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18650 Batteries

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As one of the more popular battery types in the world of vaping, 18650 vape batteries can be found from a massive range of brands and manufacturers. At DIRECTVAPOR, we’ve crafted a selection of the best 18650 batteries in the business, making it easy to find a quality option you can trust. Save yourself the time and hassle of dealing with low-quality batteries by choosing premium 18650 battery vape from DIRECTVAPOR that will get the job done.

18650 high drain batteries were introduced to deal with the high wattages of today’s variable-wattage vape MODs in the safest, most efficient way possible - with 18650s emerging as the most common size. High wattage or low resistance builds will require a high drain battery rated at the appropriate amperage (35A=rated to 35 amps max draw), in order to prevent short circuits or other safety hazards. Because the high drain 18650 vape batteries have proved to be very efficient and safe for vaping, other industries have begun taking advantage of them too - including popular electric supercar manufacturers. Originally used to power high-end flashlights used for industrial and military applications, 18650 batteries have come a long way in powering the world of tomorrow.

Tips for Buying 18650 Batteries

Depending on your mod, a different number of high drain batteries in the appropriate size will be needed. If you're using a multi-battery mod, it’s important to “pair” your vape batteries - using two (or more) batteries of the same, or different brand, size (18350/18650/22650) and amperage, purchased at the same time - to facilitate even draw over the life of the battery and prevent short circuits.

While the 18650 battery is by far the most common, some stealth setups use 18350s for form factor, and larger cloud comp builds make use of the higher draw on 22650s. Paired batteries should be used and charged together using the same charging method.

The Beauty of 18650 Batteries

If you’re wondering what sets high drain batteries apart from other batteries, it’s mainly their ability to safely draw up to the maximum amperage rating through the entire discharge cycle of the battery. This means you will be able to continue vaping at your favorite temperature/wattage, safely, right up until it is time to swap out your high-drain batteries for another “paired set.”

Based on how long you are away from the house (or how many extra sets of batteries you want to carry), the next most important rating is mAH - or milliAmp hour. This rating will tell you the overall capacity of the battery. While it can be tempting to place this rating above your max amps rating, this must come secondary.

Buy 18560 Batteries at DIRECTVAPOR

DIRECTVAPOR has a great selection of 18650 batteries for sale, from all of the top manufacturers in the industry, in all of the most popular sizes. Not only will we help you choose the safest battery for your setup. But once you do, our AutoShip feature will help you get your favorite batteries at a discount – without the worry of having to remember when to change to a new battery/pair. Vape batteries used in a daily vape all have different effective shelf lives, so it's important to keep a fresh paired set at all times.

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