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VaporFi Vanilla, Cotton Candy & Watermelon Juice Sampler (90 ML)


A sampler pack of some of VaporFi's finest juices, this collection sets you up with some prime deliciousness! Cotton Candy tastes exactly like it sounds: airy, sweet, candy goodness! Watermelon Wave is a rush of pure watermelon flavor: sweet, clean, and refreshingly tasty. Closing out the collection, Very Vanilla offers a perfectly sweet, creamy vanilla bean taste in e-juice form!

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What's included:

  • 1 x VaporFi Very Vanilla (30ML)
  • 1 x VaporFi Cotton Candy (30ML)
  • 1 x VaporFi Watermelon Wave (30ML)

VaporFi Very Vanilla (30ML)

Primary Flavors

  • Vanilla Bean

VaporFi Cotton Candy (30ML)

Primary Flavors

  • Cotton Candy

VaporFi Watermelon Wave (30ML)

Primary Flavors

  • Watermelon
  1. VaporFi's Best review by Electric Mike on 7/12/2016
    Overall Rating

    This set is full of the best flavors from VaporFi- love these a lot. Their cotton candy and vanilla are the best of those types around, so clean and light tasting. VF watermelon is also really smooth and fresh tasting. Mix all three for a really delicious blend. Lots of juice for a good price. A really good deal- best way to purchase.

  2. Yeah!!! review by Jonie on 4/30/2016
    Overall Rating

    Can't pick an 'all day vape' with any of these because they are so good- all of them. The Vanilla- clean, fresh, tasty. Cotton Candy- OH SOOOOOO good, smooth, not terribly sweet. Watermelon- awesome and fresh, alot like real watermelon. It makes so much sense to get these in a set like this. I am sure these are the best prices on liquids.

  3. VAPE JUICE!!!!!!! review by Kid Ray 1991 on 3/25/2016
    Overall Rating

    Nice mix up here with this set! I am loving the price drop to as opposed to buying these single- VaporFi juices are already great priced so saving more money and getting a stock of juice is smart. You're going to need them anyway, so getting them for a group rate is right up my alley. These flavors are really good- never get sick of them, and they are top quality.

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