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Pod Vape Kits

Guide: Pod Vape Kits

Pod vape kits are among the most recent arrivals to the vape market, reimagining the traditional set-up and promising to be the ultimate in convenience, affordability, and performance alike. With a level of versatility and ease of use that attracts both new and experienced vapers, the vape pod system concept has garnered plenty of attention in the past few years.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a pod vape kit, this is the guide for you. We’re doing a deep dive into vape pod systems, covering everything you need to know about these innovative devices and why they’ve become so popular. 

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have the answers to key questions such as:

  • What are vape pod kits?

  • How do you use a pod vape?

  • What are the benefits of pod vapes?

  • Who should use a pod vape?

  • How much are vape pods?

  • How do I find the best pod system vape?

Let’s jump right in.

What is a Pod Kit/Pod Mod?

Whether you call it a vape pod system, pod mod, pod kit, or pod-style vape, the defining characteristic of this device type is the removable container (pod) designed to hold your e-juice. Pod kits use this pod rather than a tank, making them markedly different from your standard vape device. 

If you hear a fellow vaper talking about their “pod mod,” they’re probably specifically referring to a vape pod system that incorporates some of the more advanced features that are often associated with high-end box mods. Pod mods like the SMOK Nord 50 and VooPoo Drag S can offer features such as adjustable power output, adjustable airflow control, larger batteries, additional power, and more.

In many pod mod devices, the pod component contains a replaceable coil. If you go with something like the SMOK RPM 5 Starter Kit, you’ll swap out the coil itself rather than the whole pod. But in some versions, the entire pod (with a built-in coil) is the component you will replace or switch out when you want to adjust your vape experience. For example, the VooPoo Vinci Q Vape Pod Starter Kit includes a 1.2-ohm mesh coil pod and gives you the option to customize your vape experience with different pods (either 0.8 ohms or 1.2 ohms). 

How Does a Pod Vape Kit Work?

A pod kit works just like a typical device: Powered by an internal battery, the coil heats up, warming the e-juice until it reaches the temperature at which it vaporizes. Then, you can enjoy the smooth, flavorful vapor.

Different pod vape models rely on varying firing methods:

  • A device with a draw-activated fire mimics an old-school cigarette, activating when you take a draw on the mouthpiece.

  • A button fire device is controlled via a power button.

  • Devices that offer dual-type fire options combine both methods above, letting you choose which one you prefer.

Open System Vape Pods vs. Closed System Vape Pods

There are so many different types of vape pod systems, with a multitude of brands, price points, and styles to choose from. But all vape pods fit into one of two categories: open vs. closed systems. 

Open System Vape Pods

An open system pod is engineered with a refillable vape pod, which you manually open and refill with your favorite e-juice. Some open-system pod mods have replaceable coils, while others use built-in coils.

Advantages of open-system vape pods include:

  • The flexibility to use any e-juice rather than be limited to the pre-filled pod flavors and nicotine levels

  • A somewhat smoother draw

  • Increased vapor production

For some vapers, an open system pod mod also has its drawbacks, such as:

  • Needing to do regular coil replacements

  • Manually refilling e-juice

Closed System Vape Pods

A closed system pod utilizes pre-filled e-liquid cartridges, similar to a traditional cartomizer. Once the cartridge is empty, you take off the pod and replace it with a new (full) one. You’ll choose from compatible pods for your device, specifically designed by the manufacturer for your mod.

Closed system pod mods are particularly popular with beginner vapers, as well as any vapers that enjoy a no-fuss vape experience. For these vapers, the perks of a closed-system vape pod include:

  • No maintenance required because there are no coils/tanks you need to replace and maintain

  • No manual refills and a pod replacement process that takes just a couple of seconds

However, depending on personal preferences, some vapers also say that closed systems have their own drawbacks, like:

  • Less flexibility in terms of e-juice selection since you’re limited to the cartridges that are compatible with your mod

  • Slightly less cloud production

Who are Pod Kits Good for?

Now that the pod vape market has become more diverse than ever before, there are options to suit just about any and every vaper. After all, who doesn’t want a reliable vape device that’s compact and incredibly easy to use?

Pod kits are ideal for vapers who:

  • Want to be able to vape anywhere, anytime easily

  • Prioritize convenience and ease of use

  • Aren’t interested in fiddling with complex settings/adjustments

  • Want an affordable yet high-quality, vape device

  • Like a balance of solid vapor production, flavor quality, and user-friendly design

Of course, like any vape device, there might be better-suited options for certain individuals than pod kits. Or, at the very least, these vapers might decide that a pod kit isn’t ideal as their primary vape device - but that it’s a good choice for an on-the-go device. If you want a vape device that produces huge, next-level clouds, pod kits might fall short of your expectations. Also, if you’re a frequent vaper, the slightly shorter battery life of pod kits might lead to constant recharging.

What are the Pros of Pod Kits?

By now, you’ve probably started to get a feel for the many benefits of vape pod kits. It is these numerous advantages that have made pod kits such a popular option. Here’s a quick rundown of all of the perks of pod vapes.

Easy to Use

For those vape sessions when you want to skip straight to the deliciously fluffy vapor, few devices can compare to a pod kit. Forget sorting through tons of different options or trying to figure out how to get all of the settings “just right” because vape pods keep it sweet and simple. For the most part, it’s as easy as powering it on, then starting your vape session.

The user-friendly design of vape pod kits also makes them the perfect device to take on the go. Compact and lightweight, and eliminating the need to carry around extra bottles of e-juice, pod kits are exceptionally portable and convenient. 


Don’t let the low cost of vape pods fool you; these devices have an impressively solid lifespan. The simplicity of the design itself actually helps contribute to the overall longevity of pod vapes - there aren’t a ton of complicated moving parts to worry about.

Low Maintenance

Unlike many other setups, pod vapes don’t come with a complicated maintenance routine. For most pod kits, you don’t need to worry about replacing coils or cleaning out tanks. So, you can spend less time doing your “vape chores” and more time actually enjoying your device.


You can easily find a quality pod kit for under $20, making it possible to score a budget-friendly device that doesn’t skimp on quality. If and when you’re ready to invest a little more, you can upgrade to a higher-end vape pod system for around $35 to $50. Not only is the device itself pretty affordable, but you’ll be able to cut costs over time as well - because you won’t constantly be buying extra replacement parts and supplies. 

What E-Liquids Do You Use with Pod Vapes?

So, which e-liquids are compatible with pod vapes? It depends on the type of device you’re working with:

  • Closed-system vape pods can only be paired with pre-filled pods that are compatible with your specific device. These pods will be generally made by the same manufacturer as your vape and clearly labeled with the device they are to be used with. There are a few e-liquid brands that have created pods that are compatible with multiple devices, and the selection is constantly growing.

  • Open-system vape pods allow you to refill your pods with the e-juice of your choice. 

Generally speaking, the best e-liquids for pod vapes are nic salts. Because pod vapes operate at lower power levels, they produce a fabulously smooth vape experience when paired with high-nicotine e-juices like nic salts.

How to Use a Pod Vape: Using the Right Method to Inhale

No matter what kind of vape device you end up choosing, figuring out how to inhale on a vape - the right way is essential. Without the proper technique, you’re likely to end up with a pretty unpleasant experience.

There are two basic methods you can use to inhale a vape:

  • Mouth-to-lung

  • Direct-to-lung

With a pod vape, the mouth-to-lung draw technique is ideal (whereas direct-to-lung hits are recommended for large vapes and low-nicotine juices). The basic steps for a mouth-to-lung draw are as follows:

  1. First, slowly inhale the vapor into your mouth, taking a few seconds to breathe it in steadily.

  2. Then, hold the vapor in your (closed) mouth for one or two seconds.

  3. Opening your mouth, take another deep inhale to bring the vapor into your lungs. Remember that this should feel like a breath in, not a swallow.

  4. Once the vapor reaches your lungs, slowly exhale.

How to Find the Best Vape Pod Kit for You

Ready to start shopping pod vapes for sale online? Make sure you put in the time and effort to find a device that matches your vape style and personal preferences to maximize the quality of your overall experience.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you browse different options:

  • Do you want the best refillable pod vape, or would you prefer a pod vape that uses pre-filled cartridges? This will depend on whether you would rather have the freedom to choose from a broad selection of e-liquids or if you don’t mind being limited to just a select few.

  • Do you have a preferred brand? Most of the industry’s top vape brands have pod-style devices, so you can be picky if you’d like. Some of our favorite brands for pod devices include Vaporesso, VooPoo, SMOK, and GeekVape, just to name a few.

  • What wattage do you prefer? Most pod vapes come in at under 50W, but a few averages between 50 and 100W.

  • What body style/color do you like? Your vape will be your most-used accessory, so you might as well find one that fits your aesthetic. From the ultra-simple and sleek options in basic colorways (like the GeekVape Aegis U Vape Kit or the VooPoo Vinci Q Vape Pod Kit) to the luxe designs with extra flair (like the SMOK RPM 100), your options are virtually unlimited. 

The good news is that since pod kits are relatively inexpensive, you can probably afford to add one or two different models to your collection. If you still aren’t sure which pod vape is best for you, your fellow vapers - both in real life and in online vape communities - can be a solid source of information and advice.

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