WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Tank Replacement Vape Coils (5-Pack)


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The FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Tank has become a big hit on the market, and its all due to the incredibly designed FireLuke Vape Coils. This 5-pack of coils match perfectly with the FireLuke Mesh Tank’s brilliant airflow design and its wide bore drip tip, making it one of the best performing sub ohm tanks of our time. The FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Coil Family are specifically designed for the FireLuke Mesh Tank, and there are a total of two options to choose from that can completely alter the experience entirely. There is a 0.15 ohm mesh coil that’s capable of reaching up to 90 watts, and a 0.12 ohm SS316L coil that’s capable of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Both coils can be used in wattage and voltage modes, while the stainless steel coils can also be used in temperature control mode. Additionally, both coils utilizes organic cotton for a clean, pure, and consistent wicking experience, while the mesh inside these coil heads provide a phenomenal vapor and flavor experience.

What’s Included

  • 1 x FireLuke Mesh Atomizer Head 0.15 Ohm 5pk
  • User Manual

Specs & Features

Freemax Fireluke Mesh Atomizer Head 0.15 Ohm 5pk

  • Wattage Range: 40 - 90W
  • Replacement for FreeMax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Wicking Material: Organic Cotton
  • Coil Material: Mesh Kanthal Wire
  1. Authentic FREEMAX fireluke Coils! Compatible with uforce! review by MouthyMama on 12/4/2018
    Overall Rating

    Authentic FREEMAX fireluke Coils! Compatible with uforce! When I found out they worked with the voopoo uforce tanks I had to get them. The flavor is beyond amazing! Direct vapor has amazing stock and low prices! I couldn’t be happier! I won’t get the voopoo branded coils ever again after tasting the flavor from these coils!!!
    Direct vapor shipped fast and my item came as described and packaging was pristine! Customer service is polite and friendly and respond Very a fast! Thank you so much direct vapor!

  2. Authentic FREEMAX FIRELUKE Coils! Uforce compatible! review by Mouthymama on 12/4/2018
    Overall Rating

    When I found out these coils were compatible with my voopoo uforce tanks, I had to get them! These are amazing! Cheaper than the voopoo branded coils and much smoother! Flavor is amazing and they last so much longer! Buying them from direct vapor was a WIN! Great prices and amazing stock! Direct vapor shipped fast and my item came as described and packaging was pristine! Customer service is polite and friendly and respond Very a fast! Thank you so much direct vapor!

  3. Decent but not as great as Thought it would be review by Bagels on 10/4/2018
    Overall Rating

    Compared on the same mod, (devilkin) using both the T10 prince coils, (60w-120w) and this coil, (40w-90w) I find that at 90w the T10 is better, it not only produces more vape, if that what your after, it also hits smoother and the vape isn't as hot. However, this coil does seem to keep flavor longer the older the coil gets and tastes rather clean even upwards of 1-2 months later. I feel its also worth mentioning the tests done at lower watts ( one at 60w and another at 40w) the the fireluke's mesh coils performed better. at 60w and below they had seemed to produce nearly the same amount of vape, although the fireluke was still slightly warm it wasn't burning when you get a little bit of pop-ing like it was at 90w; and It tasted better than the T10. I know the T10 is not rated under 40w but i wanted to test both at their respective minimum's for a better comparison. I did not do a maximum test on the T10 because it was irrelevant if it already had out performed the fireluke coil at its max rating.

    if your after longevity of your coil and overall flavor cleanliness i would recommend one of these coils. If you are after vape production and flavor potency (while the coil lasts) I would suggest probably looking for another coil; and although I like the prince T10 and have had almost no problems with them, I cant recommend it due to quality control issues. Its pretty much a hit or miss whether or not the mod will read the correct ohms its rated for (.12 ) or the coil burns out in a day or several weeks upwards of several months if your lucky or are forced to use it that long. (would not recommend using the coil that long, it just tastes awful at that point)

  4. Love it review by BigSin on 7/2/2018
    Overall Rating

    These coils blow any others away I'm on puff 4235 and still great I've only had to replace the coil twice in one and a half months..they give you better flavor and bigger clouds..so anybody looking to save money and get a great vape experience get urself a freemax fireluke tank and a pack of 5 coils..u will not regret it.

  5. AMAZING! review by Vapinator on 5/15/2018
    Overall Rating

    Best coil I have ever had the pleasure of using! The flavor is absolutely amazing. I have tried hundreds of coils/tanks over the years and this is by far 100% better! SMOK, Vaporesso, Kanger Tech, etc will never hold a candle to the firemaxx. After being disappointed by the Aspire Revvo’s failure at flavor production, I was a little hesitant about the “mesh” coil, but it truly does surpass any I’ve tried! As a plus, they last forever as well! 2.5-3 weeks with every coil!
    On another note, if you have a Voopoo Uforce tank, this coil is perfectly interchangeable with the U2 & U4’s!! Vape on!

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FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Tank Replacement Vape Coils (5-Pack)