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Geek Vape

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If the name isn't a dead giveaway, you'll find that the Geek Vape line is full of incredible vapor accessories created by the hearts and minds of committed vapers. Geek Vapes prides itself on its innovative designs, engineering prowess and deep understanding of exactly what vapers want out of their devices. Their top airflow tanks and RDAs have become an important part of any serious vaper's collection, and they continue to expand their lineup with more complex options from starter kits, vape mods and more that enhance performance.

About GeekVape

Debuting in early 2016 with their incredibly popular rebuildable tank atomizer the Griffin RTA, Geekvape has not wavered from their promise to provide quality, innovation and user friendliness to their audience. As the vaping industry matures, Geekvape seems poised to stay a big name amongst other companies.

Geekvape has shown their enthusiasm for solving common problems many vapers encounter with other products while also remaining committed to style and quality. Water and shock-proof mods, kits for beginners and even a mod that's compatible with different battery chambers are all in the Geekvape lineup. Geekvape does things right to ensure it offers not only cool products in a new market but also products that support a vaper in their lifestyle.

As mentioned, they aren’t just making tanks. They have expanded to produce battery mods as well. Geekvape’s Aegis mod sports many good reviews praising its ergonomic design and sturdy construction.

Along with producing new products, Geekvape analyzes what they’ve done right and wrong with previous ones and releases updated versions. As a result, the brand has been able to improve the vaping experience that many of its products offer. For example, Geekvape released a Plus version of Griffin 25 RTA that features major improvements that most vapers appreciate – including a larger deck, a better wicking system and Kenny-style airflow slots.

What Vapers Have to Say About Geekvape

Customers have left many positive comments and reviews about Geekvape and their devices. Many cite their products as “excellent in quality, durability, and cool designs.” A large number of vapers also praise their tanks for being leak-proof. After all, anyone using a tank knows the frustration of reaching your hand in your pocket and feeling juice all over your shiny new mod and empty tank. Customers also love the build quality and packaging of Geekvape’s mods, especially when you consider the fair prices they retail for. 

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