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MSRP: $40.95

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If you haven’t noticed, pod-based ultraportable devices are experiencing a kind of renaissance of incredible innovation! Heralding this exciting Golden Age of pod-based device development is the awesome Nord Kit, one of the most recent ultraportable offerings from innovation juggernaut SMOK. Delivering a number of refreshing upgrades to this pod-based ultra-portable device, SMOK is single-handedly changing the ultra-portable landscape with the Nord Kit’s incredible feature set including a dedicated line of coils to customize feel and performance, updated ergonomics for unparalleled vaping comfort, and a surprising return to an extremely reliable and durable button-activated firing system. In the market for an advanced pod system that’s sure to shake up the current ultra-portable status quo? Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to experience this awesome rethinking of an entire device genre by adding the highly anticipated Nord Kit by SMOK to your cart today!

What's Included:

  • 1 x SMOK Nord Vape POD System
  • 1 x 0.6ohm mesh coil for sub ohm vaping
  • 1 x 1.4ohm coil for MTL vaping
  • 1 x MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 x User Instruction Manual

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SMOK Nord Features and Specs:

  • Total Dimensions: 94mm x 30mm x 18.8mm
  • 1100mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Wattage Output Range: 10-15W
  • Voltage Input Range: 3.3-4.2V
  • Cobra Plated Panels
  • 3mL Capacity
  • Horizontal Coil Atomizer
  • Button-Triggered Pod System
  • Ergonomically Curved Mouthpiece
  • Protections: 8 Sec. Cut-Off Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, and Low Voltage Warning
  • Micro-USB Port for Charging the Device
  • Proprietary Magnetized Connection

WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling. Images are for illustration purposes only. Actual color, finish and packaging may vary.

  1. Almost perfect review by D Mo on 3/11/2019
    Overall Rating

    Been going through pod systems and this has been the best yet. However the 1.4 coil it came with didn't work and after a week the pod is not wanting to stay put.
    Though I was upset about the initial coil, after I popped a ceramic replacement in I was blown away.

  2. my favorite pod vape review by Starr on 3/11/2019
    Overall Rating

    This is my favorite vape pod device. I quit smoking using it. I also have an orion lost vape device, but I prefer this one. I use the mesh coil and use nic salts. Love this thing!!!!

  3. Awesome pod review by Damon_h12 on 3/10/2019
    Overall Rating

    The nord pod system is a great device. I love this lil thing. My pod leaks but i can deal with that. I get a really nice throat hit and decent sized clouds. This thing will be in my pocket for a long time.

  4. Pod system with mod power review by Beaudiford on 3/9/2019
    Overall Rating

    I have been wanting to try out a pod system for a while, but was concerned that I wouldn't get as strong a hit as I prefer. While picking up juice at my local store, I noticed the nord and asked the difference between it and the novo. She explained the battery and coil in the nord and I bought it on the spot. I NEVER buy products without doing my research and finding a good deal, but I'm glad I jumped on this. It has a nice strong hit, charges quickly, and fits in my pocket! Granted the hit isn't as hard and the battery life is shorter than some of the more powerful mods, but a good strong pull provides me with the experience I enjoy and the quickness of the charging prevents that from being an issue for me. There is also the option of buying a second one (I am a fairly heavy vaper) right here on direct vapor. With the twenty-something dollar price tag and the small size, I can bring two to work so I have a backup. It's also worth mentioning that it has an LED on the fire button that informs you of the approximate charge level which I think is a very cool. I've been purchasing Smok products for years because they make quality innovative items, and this "pod mod" is no different.
    If your thinking about buying this, I highly recommend doing it. I know I'm glad I did.

  5. Love It review by 2Di4 on 2/24/2019
    Overall Rating

    I really enjoy my nord, it has a great hit and flavor plus the cloud is favorable as well!! i bought one and got another one i love it so much, my son stole my first one.. I have another smok mod, but it wasnt the same! Had to buy another nord. Great hit, flavor, value!

  6. LOVIN IT review by CENOBITE138 on 2/23/2019
    Overall Rating

    I was trying to find a device that was compact, decent battery, good flavor and hits. This little guy checked off all those with flying colors. Just ordered a second one!

  7. Fantastic review by that guy who vapes on 2/13/2019
    Overall Rating

    does everything i want in a small device
    all pro and no cons for me

  8. Best salt pod system review by fullwoc on 2/9/2019
    Overall Rating

    I have two of these devices so I can always be ready for the most satisfying vape experience. I have had absolutely no issues with this device. It is smooth and really brings out all the flavors in your juice. I also have a Lost Vape Orion Q and the Smok Nord it way better in my opinion. The Lost Vape is a little warm for me and just doesn’t give you the same flavor as the Nord. Don’t think about it. Get it.

  9. Pretty awesome review by MES on 2/8/2019
    Overall Rating

    Really nice in several respects, where other similar units fail. Strong flavor/hit, decent battery, love the size and feel, not too much of a pain to fill pod. Took away 1 star bc when I went to refill pod I discovered it had leaked considerably under the pod, and the contacts were practically swimming. Not good, but I now know and can at least remove pod frequently and clean up.

  10. Great review by Vapeguy777 on 2/2/2019
    Overall Rating

    Big batteries and mods are like vhs tapes now .. imo.. this thing has made me put those in storage.. small, easy, and does what it needs.. gives me nic and flavor.
    And clouds( if your into that) just add more vg...I carry 2 around (just in case) the only downside ive seen is with 06 coil. Battery goes down quick.. but the 1.4 coils does the job great. Keep your giant mods. They r sure to be vintage devices soon

  11. Discrete and Satisfying review by MG Mason on 1/8/2019
    Overall Rating

    Having used a sub-ohm tank for a few years, I wanted to move away from the attraction getting large device and clouds, and wanted a small device that packs a hit without setting off visual alarms. I found this with the Nord, with the 50mg juice and ceramic coils, I can quickly step aside and become satisfied with two or three hits and not fill the area with a cloud.
    I feel very lucky this device is available at this stage in my vaping, and that I found the great service and prices of Direct Vapor!

  12. Great device! review by Andie on 1/3/2019
    Overall Rating

    This is my first real vape device. I had tried Blu, when they first came out, and that was an OK temporary pacifier. This thing is wonderful. I wanted something simple and compact. My smoking habit has been cut in half, at least, since I started with this. I immediately bought a second one, just in case. This is a great device to try, if you're trying to quit smoking. For $30, it is sooo worth it.

  13. Amazing review by J Day on 12/28/2018
    Overall Rating

    I love the way the device feels in my hand, it’s got a nice weight without being heavy, feels solid, and the surface has a nice texture to it. I got the green one and honestly it looks gorgeous in person. Vapor production is huge and hits very smooth. Refilling the pod is so easy and conveniently designed. Seriously, I can not find any faults with this device. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a badass everyday convenient high performance pod device!!

  14. Great device with one issue review by Scoot Scoot on 12/28/2018
    Overall Rating

    I've had 2 of these for almost a month now and they worked flawlessly until today. One of them has some sort of malfunction with the button and the light won't turn off now. It also won't fire up. I've tried every type of button press combination I could come up with and nothing works. I'm assuming the button just stopped working or got stuck. It originally had a white light indicating that it was being used even without the pod in it. Now it's just green indicating it's above 70% charge and nothing is changing this. I've plugged it into multiple outlets and a usb battery stick and nothing works. I'm just going to order another one because like I said above they worked flawlessly until now. They provide a good hit, charge quickly and are easy to use.

  15. Smoke Nord review by JOE C. on 12/27/2018
    Overall Rating

    There always has to be a weak part on every device. Can't the makers make a system without flaws. Everything on this unit is perfect EXCEPT the friction hold down for the pod wears down and becomes loose in short order. After a couple of weeks use the pod is loose and doesn't stay in battery pack. Magnets would make it perfect. Only remedy I can see is buy a fresh pod.

  16. Good stuff review by Melvin on 12/12/2018
    Overall Rating

    Got hooked with the infinix went to the novo fell in love so much bought 3 more due to the small battery and couldn't put it done. I do wish the auto draw was still there. Haven't used the 0.6 ohm coil yet but the 1.4 ohm is wonderful with salts. Only concern I have is i haven't seen replacement coils out for it yet. If someone could help me find those then this product is flawless......good stuff smok

  17. Best of the best review by Casey on 12/7/2018
    Overall Rating

    This thing is awesome. I'm using the .6 mesh with 35 nic salt and it hits the spot. The 1.4 mtl is a little on the weak side. Looking forward to using the 1.0 ceramic whenever I can get them.

  18. Smok Nord review by Natas88 on 12/6/2018
    Overall Rating

    This thing kills it, nice weight smooth hit, without gettin juice in your mouth. I’m glad I decided to get this out of all the other’s I’ve seen or tried.

  19. Great device, compact, and innovative. review by HappyTy on 12/4/2018
    Overall Rating

    I ordered this device after loving my smok novo. The Nords cloud production is big, compared to the other pod systems I’ve tried myself. Currently using the 0.6 ohm coil with 3mg ejuice and love the flavor! The pull on this feels great and airflow is nice. I can’t wait to try this with the 1.4 ohm coil and salt juice! What I’m super excited for is that the pod stays while you discard the coil after it has been used up. With the novo I hated all the waste with the entire pod being thrown out. The Nord is a button triggered firing system with a LED light on it for batter life indication! Over a great device for out and about or at work.

  20. Awesome Pod review by Otis on 12/3/2018
    Overall Rating

    I've been using the Aspire K3 for over a year, and while I love that product, the SMOK Nord is much better. I use 1.4 ohm coils.

  21. Great review by Kiki on 12/2/2018
    Overall Rating

    I have been using pods for a long time now, I have 7 of the Smok Novos, I love the Smok Nord, longer lasting battery and bigger tank is a plus, really wish you had left off button, better taste when it's self pulled, but all in all its great.

  22. Best Pod System review by Savage on 11/30/2018
    Overall Rating

    I bought this to see how it compared to the Lost Vape Orion, all I can say is wow! Its half the price but better other than the absence of a replay feature This thing actually has better flavor from the .6 ohm mesh coil that the .25 or .5 on the Orion. I may just retire the Orion to being my backup.

  23. Excellent 5 Star review by Joe on 11/29/2018
    Overall Rating

    Smok Nord is an update to Smok Novo better mouth piece, e liquid window 3ml, 1100mah, and sub ohming you can’t ask for a better device. Excellent Job Smok.

  24. Best pod vape! review by Peppy on 11/29/2018
    Overall Rating

    I have tried half a dozen pod vapes with nic salts. This blows them all away! Smok Nord is definitely my go to vape now. The 1.4 ohm coil with nic salts and the 1100 battery is a perfect set up for me!!

  25. Smok Nord review by MTAG13 on 11/28/2018
    Overall Rating

    Fantastic unit! .6 ohm coil with mesh tastes great. Have not tried the MTL coil yet. Nice to not have to carry a bigger mod around all the time.

  26. Wicked flavor review by Shawn k on 11/26/2018
    Overall Rating

    My first pod vape and love it. Another great smok product! Great flavor only used mesh coil so far but love the size and flavor this thing packs is awesome

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Presenting the Smok Nord Kit

SMOK Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit

The Nord Kit is the latest pod-based ultraportable offering from the development and manufacturing masterminds at Smok! What makes this pocket-sized pod so intriguing? For starters, with nearly every product release, Smok takes the opportunity to drive the field further by incorporating technological and ease-of-use enhancements that leave their competitors scrambling to catch up. The Nord is certainly no exception! Bearing a striking resemblance to the widely acclaimed Smok Novo, the Nord includes a stunning array of innovative features that are sure to push this device to the top of Smok’s already impressive collection of pod offerings.

SMOK Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit

Your Comfortable Companion

One of the more subtle, yet critically important features of the Nord is its updated and enhanced ergonomics. Changes minor in appearance, but major in feel, push the Nord miles ahead of its predecessors by offering an improved redesign in the important lip-to-device interface. Continuing the classic “duck-bill” style mouthpiece, the Nord significantly increases the comfortability of this critical area with a gentle curve at the natural resting point of the user’s lips. It’s easy to overlook subtle design improvements of this type, but trust us that even minor discomfort becomes worse over time. A device that fits you and offers exceptional comfort is more likely to become the device you reach for by default.

SMOK Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit

Different Strokes for Different Folks

It’s pretty presumptuous to assume that there is a magical coil resistance that’s going to provide satisfaction for all possible users. Smok throws the one-size-fits-all approach out the window and allows you to decide what feels best… for you! Depending on your personal preferences, your favorite juice, and a number of other factors; you’ll have options to customize the feel and performance of the Nord to perfectly match your style. This is possible due to the Nord’s incredible ability to accept a variety of coils designed and produced by Smok especially for it! Vapor too hot or not enough flavor? With the Nord, you are no longer at the mercy of what the manufacturer thought was best, instead, you have the ability to tailor your Nord experience to just the way you like it!

SMOK Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit

Push to Start

Somewhat shockingly, Smok moves away from draw-activated firing in the Nord, a feature that once seemed to be a hallmark of the genre. Anyone with sufficient experience with pod-based devices has inevitably encountered some type of issue with draw-activated firing. Perhaps because of wayward juice making its way into the mechanism, or a piece of pocket lint blocking a critical air entry, the device can’t register the user’s inhalation. When it occurs, it is annoying at best, catastrophic at worst; and completely avoided in Smok’s incredible Nord! The Nord features the tried-and-true traditional button-activated firing mechanism that, although possibly not as convenient for some, provides an unmatched track record of proven reliability.

SMOK Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit

Fortune Favors the Bold

With the Nord, Smok introduces some radical and revolutionary changes to how we typically think about and interact with pod-based devices. Smok’s Nord definitely shakes things up, however, this kind of shake-up brings a positive and refreshing change to the exciting and rapidly evolving pod-based ultraportable genre. With a long-standing mission to create a more inclusive and user-friendly experience through advanced technology and design, Smok can declare unparalleled success with their exceptional Nord Kit.

SMOK Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit

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