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Kanger CUPTI All In One 75W Kit

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Kanger has taken the design of the ever popular nebox and brought new and exciting features to the table. Featuring a no leak design, the Kanger Cupti has eliminated the headache of leaking due to the use of Kanger CLOCC coils. Containing a pyrex glass construction, the Kanger Cupti All-in-one kit fires up to 75 watts with temperature control capabilities.Powered by one 18650 battery, this mod is not only powerful but long lasting as well. Both mouth to lung and direct to lung vapers were taken into consideration with an adjustable airflow built to accommodate both varieties of vapers. Get your Kanger Cupti All In One 75 Watt Kit today!

What's Included:

  • 1 x Kanger Cupti
  • 1 x CLOCC SS 0.5 Ohm
  • 1 x CLOCC NiCr 1.5 Ohm
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x English Manual

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Specs & Features

  • Removable 18650 Battery (not included)
  • 75W Max Output
  • Temperature Control Compatible
  • Built In 5ml Tank
  • Leak Free Design
  • Optional RBA Section
  • Replaceable Glass Section
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling as these are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if not properly handled. Please note that there is an inherent risk with the use of any and all rechargeable batteries in any circumstance. Direct Vapor is not responsible for any damage, injury, or defect caused by the improper use and/or mishandling of Li-ion (Lithium-ion), LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) and any rechargeable batteries and chargers.
  1. This all in one will change your life review by D.Bush on 5/21/2018
    Overall Rating

    Coming from the standard mod and sub-ohm tank design i was always worried about busting the glass having the tank stick out of my back pocket etc. This design is awesome its smooth easy to use and no leaks. I have had mine since February and now in May i have yet to have any problems. i use 70/30 juice at 30w and a battery charge will last from the morning to bed time and most cases into the second day. I change the coil every two weeks and its super easy. I have broke the glass tube once but that was my fault dropping it into a gravel rock driveway..... i think it was a freak accident because i have dropped that 100x and i have never had an issue other than that 1x. the Cloud production really surprised me this little guy is a great bang for you buck. i would deff recommend this for a 1st box or even if your tired of breaking the tubes on sub-ohm tanks. I really enjoy this one and i think Kanger hit it out of the park.

  2. Da Bomb ! review by Elaine on 1/22/2018
    Overall Rating

    I got this FOUR years ago and finally “gave up the ghost” tonight! None of my other MODS have lasted near this long. So tomorrow I will be ordering a new one. I so love my Cupti. If you are ready to get your first MOD, this is the best one.

  3. Great first! review by JayBaby on 11/10/2017
    Overall Rating

    After reviewing several all-in-ones, I gave the Cupti a "go". I must say it was a great purchase! The charging port being on the bottom is my only "con" to this mod. It delivers, no matter what the function- whether in temp. control, and no matter which coil you prefer... the flavor is there, no hassles, no spitting, no gargle, no leak! The clocc coils last a while too, if I keep the setting just right. Not too heavy, not too bulky. Kuat a decent little Kanger device, ready to go!

  4. Direct Vapor gets 5 stars, but disappointed in the Cupti review by Goose Girl on 7/22/2017
    Overall Rating

    Direct Vapor really came through when I got my first malfunctioning Cupti, sending me a replacement in only a few days. They have earned my loyalty with that fantastic customer service. Based on my experience, make sure the mouthpiece is pointed away from your face when changing settings on the Cupti just in case it spits. The second unit still flooded when first used, but did clear up with the usual management techniques. I like that it came with mouth to lung and direct lung mouthpieces, and the flavor is good, and the size and weight are great.

  5. Good mod, Great svc review by TV on 6/29/2017
    Overall Rating

    was looking for a small devise to take on vacation this yr. My Ijust 2's were getting old and I didn't trust the batteries to last for this trip. Due to the great reviews for the Cupti, I ordered 1 to try. Wouldn't you know, the devise was not working properly right out of the box. I received it on a Fri., and was on the phone with cust. svc. on Mon. I talked with a guy named Chris, in cust svc. We discussed the problem, and he had another unit. with a spare box of coils overnighted to me pronto. None of the hassle I had expected. This is just 1 more reason I keep shopping with DV.
    Now that I have the new unit, i see why it gets such great reviews. I'm vaping the .5 SS coil at 50 watts. Good flavor and clouds for such a small devise. Very little spit back, just a nice warm vape.
    Thank you DV, Your cust svc, earned you another loyal custome.

  6. Best Ecig Ever! review by tizmo on 6/26/2017
    Overall Rating

    I never leave reviews but felt I had to for this item. I have tried many tanks with the hope of finding something better than the cupti but none have ever been able to beat it. I have spent probably around $300 in tanks but none could outperform the cupti. It gives great flavor, great clouds, it is small enough to be discreet and fit in my small hands and the coils last a decently long time. It does NOT leak, I have even fallen asleep with it next to me only to wake up with it underneath me and still no leaks. If you run into gurgling it is a simple fix. Just take a q-tip, roll it between your fingers to squish it a bit to make it thinner then put it down the center hole until just the top of the other end of the q-tip is exposed beyond the mouthpiece (make sure the top is screwed on and the airholes are open). Then turn the cupti upside-down over a sink for about a minute, repeat as necessary until there is no more gurgling. I usually only have to do this once per coil change. My cupti is still going strong, I've had it about 6 months and it is the only ecig I use.

  7. Good butt... review by Djangoslice on 6/10/2017
    Overall Rating

    I was expecting an rba.. hate buying coils wouldn't have bought this if I wasn't expecting rba... btw if you think you can just buy rba desperate your right/&\wrong .. counterfeit or 65$ from kangertechs website...

  8. AS ADVERTISED! review by Greg on 6/2/2017
    Overall Rating

    I have had this for about 3 months as my main Vape. This has NEVER leaked on me and I wear slacks so would definitely notice if it did leak in my pocket even a little! Great flavor and cloud production. If I ever get a little juice causing spitting or anything, why turn it upside down? I use a Q-tip and it gets all the flow-through juice from the coil and works perfectly!! Best device I have owned!

  9. Ok mod review by Danimarie on 4/3/2017
    Overall Rating

    I have had this mod since it first came out so almost a year. This product does leak and there is also some spit back as well. I like how it is an all in one and how the tank is shatter resistant. I wish the flavor was better and that it didn't flood. Also a huge con is that door for the battery is loose and I have to hold the bottom up for it to even fire. I wouldn't buy again!

  10. Awesome review by Helvetica on 3/29/2017
    Overall Rating

    New to vaping and started with the Cupti. It has been pretty fantastic! It's very portable, holds 5ml, doesn't leak and does a great job. It's also built well and feels like a perfect fit in my hand. I only use Wattage mode (30W is my sweet spot). The only minor complaints I have is when I fill it, it sometimes gurgles but I got some advice on YouTube to just stand it upside down for a few minutes and that takes care of it. Also, the charging port is on the underside of the base but it's fine, since I use an external battery charger. Overall I love it though and just ordered another one to keep at work.

  11. Love It! review by Jerome on 3/10/2017
    Overall Rating

    Purchased the Cupti after having the Nebox for about a month and I love it. Reminds me so much of the nebox in its size, all-in-one tank, and power output.. the only 2 downsides I have is that it only holds 5 ml instead of 10 like it's counterpart nebox and also that the SS coil that came with it got flooded.. I suggest that if that happens to you don't panic just tip the device upside down.. take a paper towel, twist it into a fine point and stick it down the vape hole (don't want to say shaft which is what everybody is calling it lol) and let the paper towel soak up the oil.. fire it up and it should work just fine... ENJOY

  12. LOVE!!! review by Robin on 3/5/2017
    Overall Rating

    I got it yesterday and I can't put it down! Great flavor and vapor production, easy to use, and fits great in my hand. This thing won't be leaving my side.

  13. Great all in one review by Starrgazer on 1/16/2017
    Overall Rating

    I heard a lot of great reviews about the Kangertech Cupti, so I decided to buy myself one. So far, not a single regret! Love this thing! I am impressed with the power it handles, the clouds are pretty darn decent for such a little device, the flavor of all my ejuices are more intensified making me want to vape with this all day long! I love how easy it is to fill up, plus it holds 5ml of liquid, that is a decent amount so I can fill it and not worry about anything else the entire day. Battery life is wonderful as well! I love it has a removable drip tip to change so I can customize it.

    My two complaints (minor) but I would address that the USB port is on the bottom so if charging through the unit (I don't I use a separate charger) but would have to lay the Cupti on its side to charge and it would worry me about flood the coil or leaking. However, I have not experienced one leak! The other complaint I would have, would be the spit back-- simple trick thanks to YouTube advice, turn the mod upside down for 2 minutes, voila problem fixed. Those are the only two complaints I can come up with, both I can fix or live with.

    The main thing to note, if you want a small mod to fit in your pocket, that works well, blows good clouds, has a great taste- look no further! I love mine so much I am considering buying a second one! My husband loves it and so do my friends, I have everyone else wanting one.

  14. Love love love it!! review by Juicez on 12/25/2016
    Overall Rating

    I got mine about 2 weeks ago and I am in love!!
    I have a reulaux 2/3 and a pico but this cupti is my ride or die all day device!!!
    So simple to use, and perfect size to take with me all day!!

  15. Awesome! review by PJ on 10/12/2016
    Overall Rating

    Just got this and am sooo happy! I was having a great vape with the nebox, but wasn't enjoying the leaks. Saw this and was thrilled to see it not only fixed the leak problem and redesigned the whole thing. I was excited with the nebox because i am one handed and it was so easy to use. Now it is even simpler to fill, has an added airflow and glass tank.
    I do have one minor complaint and that is the usb port on the bottom, wish it was still on the side.

  16. Cupti hands down review by Tj on 9/9/2016
    Overall Rating

    Cupti is an all day Vape unit for me. 5ml of juice and a fully charged battery will last from 5am all the way till 8pm or so.

    I use the TC mode with NI200 coils. Love the cool Vape with decent clouds. Flavor is great as well.

  17. Blown Away! review by Steph on 9/7/2016
    Overall Rating

    The Cupti is an awesome upgrade from the Nebox! Don't get me wrong I love my Nebox, never had any leak issues since I kept it on it's side always, but I missed having the air flow control and glass tank which the Cupti offers. Since the Cupti is made with a pyrex glass tank I can once again use custard and cinnamon e-juice flavors with no worries if my tanks gonna bust. I also love the battery access, no more chipping paint and unscrewing with coins! I love the small size too it fits in your pocket. I do suggest you check out the Cupti 2 if size doesnt bother you, it's just too big for me to use on the go, but the Cupti is perfect! Way to go Kanger!

  18. Excellent review by Spud on 8/27/2016
    Overall Rating

    I switched from e-cigs to a mod and this was my choice because it is small enough for the pocket. No regrets. I enjoyed the whopping lung fulls during initial set-up because I was/am a mod neophyte, but some quick adjustments and the thing is better than any e-cig I ever tried. The battery life so far is outstanding because I do not need the large, obnoxious visible cloud.

    Simple to use and pretty dang efficient.

  19. Highly Reccomend review by YeeHaw on 8/12/2016
    Overall Rating

    Been vaping for a couple months now, went through a few joytechs, smoked friends box mods and drip tips. Let me just say this AOI impressed not only me but my buddies and their high end mods. I enjoyed this mod so much that I ended up ordering a second just to day to day switch flavors with no hassle. Sick smoke production and perfect flavor from every 70/30 and VG+ juice that I've ran through it. If you're just starting out or are looking for a break from your box mod/drip tip I would say your search is over. Kanger knocked it out of the park with this one!!!

  20. Excellent Device review by Angelo DiMarco on 6/27/2016
    Overall Rating

    Yeah this is fantastic for the one-battery modders. I highly highly recommend it. I am so down with this. Love the small, hand-held size, the mega power in a small device, and the way it works in general is just smooth. Best thing of all, and any body who has tried the Nebox knows what Imma talking about- the lack of leaks. Excellent. Kanger does a good product most of the time, this offers a great hit all the way down.

  21. Can't wait for this one! review by David R on 6/22/2016
    Overall Rating

    If the Cupti addressed the leaking issues the Nebox had, then consider this a home run! I cannot wait to get my hands on this one!

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