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Tesla 200W TC MOD


Sold Out. Check out Premium Mods HERE Boasting a feature rich design and filled with the industry's latest technology, the Tesla 200W TC Mod delivers a truly incredible experience all around the board. Constructed of high quality aluminum and the addition of its carbon fiber, the Tesla 200W TC Mod not only offers a durable construction, but it offers an ultra-lightweight one as well. If you're looking for more than just a device meant to withstand the course of time and a stealthy yet sleek appearance, then you'll be pleased to know that the Tesla 200W TC Mod comes packed with the industry's latest technology, temperature control. With the temperature control feature, it will allow you to have complete control over the temperature output, letting you define the warmth of vapor produced, while reducing dry-hits, e-liquid consumption, and increasing battery life. If it's going to offer the latest technology, it might as well offer the best performance too, and this is why this device can reach up to 200 watts of vaping power and has a minimum resistance of 0.08 ohm, allowing it to easily power any attachment you can throw at it. To keep this monstrous device running smoothly and for a long duration of time, it also houses two 18650 batteries (sold separately).

What's Included:

  • 1 x Tesla 200W TC MOD

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Specs & Features:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Electrode: Brass-plated Silver
  • Dimensions: 57.5 x 105 x 24mm
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 batteries (Sold Separately)
  • Output Power: 7 - 200W
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 11V
  • Maximum Output Current: 36.5 A
  • Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.08 ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200 - 600°F / 100 - 300°C

WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling as these are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if not properly handled. Please note that there is an inherent risk with the use of any and all rechargeable batteries in any circumstance. Direct Vapor is not responsible for any damage, injury, or defect caused by the improper use and/or mishandling of Li-ion (Lithium-ion), LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) and any rechargeable batteries and chargers.

  1. Awesome Starter review by Keefe Vape on 4/22/2017
    Overall Rating

    Not to big in size, holds nicely! No problems with buttons sticking. Honestly a great mod!

  2. Great Box Mod review by Austin on 2/5/2016
    Overall Rating

    I was very satisfied when i had received this Box mod. I choose the Red Carbon fiber and from the moment i saw it I thought it was beautiful. From the color to he nice LED display this mod really has it all. With anywhere to 7-200 watts of power, it gives maximum flavor with maximum cloud potential.

  3. "DECENT" review by Kolin on 1/31/2016
    Overall Rating

    nice mod, hits great, love the buttons and display, love how clean and sleek it looks with the red carbon fiber-

    Cons- battery cage will destroy the battery plastic casing causing sparks and burns if not snapped in really fast.
    After a few drops my screen inside actually was tilted, so i took the 4 screws out to fix it, turns out they were very lazy with the finishing touches with this mod, behind the screen where all 3 of the buttons are they had put folded up pieces of what looks like some scrap pieces from a sticker that were being used as spacers to keep the buttons from rattling, well guess what? i dont have the patients to get them to stay there while i put it back together so now my mod is a fuckin rattle trap because of their shortcuts, ....next mod to be ordered will be the Kanger KBOX 120 or 200, the Tesla 200w is good, just not the best quality.

  4. It works...that's it review by Bob on 1/21/2016
    Overall Rating

    It works. That's the best I could say for this mod. This was my sixth mod I've owned and it was the worst. I've had the Sigelei 150w, I currently own the VaporShark DNA 200. This was cheap. It felt cheap. It was 100% plastic AND I ORDERED IT FROM HERE. So I know it wasn't a fake. The 510 was not spring loaded, if it was it stuck in a down position. Which made it hard to switch Addie's. Worst box mod I've owned to date.

  5. Decent product review by Senseone on 12/31/2015
    Overall Rating

    It's painfully obvious that yes, the reviews have SCHILL written all over them and are more than clearly fake. HOWEVER, this IS a decent piece for the price. Much like any Tesla product, and if you truly vape then you feel me, you're rolling the dice so to speak. They offer sleek looking products with the functionality of higher end company products at a price that doesn't make you stop and think about what you just spent money on: a box thats filled with a battery and a tank of liquid flavored nicotine on top. 6 years ago I would have laughed at the thought as I flicked a finished cigarette.
    I got a good one of this model, it has worked exactly as advertised. The TC is garbage though. So if you're buying ANY Tesla product for its temp control, straight up don't do it because you will be disappointed or downright pissed. Go grab yourself a Cloupor Mini + TC for $28. It's got much much better temp control, as do the other high dollar high end products. For variable wattage however, throw a SmokTFV4 tank on this and blow cirrus clouds at 60 watts. Push it to 80 watts and laugh out loud as the room looks like the beach covered in a marine layer of fog. Throw on a quad coil, pump it to 100 watts and realize it will be the shortest rip you've ever taken because the vapor and flavor are off the charts. Again, don't purchase this if you're looking for a reliable box mod, or temp control: Tesla has always intrigued, yet chicest crap shoots sometimes end up just being crap. I however, do like this product, as well as the Tesla 120W Metal (non TC). Sorry but a wooden mod? Maybe I've been in SoCal too long with wildfires and junk, but what the hell would someone want a wooden mod for? From an outsider's view, or your own 10 years ago, vaping already looks weird, suspicious and stupid (if you're 30+ and were a smoker admit you never thought you'd be smoking a flashlight looking thing that utilizes a telescopic battery. Don't lie, you'd have thought it was a dumb idea other than your glass on glass vapor brother's vaporizer you got at the head shop, for other purposes. I did not do any of that. I totally did.)

  6. best ever review by Vape beast on 12/18/2015
    Overall Rating

    Holy smokes, best ever

  7. Great Price, Excellent product. review by Dev on 12/9/2015
    Overall Rating

    The Temp control is a little odd to get used to at first, but once you get the hang of maneuvering the device it delivers exactlt as specified. Can handle very low resistance builds and delivers the power to keep them going all day.
    Looks so much better in your hand, the pictures do this no justice.
    The only con i can think of to this device is that the magnetic battery cover seems to pop up if you push it on the side hard enough(though this is probably not an issue with every device), and that carbon fiber does scratch very easily, so be sure to keep this in a separate pocket or cop the carrying case for this that is sold in the accessories area of this shop.
    Probably one of the best purchases to get yourself in to the world of temp control mods for the price, highly recommend!

  8. ok product but not perfect review by vape on 11/26/2015
    Overall Rating

    when i bought this mod it was 85$ and i bought this over the other well astoblished manufactural's products
    because in the spec sheet it handled "super sub ohm"
    now ... i regret a little. but oddly at the same time i like this mod.


    hits hard in watt mode
    75~100watt sub ohm tanks chuck in watt mode
    in watt mode immediate hit !


    nickel lower than .2ohm coils need heat up time up to one full second or more.
    in tc mode it s not that powerful as watt mode.
    battery wrap gets ripped from the contacts
    (lg/sony rips and i tried 25r now it's ok.)
    it reminds me of yihi chip's hard mode "at first hits hard but gradualy comes down to norm."

    i recommend 60~100watt kanthal based tanks and attys

  9. Nothing but problems so far review by Tbuss on 10/28/2015
    Overall Rating

    So, I get my new (also my first box mod) Tesla and right out of the box the contact point for the battery keeps sticking all the way in when I put a battery in. So after about 2 hours of just working it(and I do literally mean 2 hours) it finally starts letting it out all the way with good tension on the battery. Yay now I can finally use it. So right away I put on my alliance 28.5mm RDA and it wont read resistamce and keeps reseting! So after messing with it i would habe to turn it down to 10 watts to get it to read the coil YAY (another hour later). Then with a .23 ohm build on it and it says atomizer short. So I try and try and try, finally after messing with the connections it fires. So I go ahead and start at 40, then move up to 50 then keep going up until I got to 90 and it reset the box. Flashes the tesla screen and I have to turn off TC again and set wattage. So I essentially have a 40-50W mod because anything below isn't enough really on the alliance. And anything above shuts it down (except the on rare occasion and if it does fire at 60 for a bit if I leave it for 10 min or more and come back it resets on me. Also the voltage is all over the place. For the first week of using it being i was stuck at 50-60 watts i know that at 50 watts the voltage was 4.02V and now it reads (well i just tried checking and it reset on me again!!ARGH!! Somewhere around 2.6 something volts.... I have tried probably 5-6 different tops on it, the doge, the plume veil, the kanger sub v2, a buddies alliance (which I tried first thinking there was a problem with mine maybe) some other RDAs idk what they were, and the only thing that will fire over 60 watts is the Atlantis V2 (which is only meant for 20-30w anyways!!) I am running authentic efest 35Amp 3000mAh batteries married and brand new. Charged only on my d2 nite core trickle charger (I have also tried Sony vct4's and some other batteries a buddy had, all married pairs. I am NOT impressed!! Obviously I got a bad apple! I'm guessing the chip is bad, a risk you taking when buying China manufactured goods! I really hope they don't take forever shipping me out a new one on warranty! And that this one works. The only good thing I have found so far is that the battery door holds well. Hopefully the new one doesn't have problems but I have a bad taste in my mouth and if I could would probably just tell them to keep it and buy something else for the difference, But I'm stuck hoping I get a good one instead. I will write another review for an update.

  10. beast review by Aaron on 10/5/2015
    Overall Rating

    Just got this thing in and I'm completely happy............it is one hell of an awesome beast. It puts off good flavor and big clouds plus its battery life is great.

  11. Great box one small issue review by Ken on 9/21/2015
    Overall Rating

    I like this box alot more than my cloupor t8 i had, it hits hard battery use is pretty good it would be better if you could turn the box off the only probelm ive had is if you push the fire button a certain way it sticks... ive caught it pretty quick and learned not to push up on the fire button or it gets stuck

  12. im fine review by vapestar on 9/18/2015
    Overall Rating

    Since I got my tesla no problems. The carbon fiber hasnt torn it feels good to the hand. I hate the feel of the plastic inside but it performs as expected. I have yet to go past 50 watts. But the clouds are good and flavorful. Im rocking a wotofo sapor on it and it feels great. For the price it knocks out all other mods.

  13. Very cheap product review by Tyler on 9/16/2015
    Overall Rating

    I don't know how these other people got so lucky but this unit has many issues to begin with the Tc is unresponsive as well it feels like a cheap product. I have been very careful with the mod but yet the so called "carbon" design is tearing. Tesla went cheap here starting to think the reviews on this one are fake. Now i am attempting to return my order with the return policy this will restore what hope i have for the customer service. Every time someone answers after waiting to talk to someone there is a disconnect. The woman i was speaking to Megan told me there was static on her side of the call. Sounds like a rant/overreaction but this is ludicrous. I was pleased with my other purchases

    *** DV Reply ***
    Hello Typer - thanks for the review. Sorry you experienced issues with connectivity at the call center. Not sure if it was on your end or our end. I do know that our telecom provider had an outage for part of a day this week.... perhaps this is when you called? Regardless, you can rest-assured that our customer service is our top priority and that our return policy will be honored. If this Tesla is not for you, then that's OK - we will take it back and send it back to Tesla. We only want happy customers - so we will do what we need to to make sure you're happy.

  14. Seriously Good review by Wellington on 8/17/2015
    Overall Rating

    Very good. I am really enjoying this. The options are really good and the price ain't bad for a temp control 200W device. Seems really good quality and very nice fit with my Zephyrus tank.

  15. Exciting Mod! review by wilma macy on 8/10/2015
    Overall Rating

    This is a fun device! Very similar to the Snow Wolf, neck and neck. Temperature Control could be a little more advanced but its all good. Not gotten bigger clouds from anything else- they are massive with this mod! 200w is a lot, I haven't pushed it that far... yet!

  16. very sweet! review by riot16302 on 8/10/2015
    Overall Rating

    Oh yeah! This mod is basically out of control! 200W!!! Tesla MODS are so popular right now for a reason- they are just so good and for the price, and looks, they are a great value. I don't feel bad dropping 80 beans on something like because it works so well, is so fun to use, and the quality is all around great!

  17. Mucho Gracias review by Fire Engine Red on 8/9/2015
    Overall Rating

    The prices. Seriously you make it ridiculously easy to buy too many items. This item is around $100 everywhere. The free shipping, just another reason to keep spending! Thanks for feeding my habit, DV! ;) As for the Tesla 200W TC- It’s a great machine, I don’t even know what to say about the 200 watts other than its insane in the best way possible! The carbon fiber body is always a nice touch- looks crazy and makes this extra durable, but not heavy. Temp control is a must- why bother without it? The price alone makes this worth trying.

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Tesla 200W TC MOD