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Cosmic Charlie's Chalk Dust Wonder Worm E-Liquid (60ML)


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Primary Flavors: Sour Gummy Candy Take a trip down the rabbit hole with this deliciously psychedelic e-liquid from Charlie's Chalk Dust! A fusion of crystalized gummy worms devilishly laced with sweet tarts. Wonder Worm will leave you scratching your head wondering how Charlie created this masterpiece!

What's Included:

  • 1 x 60ML Bottle of Wonder Worm E-liquid

Specs & Features

  • 20% PG/ 80% VG
  1. Meh review by Judith Iscariot on 4/29/2018
    Overall Rating

    I love the flavor but it's burned through two coils in less than a week and has a burnt flavor unless I drip the juice directly into the coil. I bought a new vape that should be here Tuesday so hopefully different coils will solve my problem (the coils in my current vape just suck in general).

  2. Fantastic. review by Jarred on 8/14/2017
    Overall Rating

    Let me start this by saying I have tried hundreds, if not thousands of vape juices. And across all my years of vaping I have never found a juice that tastes quite like this. I've had all kinds of candy vapes. From gummy bears to sour patch kids flavors. This is easily my all time favorite juice. They nailed it with this one. if you've never tried it I HIGHLY recommend you do. It's sweet but not overwhelming. It doesn't hit hard in the throat even though it has a hint of sour/tanginess. It's just right for my taste. 10/10

  3. Love it review by Chris on 5/15/2017
    Overall Rating

    i love this flavor, it makes a great all day vape

  4. Too Sweet and Lingering Flavor review by Alex on 3/28/2017
    Overall Rating

    Maybe I just don't like candy flavored juices, (I'm not sure because this is the only candy flavored juice I've tried) but this juice is WAY too sweet. I don't know how this could be an all day vape for anyone. The flavor is too much and lingers in your mouth and throat. I could taste it all the way though a sandwich and chips I had for lunch. Pretty gross.

  5. This juice is awesome. Great flavor can vape this all day. review by Whitey on 1/20/2017
    Overall Rating

    Best juice ive had so far. And ive tried many dont get me wrong ive had great juices but this one is my top so far... wish it came in big bottles though...

  6. Wonder Worm - Sweet and Clean review by Altilla on 6/11/2016
    Overall Rating

    So far everything I've tried from CCCD has been good

    It has a very gummy worm candy taste to it; I would compare it closely to Trolli sour worms if the sour part was taken off.

    Very good every day vape no doubt.

    The only complaint I have with this juice is that it gunks the coils on RDA's up pretty quick.

  7. Incredible Juice review by Lauren on 6/3/2016
    Overall Rating

    Wonder Worm is my absolute favorite. So damn delicious. I would sell a kidney for a lifetime supply of this stuff (I'm not even slightly kidding). Wonder Worm all day, everyday. I LOVE it.

  8. Wonder Worm review by Honshin on 5/14/2016
    Overall Rating

    Cosmic Charlies juice! This is tasty! Good gummy flavor that comes really close to the taste of actual gummy worms. I like how it is sweet and mostly sour with just a touch of citrus. The juice works well for vapor but the flavor part is the best. Great product- my first time using Cosmic Charlies and it's been a great experience

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Wonder Worm E-liquid 60mL