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Tesla Tornado Coils (5-pack)

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Keep your tank running perfectly up to par with the 5-pack of 0.4 ohm atomizers for the Tesla Tornado Sub Tank. If you like temp. control we've got a 0.2 TC coil pack to choose from as well. Proper maintenance involves consistently replacing atty's; do so often for the best performance, optimal flavor, and the best clouds of vapor.

What's Included:

  • 5 x Tesla Tornado Tank Replacement Coils

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Specs & Features:

  • Resistance: 0.4 ohm or 0.2 TC
  1. For PITBULLMAZY ( +others, maybe unaware?) review by .... help from a long time, experienced vaper :) on 2/11/2016
    Overall Rating

    As for ANY stock coil, esp. in a top fill tank. Oh, 1st tho, RE: resistance. 9.9 out of 10x they will prob NEVER read spot on to what the box says. When made, there's a tolerance either way, allowing them to still be "within spec." In fact, non sub ohm stuff used to be labeled something like, "2.1 ohms, +/- 0.3" on the box.. So, if 'made' to be 2.1, could really be anywhere from 1.8-2.4 ohms upon receipt. Keeping that in mind... there's also the lovely difference between devices, brands & ohm readers being used. They might ALL read differently. Why? Because some read to the hundredths place & show it all.. some do, but then drop off the last #, only showing 2 past decimal pt, to 10ths. Some go a step further & read to the hundredths, but instead of dropping the last digit, they round up or down accordingly. Adding to that, some even only read to the tenths place.. either show... or round up/down. Taking ALL that into consideration, there's nothing "wrong" with that coil reading 0.23, 0.27, 0.1 (might BE 0.18 or 0.199 & either got rounded OR dropped off, see? Each ohm reader might be calibrated differently too, so while each give ya a general reading, only what's reading identical to factory will be exact/dead on; that # tho, you'll never know for sure but it IS within that above range showing tolerances) Unless WAY off, like 0.8 for a 0.2... I wouldn't even worry or give it a 2nd thought. It's all good & you're good to go there. :) As far as 'messing up the wire', I've always just found it better & works best to just use a stock coil "until" (for me, they NEVER worked the same or as well if/once cleaned, so don't bother anymore ) so couldn't advise about cleaning. Since they aren't intended to be... even tho many do, that wouldn't be an issue with the coil itself or something wrong w/ it. (not that you were saying it was) Now, as for the burning issue.. With ANY coil, TC or not, regardless of resistance.. When using in a tank, it's super important to be sure it's always threaded snugly (so no liquid can get under & out... plus to keep vacuum pressure that's required to wick/feed properly) Put 4-5 drops on top of coil on cotton.. & 1-2 in each juice port on the side just to get 'er going & make sure the center of ALL that cotton is saturated. With any TOP fill tank, esp when REfilling, be absolutely sure to always CLOSE AFC BEFORE opening top cap.. Fill but never OVERFILL, leaving enough room for an air bubble. Once filled, closed, REsealed, take 2-3 PRIMER PULLS (quick/sharp without pressing button) It verifies & ensures tank IS air-tight, everything is in place, o-rings in tact, etc & also imho pulls a little liquid INTO the coil just incase it hadn't had enough of a prime to reach the center & AVOID ANY burning.. ANY scorching, which would immediately RUIN it. =/ It also RE-establishes that vacuum pressure needed to hold liquid INSIDE, avoid leaking/flooding/gurgling! Idk about you but I don't want the device & table getting to enjoy all of my pricey eliquid, when 4-5ml ends up on the table instead of you getting to use it!! :) If all seems ok & air-tight, then go ahead & RE-open AFC... get back to vaping. :) However, If it's the 1st time using a NEW COIL tho, always start super LOW in WATTAGE to BREAK IN a new coil.. Take a few quick inhales/pulls... if ok. move up 10watts... repeat... move up again... Landing wherever it ends up tasting best to you, despite the actual number. Just like you'll see people "pulsing" their new coil on a dripper... doing that breaks in your coil, gets the liquid feeding, wicking well... to give you the best tasting, best performing vape.. with great vapor production, no spitting, even wicking.... no popped coils/breaking... no spitback... no gurgling, flooding OR leaking. In fact, by design, NO tank should ever be leaking OR burning... if it does, it's been setup.. primed OR broken improperly.. OR it's being vaped empty OR too high in wattage! If someone is jumping right in at 35w straight off the bat expecting different results............... then they weren't instructed properly & are using it wrong. If that TC coil is tasting burned at 480- or whatever... ? Lower it!!! =/ quick! Seems high ESP to start with. Check out Quest4vape video about 'breaking in' a coil. Goes a bit overboard but still good advice! Get your $$$ worth out of these things & enjoy it, worry free... by following those steps. The 2 seconds extra it takes, is totally worth it imho for a quality vape every time! :) Sorry so long... but Just hope that can help someone be able to USE their pricey coils... not burn through 'em 1 after the other. Live long(ER) & vape on!

  2. .4 ohm coils review by PitbullMazy on 1/19/2016
    Overall Rating

    First off ....these coils are price great. Second off....says right on package that they can fire at 35 watts up to 50 watts. NOT !!! Fired them @ 35 watts and burned them right up. Went through 3 coils before buying the .2 ohm coils for temp control Now for a review of the .2 ohm coils.....great price. The tornado tank came with a .2 ohm coil. Fired it for 2 weeks @ 480-490 degrees with no issues until I tried to clean it. Must have messed up the wire. I bought a 5 pack last week. Open the first one and put it in tank . The coil reads .27 ohms. ??? Why ?? At 420 degrees it starts to taste burnt. Just note....I'm using 70/30 6 nic with no flavor. Still puts out really nice clouds @ .27 ohms. Guess I'll see what the other 4 coils will do in the future.

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