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Kanger launched in 2007 as the premier manufacturer of vapor devices, including vape mods, tanks and kits, making KangerTech a worldwide entity. Not only is Kanger responsible for revolutionizing the box mod with their iconic Top Box model, they have introduced a variety of sub-ohm tanks that have become a staple of mainstream vaping. KangerTech continues to be a leader of innovation and creativity when it comes to building box mods and offering incredible performance all around. KangerTech's stylish little vape pens are also a noteworthy achievement.

About Kanger Tech

Kanger took their first steps into the vapor industry way back in 2007, at a time when quality vape MODs were largely a myth. They continued to experiment with different designs and engineer new systems until the early 2010s when suddenly they struck gold. Their first-ever, bottom-coiled vape tanks made a big splash in the industry and led to a whole new standard for clearomizers.

Later on, Kanger was able to learn from the mistakes of other manufacturers and introduce the wildly popular Subtank. The success of the Subtank really put Kanger Tech on the map, and they decided to use all of that newfound power to engineer a few devices of their own. Since then, they have continued to serve as a beacon of ingenuity in the field with a variety of high-powered, high-performing box mods full of advanced features.

Why Vapers Choose Kanger

There are a number of reasons that vapers have named Kanger Tech one of their all-time favorite brands. First and foremost, Kanger now has a long history of providing high-quality devices that exceed expectations. Over the years, it is apparent how they have listened to their customers and worked diligently to solve problems in order to provide a better vaping experience all around.

In addition, Kanger has shown that they have a diverse range of products suitable for nearly any vaping style. While their sub-ohm tanks and devices have earned the highest marks, they also have plenty of devices that are made for convenience and ease of use. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, they have something to offer.

Finally, Kanger's team has done an exceptional job of demonstrating their commitment to value and service for their customers. By introducing some of the first authenticity certificates and creating a robust warranty and return policy, they have shown their customers that they are reliable and trustworthy.

What Kanger Offers

In the early days, Kanger was most notable for their tanks and other coils, atomizers, tanks and more from the Kanger brand. Kanger has done a great job of standing out from other manufacturers on the scene by providing more power and more refined tanks than anyone else in the market.

Best-Selling Kanger Tech Products

Here is a quick preview of some of Kanger's most impressive accomplishments thus far:

  • The Kanger TopBox Mini 75W TC Starter Kit:This impressive mod is small enough to carry around while providing just the right amount of power for a comfortable vape all day long. Super-low-resistance coils make it easy to produce large clouds of dense vapor even with the tiny stature of this device. The 4-milliliter Kanger tank is just perfect for carrying at your side.

  • The Kanger SubVod Starter Kit: The SubVod starter kit is the ideal device for newbies to the sub-ohm vaping scene. It comes in a discreet, pen-style vaporizer available in many colors. The wide-body airflow and tank make it easy to take a big draw and let all your stress melt away. The best part is that this starter kit includes everything you need to start vaping in a single package, so you won't have to worry about piecing together a device on your own.

  • The Kanger CUPTI All In One 75W Kit: There is an increased demand for great all-in-one vapes these days. The CUPTI gives you the ability to enjoy an integrated design that still has plenty of pep. This means less maintenance and fewer accessories for you to worry about as you vape.

  • The Kanger KBOX 200 TC Mod: Of all the devices introduced by Kanger, the KBOX Kanger Mod is truly original. The KBOX was one of their first vaporizer designs and has gone on to see a number of updates and expansions, including this 200-wattversion. That is more than enough power to compete in any cloud chasing competition or to play with creating your ideal temperature vape.

  • Kanger SSOCC Coils: The secret to every great Kanger starter kit is the wonderful Kanger coils that come inside. Kanger spent years perfecting their SSOCC coils to work perfectly with each of their devices. You will certainly be impressed by the dependability and flavor produced by these bad boys. Just pick up a five pack and see for yourself how Kanger coils compare.

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Many of us started vaping, in part, to save money over smoking. While vaping certainly is far cheaper than buy cigarettes every day, the cost of buying sub-ohm coils can be annoying, and it can prevent you from making fun upgrades to your kit. Keeping your coil clean will extend the lifespan. With proper care and a few simple tips, you’ll soon be on the way to saving even more money while keeping your vape tasting great.

How do I clean my coil?

Cleaning your coil is a simple and effective process that can be a great way to improve your coil life. To begin, remove the coil from your tank. Rinse briefly with tap water to remove any surface debris and larger chunks. Next, place your coil in a small cup of Everclear or Vodka to soak overnight. The longer you allow the coil to soak, the more the alcohol has time to work its way into the gunk, breaking it apart.

Once your coil has soaked for a while, remove from the alcohol and rinse again, this time with distilled water. You’ll need to avoid tap water for the final stages as the mineral content will leave further residue and deposits on your coil. This affects the taste and does not clean your coil to its fullest potential.

If the coil appears to be clean and free from debris, move to a well-ventilated space for proper drying. Avoid places where dust accumulates. Above the microwave or fridge may be a great spot as these areas are often warmer than the rest of the home. If the coil is still visibly dirty, return to the alcohol bath and repeat the process until clean. You may also want to consider a small, soft-bristled, brush to help break up the gunk though it’s important to go slow and be gentle to avoid tearing the cotton.

Prevention is key

Now that you have your coil clean keeping it that way is one of the best ways to increase the lifespan of your device. A dirty coil will quickly foul and begin to accumulate partially burnt juice. This rapidly alters the taste and may prevent proper wicking from occurring. This, in turn, leads to dry hits which exacerbate the issue further.

As we refill our tanks, we expose our reservoirs to dust and contaminants that can foul the coil. By cleaning your tank on a regular basis, you can limit the amount of exposure to these elements. Because our pockets are often filled with small bits of lint and other things, cleaning your drip tip frequently is also important.

When we vape, the coil becomes hot, and this vaporizes the juice. When you release the button, the coil begins to cool. The process is not immediate, and there is a small window of time during which your coil is still hot enough to partially vaporize the juice. This short period is harmful to your coil and allows for small bits of juice to caramelize on the metals. When the coil is heated once more, the caramelized residue is burned rather than vaped. By releasing the fire button an instant before you stop inhaling, the remainder of your breath will draw away the residual vapor and cool the coil quickly.

Not all tanks can handle all juice equally. Some devices are optimized for thinner juice, while others handle thicker e-liquid with ease. Knowing the limits of your tank’s wicking system can help you avoid dry hits that quickly ruin your coils. You may need to allow more time for your tank to wick the juice adequately.

Buying coils is an expense that can quickly get out of hand. Cleaning your coils can be a great way to save money. With these simple steps, you’ll quickly be on your way to improved coil life, a happy budget, and the great taste you’ve come to expect from Kangertech!

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