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New vape products are being released almost everyday - it's hard to keep up! DirectVapor makes it easy to stay up to date on the latest releases and vape supplies from top brands like SMOK, Horizon, Innokin & more! Whatever you're looking for, DirectVapor's got you covered with upcoming vape mods! Browse the freshest selection of vape mods, vape tanks, vape kits & e-liquids. Nicotine salts are the newest vaping craze, and you'll find arrivals here from Naked 100, Pachamama & more! This page features all the newest vape products of 2020 and is constantly updated with the best vape products and devices coming out on a regular basis. Browse our selection of the newest vape supplies, devices and e-liquids from the absolute best brands on the market.

New E-Liquids

DirectVapor is known as one of the top websites for the largest selection of e-liquid brands and flavors, and we constantly add new options to our product line up. You can choose from premium vape juice brands including VaporFi, Pachamama, Solace, Naked, Twist, and Air Factory plus so many more. No matter what flavor you may be craving, you can find it at DirectVapor.

With new vape juice flavors constantly hitting the market, our product team works hard to make them available for customers to purchase as quickly as possible. We know that half the fun of vaping is trying new, creative e-juice flavors, and that adding to your flavor collection can become a seriously addicting and incredibly fun hobby. A few of our top favorites, earning serious points for flavor creativity, include the Strawberry Watermelon Nic Salts by VaporFi, Really Berry by Naked 100, and NTN Wild Apple by Air Factory E-liquids. Of course, if you prefer a more classic taste like tobacco, menthol, or spice, we have plenty of those to choose from as well.

New Vape Mods

DirectVapor carries one of the largest selections of vape mods on the market today, and we are constantly adding in new, innovative mods that we know our customers will love. We value our customers’ drive and passion for high quality devices, and that fuels our constant search for the best and most unique vape mods out there. Check out the latest vape mods, new box mods and check back often for upcoming vape mods or pod systems as we add to our stock.

Many people on the DirectVapor team are vapers themselves, which gives us an incredible level of insight when selecting the brands and products that we will carry. Like you, we are always on the lookout for ways to upgrade our daily vaping experience, and want to use new vape devices that are user-friendly, safe, and convenient. No matter what kind of vape you prefer, you can find the perfect mod at DirectVapor.

With new vape mods constantly arriving at DirectVapor, you can enjoy the newest advancements in variable wattage, adjustable power modes, eye-catching design, durability, and optimum comfort.

New Starter Kits

As many vapers already know, scoring a starter kit is a great way to maximize value. Plus, it doesn’t get much more convenient than receiving everything you need for a great vape, without spending any of the time to individually select each and every component. Our starter kits are created to be an assemblage of perfectly matched parts, giving you the feeling of a customer-designed device for a budget-friendly price.

As vape technology continues to really ramp up, the features available in the newest starter kits gets more and more impressive. Vape device manufacturers have zeroed in on a customer-driven development process, listening to the vaping community when creating and improving their starter kits.

New Vape Tanks

When the DirectVapor team looks for new vape tanks to add to our inventory, we try to keep a few important things in mind: smart design, convenient features, attractive appearance, and excellent user control options. We understand the elements of a high-quality tank, and it is incredibly important to us that our customers can select from the newest, best-designed tanks on the vaping market.When you explore our collection of the latest and greatest vape tanks, you are sure to find the perfect tank to fit your needs.

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