WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best Vaporizers

Best Vaporizers

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2018 is here, and consumers have spoken. Smoking is over and vaping is the future. Smokers everywhere are turning to vaping at incredible rates. People all around the world are looking for more discreet alternatives to smoking. There couldn't be a more exciting time to give your lungs a much-needed rest.

Touch-screens, Bluetooth compatibility, motion-sensing technology, and color screens have all improved the way we communicate and interact with our devices. Advancements in computer technology have allowed for more powerful chipsets that produce less heat and take up less space. Improvements in battery-cells have allowed for unprecedented consumer-level power in the palm of your hand with capacity that far exceeds the cells of a generation ago.

The vaping industry is incredibly competitive. New products are released at a rapid pace, and the leaps in technology can be exciting and fun. With more and more devices available every day, it can be overwhelming to stay on top of the market. Finding the best vaporizer for you can be an even bigger challenge. What's best for one, may not be best for another. Certain commonalities are found among the best, however.

The best vaporizer should have a great battery, a solid build quality, a sense of style of elegance, top-shelf performance, and a bit of that, something you just can't put your finger on. The best devices should place a great deal of emphasis on providing not only what the consumer wants but also needs. They should be safe, reliable, easy-to-use, and fun to carry. Gone are the days when giant vaporizers were the king of the hill. Here today are sleek and fashionable devices that blend seamlessly into your life

Best Vaporizer Overall

SMOK Devilkin 225W Vaporizer Starter Kit

The latest release from SMOK, the Devilkin is the product of years of evolution and dedication to vaping. This spiritual successor to the legendary SMOK Alien 220w serves as a showcase for what modern devices are capable of. From the elegant body design to the raw performance, the Devilkin steps boldly into the footsteps of its predecessor.

Most noticeable is the ergonomic design and raised badge found on both sides of the device. The raised badging contributes a firm contour to fit your hand. A strong and clicky side-fire mechanism blends well into the form factor of the mod. Zinc Alloy construction lends to a quality feel, and the Devilkin benefits from it here. There is no rattle or button play. Available with a variety of colored accents, all body styles are matte-black. The side-mounted 510-pin is capable of mounting 25mm atomizers with no overhang.

One of the best features of the Devilkin, the large color screen takes center stage. The display is bright and crisp in full sun. The menu is simple and intuitive and features small icons designed for ease of use. A variety of color themes are available to choose from that pair well with the available device colors.

The SMOK Devilkin 22w Starter Kit will also include the ever-famous TFV12 Prince tank. Compatible with the Prince series of coils, the tank is 25mm and will hold approximately 8ml of juice with the included bubble glass. A standard glass body is also included with a 5ml capacity. Equipped with an 810-style drip tip and dual adjustable airflows, the Prince tank is ready for high-wattage sub-ohm deliciousness.

We're proud to name the SMOK Devilkin our Best Overall Vaporizer and are sure you'll agree!

Best Vaporizer for Beginners

SMOK Stick Prince Vaporizer Starter Kit

SMOK is well-known for creating great-looking devices that are easy to use. The Stick Prince Starter Kit is a powerful addition to the lineup that has created quite the stir. Highly praised for both its simplicity and raw power, the Stick Prince kit will also include the ever-popular TFV12 Prince to make this our choice for Best Beginner Vape.

Operating as a direct output device, the Stick Prince will offer the same great feel and functionality of a mech mod with a handful of modern safety features designed to provide a safe experience. The device features an integrated 3000mAh high-output battery and will include a charge adapter. The USB port is located conveniently for use while charging.

The body of the Stick Prince is smooth to the touch, and the construction feels solid and durable. A single hexagon-shaped fire button is located near the top of the device and features an embedded LED light. The LED serves as a fire indicator and battery meter. The gold-plated, spring-loaded 510 pin is firm makes a solid connection with a variety of devices. The Stick Prince can accommodate atomizers up to 25mm in width with no overhang.

The TFV12 Prince Tank rounds out the kit and takes it to the next level. The Prince is the result of years of research and user feedback and provides well-rounded and delicious performance. The Prince tank has a capacity of 8ml with bubble glass and 5ml with a standard glass body. Also included are a variety of spare coils to provide a diverse experience. This sub-ohm tank is compatible with all Prince coils to ensure you always have a great variety to choose from. Constructed of stainless steel and glass, the Prince looks great and will ship in the same color as the device you choose.

Best Vaporizer for Advanced Users

GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Vaporizer Starter Kit

The original Aegis was and is widely known for its heavy-duty construction and legendary durability. The latest in the series, the Aegis Legend is the result of intense consumer demand for a dual-18650 device that offered the same quality and durability of the original. Geek Vape has proudly answered the call and has done an excellent job of exceeding expectations.

Adhering to IP67 rating standards for durability, dust-proof, and waterproof construction, the Aegis Legend has been designed to handle your abuse and come back for more. The USB charge port is located on the top of the device and is sealed well with a large and firm silicone plug. The body is wrapped in silicone bumpers with a large leather cushion to accommodate your hand.

Maximum wattage of 200w is more than ample to fire nearly every coil configuration on the market. The chipset is efficient and powerful and allows the body of the device to remain cool under constant use. A newly-released UI has been updated to features added dimension and color functionality. The screen is quite bright and well-defined and looks great located on the side of the device. The body itself has been constructed of zinc and aluminum to provide lightweight durability.

As a kit, the Aegis Legend will include the Aero Mesh Sub-ohm tank. This tank is compatible with TFV8 Baby Beast coils to keep your device as versatile as possible. The Aero Mesh will include a spare Mesh coil rated at 0.2ohm as well as an IM4 coil rated at .15ohm. Featuring a capacity of 4ml and a twisting child-proof top-fill design, the tank is stylish and blends well with the Legend.

Advanced users have been waiting in line for the release of the Legend, and it's an easy call to name this the Best Advanced Vaporizer this year. If you can find one in stock, we highly recommend picking an Aegis Legend Starter Kit up today.

Best Portable Vaporizer

Suorin Air Ultra-Portable Vaporizer Starter Kit

Ultra-portable devices are all the rage today. With a tiny form factor, slim profile, and smaller battery, an ultra-portable vaporizer more closely mimics the feel and effect of smoking. By utilizing higher concentrations of nicotine salts, the Suorin Air requires far less power.

Thanks to lower demand for power, the Suorin Air relies on an integrated 400mAh battery to fire a higher resistance coil (1.2ohm). The Air is charged via USB connection located on the bottom of the mod. A micro USB cable is included with the device. Pass-through charge capability allows you to vape while charging.

The Suorin Air is quite small, even for an ultra-portable. The body of the device is quite elegant and feels great in the palm of your hand. It slides well into just about everything thanks to the slim profile. Functioning as an auto-draw All-in-One of sorts, the Suorin Air features a single on and off switch. To fire the Air, simply turn the device on and inhale. Once you have finished with the vape session, slide the switch to the "off" position to conserve battery.

Replacement pods are affordable and easy to find. An innovative pod design brings juice to your wicks to prevent dry hits. The pods taste great and provide an ideal restricted draw to provide that real smoking feel. The pods are connected to the Air by a system of magnets. There's no fuss and no worry when connecting a new or refilled pod to the device. Simply line it up, and the pod snaps into place. Pods come tinted to prevent exposure to sunlight, but juice is easily visible within.

The whole package comes together quite nicely to earn a place on the list as our Best Portable Vaporizer to date. Suroin may not have started the pod phenomenon, but they have done well to raise the bar and challenge the competition.

Best Desktop Vaporizer

Volcano Digital Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer

Arguably the best vaporizer of all-time, the original Volcano Vaporizer changed the way the world looked at vaping. It created a Gold Standard of what was possible in the industry and set a high bar few have managed to come near. With a few choice upgrades and an all-new digital screen, the Volcano Digital is here to remind you all who's in charge.

Officially known as The Digit by creators Storz and Bickel, the Volcano Digital quickly adopted its nickname due to the large two-color display located prominently front and center on the device. With your set temp and current temp displayed in bright and clear fashion, selecting your preference is now easier than ever. The addition of brightly colored selection buttons is quite noticeable as well, though the infamous Volcano knob is absent for the new version.

The Volcano Digital ships with a large variety of quality extras that will include bags, cleaning tools, adapters, chamber clips, rings, grinding mill, air filter, and much more. The Volcano Digital also includes a Liquids Pad for use with oils and concentrates.

Created and manufactured in Germany by a medical device company, the Volcano is the epitome of quality and performance. Parts are simple to replace if needed and are quite affordable. Automatic shut-off helps prevent damage to the device while conserving power. The chamber is composed of food-grade aluminum and has a range of 104 F to 446F.

We cannot say enough good things about this device. If you are looking for not only the best desktop vape but quite possibly the best vaporizer ever created, the Volcano Digital awaits you.

Best Vaporizer for Dry Herb

VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer is a portable dry herb solution designed to be intuitive, high-tech, and affordable. Delivering consistent and reliable results, the Atom has quickly become a staple for many vapers. The clouds are thick and rich, the flavor delicious, and the chipset quite accurate. The build quality is outstanding for a device at this price point.

The Atom focus on the user experience and it shows. A food-grade silicone mouthpiece helps to preserve flavor quality while the advanced composite heating chamber heats quickly and efficiently. Motion sensor technology works in combination with the single button construction to make navigation intuitive and user-friendly.

Three temperature settings have been optimized to provide the best experience while limiting confusion and user-error. Temperature is selected via the integrated motion sensor and will be represented by three logical color choices. The coolest setting, 360F will be displayed as a Blue light. 410F is the temperature rating for the Yellow, or medium setting and Red represents the hottest profile at 464F.

The Atom features an integrated 3000mAh battery which is charged via USB. A charging cable will is included amongst other extras from VaporFi. A full host of protective features have been integrated into the device to keep you safe while you partake. The device is quite powerful, with a max output of 4 amps.

The Atom is a great way to enjoy dry herb vaping while on the go, and a luxurious solo experience sure to satisfy. VaporFi maintains incredibly high standards that consistently yield world-class devices. Easily the best portable on the market today, the Atom proves you can have great results on a modest budget.

Best Vaporizer for Concentrates

HoneyStick ELF Oil & Concentrates Vaporizer

Are you tired of putting up with underpowered cheap batteries for your oil cartridges? The ELF from HoneyStick is here to save your day. Created to offer a powerful and discreet alternative to commercially available disposable oil cartridges, the ELF has quickly taken the legal cannabis market by surprise. Also known as "concealers" these tiny vapes are a great way to vape the day away.

With a height of only 3", the ELF is discreet and compact. It fits well in the palm and pocket, with rounded corners and a slim profile. The Elf features a 510-threaded connection with an embedded magnet and spring-loaded contact pin. It will also include a magnetic 510 adapter, allowing you to magnetize your cart for easy installation and removal.

The Elf utilizes 3.7V batteries that offer great capacity and powerful output. The body is constructed of high-quality aluminum and feels solid to the touch. Built to endure daily use, the device is quite smooth and has a high carry-factor. The power and appearance of the device work hand in hand to provide an intense and discreet vaporizer.

Available in a handful of different primary colors, a matching custom drip-tip is also included with the ELF. The device features an integrated battery monitor to provide instant access to your battery levels. A small port serves as a window to view your cartridge capacity. This concentrate concealer from HoneyStick is stylish, compact, durable, and very user-friendly and easily takes our spot for Best Concentrate Vaporizer.

Best Cheap Vaporizer

SMOK Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit

The Vape Pen 22 is easy on the budget and great to look at. This devices places emphasis on staying simple and staying affordable. Not every application requires an expensive device and not everyone is capable of spending large amounts of money on vaping. To fill this need and speak directly to an often-neglected consumer, SMOK has designed and released a number of devices. Most notable of the budget-friendly mods is the Vape Pen 22.

With a slim profile, efficient chipset, and modest battery, this direct output device is one of the slimmest in the "modern mech" category. A modern mechanical mod will utilize a traditional style of power output while incorporating numerous safety features designed to keep the vaper and the device safe. These devices are often favored for their simplicity and ease of use.

The Pen 22 also functions as an All-in-one. For those who prefer to leave the choice to the professionals, the tank is built-in to the device. The tank is top-fill and utilizes a proprietary coil set. Coils are available in .15 ohm mesh inlay and a .3 ohm traditional coil. The airflow has been optimized for flavor and remains in a fixed position. A wide bore drip tip and stainless-steel construction help to keep your vapor cool while tasting great. The tank holds 2 ml of liquid.

With a 1650mAh internal battery, amazing price tag, and passthrough technology, the classic Vape Pen 22 is still an excellent choice for those looking for the best cheap vaporizer experience.

Best Vaporizer for High VG Vape Juice

SMOK H-PRIV 2 225W Vape Starter Kit

VG, or Vegetable Glycerin, is a primary component of e-liquid. Vegetable Glycerin is quite thick by nature; and higher amounts create bigger clouds. However, many devices are not optimized to accommodate thicker juice. Enter the H-PRIV 2 from SMOK. A 225w dual 18650 device, the H-PRIV has been designed with cloud chasers in mind.

The latest in the PRIV line-up, the H-PRIV 2 is back and better than ever. A bold sense of style, side fire mechanism, and top mounted screen have been combined for an intense and powerful experience. Paired with the ever-famous Big Baby Prince TFV12 tank, this kit is sure to attract loads of attention while you chase massive clouds.

The H-PRIV is available in a wide variety of eye-catching color themes that feature an integrated honeycomb design. The body is constructed of a high-quality Zinc Alloy to provide a durable feel and reliable results. The firing bar is large, firm, and very responsive to the touch. It's set inward slightly from the contours of the mod to offer an added level of depth and style. Carbon fiber-styled inlays offer aesthetic balance opposite the firing bar.

The screen is located on the top of the device to provide up to the second information while you vape. It's bright, clear, and seals well against possible leaks on the deck. A side mounted 510 connection mounts flush and can accommodate atomizers up to 27mm in diameter with no overhang.

Best Vaporizer for Flavor

Vaporesso Revenger X 220W Vape Starter Kit

Vaporesso has quickly made a name for themselves by building quality, high-tech, and affordable devices that are easy to use. With nearly every feature you'd want in a vape, the Revenger X from Vaporesso does it with class. This dual 18650 device features the hugely-successful OMNI 2.2 chipset known to be accurate, powerful, versatile, and efficient. With the included NRG tank, the flavor this vape provides is beyond compare.

220w max output and large deck ensure a wide variety of atomizers will be compatible with the Revenger X. The body of the device follows a theme of rounded curves and contrasting colors. The touchscreen is large, clear, responsive, and bright. The Revenger X makes excellent use of the space, and the menu is easy to navigate. A built-in vibration module can be customized to provide tactile feedback. The primary function of the vibration feature serves to alert the user when the mod is being fired. Quite convenient to prevent misfires when being carried in full pockets and the Revenger uses it well.

The device shines especially well in Temp Control mode and provides accurate and consistent results. Built with flavor in mind, the Revenger X comes equipped with a full suite of TC functionality. Custom functionality allows you to personalize your build even more. Full bypass mode is also available for a direct-output mech mod style experience.

The kit will include the infamous NRG tank. Widely praised for intense and rich flavor, this sub-ohm tank features a 5ml capacity, sliding top-fill juice port, and stainless-steel construction. The tank is compatible with the GT Core series of coils and will include (1) GT4 and (1) GT8 coil upon purchase.

For those looking for a refined and elegant vaping experience with a high priority on flavor, the Vaporesso Revenger X kit is an excellent combination sure to keep you happy.

Vaporizer With the Best Battery Life

SMOK T-PRIV 3 300W Vape Starter Kit

Sometimes you need more. Some of us need more all the time. For those looking for more, look...no more! The latest and greatest in the T-PRIV series, the T-PRIV 3 is a triple 18650 300w device has a whole lot more and then some. Designed to offer a longer battery life than slimmer devices, the T-PRIV offers more battery to keep you vaping throughout the day.

Intense styling and body inlays create a stunning appearance while the rounded shape of the body plays in wonderful contrast. The side fire mechanism is narrow and firm to the touch and stands in colorful glory. Hiding the larger profile of a triple-battery mod very well in its circular shape, the T-PRIV fits well in a cup holder or cargo pocket.

Featuring a bright and clear screen, intuitive menu system, full temp control suite, and max output of 300 watts, the T-Priv not only offers great battery life, but it also offers great performance and versatility as well. The chipset is tried and true, accurate, and powerful, and is a great way to drive a vaporizer of this caliber. Industry standard safety features give you peace of mind and the freedom to explore your hobby.

Included in the kit is the infamous TFV12 Prince sub ohm tank. The Prince is a legend in the vaping community, and it's great to see it paired with the T-PRIV for this combo. The prince has a capacity of 8ml with bubble glass and 5ml with standard glass body; both are included in the kit. Stainless Steel construction and wide bore Delrin drip tip keep your juice tasting great from start to finish.

How To Choose the Best Vaporizer for You

What Makes a Good Vaporizer?

If you've ever been on a long trip and had your vaporizer fail, you may understand the importance of having a reliable device. Above all, a good vaporizer should be there when you need it to be. A good vaporizer will become your partner in a fight to switch from smoking. A partner that won't let you down. They don't rattle with loose buttons or squeak with loose panels. Plastics are kept to an absolute minimum in favor of stronger and lighter alloys and composites.

A good vaporizer should also have ample power for your needs. Not everyone has the same power needs and as such devices exist across a wide spectrum of power ranges. High wattage does not equal quality. A quality device will provide the intended wattage accurately and safely. An accurate device does not necessarily need loads of raw power to support it, while an inaccurate chipset often compensates with too much and then not enough power. A good cannabis vape should be able to reach and maintain the desired temperature easily and efficiently and without stressing the device.

A good vape should have innovative and convenient design features that promote ease-of-use. Spending the day with something you don't like quickly turns into a chore. It's that difficulty that must be avoided to be successful at vaping. A good vape reduces and eliminates the chore of carrying a device around and blends without effort into your life. If you change batteries frequently, having a difficult to operate battery door will merely bring stress into your world. If you prefer hot and intense vapor, choosing a lower wattage mod for budget reasons may quickly end up costing more to satisfy your needs.

The best vaporizers are also stylish and exude a sense of class in their very being. A good vape has to "look" like a good vape. It has those unknown qualities that when combined create a sense of mystery and allure. From the defined and ergonomic raised-badging found on the SMOK Devilkin to the rugged simplicity of the Aegis Legend, the very best are in a constant state of refinement. Often the development of these mods doesn't end when production begins. Firmware updates can help a device to stay current while fixing any issues that may occur.

A good vape should also fit, physically, within your life. If you wear business attire on a daily basis, a large and heavy vaporizer may not be the best plan. For those who spend the bulk of their day away from easy access to power or in rough conditions, you may want to choose a larger and more durable mod that will meet your needs. Discretion is also a concern for many in choosing a preferred device. Smaller mods are far easier to store and conceal than larger ones and may often be a solution to difficult circumstances. There is little as frustrating to a vaper as a device that is too large or too small for your life.

Safety Tips for Vaporizers

Use as directed.

It's important to take a few minutes to learn how to care for each device you own properly. You should always follow the directions and guidelines associated with your device. They were designed to keep both you and your vaporizer safe while you enjoy. Modifying or placing undue stress on the high-output device can have adverse results and will create excess heat. Excess heat can cause further damage which can lead to "run-away" situations that quickly escalate beyond control.

Ohm's law

Ohm's law describes the relationship between current and resistance and is expressed as the formula V=I*R. V represents Volts, I represent current, and R stands in place for resistance. Ohm's law is used on a regular basis by many intermediate and advanced vapers to safely calculate the limits of their devices. Beginners will do well to pay close attention to Ohm's law from the onset of their vaping careers as the information gained early will pay off down the road.

Drink lots of water!

The components of e-liquid bind to molecules of water as they pass through your system. When you exhale, this water then leaves your lungs. We must take note that, as vapers, we require more water now than we did previously. The more you vape, the more water you'll need to drink to stay well hydrated. It's important that we replenish these fluids on a regular basis. For many of us, this requires a slight modification to our lifestyle as we work to correct the imbalance.

Symptoms of dehydration can range from a headache and irritability to nausea and loss of consciousness.

Secure storage.

Keeping your liquids and cannabis materials in a safe place is essential if you have pets and children in the home. Cannabis comes with its own set of legal requirements that vary from place to place. Consider the local regulations where you live with regards to safe cannabis storage. E-liquid that contains nicotine can be fatal in high doses for children and pets. Use child-safe lids and containers where appropriate. It can be quite helpful to have a shelf or locked cabinet located out of reach for long-term and bulk storage.

FAQ’s About Vaporizers

Do I need to buy a charger?

Many devices do not require an additional or external charger. As a consumer, you have a bit of choice in this regard. For the occasional vaper or for someone who prefers to vape at lower watts, you may find the battery capacity to be more than ample for your needs between charges.

If you are a power-vaper and use your device frequently, or at very high watts, you may find yourself with dead batteries more often than not. This problem can be resolved with the use of an external charger and spare batteries. While extra care must be taken when dealing with high-output cells, with proper cases and a few fundamental usage tips it can be a great way to extend the life of your device.

How do care for my device?

Most importantly, follow the manufacturer's directions and appropriately use the device. Vaporizers have been rigorously tested to perform under "normal use" and when operated in a responsible manner pose little to no risk.

It's important to keep your mod clean and free of excess juice, debris, and hand oils that can cause build up in difficult to reach places. If left unattended, these substances can interfere with normal operation and in some cases can create a short circuit or cause misfires. Do NOT disassemble your device for cleaning. The best solution is adequate prevention.

What kind of vaporizer do I need?

There are a lot of different vapes on the market. Mouth to lung or direct to lung? Low-power or sub-ohm? Flavor or clouds? Coffee or tea? What's the difference and does it matter? With so many choices on the market today, it may take some time for you to find the perfect device or combination of devices that work best for you.

Many experienced and advanced vapers keep their previous devices to use as back-ups as they search for something that may be a better fit for their lifestyle. Remember that vaping is sometimes about a lifestyle change. Don't be afraid to try new things or new approaches if what you have isn't working.

Will I save money by vaping?

This is a very common question asked by tobacco users fed up with high prices and regular purchases. Saving money has become necessary for many people today and is perhaps a driving reason behind the surge in vaping. If saving money in relation to smoking cigarettes on a regular basis is your goal, vaping can certainly help you accomplish it. For the vaper with a keen eye on the budget, atomizers you rebuild yourself, and DIY juice can bring your costs down to an insignificant amount.

What strength e-liquid should I buy?

The answer to this very frequent question is dependent on just a few factors. How much nicotine you consume now is the most important variable and will determine your needs when vaping. Not enough nicotine will leave you with unsatisfied cravings while too much cause discomfort, nausea, and headaches.

The type of device you will use plays a big part as well. Vapes that are designed to produce large clouds use more juice with each draw than conventional vapes. This means that you will be able to ingest more nicotine using a high-wattage or sub-ohm device than with other devices. Pod systems are very low-power and frequently use concentrations ranging between 24-50mg. Sub-ohm devices are very high power, often utilizing liquids ranging between 1.5 and 6mg.


The old ways seem to be fading from our world. Self-driving cars, taco vending machines, and vaporizers are the way of the future. For many people, switching from smoking to vaping seems the most logical conclusion in their lives. Health and safety being primary concerns, we also want to save money and break away from habits of the past.

The early days of vaping were painful at times. Rushed products and poorly designed batteries created many safety hazards for casual vapers. A limited amount of safe practices were known about the devices at this time which meant that vaping was often relegated to very niche markets. As technological advances have been applied to electronic vaporizers, we've seen the implementation of many safety features that have become industry standards. These safety features have opened up vaping to the masses and allowed for a cultural phenomenon to stir the globe.

Costs have been greatly reduced as well. Vaping is a very competitive industry, and consumer demand has led to decreased prices for even the highest quality devices. Now more than even, a casual consumer has access to top-of-the-line mods at a reasonable price. Price savings over cigarettes can be significant and can allow you to take back more control of your life.

Our search for the best vaporizers brings us closer to the community, closer to the front lines of vaping, and closer to the devices we've come to rely on. The culture of vaping is growing at an incredible pace, and we're proud to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing a few moments of your day with us!

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