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Drip Tips

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Drip Tips

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A drip tip is a hollow mouthpiece, which you use in place of your tank, cartomizer or clearomizer. Here are a few options to consider – pick a bore width that will provide the air-flow you want. Then, pick your drip tip finish carefully, with options like stainless steel or high-grade plastic offering different benefits, and each with its own crew of supporters. Lastly, check for compatibility with your mod.

So, you thought you knew all about vaping, but you heard about something called a drip tip and are uncertain exactly what it is. Don’t worry because DIRECTVAPOR is here to explain it all to you.

What is a Drip Tip?

A drip tip is essentially a chamber that attaches to the atomizer allowing you to add e-liquid at will. You are directly dripping e-liquid onto the atomizer, as opposed to filling a cartridge, and you can do so without the need to remove any parts as the opening in drip tips for vape is more significant to allow for this.

How do Drip Tips work?

You add liquid through the vaporizer tip repeatedly a few drops at a time, creating more vapor and a stronger taste than with other methods. Results vary but dripping a few drops is usually good for up to 10 pulls, though it could be less. This is a more direct and unimpeded method of vaping which is why you get more vapor and fuller flavor, though this requires you to pay more attention and be more in tune with how your vaporizer works.

For that reason, it’s considered an intermediate-to-advanced vaping technique and is not how most people are introduced to vaping.

Are Drip Tips Easy to Use?

The truth is that vape drip tips do take some getting used to at first. Though ultimately a box mod drip tip can be the most effective and efficient way of using your vape mod, it is something of a learned skill. Initially, you may struggle with how much to add or to get the timing right. Adding the liquid too late can mean the wick starts to burn, leading to a burnt smoky flavor. Once vapers get used to using a drip tip, most of them swear by this method and never look back.

When is a Drip Tip not Suitable?

Certain situations or preferences do not lend themselves to the use of a drip tip. If you want to keep vaping using the same e-liquid for an extended period without needing to drip new liquid in periodically, then a cartridge solution is a more suitable choice. This could be the case if you want to keep vaping while engaged in another activity without distraction, and is especially the case when your hands are otherwise occupied.

What are They Made From?

Drip tips come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, materials, and appearances. Materials used to make drip tips include ceramic, certain plastics, pyrex glass, and metal. Stainless steel drip tips are popular because of their durability, sleek look, and the way they produce a cool vapor. Cheaper drip tips may be too short and become too hot. If your drip tip remains too hot, the solution is to give your vape a break and allow it to cool down.

What are the Benefits of Using a Drip Tip?

Drip tips are considered the domain of the intermediate or advanced vaper, and beginners are recommended to start first with cartridges which are considerably easier to deal with. By using a drip tip, you get to experience the full flavor of the e-liquid. Beginners and casual vapers who like things to be as simple as possible will probably not care for the hassle of frequently dripping liquid and monitoring the wick that using a drip tip necessitates. Dedicated vapers, on the other hand, will tell you they would have it no other way.

Is it messy?

Unlike with a cartridge or cartomizer, with a drip tip, there is no second chamber holding the liquid other than the atomizer itself, and there is an increased likelihood of liquid leaking out. This is especially the case if too much e-liquid is dripped in at one time. Nevertheless, fans of drip tips still swear by them and consider avoiding this problem part of the art of advanced vaping. To help combat this, you can get a drip shield, which does exactly what its name suggests, helping to contain any liquid that leaks out.


When you choose to get a drip tip from DIRECTVAPOR, you get the benefit of our low prices and free shipping.The reason we offer you this is because we want our customers to be happy and always have a quality vaping experience. If you get a drip tip from us and find it is cheaper somewhere else, let us know, and we’ll match the price or give you the difference if it’s after the fact. We also offer a 60-day manufacturing warranty, so you know that when you order from DIRECTVAPOR, we have your back.

Ultimately, whether you like direct dripping or not is your personal preference and no-one can tell you it’s right or wrong. Seasoned vapers tend to prefer it for the control, full flavor, and artistry involved, while casual vapers may see it as too much trouble. If you’re serious about vaping, why not order one to give it a shot and find out which camp you are in.

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