it to unscrew it. I love the pass through charge, great taste, and small size. It charges quickly too. The only thing is I wish the batter were larger. This battery is not long enough to last the day for me. So either plan to buy 2 or have a backup. Alternatively just charge as needed I guess. If you work in an area you could charge in this might not matter much. I recommend this pen and would/will buy more.

  40. LEAKS review by Jack on 8/30/2017
    Overall Rating

    The Vape Pen 22 has the best flavor of any pen I've tried. I'm not sure losing half your juice every time it's filled with worth the great flavor. I've tried everything suggested to stop it but nothing I did changed a thing. IT LEAKS.

  41. leaking juice review by Cindy on 8/30/2017
    Overall Rating

    I purchased 2 of these they were both Leaking juice from the air holes bad. I will say it does have great flavor and good clouds for the price. But who wants a leaking mess in the purse?

  42. happy with my purchase review by ck on 8/7/2017
    Overall Rating

    I've bought expensive vain devices and by far I like the Smok Vape Pen 22 the best.

  43. Awesome review by Nikki on 7/28/2017
    Overall Rating

    Just bought it, it's my first vapor and I'm estatic! On my first inhale I almost choked but now i got the hang of it and it's realy relaxing. Hope this will help me stop smoking cigarettes. Love Nikki

  44. Awesome pen! review by AndyKiller on 6/4/2017
    Overall Rating

    I have wanted to go from the weak battery ecig s to vaping for a long time but I didn't know what mods to get and didnt want to spend a fortune. I discovered this smok 22 pen at a tobacco store and jumped in to vaping and I couldn't be happier with the product. Thanks to direct vapor I now have a bag full of new machines /mods to try too but right now I am really digging on my vape pens 22. Buy one already and take the plunge, you'll be glad you did!

  45. Totally Blown Away by The Clouds Produced review by Mookie on 5/2/2017
    Overall Rating

    I am an avid vaper. I have been vaping for a few years now and started out with the little e-cigarettes then went to a bigger pen then to mods and latest advanced TC Mods. I'm a big fan of SMOK as I had their Cloud Beast Tank and loved the cloud production. But when my Wismec Mod died, I needed a new mod but money's tight so I opted to get something as a filler. I figured I'd get what I pay for - boy was I wrong.

    This little pen is light, easy to handle and it blows big thick clouds. the Vape isn't hot and there's been no splash back yet.

    I'm ordering more. In fact, I'd rather have a few of these on hand then one box mod! Seriously! I think this is a great accessory to the vape collection even for those more advanced vapers!

    Another great product from SMOK

  46. LOVE this pen! Superb flavor! review by roseanne on 5/1/2017
    Overall Rating

    It was love at first vape! I am so impressed by the flavor and amount of clouds this tiny device produces! I have already ordered a second and third one. The flavor is better than some of my $30+ tanks!

    Like others have mentioned, I did have leaking issues when I first set it up using the factory installed coil. But I changed to the other coil in the box, tightened everything, and I haven't had a single leak since. It does have a small tank, and uses quite a bit of juice--so this won't be my all-day device. But to keep in my purse, or at my office desk, it is just wonderful. The rainbow version is very attractive too!

    Just be sure the coil is tightly screwed into the base, and I have had no more leaking issues, or the coil coming out with the cap.

  47. May save your life! review by Brandon on 4/15/2017
    Overall Rating

    I have been a smoker for 15 years and have tried many different vaping devices but haven't been able to kick the habit. I have been using this device and I am now going on 2 weeks smoke free and couldn't be happier with my purchase. The flavor and vapor production that comes out of this little guy is amazing and I highly recommend it.

  48. Amazing!! review by KelsGirl on 3/31/2017
    Overall Rating

    I've had a few different vapes and this one is by far the winner. My husband has a Joytech Egrip II and this one still beats it. The flavor is outstanding and pure. No burn. It's so simple to use and is very pretty to look at. The tank is decent sized as well. Battery life is pretty awesome, a full charge lasts me from 7am to 10pm and that's with me pulling on it constantly. I burned through a coil in about a week, but I do use it A LOT. I highly suggest using 806Vapes Vintage Series juice in "Dorothy" with this vape if you like fruity flavors. It's peach, raspberry and watermelon. Overall this vape is fantastic with flavor, battery usage, clouds, everything. Only con is make sure you put the coil in tightly, there have been some problems with pulling the tank of and juice going everywhere. But I think I read somewhere they fixed that! Enjoy

  49. Crazy Clouds...Perfect for women! review by Yoli on 3/20/2017
    Overall Rating

    This is my second "starter vape pen"...without the starter feel...i love it! This has a pen feel and isnt bulky and masculine like the mod boxes with the batteries. The clouds are amazing and so therapeutic

  50. NOT if you're clumsy! review by Myste Rious on 3/4/2017
    Overall Rating

    Nice strong hits, granted... the tank is fragile glass, however, so if you drop things like I do, find another option! I've been vaping for years now and have used many different devices over time, and I drop them all... but have NEVER had one shatter like this one did... definitely NOT my favorite! I do, however, LOVE my daughter's Joyetech AIO and will be ordering myself one... definitely IS my favorite :)

  51. Excellent piece of kit, especially for the price. Just buy it. review by ThatGuy on 3/2/2017
    Overall Rating

    Simple. No adjustments to be made. I jumped in with a box mod with tons of options, and sometimes you just want to push the button and have it "work". This is the solution. Smooth hitting, nice clouds, amazing flavor, very portable and/or discreet. This is what I recommend to friends that want to get started.

  52. My first vape pen review by Ryan on 1/9/2017
    Overall Rating

    I received this as a christmas present and I love it. I've seen similar pens that my friends have bought for twice the price and they don't even come close to my vape pen 22. Very easy to set up and use and it makes nice clouds.

  53. Great Vape review by Jrg123 on 12/17/2016
    Overall Rating

    Has no adjustments and is super easy to use, especially for beginners.

  54. GET IT review by simply420 on 11/29/2016
    Overall Rating

    If you are new to vaping and want to try it out you should definitely try this one out.

  55. awesome cloud & taste for size!!! review by Dave on 11/21/2016
    Overall Rating

    incredible cloud & taste no after burn

  56. awesome review by karker on 11/14/2016
    Overall Rating

    awesome easy to use and affordable

  57. great flavour great clouds review by buk lau on 11/13/2016
    Overall Rating

    get it

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