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Box mods are regulated devices that use either lithium ion batteries to regulate voltage. With consistent output and excellent battery life, our vape box mods give you flexibility in coil design and tons of options. We’re proud of our selection of mods because we work hard to ensure our customers can choose from an impressive variety of price points, finishes, and features. Select the features that matter to you, from temperature control and wattage to e-liquid capacity. If you’re looking for a bundled package, you can trust that we’ve put together options with perfect compatibility and top-of-the-line features. Whatever your mod needs, we're proud to offer the biggest selection and the best products. Remember, we ship free with no minimum order and our standard, industry-leading return policy. Welcome to your new mod!

Now that box mods have become so prevalent in the vaping industry, there are more and more ways to customize your vape and create a truly unique experience. Many manufacturers have branched out to create vape box mods for a variety of vaping styles, not just advanced vaping techniques. This makes it possible to find the perfect vape mod even if you're new to the vaping game.

Benefits of Box Mods

Box mods serve as an upgrade from the typical cig-a-like or e-cig devices that heralded in vaping. Those devices, while successful at helping people make the switch from smoking, were often less than satisfactory when it came to flavor and strength. Box mods solved this problem by packing more power into the vaporizer device and modifying the way air flows through the device to deliver a denser, more pronounced hit. Having a larger box around the heating elements also made room for some extra features like touchscreens and controls so a single device can handle a wider range of e-liquid flavors and tastes.

Tips for Buying Box Mods

There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for box mods.

1. The best box mod is not necessarily the most expensive mod.

You should be focused on finding a device that is comfortable for you to hold, easy for you to navigate and refill, and delivers the right level of flavor and power. Many of the most expensive box mods are designed for advanced and competitive users only, and are not necessarily practical for everyday use.

2. A 50-watt box mod may be the best choice.

For the most part, a 50-watt box mod is sufficient for nearly any vaper whether you're new or very experienced. In addition, there are a number of small box mod options that are easy to carry and travel with compared to the monstrous 200W-plus devices that are out there.

3. Pay attention to Brands and Quality to avoid Counterfeits.

You should also pay close attention to the branding and the quality of the devices while you're shopping. Some brands have a great reputation for quality and customer service, while other brands can be difficult to work with if you have an issue. You can learn a lot about a brand from the customer reviews under their products. You should also keep an eye out for counterfeits – some companies try to pass off fake devices for a "discount". All of the serious companies in the business have authentication procedures in place to protect consumers like you.

4. Not all devices are created for all experience levels of vaping.

Some devices focus more heavily on those new to vaping and will often place more emphasis on providing an easy to use and reliable device. While these devices may be quite powerful and capable, more advanced devices allow for greater depth of customization. This allows the user to fine-tune their experience based on a number of variables such as temperature, power curve, and resistance values.

5. Is a Pen or Starter Kit Potentially a Better Choice?

For those who value convenience and discretion, a pen mod may be a great choice. Quite simple to use, pen mods maintain a small form factor while offering a more refined appearance to vapers. If cloud chasing is more your game or you’d like a head start on the path to an advanced box mod, some of the best vaporizers on the planet can be found bundled as a starter kit. While a starter kit can be a great way to pick up top-shelf gear at a discounted price, they are also an excellent way for beginners to shop with confidence while removing the stress decisions can bring.

Tips for Using Box Mods

The best advice for using box mods is simply to start slow and work your way up. Your vaping experience is not just about which box mod is for sale. It's also about how you dress it up with a tank and coils. To get the most out of your box mod you will need to choose a quality tank and e-liquid to work with.

Most people start with a device in the 40-50W range as a comfortable baseline for their vaping. From there it is easy to make minor adjustments up or down without doing anything too crazy. Some devices have predetermined low-, mid- and high-range settings so you can easily jump from one preset to another to find a suitable temperature and then make your own minor adjustments.

If you notice that your new vaporizer box mod is not performing as expected, it may mean that you need to check the batteries. Taking good care of your batteries and your device is the only way to guarantee that you're getting the experience the manufacturer had in mind when they designed it.

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