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Wismec mods, tanks, coils & gear are here! A powerhouse of vaping technology, Wismec continues to bring new devices to the market year after year. They have stunned the world with their Reuleaux line several times over, but they've gone one step further to create a whole new set of vape mods, tanks, and atomizers that are also disrupting the status quo. The new Wismec Predator 228W is just their latest big announcement, proving that they are on the lookout for every opportunity to engage vapers. Wismec in particular has been generous with their firmware updates, working tirelessly to unleash powerful new enhancements post-launch.

The Story of Wismec

Wismec began as a small team of engineers and designers who were looking for a better solution to the vaping problem. Instead of rushing to the market with just any old device, they focused on recruiting the most skilled minds in the business to help with the dilemma. This unique take on vaping has really driven home the importance of personal experiences when it comes to vaping, rather than just cramming ever-larger batteries and chipsets into a box.

Among their most notable achievements are the Reuleaux line of vaporizer mods which has now seen several successful generations. They have also created a number of impressive vape tanks that have become modern staples in the vaping industry.

Why Vapers Choose Wismec

If there was any one feature of Wismec that grabs attention, it is the attention to detail they pour into each of their devices. With each and every device they have introduced, they have left no stone unturned searching for the features that will best serve their audience. Wismec has not only introduced new product features that have revolutionized vaping, they have continued to improve on those features over time in a way that other vaping manufacturers have been forced to play catch up.

Secondly, Wismec has done a superior job of addressing customer service issues. The bulk of their design and customer service agents are actually located in the US, while the manufacturing happens overseas. This makes them one of the most accessible companies when it comes to resolving issues and getting questions answered.

What Wismec Sells and Offers

While Wismec is most notable for their premium quality vaporizers and vape starter kits, they have also done plenty of work in the accessory realm. Naturally, they wanted to make the most of their devices by creating one of a kind vape tanks that work flawlessly with their other products. They have also created some reverse charging accessories, as well as plenty of battery related accessories to make vaping easier.

Best Selling Wismec Vape Products

Here at DIRECTVAPOR we are proud to have some of Wismec's best-selling products available through our site. For instance, the Wismec Predator 228W TC Vape Starter Kit is a top-of-the-line choice that comes with today's most advanced technology.

This incredible temperature control device comes in 10 great colors, including sleek metallics. The hidden firing bar and reverse charging capabilities put this lightyears ahead of the competitors. This kit also comes with the Elabo tank and a set of perfect coils.

Another popular product is the Wismec Reuleaux RX75, which was created in conjunction with JayBo Designs. This ultra-stealthy vape mod has a futuristic look and delivers the perfect middle ground between power consumption and convenience.

Smaller than most Wismec devices, you will still get plenty of powerful performance out of this one.

Sharing the Reuleaux namesake is the Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen 3. While most other manufacturers have had a tough time delivering on their 200W and 220W promises, Wismec has completely leapfrogged their way up to the 300W mark. You'll notice that this device does more than just delivering 300W of power. It also comes in a nice ergonomic frame that makes it easy to carry for nearly anyone. Of course, this wouldn't be possible without the help of the new battery balancing features and the pre-heating setup that allows you to achieve more consistency in your vape.

Last but certainly not least, the Elabo is Wismec's flagship sub-ohm vape tank. It has become a big time favorite among sub-ohm vapers who use all kinds of devices. Wismec's wonderful Elabo/Amor mini coils are among our top selling coils here at DIRECTVAPOR. With an impressive 0.2 ohm resistance rating, you'll be overjoyed by the massive clouds produced with these Wismec coils.


If you're ready to pick up one of these popular Wismec MODs, look no further than DIRECTVAPOR. We have taken great care to select the very best Wismec starter kits and accessories for you to enjoy. As always, when you order from us, you get the benefit of our Low Price Guarantee so you can be sure that you are spending your money wisely. After all, the more you save on your device, the more e-liquid you can stock up on! Did we mention free shipping on all orders with no minimum payment?

In addition, we work closely with our vendors to deliver the No Clone Zone promise. You will never receive counterfeit products on our watch. We only sell authentic vaporizers from preferred manufacturers all over the world. If you aren't completely satisfied with your device, you can also rely on our return policy and warranty program.

Buy your Wismec products from us today and experience world-class customer service along the way. Check out our selection and contact us if you have any questions!

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