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Temperature Control Tanks

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Temperature controlled mods are the hottest new technology on the vaping scene and they’re truly a game changer. By regulating the temperature of your coils, your temperature-controlled device can prevent coil damage by shutting off or reducing power when resistance becomes too high, therefore extending the life of your coils and saving you money. Temp control also eliminates dry hits, and cuts way back on wasted e-juice. And perhaps most importantly, they’re the ultimate in customization. Check out our selection from Kanger, Tesla, iStick, and many more.

Making the switch to temperature control tanks is an exciting way to take it to the next level! Say goodbye to dry hits and hello to your new best friend. Whether you’re just starting out or just looking for a new mod, temp control devices can set you apart from the crowd and have you vaping in style in no time. Here at DirectVapor, we know what it takes to make a great temp control device. With a huge selection of only the best tanks around, you're sure to find something you love!

Why Choose a Temperature control tank?

No dry hits! By far the number one reason beginners and expert vapers alike make the switch to a solid temp control device, the ability to prevent the coil from overheating when there’s no juice present means no more burnt cotton! The lack of dry hits also helps to prevent the burnt-on gunky deposits that form and in turn, keep the juice in your tank from developing an “off” taste.

What Exactly is Temperature Control Vaping?

Advanced personal vape mods can continuously monitor the resistance of your coil. Certain metals, like Stainless Steel or Nickel, exhibit a predictable change in resistance when heated. By using preset values, advanced mods can control the flow of power to your coil based on these changes in resistance. This means, if you are using a compatible coil material, your mod can sense the presence of too much heat and will reduce the power to prevent a dry hit or burned coil.

What is a Good Temp to Vape At?

While a bit of personal preference is at play here, it’s best to keep your device at or below 420F to prevent burning of your cotton and dry hits. Though, be sure to experiment with your device as many vapers report use around 500F with favorable results and no cotton issues. Many tanks and vape accessories will include Not every advanced personal vaporizer will exhibit the same level of accuracy, and so your results may vary slightly from kit to kit. Spending a little more up front is usually a solid plan as a good device will more than pay for itself with the savings on new coils.

Why Choose Direct Vapor for All Your Temperature Control Vape Accessories?

With a huge selection of only the highest quality gear on the market today, Direct Vapor has what you need in stock. Thanks to the Low-Price Guarantee, you can shop with confidence knowing you’ve got the best deal around while a 60-day Warranty on all items (with free round-trip shipping) gives you the comfort and satisfaction of knowing DirectVapor has your back when you need them. If you ever make a mistake on a purchase, a “no-questions-asked” return policy allows you to return items within 15 days with no restocking fee! At DirectVapor, it’s clear they’ve got their eye on the needs of the customer. For the very best in modern temp control mods and tanks, be sure to hit up DirectVapor today!

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