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One of the greatest challenges faced by drip vapers today is the fact that dripping is somewhat inconvenient, no matter who you are. It can be messy, and it takes time to drip every few puffs. That's why DripTech was created: to find a better solution for people who love that pristine dripping flavor but want something simple to carry and use. What started as a simple operation to modify a drip atomizers turned into a full scale production and the incredible DripTech Squonk mod. Now vapers around the world can enjoy the simplicity and fluidity of squonking with a high quality device in their hands.

Why Vapers Choose DripTech

DripTech vape products are the culmination of countless tests to achieve great flavor and vapor quality. The unique bottom feeder mod is a one-of-a-kind experience for vapers who want to drip without having to drip. DripTech is the place to go if you want convenience, great quality construction and affordability. Users who try the DripTech mechanical mod know that it is an experience unlike anything they've ever seen before, while also offering incredibly smooth delivery.

One of the greatest qualities of DripTech is their commitment to building long lasting products. As soon as you pick up one of their vape mods or RDAs, you'll find that the finish is impeccable. The anodized aluminum finish on their mechanical mods is durable and won't scratch or chip over time. Their RDAs come coated in gorgeous rose gold or yellow gold, and their connectors are always plated for great connectivity. Even their squonk bottles exceed expectations with a great screw top cap that keeps the device from leaking even with the convenient bottom fill feature. You'll never have to worry when this device is in your pocket.

Users have also noted that DripTech's boxes make it super easy to regulate your vape by hand. The positioning and top cap of the squonk boxes allows you to easily add just a drop or two of fluid to the coil without having to worry about flooding your atomizer. This system is incredibly easy to use and efficient so you won't be wasting your e-juice along the way. Plus, with 20ml of fluid on board, you will rarely need to take your device apart to fill a vape tank. This is more liquid than you could carry in any RTA on the market.

What DripTech Sells & Offers

Since the early days of creating modified atomizers, DripTech has expanded their line to include a full range of vaping products. You can now create an entire vaping rig completely from DripTech. To accomplish this, you would first pick up a DripTech mod that features a convenient bottom loaded squonk tank and battery. Then you would buy one of their proprietary rebuildable atomizers and put the whole thing together. The process is simple and rewarding!

Currently, DripTech has two different models of their vaporizer: The DripTech DS Dual Squonk Mod and the DripTech TS. The DripTech DS Dual mod features two 10ml squonk tanks. This means you can easily carry up to 20ml of liquid on you, and have it delivered directly to your coil with the squeeze of your hand. Their unique bottom feeding system means that the liquid goes through a perfectly machined hole and hits your coil in an instant. By comparison, the DripTech TS Triple mod features extra battery capacity and a higher power rating so you can get even more out of the device.

On the atomizer side of things, DripTech has created a robust RDA. Their Goon RDA is known for its beautiful finish and brilliant cyclops airflow system. This RDA is designed for use specifically with their squonk boxes to deliver unmatched flavor.

Why Buy DripTech Products from DIRECTVAPOR

DIRECTVAPOR is your one stop shop for all things vaping. If you're tired of taking time out of your day to drip over and over, a DripTech box mod may be right for you. As always, you can count on us to have the latest and greatest technology in the vapor industry available at our Low Price Guarantee. This means you can order your brand new DripTech device today and you'll get the best deal available on the web, plus you'll get free shipping. Once your device arrives on your doorstep, you'll have 15 days to make any returns and a 60 day warranty policy in case you discover anything wrong with the device. Our claims department is always here to answer your calls and help you resolve any issues you have.

Remember, DIRECTVAPOR is also a No Clone Zone! When you buy from us, you know you're getting the real deal. We only work with trusted manufacturers and wholesalers to deliver the highest quality goods to our customers.

Go ahead and place your order for a new DripTech today and discover the newest way to drip without dripping!

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