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Advanced Vape Guide

Best Advanced Vapes 2022

Take a look at our 2022 Advanced Personal Vape Guide for Enthusiasts for the best new apv vapes, gear and accessories for 2022. When it comes time to talk shop, regarding mods, you'll want to make sure you can walk-the-walk. And the only way to ensure that you're a serious vaper is to sport the latest and greatest apv mod for your device. At DirectVapor, we have a vast selection of advanced personal mods that are designed for the serious vaper. Not only will you find more choices in size, style, color, and power on DirectVapor, but you'll find that our prices are unbeatable. If you find it cheaper, we'll match it. We stand behind our products and offer a 60-day manufacturer warranty.


Often, vapers that are brand new to the hobby aren’t exactly sure what they’re looking for in a device. Ultimately, they want something that’s relatively easy to operate, functional, and provides a decent vaping experience. Beginning vapers rarely consider variables like cloud production or tricks, and that’s not surprising, considering there’s so much to learn when you’re just starting out.

However, once you’ve clocked some quality vape time, you begin to develop personal preferences for your vape experience. At that point, vapers often divide into friendly but passionate camps like cloud chasers, trick vapers, and flavor connoisseurs.

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ve probably learned the power of adjustable variables like temperature, voltage, and resistance. Or, perhaps you’re fairly new to the field, but dove right into learning everything you could about your new passion. Whatever the case may be, once you’ve realized the incredible power that advanced vape devices have to offer, there’s simply no going back.

As an advanced vaper, you have certain expectations for your vape device, whether you prefer box mods, pen-style vapes, or a sub-ohm device. You’ve likely developed your signature vaping style, and simply want a device that can perform to your specifications. At DIRECTVAPOR, we cater to every kind of vaper, including advanced vapers that are looking for something to take their experience to the next level. To help you in your search for your next great vape, we’ve created this detailed guide that breaks down our top picks for advanced vapers everywhere.

How to Choose the Right Vape for You

As the vaping industry expands at a fast and furious rate, so does the range of options for vape devices. It can often be overwhelming to choose a new vape device, especially with literally hundreds of choices to consider. Choosing the right vape is a highly subjective process, and no two vapers are exactly alike.

So, if that’s true, how are you supposed to find the best vape? Although it takes a bit of time and effort on your part, it’s not impossible. Here are a few tips for successfully finding a vape device that’s your perfect match made in vape heaven:

Carefully consider what you want in a good vaping experience.

The most important step in choosing the right vape device is establishing exactly what you’re looking for. Are you a cloud chaser, always on the hunt for the biggest, fluffiest clouds imaginable? Or, do you love savoring the rich flavors of your growing collection of vape juices? Being able to answer these questions confidently will make it easier to focus your search and eliminate options that don’t fit your needs.

DIRECTVAPOR offers many category pages and filters, so you can easily narrow down your search depending on what you’re looking for. Make use of these options, because they can save you major time and help you gather together options that mesh with your preferences.

Ask for input from other vapers.

If you’ve ever spent time browsing one of the many online vaping forums, or even just chatted with your vaping friends or family members, the odds are that you’ve heard plenty of passionate opinions on the best vaping devices. And, even greater odds say that many of those opinions probably didn’t agree. However, that doesn’t mean that one was right and the other was wrong – it simply illustrates that finding the best vape device is truly a personal choice.

At the same time, that’s not to say that you should discount those opinions altogether. Other vapers may be able to offer perspectives that you haven’t yet considered, as well as first-hand experiences with many different vape devices. If you don’t have any close friends or family that vape, the Internet is a vast resource with many thriving online vaping communities for you to join. Join a few forums, jump into the conversation and be open to new ideas.

Read online reviews.

This idea goes hand in hand with using fellow vapers as a source of information. Most online vape sites (including DIRECTVAPOR) offer user reviews for just about any given product you can think of. Although these reviews are - of course – just based off of personal opinions, there’s often valuable information to be gleaned.

For example, if the flavor is of utmost importance to you, and there are several reviews of a certain vape device that mention its low flavor quality, then you can probably assume it’s not the right match for you. Many vapers discover hidden gems and great new products simply by browsing the reviews.

The Best Advanced Vape Kits

SMOK Devilkin 225W Advanced Kit:

If you’ve spent even a short time in the vaping community, the odds are that SMOK is a very familiar brand name to you. You may even already own a SMOK vape device, or have heard tales of the brand’s high-performance, top-quality products that are beyond compare. Hundreds of thousands of vapers can’t be wrong – SMOK has such a passionate brand following for a good reason.

The SMOK Devilkin 225W Kit is an all-around excellent advanced vape kit option, offering the powerful pairing of the Devilkin Box MOD and the beloved TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank. Together, the two make an impressive duo and offer a vape experience that can’t be beaten.

The Devilkin MOD has a stunning, 1.3-inch OLED display, where you can easily click through the wide range of options the device has to offer. Zinc alloy construction ensures that it will survive through the low-grade tumbles that would destroy many other devices. Choose from several color options to create a custom look that matches your style.

The Devilkin houses dual 18650 batteries and up to 225 watts of pure power, as well as full temperature control and intelligent atomizer recognition. The device’s safety suite ensures that both you and the mod stay safe through every vaping session, while upgradeable firmware keeps you up to date on all the latest SMOK technology.

The TFV12 Prince Tank that comes in the kit is the perfect partner to the Devilkin, measuring an impressive 25mm diameter that gives you 8mL of vape juice capacity. An 810 Cobra resin wide bore drip tip, top-fill rotary design and bottom dual adjustable airflow control all contribute to the high performance of this tank.

SMOK T-Priv 3 300W Kit:

SMOK’s PRIV series is a well-known presence in the vaping community, consistently delivering a balance of reliability, excellent performance and design features that always manage to stay ahead of the curve. The SMOK T-PRIV 3 300W Kit is a standout member of the PRIV family, partnering the SMOK T-PRIV 3 Mod with the TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank. Together, these two put an impressive vaping show that you’ll have a front-row seat, time and time again.

Right off the bat, the T-PRIV 3 makes a big visual impact with its sleek, attractive design. Choose from a lineup of colors that includes classic black as well as several prismatic shades: Prism Blue, Prism Gold, Prism Chrome and Prism Rainbow. No matter what shade you choose, it’s perfectly complemented by the top-mounted OLED screen. Zinc alloy construction provides the ultimate in durability, as well as a lightweight quality that won’t weigh down your pocket.

Not only does the T-PRIV 3 have an aesthetically attractive design, but it also incorporates smart elements that make it easier to use. The top-mounted screen is easy to see during a vape session, and the firing mechanism is ergonomically designed. Dual adjustment buttons are strategically placed in a comfortable place, making it easy to use them as needed.

A mind-blowing 300 watts of variable wattage stems from the three 18650 batteries housed behind the easy-access hinge and lock battery door. Temperature control, smart atomizer recognition and a well-rounded safety suite are additional features you’ll enjoy with this mod. It pairs wonderfully with the TFV12 Prince, which includes adjustable airflow control, a generous 8mL capacity and bubble glass design, and the well-respected Prince Coil family.

Wismec Luxotic NC Squonk Kit:

As squonking becomes increasingly popular in the vaping community, vape mod manufacturers are working hard to meet the demand for a high-quality squonk kit. The Wismec Luxotic NC Squonk Kit fits the bill with its wide range of high-performance features and intuitive design. The kit’s Guillotine V2 RDA features a squonk-ready bottom-feeding pin, so you’ll be able to transition the device to meet your squonking needs easily.

The Luxotic NC 250W Box Mod won’t disappoint, with its compact, lightweight design that packs a serious power punch. You can choose between stocking it with dual 20700 or 18650 batteries, both of which will give you a reach of up to 5.3V. The flexibility doesn’t end there, either – the mod has two output modes (series and parallel), as well as an easily adjustable voltage controller. The PCB circuit board comes with a full range of safety features, so you won’t have to worry about making a device-damaging mistake.

The Guillotine V2 RDA boasts top-of-the-line airflow thanks to the dual slotted side and bottom airflow control, as well as the 810 resin wide, bore drip tip (or optional 810 ULTEM drip tip).

The Best Advanced Vapes for Huge Clouds

Vaporesso Revenger X Advanced Vape Kit:

There are a handful of vape brands that you know have the expertise and innovation to create vape mods that produce the massive, fluffy vapor clouds most vapers only dream of – and Vaporesso is one of the brands. The Vaporesso Revenger X Kit is the perfect storm of quality features, resulting in a powerful vape device that leaves other vapes in the dust.

The Revenger X is powered by the new OMNI Board 2.2 Chipset, cutting-edge technology that was developed by the best and brightest at Vaporesso. One of the most notable features of this mod is the fully-integrated touch screen system that will propel your vape session into the future. Choose your modes and calibrate your wattage with a few easy touches thanks to the easy-use touch-screen dials.

Another unique feature of the Revenger X is the eight-tiered vibration function and a mobile-specific monitor, sure to keep you on your toes through even the most relaxing vape sessions. An impressive 220 watts of power back up the high-tech elements of the mod, as does its increased sensitivity and precise calibrations. Experiment with variable wattage, a full temperature control suite, custom curve of wattage and temperature, BYPASS and TCR modes.

When coupled with the Revenger X, the NRG Vape Tank provides the final piece to produce an incredible amount of vapor.

SMOK Alien 220W Advanced Vape Kit:

If you’re surprised that SMOK has yet another product on our list of top mods for advanced vapers – don’t be. There’s a reason they’re at the top of the vaping game, and it all goes back to a consistently-demonstrated ability to knock it out of the park with their mod designs. One of their best-selling mods is the Alien, which is the foundational piece in this SMOK Alien 220W Kit.

It’s pleasantly compact, which may seem at odds with its powerful, 220W capabilities. However, the Alien 220W won’t take up much space in your purse and pocket, and it's comfortably lightweight and ergonomically designed. The OLED display is clear, crisp and concise, providing all the necessities without any extra clutter: resistance, voltage, amperage, mod, working temperature (or PCB C), and puff counts. With a smart battery life indicator, you can easily see each battery’s life and state, so you won’t ever be left guessing.

One of the best features of the Alien 220W is its excellent versatility. It can be paired with many different tanks and RDAs with absolutely zero hassle, so you have the freedom to use whatever tank you’re particularly loyal to. However, the kit includes the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast, which isn’t a tank you’ll want to miss.

SMOK MAG 225W Advanced Vape Kit:

The SMOK MAG 225W Kit comes with all the vaping bells and whistles, and is an ideal choice if you’re looking for major vapor production and a device that stands out from the crowd. As always, you can expect flavor excellence to go hand in hand with the massive clouds, because SMOK is known for never abandoning one in favor of the other.

The aggressive design of the MAG 225W hints at its intimidating level of high performance, supported by the SMOK’s top-notch chipset. Instead of merely pushing a button to vape, you’ll instead pull a trigger mechanism. This creates a uniquely fun vape experience that’s very practical as well. A full-color, high-resolution OLED screen displays all your vaping data, and the navigation is intuitively designed.

Like all of SMOK’s mods, its stylish exterior and good looks are matched by excellence under the hood. You’ll be able to take advantage of nearly limitless output adjustments, including a full temperature control suite, smart memory mode, and excellent safety protection. A maximum of 225W output gives you the boost you need to create those massive, deliciously-flavored clouds.

The included TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm Tank is engineered to withstand high wattage, making it the perfect partner for the MAG 225W. Together, they’re an ideal pair to tackle all your cloud chasing goals.

The Best Advanced Vape Devices for Tricks

SnowWolf VFeng BF 120 Advanced Vape Kit:

Get ready to put on an impressive display of your vaping abilities with the trick-friendly SnowWolf VFeng BF 120 Kit. It’s a great balance of power, quality, and intuitive design, so you’ll be able to whip out your best tricks without a second thought. This kit also offers great value for the price, featuring the VFeng BF Squonk Mod, the SnowWolf RDA, and several accessories and parts.

The VFeng BF Squonk Mod is the ultimate in versatility, allowing you to choose between a single 18650 battery, a 20700 battery, or a 21700 battery. The cutting-edge SnowWolf chipset incorporates a temperature control suite that is compatible with Ni200, titanium and stainless steel (304/316/317) wires. TCR adjustments and variable wattage up to 130 watts are also right at your fingertips and couldn’t be easier to access between the three-button control face and clear, 1.3-inch TFT color display.

Along with these features are a handful of small conveniences that add up to an improved vaping experience. Loading your batteries is a hassle-free process with the slide and lock battery access door, and the mod’s micro-USB port allows for easy USB charging as well as firmware upgrades. The mod is made of a zinc alloy, which provides reliable durability. Dual squonk bottles are located on each side of the device, each one holding up to 3mL of vape juice.

As if the mod wasn’t impressive enough in its own right, the kit also includes the admirable SnowWold RDA. You’ll have plenty of build space to get creative, as well as a postless build deck with quad terminals. Additional features worth noting are the PEEK insulator, the 7mm deep juice well, adjustable side airflow control and a wide bore derlin drip tip.

Driptech DS Dual 18650:

Efficient, powerful and innovative, the Driptech DS Dual 18650 is making a serious splash among the squonk fans of the vaping world. It’s Driptech’s most powerful squonk mod, utilizing a dual-battery setup and a parallel battery platform to channel an incredible amount of power to your squonk-ready RDA of choice. You’ll be wondering why you ever bothered using other mods for your vape tricks before the Driptech DS Dual 18650 because it stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Your chosen RDA will be fired at its maximum voltage potential with ease, with speedy vape juice delivery thanks to the included 10mL squonk bottle that feeds directly into the 510 pin. You’ll never have to deal with the hassle of connectivity issues again, because the gold-plated copper internals and negative contacts set the stage for consistently reliable connectivity, time after time. Performing the technical tasks of vaping and squonking has never been simpler, thanks to intelligently-designed features like the bottom-entry battery and squonk bottle door. Both are removed easily, so you won’t have to fiddle with frustrating parts instead of enjoying a good vape session.

SMOK H-PRIV 2 225W TC Advanced Kit:

If you’re looking for a vaping device that’s sleek, attractive, and can hold its own regarding performance, look no further than the SMOK H-PRIV 2 225W TC. The mod is immediately eye-catching, made with premium materials and careful attention to detail and design.

You can choose from a wide range of finishes, so you’ll be able to vape with a device that complements your personality and style. The signature SMOK Cobra pattern design adds a special touch, so everyone will know that you trust your vape sessions to one of the best brands in the business. It’s also very compact, measuring 84mm by 52mm by 27mm.

Despite its relatively small size, the H-PRIV 2 mod holds dual 18650 batteries for a maximum wattage of 225 watts, in addition to a temperature control suite and TCR adjustments. The onboard micro-USB port makes both charging and firmware upgrades very convenient. Just like the original PRIV, the H-PRIV 2 has a top-mounted, crystal-clear OLED screen.

This particular kit pairs the H-PRIV 2 with the SMOK TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank, which is constructed of glass and stainless steel and measures a moderate 28mm in diameter. A top-fill rotary design and push-button locking mechanism are just a few of the standout features of this tank, in addition to its generous 6mL capacity, large central airflow chamber with dual adjustable airflow control, and redesigned TFV8 Baby Beast atomizer heads.

The Best Vape Pens for an Advanced User

Sense LinkedVape Arrow 230W Vape Pen Kit:

Sense has created an impressive pairing with the LinkedVape Arrow Box MOD and the Herakles 3 Sub Ohm Tank. This performance-driven kit checks all the bases on quality, sleek design, and user-friendly features.

First off, the LinkedVape Arrow Box MOD is a device that’s light years ahead of many of its competitors, incorporating the best of the best when it comes to technology and intelligent design. The sleek, compact housing has a five-button configuration, as well as a full-colored LCD that’s clear, bright and informative. Six LED lights add a new element of fun to your vaping sessions, providing 30 different colorways to choose from.

The Arrow Box MOD utilizes the Cortex M4 chipset, which supports high-performance vape sessions with a maximum of 230 watts. That’s plenty to get the job done well, especially when used in tandem with the full temperature control suite. It also houses dual 18650 batteries and includes a micro-USB port that makes upgrades a breeze. Prepare for impressive clouds and sublime flavor, all without having to fiddle with frustrating settings.

The kit includes the Sense Herakles 3 Tank, a stainless-steel tank that features triple adjustable bottom airflow (with 9mm by 2 mm air slots), a top fill design, and 4.5mL vape juice capacity.

Wismec Reuleaux RX2 21700 Kit with Gnome Tank

Famed designer Jay Bo has done it yet again with the Wismec Reuleaux RX2 21700. It’s another impressive addition to the Reuleaux family, staying true to the legacy of high-performing, well-built vape devices that are a cut above the rest.

Despite the similarities among the members of the Reuleaux family, the Reuleaux RX2 21700 has one major advantage over the rest: it’s reached new levels of battery versatility. You can use either two 21700 batteries or two 18650 batteries, depending on your personal preference. Whichever you choose, the RX2 21700 will use them to its advantage, powering up to 230 watts. The 2A quick-charge system means you’ll spend less time waiting around to use your vape device and more time vaping, while the micro USB port makes firmware upgrades easy and simple.

Experiment with a full temperature control suite that supports a variety of heating elements, and tinker with your settings and data in an easy-to-read OLED display screen that measures an impressive 1.3 inches.

The kit doesn’t just include the excellent Reuleaux RX2 21700; it also boasts the GNOME sub ohm tank. Inside the tank are the powerful WM coils, carefully engineered to provide both excellent flavor and generous vapor production. The retractable top-fill design and conveniently-located bottom airflow control add to the user-friendly design of this kit, which is an impressive package for a fairly affordable price.

Vaporesso Switcher LE 220W Advanced Vape Pen Kit:

For a combination of style and performance, it’s hard to beat the Vaporesso Switcher LE 220 Kit. The kit was designed with the performing vaper in mind and includes features that will earn you the attention (and envy) of your fellow vapers. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy a vape session that isn’t all show, because the Vaporesso Switcher LE 220 W can provide you with a high-performance experience you won’t forget.

The Switcher LE 220W MOD is presented in a varied palette of color options, ranging from understated to bright and flashy. To add to the stylish finishes, you can enjoy the bright lights dotted on the body of the mod. You can configure the light settings to match your mood or coordinate a light show of sorts to impress your friends.

Thankfully, the Switched LE 220W MOD isn’t just fun to look at – it’s also incredibly enjoyable to vape with, thanks to a litany of impressive features. The mod is backed by the optimized OMNI Board 2.6 chipset, which gives you the power to experiment with a customized curve of wattage and temperature as well as an enhanced UI. Firing at up to 220 watts of variable wattage power and equipped with a high-quality temperature control suite, this mod is sure to impress. Paired with the included NRG Vape Tank, with its signature NRG Coils, the duo is everything you could want in a great vape setup.

The Best Vape Mods for Advanced Users

SX Mini G Class 200W Advanced MOD:

At a certain point in your vaping experience, it becomes time to upgrade to a mod that can match your expectations. The SX Mini G Class 200W MOD is one of the devices that it absolutely up to the task.

The SX Mini G Class is powered by two 18650 batteries that fuel it towards a maximum of 200 watts. The mod’s SX550J chipset is the perfect addition to the device and contains many improvements from prior devices. Like all SX Mini devices, the G Class mod contains SXPure Technology, which presents a range of draw options. You’ll be able to design a satisfying draw with just a few clicks, an invaluable feature that makes this mod stand out from the rest.

The inlaid OLED is easy to navigate using the Joystick control, making you efficient and smooth in every single move. You’ll be able to swiftly move between variable wattage and temperature control modes without missing a beat. Also, the SX Mini G Class is designed to work with a variety of 31mm tanks and RDAs. Finally, control your mod remotely by syncing it with the Bluetooth-compatible app, and take your vape to the future.

GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Vape Mod Kit:

The original GeekVape Aegis wowed the vaping community, and now the brand is back at it again with the GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Kit. Like all the top vape brands, GeekVape has mastered the art of improving upon each past device, taking input from vapers and giving the people what they want. In this case, it was dual 18650 battery support and an upgraded tank option.

The Aegis Legend is the ultimate in durability, with a nearly impossible-to-damage exterior that’s both shock resistant and water resistance. Its water resistance measures at an IP67 rating, as does its dust resistance – pretty impressive for such a sleek, stylish mod.

GeekVape’s AS Chipset is better than ever, offering a 200W output, temperature control, stealth mode, bypass mode and upgradable firmware. All you’ll need to do is plug your micro-USB into the built-in port, which is protected and concealed by a small silicone plug.

Topping off the impressive kit is the GeekVape Aero Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank, which matched the mod regarding quality, durability, and attractiveness. It has a compact 25mm diameter that doesn’t cheat you on juice capacity, holding up to the 4mL total. The twist-off cap and top-fill design take the hassle and mess out of refills. You’ll find dual-adjustable air slots on the bottom of the device, and an impressive lineup of Aero Mesh Atomizer Heads that include everything from Kanthal to NiChrome.

Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 150W Advanced Vape Kit:

If you’re a fan of squonking but haven’t been able to find a kit that meets your expectations, you’ll be happy to hear that the Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 150W Kit is sure to measure up. It’s part of the well-respected Fuchai family and continues the tradition of excellence.

The mod’s soft curves aren’t just an aesthetic choice – they function to make the device comfortable and easy to hold. The OLED display measures 0.96 inches, which is a good middle ground between the oversized screens that many mods have, and the miniature, hard-to-read displays of cheaply-made mods. A full-color TFT display matrix makes it easy to read and review all your vaping data, and the two adjustment buttons are perfectly positioned right above the screen.

Use your batteries of choice, because the Fuchai Squonk 213 accepts 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries. The wattage capabilities run from 10 to 150 watts, and the atomizer resistance range is between 0.1 and 3.0 ohms. A top-rated temperature control suite supports titanium, nickel and several stainless-steel modes alongside the power-based output. It’s also designed with a clear focus on squonking, incorporating a 5mL squonk bottle and an interchangeable door.

The included Cubic RDA has a two post, a dual terminal design that you’ll enjoy, along with excellent airflow and an exclusive 7mm wide bore delrin drip tip.

The Best Portable Devices for Advanced Vapers

SMOK Priv One Portable Vape:

With an increasing number of vapers looking to vape on the go, portability has become a major focus for the leading vape brands. SMOK has crafted an ultra-portable device that doesn’t take any shortcuts regarding performance, despite its incredibly compact size.

Even though the SMOK Priv One is very small, it still produces an incredible amount of vapor filled with delicious flavor. The internal 920mAh battery is specifically designed to hold up through demanding chain vape sessions in any environment, so you won’t be held back by a mod that dies on you unexpectedly. A top airflow system can pass through the drip tip section with ease, which provides smooth, silky clouds that are paired with deep flavor in every single draw.

Not only does the Priv One perform exceedingly well, it also looks good doing it. It’s designed using premium eco-friendly materials, featuring mother of pearl inlays that add an exquisite touch.

The SMOK Stick AIO coils that are in the Priv One are rated to 0.6 ohms so that you can move between a restricted and cloud-producing draw. Vape juice is fed through a bottom-wicking coil system, which is a purposeful design choice that contributes to both flavor and coil longevity.

Suorin Air Portable AIO Vape:

Ultra-portable, high-performance and affordable? As it turns out, these qualities can all exist in the same mod. The Suorin Air is among our top-rated pod systems, redefining expectations for pod-based vaping in the best way possible.

The Suorin Air is an all-in-one device that utilizes the smart, refillable pod-based cartridge system that is earning major attention in the vaping community. With the Air, you can enjoy an incredible mouth to lung vaping experience, which can often be difficult to find in pod-based mods. The mod is also very compact, fitting easily in your hand, pocket, purse or wherever you store it.

The device holds up to 2mL of vape juice, which is pretty impressive considering its small size. The pod-based cartridge system uses magnets to make refilling and swapping out cartridges unbelievably easy. It’s a few-second process, only requiring you to click out the old cartridge and pop in the new (or refilled) one. The draw-activated firing system eliminates the hassle of pushing buttons, making your vape sessions extra enjoyable. It’s all powered by an internal 400mAh battery, the life of which is displayed on the exterior LED indicator.

Envii FITT Portable Pod:

With a short profile, compact design and user-friendly features, the Envii FITT is the perfect option for an easy, on-the-go vape that is enjoyable and convenient. The pod-based system makes refills incredibly simple, so you won’t have to waste time fiddling with a bunch of frustrating pieces and parts every single time.

The Envii FITT is the first dual auto draw and button activated draw system, which is designed to give you excellent control over your vape experience without sacrificing convenience. The FITT is perfect for traveling or vaping on the go because its internal 650mAh battery lasts through long sessions thanks to an incredibly efficient firing system. A clear LED display lets you know when you’re getting close to the end of the battery life, and it also offers a deactivation option in stealth mode.

This all-in-one vape device proves that good things come in small, and ultra-portable packages. Many vapers have been pleasantly surprised by the vapor production, flavor quality and overall power in the petite Envii FITT, and it’s quickly risen to the top of the ranks.

The Best All-in-One Vapes for Advanced Users

Vaporesso Nexus AIO Advanced Vape:

The Vaporesso Nexus is an all-in-one design that defies expectations, packing a seriously powerful dose of high performance into its compact body. Measuring just 85.7mm by 34mm by 17.2mm, it’s a petite vape device that’s easy to slip into your pocket or purse. It also fits discreetly in your hand and won’t draw attention if you want to vape in peace.

Choose from several different colors, each one offering the perfect accent to the sleek, stylish body design of the Nexus. You’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of a reasonable, 2mL vape juice capacity that provides just the right amount of juice for on-the-go vaping without the annoyance of overly frequent refills.

The OMNI Board Mini was created to meet the standards of even the most discerning vaper and can run up to 15W with the integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery. With a minimum resistance of 0.6ohm, the full Nexus system exceeds most vapers’ expectations of an all-in-one device. It also packs in a full list of features, like auto temperature control, low vape liquid detections, an LED light battery indicator and a draw-activated firing mechanism.

Suorin iShare AIO Vape Kit:

The Suorin iShare is unlike any vape device you’ve ever seen, whether you’re looking at just pod-based systems or the entire market as a whole. The innovative design integrates an intuitive, on-the-go battery bank that can house two Suorin iShare single devices. Whether you’re traveling with your vaping spouse or partner, share the system with a friend at work, or want to have two devices at your disposal, it’s an interesting concept that sets the Suorin iShare apart from just about every other device on the market.

Not only does the iShare make dual vape devices possible, but it also offers an incredibly compact design. If you’re used to lugging around a bulky device that takes up way too much room in your pocket or purse, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the small footprint of the Suorin iShare.

The battery bank houses a 1400mAh battery capacity, while each device houses a built-in 130mAh battery. The useful LED battery life indicator makes the battery state clear and easily readable so that you won’t get stuck with an unexpected dead battery. The device is also 100 percent draw activated, relying on the battery state for its level of performance. On a full charge, you can expect to reach up to 9W of power.

The iShare Single devices are crafted using a refillable Suorin pod system. Each pod has a capacity of 0.9mL, is 2.0ohm coil equipped, and includes a gold-plated magnetic system for excellent connectivity.

SMOK Rolo Badge AIO:

As one of the leaders of the vaping industry, SMOK has approached the pod-based system with its trademark attention to detail and focus on quality and high performance. The SMOK Rolo Badge is undeniably different from any other all-in-one pod-based vape on the market, with one of its major differences being its unique design.

Simple yet stunning, the shape fits easily in your hand and is compact and ultra-portable at just 73.3mm by 50mm by 12mm. Aluminum alloy and polycarbonate construction keep it lightweight but also durable, with a total weight of just 62 grams. It’s one of the smallest and lightest pod systems out there and comes in several color finishes including the ever-popular rainbow.

Unlike many other pod-based systems, the SMOK Rolo Badge won’t disappoint you with lacking vape juice capacity. It functions on a refillable cartridge system that offers a very reasonable 2mL capacity, which is plenty to give you time in between refills. Another convenient feature of the Rolo Badge is its buttonless design. It’s completely draw activated, providing a user-friendly experience that’s as easy as can be.

It includes a built-in 250mAh battery that’s easily recharged via the onboard micro USB port. To round out the long list of impressive features, safety features like an 8-second cut-off and short circuit protection keep both you and the device safe.

The Best Sub-Ohm Devices for an Advanced Vaper

Snow Wolf X Feng 230W Sub-Ohm MOD:

Sub-ohm vapes are a very specific category, and only a handful of brands truly measure up when it comes to providing a quality sub-ohm vaping experience. Siegelei is one of those brands, and its Snow Wolf X Feng 230W MOD is a definite home run. It has a futuristic aesthetic, featuring small details that add up to an impressive design, like the colorful LED logo and the hexagon firing button.

The Snow Wolf X Feng manages to maintain a small footprint despite being able to house dual 18650 batteries, as well as host a large, full-color 1.3-inch OLED display. This is a major plus if you’re hoping to find a quality sub ohm device that’s easy to use on the go. The OLED screen has a very intuitive interface, easily navigable no matter how tech-savvy you may (or may not) be.

You’ll be able to dial it up to 230 watts of power, as well as utilize a full temperature control option that supports a wide range of materials including Ni200, titanium and stainless steel. TCR adjustments add even more flexibility, so you’ll never feel limited or restricted.

GeekVape Blade 235W Sub-Ohm Kit:

Sub ohm vapers can rejoice, thanks to the arrival of the long-awaited GeekVape Blade 235W kit. This kit pairs up two of GeekVape’s all-star products, the Blade 235W TC Vape MOD and the Aero Sub-Ohm Tank. A match made in heaven, these two products come together to deliver an incredibly high-quality vape experience that’s owed largely to the impressive IM Coils contained within the Aero Tank. The combination of fiberglass, stainless steel and PPS make for a tough, durable structure that is also fairly lightweight.

You’ll be able to enjoy the flexibility of choosing between 18650, 20700 or 21700 batteries, all of which are easily housed behind a magnetic battery panel. The mod’s micro USB port provides an easy hook-up for firmware upgrades and charging. Another major plus is the spring-loaded, gold-plated 510 connection, eliminating frustrating connectivity issues. The operation couldn’t be simpler, thanks to the 0.96-inch color display that’s paired with a three-button configuration.

The Blade MOD can work up to 235 watts and utilizes a temperature control suite that gives you impressive control over your vape. Paired with the included Aero Sub-Ohm Tank, which boasts its list of great features, the mod provides top-notch vaping. A few notable features of the tank include a 4mL juice capacity, dual adjustable airflow control, and the impressive IM Coil family.

Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 Sub-Ohm MOD:

The Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 is another device to add to designer Jay Bo’s greatest hits, following in a long line of popular Reuleaux series devices. It has all of the impressive quality, high-performance abilities, and sleek design elements that you’ve come to expect from the Reuleaux line, but with a few big differences. Battery life is much improved, and the mod has also decreased in size.

You’ll be able to vape easily and comfortably using the three-button control face, anchored by a 1.3-inch OLED display with a vertical stack. The OLED display contains all the vaping data you’re interested in, and none of the excess clutter that you don’t care about. The Reuleaux RX2 20700 has also added the ability to choose between two 18650 batteries or two 20700 batteries. If you have a battery preference (like most advanced vapers do), that flexibility is a major plus. When you do load in the batteries, the slide and lock battery access door is easy to operate and designed for a long life.

Another improvement is the new 200W RX200 chipset, functioning at up to 200 watts. It can also fire as low as 0.05 ohm, and also provides you with a full temperature control suite. TCR mode and three memory modes are another benefit of this upgraded chipset, as is the advanced protection suite that makes sure you don’t run into a vaping disaster.


Your search for a high-quality advanced vape device doesn’t have to be a difficult process, especially not when you have such a good variety of winning options at your fingertips.

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