WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Squonk Mods

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What in the world is squonking? This strange sounding word belongs to a vaping practice that has brought many people together in the name of great vaping experiences. It is the perfect middle ground between tank vaping and drip vaping, and more manufacturers are getting on board with their very own squonk box mods and kits.

What is Squonking?

Squonking is a particular type of vaping that allows you to get the feel of drip vaping without having to manually drip liquid between every few puffs. In general, vapers say that drip vaping provides stronger flavor and higher quality vapor because the e-liquid is being heated directly at the source. Sometimes, drip vaping can be messy and inconvenient, so squonking allows for more portability without reducing the quality of the vape experience.

What is a Squonk Vape MOD?

Simply put, a squonk vape mod is a device that is made with a built-in tank that allows you to drip liquid straight from the tank onto your coils. These devices are different from regular box mods that typically feature external vape tanks, and from all-in-one devices that have hard-sided tanks hidden inside. The squonk box uses a bottom fed RDA which accepts the liquid you gently squeeze from the bottle and turns it into vapor just like if you had dripped it.

The History of Squonk Mods

The original squonk mod was a roughshod creation made out of spare Radioshack parts. However, squonking took off and has earned some attention from a few reputable brands. The first commercially available squonk mod hit the market in 2010, and they continue to grow in popularity with more brands ramping up production. Now you can find squonk mods with dual battery capacity, safety regulators, and advanced absorption systems. While most squonk boxes today are produced by specialty companies, even brands like Kanger are getting in on the fun with their DripBox series.

Why Vapers Love Squonk Mods

There are numerous benefits to squonking, much of which has to do with convenience. If you're used to carrying a bottle of e-liquid with you everywhere you go to add drips every few minutes, it can be a relief to fill up the squonk bottle and let the mod handle the rest. Squonk boxes also tend to have much higher liquid capacities than regular vape tanks because the squonk bottle runs the full length of the mod's body and must be able to force liquid up into the Squonk RDA. This means you won't even have to re-fill your tank as much as you would with a regular vape tank. As you adjust to the practice of squonking, most vapers say that they are better able to control their e-liquid usage and manage their vaping better.

Buy Squonk Mods from DIRECTVAPOR

DIRECTVAPOR is proud to represent the vaping industry with trusted Squonk brands. Kanger, Vandy Vape, and iJoy have all produced quality squonk mods you will love. We offer superior customer service and a Low Price Guarantee so you can explore new vaping styles without feeling guilty about the price tag. We'll even throw in Free Shipping on all your orders, so make sure you stock up on e-liquid while you're checking out our Squonk vape products. Check out all of our squonk boxes above and see for yourself what other vapers have to say about these unique devices designed to streamline and simplify your vaping experience.

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