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Battery and Vape Chargers

Battery and Vape Chargers
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Maintaining a top-of-the-line vaping kit requires a vape battery charger, and we’ve got you covered. From basic micro-USB and general-use thread chargers to Bluetooth-enabled “smart” chargers, our vape battery charger selection runs the gamut. Don’t take chances with the high-tech vape MOD you’ve invested time and money into selecting – caring for your device requires the right charger for the job. We carry Efest vape battery chargers with features like instant charge readouts as well as high-quality generic chargers that offer a cost-effective way to safely and efficiently get the job done. Never be stuck with drained batteries again, and finish out your kit with the one accessory you really can’t do without – a charger.
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Battery chargers are an essential part of caring for your vape batteries and prolonging the life of your devices. While most vape mods and vaporizers come with simple USB charging cables for use with built-in batteries, you will need to find a suitable battery charger to use with external batteries as well.

DIRECTVAPOR currently carries chargers in a variety of sizes and styles from brands like LG, Efest, ESYB, Aspire, and Kanger. Depending on the number of batteries you are charging at one time, you can choose a simple dual battery charger, or you can purchase a charger with up to six bays for high capacity charging. Some companies offer convenient battery bundle packs that include several sets of 18650 batteries to go with your charger. This is also where you can pick up replacement micro-USB cables and wall adapters for easier charging.

Most Popular Vape Chargers

We talked to our customers and found that these three chargers continue to be top sellers across the board:

  • The Efest Lush Q4 - This smart charger can hold up to four batteries for rapid charging. Convenient LED lights let you know the status of each battery bay. This charger is compatible with 18650s, 20700s, and 26650s. It also includes protective circuitry to keep batteries from overheating once they've finished charging.

  • The ESBY M2 - This handy two-bay charger makes charging 18650s simple. This is a super durable charger that is designed specifically for high drain battery applications to keep your batteries well-conditioned. Short circuit protection and other features monitor the safety of your batteries as they charge.

  • The ESBY S6 - The biggest and baddest of them all, this 6-bay charger is perfect for competitive high-end vapers. This device allows you to choose your charging current depending on the type of batteries you are using. Each charging bay has its own circuit and indicator light so you can charge sets of batteries independently of one another.

Factors to Consider When Buying Battery Chargers

The most important factor when choosing a battery charger is the safety features that it has to offer. While you should never leave your batteries unattended for extended periods of time, you should make sure your charger has a means of shutting itself down if your batteries ever become overheated or unstable.

You should also read several reviews about the accuracy of the chargers you are considering. Some vapers found that their chargers were indicating full batteries long before actually reaching full charging capacity. This can ultimately shorten battery life, so you want to be sure that your charger is giving you an accurate picture of charging status.

Finally, you should compare charging input rates. Some chargers go as high as 1.5A charging, which offers more speed, but may be harder on your batteries. Most chargers provide a slightly lower amp rating but are better for your batteries. Also, certain battery types cannot handle high amperage charging in the first place so you should make sure they are compatible.

Why Buy Battery Chargers at DIRECTVAPOR

Let's face it. You already count on DIRECTVAPOR to buy all your favorite e-liquids and vaping devices. It just makes sense to come to us for high-quality battery chargers with our Low Price Guarantee. You'll get free shipping, and you can take advantage of our warranty and return program if you ever have a problem.

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