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Find Sigelei vape mods, box mods, tanks, kits and more. Sigelei has earned its reputation as one of the more creative device manufacturers in the vapor industry. With bright colors, unusual materials and clever shapes, their devices stand out from the crowd. Unlike plain old box mods, Sigelei pays close attention to the presentation of their devices while still taking advantage of some of the best technical engineering available today. Their rebuildable tank atomizers also deserve some love for their pristine look and performance abilities.

About Sigelei

Sigelei began their journey back in 2011 when the market was still mostly comprised of very basic cig-a-like products. Their goal was to create more innovative solutions that enhanced the vaping experience from start to finish. They did this by creating bold new technologies that better metered the power output of their vape devices and by working to improve the consistency of vaping.

With each new product release, they graduated to a new generation of technological advancements and began leading the industry in ways they never expected. Essentially, Sigelei went from a tiny workshop full of dedicated engineers to one of the biggest names in the vapor industry through a series of major improvements.

Why Vapers Choose Sigelei

For many people, choosing a Sigelei product is about loyalty to the brand that has made so many great strides in vaping. During their earliest days, vapers were drawn to Sigelei because they could offer an unmatched vaping experience through advanced personalization tools. To this day, their innovation and creativity continue to be a primary factor for many of their fans.

Given that Sigelei products are designed and manufactured in China and shipped worldwide, it's no surprise that many people choose Sigelei for their prices as well. You can continuously find top-of-the-line Sigelei devices for far less money than other similar brands, and you definitely won't need to worry about getting shortchanged on quality.

What Sigelei Sells and Offers

Currently, Sigelei offers a handful of simple vape MODs designed for all levels of vaping. In addition, they have more than a half-dozen advanced personal vaporizers on their roster, including the game-changing Spectrum and T200. Since the beginning, Sigelei has been about the total vaping experience, not just the technology inside the box mod. That's why they have masterfully engineered four different atomizer options and several other accessories that mesh perfectly with the performance of their devices.

Best-Selling Sigelei Vape Products

Below we have compiled a list of some of the most recognized Sigelei products to hit the markets. These are the devices that have become legendary for the way they changed and shaped the vaping industry as a whole:

  • TheSigelei Kaos Spectrum 230W TC Vape MOD One of the most recent releases from Sigelei, this device sought to take the brand to a whole new level by emerging at over 230 watts. The Kaos Spectrum also sported an eye-catching exterior and an updated screen that pushed this thing over the top. The striking display and LED lighting have made this a new favorite.

  • The Sigelei Fuchai 213W PLUS TC Box Mod This is the second generation of the already-popular Fuchai 213 Sigelei vape mod. In this rendition, Sigelei has updated the screen and menus to be more intuitive and added temperature sensing abilities for a more accurate system through and through.

  • Sigelei SLYDER-L Replacement Coils This four-pack of Sigelei specialty coils is the ideal solution to all of your vaping needs. Built to handle up to 285W of power, these coils prove that Sigelei is already thinking about how they can pack more power into their next device.

  • The Sigelei Snow Wolf Vfeng 230W TC Vape Mod This Sigelei mod made the news a few years back. It's massive size along with its unusual configuration and fresh new look made it stand out on any vape store shelf. This is still one of the only devices to offer a full-color screen, room for a 30mm vape tank and quick-charging capabilities. This truly is the ultimate Sigelei vaporizer.

The products described above are just a small collection of what Sigelei has to offer. They also have a large selection of Sigelei battery options and plenty of other accessories to build the perfect vaping experience for yourself. You can even find a Sigelei mechanical mod if you're into unregulated mods.

Buy Sigelei at DIRECTVAPOR

DIRECTVAPOR carries a huge selection of current and legacy Sigelei gear. We are proud to offer products from one of the most renowned names in the vaping industry to date, and we are always excited to announce new Sigelei products as soon as they are released.

When you buy your Sigelei products from DIRECTVAPOR, you will enjoy our customer service and low price guarantee, as well as always-free shipping on all of your orders. We make sure to buy only from trusted manufacturers so you will never have to deal with counterfeit devices. See what we have in stock today from Sigelei!

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