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Candy Flavors

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It’s your favorite treat you’re never allowed to eat! Candy Vape Juice is a great way to enjoy all your favorite treats without the need to worry about counting calories. If you’re like us and always have a bit of candy around to snack on, a candy flavored juice may be just what you need!

Candy vape juice flavors draw heavily on two separate flavor profiles to recreate your favorite treats in one convenient place. Dessert vapes are often home to the chocolates, nuts, spices, and aromas of the kitchen that, with a little adjustment, often produce outstanding reproductions of candies. Coming from the fruity side of life, with a slight tweak or two your favorite wet and juicy fruit become a delicious hard candy to while the day away with. As candy e-liquid has evolved, flavors have become much more realistic and well-defined to offer a high-quality experience to new and advanced users alike.

Candy, the treat not the vape juice, is high in sugar and artificial sweeteners and while it can a great escape throughout the day, continuous use can have consequences. Hard candies wear away out teeth, and those pesky excess calories must go somewhere! Some vapers have found great success in limiting their consumption of sugary snacks with the use of candy vape juices and report it to be a great way to kick sugar cravings.

Candy is back and better than ever. With so many of the best candy vape juices in one place, it’s hard to say no! Our team of expert tastes has been hard at work assembling the best candy vape juice collection on the market. Our juice is chosen for its premium quality and excellent taste and offered at the lowest prices around. Whether you love suckers or gum, fizzy or hard, chewy or sour, our candy collection is sure to be a big hit for your taste buds!

One of the most popular candy vape juices of all time, Wonder Worm from Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust is an incredible union of gummy worms and sweet tarts. Delicious, wet, and unique, Wonder Worm is a full-bodied and tangy treat that tantalizes your taste buds and leaves you wanting more and more. For Strawberry Bubblegum fans, Naked 100 brings you Yummy Gum! A spot-on recreation of one of your favorite strawberry gum flavors, this juice is packed to the top with rich, gooey sweetness. Be careful; you might find yourself trying to blow a bubble with your vapor! From the legendary candy vape, master Juice Roll Upz come to Apple. True to their name, this Apple Roll-up is a no-brainer for the candy fan in each of us. This green apple delight is full and rich on the inhale and light and tart on the exhale. It’s a wonderfully pleasant vape that does well to balance sweet and tart. An All-Day-Vape for many of our customers, there’s just something special about Apple from Juice Roll Upz.

For many of us, candy is a great way to add a bit of pleasant reward to a long, hard day. The drudgery of adulthood wears on us all as we keep schedules and follow the rules and pay bills. Candy reminds us of a simpler time. A time when bedtime was our greatest fear and Saturday’s were for cartoons and bike rides. Candy vape juice is a great way for each of us to enjoy a bit of that escape without the guilt of too much sugar.

As candy lovers, we’re quite proud of our collection of the best quality and best-tasting candy vape juices around. From sweet to sour to chewy and gooey we’ve got it all! With so many vapers switching to candy vape flavors, find out today what sweet secrets they have in store for you!

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