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SMOK NOVO 2 Vape Pod System

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The SMOK brand is widely known for the extensive portfolio of devices and tanks that it has, and the SMOK Novo 2 has only intensified its already hefty arsenal. This device has become one of the industry’s most popular pod systems, and it mainly stems from the high-performance SMOK Novo 2 Replacement Vape Pods that deliver the grunt of the experience. Available in a 3-pack, these Novo 2 Replacement Vape Pods deliver the best performance for the Novo 2 device with an option of 1.5-ohm or 1.2-ohm coil resistance, and additional options of 0.8-ohm Mesh or 1.4-ohm Ceramic coil material so that you can fine-tune your experience. Each pod has a 2ML e-liquid capacity and is designed to be refillable.

Buy with confidence as SMOK provides an extended 12-month manufacturer warranty on this product. For more information head here

What’s Included

  • 1 x SMOK NOVO 2 Vape Pod System
  • 1 x NOVO 2 Mesh 1.0ohm Pod
  • 1 x NOVO 2 DC 1.4ohm MTL Pod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Specs & Features

  • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • LED Battery Indicator
  • Input Voltage: (3.3V - 4.2V)
  • Charging Current: Max- 0.55A
  • Overcharge Voltage: 4.3V
  • Overcharge Current: 1A
  • Output Wattage: (6-25W)
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2mL
  • Resistance of Pre-installed Pod: Mesh 1.0ohm
  • NOVO 2 DC 1.4ohm MTL Pod


We are proud to introduce to you the key to unlocking the next generation of vaping! Portable and powerful, the SMOK Novo 2 is a pod system built to provide the most satisfying, flavorful, and reliable vape experience possible. Ready yourself for the ultimate in vaping technology!


SMOK has a well-deserved reputation for producing top-quality pod systems, and they more than live up to it with their latest and greatest, the Novo 2. Adopting a similar style as the previous generation, the Novo 2 incorporates both beautiful panels and design options as well as the familiar mouthpiece shape that feels oh-so-perfect. It makes enjoying a puff that much easier, and is an eye-catching look that marks out the Novo 2 as instantly iconic. Combined with a compact size (only 43 g in weight!) and balanced feel, it’s as easy in the hand as it is on the eyes.


Don’t fret if you think the Novo 2 just a new coat of paint, however. The Novo 2 marks itself out with incredible upgrades, including the optimized structure that allows for incredible battery life while sustaining high performance. The 800 mAh integrated battery makes for much longer-lasting vaping, with days and days of usage, and is easily charged with the included microUSB cable for go-anywhere vaping. A handy LED Indicator light on the body of the Novo 2 helps you keep track of battery life more easily too. With a sturdy output power of 25W, you’ll enjoy a solid vape experience whether you’re chasing flavor or huge clouds.


Of course, we can’t just talk about cloud chasing without mentioning the Novo pod family. These instantly-recognizable, draw-activated pods offer an ample 2 ml of sweet, sweet e-liquid, and come in a variety of coil and resistance options. The Novo 2 means you can enjoy the flexibility of different vaping styles with just a quick switch. Whether you’re chasing clouds or scaling the heights of flavor, the Novo 2 is ready to accommodate your preferences.


It’s not just the pods that make for more satisfying vaping. The U-shaped air-intake passage allows for increased vapor, while the air-sensing switch has been re-structured to prevent unwanted e-liquid loss. These design changes ensure that with the Novo 2, your vape session never falls flat, and can maintain the purity of your e-liquid flavor.


From an enhanced battery life, versatile pod options, a refined airflow structure, and a gorgeous new look, the Novo 2 steps up as the flagship of pod systems. Numerous innovations ensure that while the look may be familiar, the Novo 2 stands wholly original. Vapers of all stripes have cause to rejoice – whether you’re seeking a great way to make the switch from traditional tobacco products, you want to get the most intense, full-bodied flavor experience possible, or you’re after the best way to generate huge clouds, the Novo 2 is ready for you! We at DirectVapor are excited to share with you this incredible new addition to our Catalog. For all things vapor, with a huge selection at low prices, head on over to DirectVapor.com today!

  1. Juul Slayer review by Jay on 11/7/2019
    Overall Rating

    I am switching from Juul and kicking myself for not reading about this and making the switch months ago. It is such a superior product, it’s hard to even find words to describe it. The vapor production and flavor are worlds better. The battery life is way better. It is just as stealthy, and looks cooler. You have infinite flavor options. I have had zero issues with leaks or other technical problems. It just works. The pods are refillable and doing so is painfully easy. I can’t believe how much money I wasted on Juul pods for mediocre vapor. Seriously, this product makes me want to run up to anyone I see using a Juul and shake them, to say “please, save yourself, there are better options out there that will not only save you money, but give you infinitely more enjoyment!!!”

  2. Novo 2 kit review by Jbellykelly64 on 10/31/2019
    Overall Rating

    October 31 I got mine. Packaged well and no obvious damages. Received the 3 Additional Pods as well. I was using the Vuse Alto. This works better and is refillable. I got the Blue/Black one. So far, so good. Got it for a good price thru this Company. I can recommend this product. Update more on the Novo 2 later. Maybe I will try the CBD as well. Thanks again. Ken

  3. I’ve been using it for about 4-5 weeks review by Smok Novo 2 blue and brown on 10/31/2019
    Overall Rating

    This Novo 2 vape it’s Amazing, I’ve tried V-God, Lost Vape, Vaporesso, spent over $100 for different vapes; Gottah tell you so far nothing beats this little beast, taste it’s amazing, smoke it’s decent and some coils will last you over 2-3 weeks, the only thing is the battery Last me 3 hours but I smoke A LOT! So I’m going to buy another one right now! Lol. Trust me it doesn’t leak and does not burn your pocket because there’s no buttons.. BUY IT!

  4. Great POD VAPE review by Blotto on 10/9/2019
    Overall Rating

    This NOVO 2 is fantastic. I have been vaping for about 5 years. Up until this little piece of modern engineering I have been using mods with 1 and/or 2 18650 batteries and a 5 mil tank on it. So heavy if you threw it at someone or something it would do damage. This little thing is slightly bigger than a BIC lighter and weighs 1.6 ounces with a full pod. Since they introduced the Nicotine salts which are so much better than regular nicotine infused vape oil that are supposed to be used with low wattage vape pens like this, it's changed my game completely. This pen is the best of all brands I have tried so far. One of my favorite things is - no ignite button. Just hit it and rip it and put it in your pocket with no worries. Add to all that it's a great price for the hardware.

  5. Fandiddlytastic review by Jake M on 10/5/2019
    Overall Rating

    Two weeks in.. This thing has been my favorite of all pods I have tried so far I highly recommended. Novo 2 coil is more consistent then previous model.

  6. Excellent review by Marta on 9/16/2019
    Overall Rating

    Love, love, love my smok novo 2 and it arrived fast!

  7. Idk review by Josh on 9/5/2019
    Overall Rating

    Who else hasn’t got there’s yet

  8. Out of stock review by Gravy Daddy on 7/13/2019
    Overall Rating

    Put it in stock so my slaves can get their nic fix!!!! GOD DAMNNNN

  9. just preordered :) review by mackvapes on 7/10/2019
    Overall Rating

    i religiously use my novo so when i saw this has a battery and 12 month warranty i ordered it from direct vapors i gope i get it soon :)

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