WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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SMOK Coils

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How are Smok Coils made?

It’s important to know about the things we use in our daily lives. A regular practice of daily research into the things you need and enjoy can be beneficial in many ways. This is especially true of the vaping industry. With so many new companies appearing on the marketplace every day, knowing who to trust can be a daunting task by itself. Relying on the advice of trusted experts can be a great start, though, in the end, we must learn many things ourselves.

Smok, known by many as Smok-tech, has long been an industry leader and pioneer. From the TFV4 to Bluetooth integrated and voice activation, Smok has been on the edge of vaping technology for many years. The evolution of Smok’s coils is a long and winding one, and while there have been a few flops, there have been many surges in the right direction.

Smok coils are made of Kanthal; a standardized resistance wire found industry-wide in nearly all coils on the market. By utilizing specially designed machines, the coil is formed around a stationary rod, bent into the correct configuration, and clipped free of the machine. The coils are then moved to a production line for the remainder of the assembly.

In isolated clean rooms, employees wear uniforms and protective equipment to preserve the environment. Seated around long conveyer belts, they begin to assemble your coil, one piece at a time. There are a few variables in the process according to coil type, but the overall concept remains the same.

The coil is first soldered to Nickel leads. As Nickel heats up more slowly, it works as a buffer to keep the heat in the coil where it can be most effective. The legs of the coil are heated and trimmed as they are shaped for insertion. Rubber grommets isolate the wire leads to prevent short circuits from occurring. Next, organic cotton is placed around the coil head using specially designed tools. The coil and cotton are then slowly assembled as one unit with multiple bends and folds taking place to ensure proper wicking and placement.

This unit then moves to be inserted into the body of the finished product. By using specially designed machines, the barrel and coil assembly are mated together. A retaining gasket is inserted, with a 510 pin being pressed in from below. A lower 510 gasket is also inserted to prevent juice leaking down into your device. The next step is to mate the nearly finished product with the outer shell of the coil. The two sections are once again pressed together, this time with a ring placed on the top of the coil to keep the cotton in place. The completed coil is then sealed in an air-tight package and prepared for its final destination, your vape!

How to keep your Smok coils clean

Keeping your coil clean, in many ways, is about prevention. Proper habits from the very beginning can help you maximize your coil life while preserving the great taste you rely on. Among these proper habits, a few notable points stand out.

Prime your coil!

When breaking in a new coil, you’ll want to soak the cotton entirely with juice. You’ll also want to start at a lower wattage with a new coil to prevent any burning that may occur if not enough juice is present.

Clean your tank

Often contaminants enter in through the body of our tank when refilling. Small pieces of debris and residue can accumulate on our coil. The deposits begin to burn over time and will shorten the lifespan of your coil.

Avoid stale vape in your device

After you have taken a hit of your vape, stale vapor collects around your cooling coil. The partially vaped juice can create additional residue that shortens coil life. By releasing the fire button slightly before you finish your pull, you will clear the chamber of residual vapor and initiate the cooling process. The helps stop the act of vaporization.

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