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The myblu™ Kit is a user-friendly and reliable pod mod kit that's superior to other devices of its kind in a variety of ways. This extremely portable vaping setup makes it easier than ever to experience complete satisfaction whenever you take a pull. If you're looking for a truly portable device that delivers a consistently pleasurable vaping experience, the myblu™ Kit is what you need. This pod mod is super slim and compact, making it the perfect device for vape enthusiasts who are always vaping on the go. Plus, its curved chassis provides an extremely comfortable grip. A 350mAh battery is built into the unit. This battery is more powerful than that of your standard pod mod. As a result, you'll enjoy a battery life that lasts all day. Plus, you'll get lots of vapor with every hit. The battery takes only 20 minutes to charge, allowing you to resume your vaping session in no time. The myblu™ Kit consists of a battery and a pod. The pods are pre-filled with vape juice and are disposable. When you purchase the Kit, you'll receive one pod containing Gold Leaf. This flavor tastes just like a smooth, rich tobacco. The e-liquid utilizes nicotine salts to provide you with a strong yet smooth and satisfying hit. This kit also comes with a USB charger so that you can charge your device no matter where you are. If you're looking for a pod mod that's powerful enough to handle long vaping sessions, the myblu™ Starter Kit is the product for you. This device is durable, dependable and designed to satisfy.

Your myblu™ Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 x myBlu™ Rechargeable Vape Battery
  • 1 x Gold Leaf 2.4% Tobacco myBlu LiquidPod
  • 1 x Micro USB Charger
  • myCARE™ Limited Lifetime Warranty

myblu™ Starter Kit Specs & Features

  • myblu™ Pre-charged for Instant Vaping
  • 20 Minute Charge Time
  • 350mAh Battery
  • 1.5mL Pod Capacity
  • Universal Charging Port
  • Nic Salt Pods
  • Ultra-Portable
  • Mouth to Lung Vaping
  • Autodraw System
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling. Images are for illustration purposes only. Actual color, finish and packaging may vary.
  1. I can dig it. review by Robert on 12/15/2018
    Overall Rating

    This is my first pod system. I am an experienced vapor but I wanted to get into pod systems for a more stealthy vape. This works out well, but not that much flavor. I have tried it with my own Nic Salts. But it could just be pod systems don't put out a lot of flavor. Battery lasts a good while (I use it along with my normal vapes) and it seems pretty sturdy. Would have gave it 5 stars if the flavor was a bit better and you didn't have to draw so hard.

  2. Easy to use review by Trueblue82 on 9/9/2018
    Overall Rating

    I'm working on saving money from buying cigarettes, and this was mentioned to me by a co-worker. I tried his and liked it so I bought one. I tried other vapes but was afraid of them, they'd spit, and pushing a button with no control on how much you inhale made me leery. I'm an oddball that inhales air when I smoke so this is perfect, I feel in control when I use it!

  3. It’s good review by Loui on 8/18/2018
    Overall Rating

    I got it for a dollar with my Smok prince stick and it’s great for a more cig like favor

  4. Awesome beginner review by Rose on 8/18/2018
    Overall Rating

    This is awesome for me I am going to use it to quit smoking, easy to use & refilling it. Highly recommend this for beginners. I also think I will only use this one because I cough really bad with other units & I don’t too bad with this one. I will be buying more of these.

  5. Amazing review by Yeet boi 420 on 8/7/2018
    Overall Rating

    It puts out more vapor than jull tastes better than jull and is cheeper than jull. Now I’m not saying it’s better than jull if you like jull better than that’s fine. Although I did notice it leaks But if you take a longer hit like 3 seconds it won’t leak but if you just take like 5 quick hits it will leak and you won’t get as much vapor production. It’s very easy to use just put your pod in and take it out. If your looking for a cloud pusher you’re not going to get it with this device. I’ve been using it for 3 days now and I would recomend it to a person who is trying to quit cigs

  6. Good! Here are some tips... review by Trish on 7/24/2018
    Overall Rating

    I bought this vape and its great for smokers who are trying to quit. Feels like a cigarette draw and the pods are re-fillable! Pop the bottom off of the pod on each side, dump out the juice, and fill it to the little white line with whatever juice you desire. Clip the bottom back in, if it has air bubbles at the bottom of the pod, just tap it till the bubbles go to the top. Clip it back in the vape and you're good to go. If I am confusing you by this to can look up on Youtube "how to refill "my blu" pods"

    A way to make sure you dont burn out your new pod and coils, before vaping just have the pod piece in ur mouth and blow air back and forth through it. That will get the cotton connected to ur coils soaked with vape juice and take away a lot of the burn taste. I highly recommend you to do that before smoking. This will also make your pod usable for longer if you plan to refill it.

    I love how this vape doesn't have a button. Every time I put it in my bag it'll get pushed up against something messing up my coils; burning them, making vaping unplesent. Very easy literally a 7 year old would be able to know how to use it. It only takes 20 minutes to charge and lasts for a very long time

    THE ONLY CON.... The juice is disgusting! I hate tobacco flavors. If you like the taste of tobacco then go you

  7. Easy to use, leakage problems review by Tone on 7/22/2018
    Overall Rating

    I got this thinking it would be good for traveling with. It’s easy to use, compact and light. That being said, the cartridge it came with leaked and was impossible to use for that reason. Luckily I also purchased a pack of separate cartridges and they work just fine. I say if your thinking of buying this make sure you buy some extra pods.

  8. I really like it review by Pam on 7/20/2018
    Overall Rating

    I got my Blu in the mail today and I really do like it. I would recommend this to anyone new to vaping because it is more like smoking a cigarette then most that I have tried, it even tastes like a cigarette. I have noticed though that it has a little bit of a spit back on my lips when I vape it.

  9. Not all bad review by Nawm on 7/18/2018
    Overall Rating

    I've used quite a few different pod systems, and I do enjoy the clicky=ness of this one. The flavor of the plan tobacco was wonderful. (And I've vaped/pods for 4 years, tried many flavors) BUT, the spit back is awful with this one, and worst of all, the pull system is way off, you have to pull extremely hard on this pod for it to acknowledge you're pulling. I would buy the juice for my Breeze 2 if they had it though.

  10. Love it review by Max on 7/18/2018
    Overall Rating

    I got this not thinking I would like it, but it was only $1. It came in and I absolutely love it. I didn't like the flavor, however, so I wish that you could choose one other than this. However, I refilled it with my own juice and it tastes pretty good. It's pretty easy to refill too. You just pop the bottom off of the pod, dump out the original, and stick your own in. Very good product.

  11. looks beautiful, not has leak review by qing on 7/14/2018
    Overall Rating

    this starter kit looks beautiful and works, but it has consistently leak, also it only half left when I got it .

  12. Can't beat the price and it works good. review by StephenJP on 7/12/2018
    Overall Rating

    I've been vaping for over a decade. I got this offer in my email and said For a buck, why not .
    The juice that came in it was old and tasted burnt ( they should be more careful about things like that) it can ruin people opinion of it. For a simple device it is great for beginners/
    Of course the first thing I did was go on youtube and find out the safest way to refill it so I could put my own juice in it.
    Once I did that (witch is very easy) it was great. I like my mod better but it is cool being so simple and easy to carry.
    The only problem I had was the cartridge wanted to fall out all the time so I just taped it in until I have the time to modify it.
    All in all, I like the simplicity of it and the fact that it lasts a long time.
    I would definitely recommend it to beginners.
    It's a cheap way to experience vaping in a way that is truly representing what is out there and It could be all some people want or feel they need.
    A lot of the ones you can get in the stores are trash and would have turned me off to vaping all together had they been my first experience.
    Luckily, My first was the Joy 510 when they first came out and I'm very glad I went that way.
    I knew on the first drag that It would work out.

  13. My blu hasn't given me the blues!! review by AUDACIOUS on 7/11/2018
    Overall Rating

    First off, easy use for all users, simple design makes it easy to travel with & last but not least, the battery last for an amazing length of time for such a small unit..
    **However, with all of the positive things I can say about this unit, the one negative is that Gold Leaf juice pod is the worst tasting juice I've ever vaped in all my years of vaping, smh!!**
    Please consider including a different flavor in the packaging, then you'll have a mos def winner

  14. You get what you pay for... review by JackyFrost on 7/7/2018
    Overall Rating

    Leaks and spits e-juice in your mouth constantly. Every three hits or so. I hope they made a refined second model, even if it costs more. This is just unusable and it’s no surprise that they’re being given away at one dollar a piece. But hey, it’s one dollar. Still better than cigarettes, so go for it.

  15. Great product review by Jsweeney on 6/24/2018
    Overall Rating

    It’s a great product and works extremely well, and comes with a light tobacco flavor that taste really good. The battery life on this thing out does most of the competition and stays charged for days. Every time I feel I need a real cigarette I put my other vapes down and pick this one up and it does the trick and my cravings go away.

  16. Terrible! review by Dale on 6/23/2018
    Overall Rating

    Smells like burnt electrical wire! I've tried vaping this for the last couple of hours now and removed and replaced the pod a few times and still smells like burnt plastic and wires...I can't recommend this to anyone.

  17. L❤️VE! Thi$ review by BigMaMa on 6/22/2018
    Overall Rating

    I might be barely jumping back on the vaping band wagon, but I've tried tons of products and thus by far, hands down is the best. So easy to use. No fuss filling tanks or bottles of juice. And I absolutely love the gold leaf juice pod. Just try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

  18. Probably a worthwhile device for beginners to checkout, but not so much for experienced vapers. review by BillyBC96 on 6/21/2018
    Overall Rating

    The 3 stars I give this device are strongly tinged by the fact that I've been vaping for several years and have moved on from such devices as this a long, long time ago. Despite that, I have been interested in checking out these small, stealthy pod type vape devices for awhile now, so what a great opportunity to check one out on the cheap when I saw these starter kits nearly being given away for $1 during a limited time promotion.

    I currently use 0.3mg nicotine level e-liquid in my mouth-to-lung tanks. The 2.4mg nicotine level in this device is way too much for me, as I have not vaped at that level in several years. Needless to say, the harshness of the throat hit was way too much for me, and I don't believe any of the factory filled juice pods that are sold for these come in any other nicotine level than 2.4mg. I did not yet know if these pods are meant to be user refillable or not. (They are not, but more on that later.) They should be built to be easily refillable, as they are otherwise fairly expensive for something you can't refill on your own, and so must thrown away (the pod, not the device) once you've used up your 1.5ml of e-liquid. That's not much juice capacity, but its better than what you get with more typical cigarette lookalike type e-cigarettes.

    If the pods were easily refillable by the end user with whatever juice they want, that would really help, as the automatic (button-less) device is dead easy to use, and its size is very light, portable, and easy to conceal for stealth use. A perfect type of vape device to have on hand when you know you won't be away from home for long, but you still want to vape a bit while you are out and about. If you were to go on a long drive intending to only use this device, it would be best to carry at least two, one to vape on while the other charges, as the rechargeable battery capacity on these is only 350mAh. That's actually not bad for a vape device this small, so you might be able to get a few hours of vaping out of one before recharging it.

    You can vape on this device while it is charging, as long as you have a sufficiently long micro USB cable for that. The charging cable they supply in the starter kit is way too short, but you probably have longer micro USB charging cables lying around your home anyway, so that's not too big a deal.

    If these were not refillable, well...if you are new to vaping then the relatively high nicotine level these contain should not bother you. The draw seems reasonable cigarette-like tight, and vapor production was good in terms of immediate vapor density, but not in terms of producing huge clouds - if that is your thing. However, despite those positives, the flavor of the e-liquid these are filled with is really...just plain awful. I don't recall ever tasting such a horrid vape before in all my 8+ years of vaping. Gold Leaf was the flavor that came with my starter kit. Other pod flavors for this device might be better, but I am highly doubtful of that.

    To be fair, before completely giving up on this device, despite the pods supposedly being meant to be single use, disposable units, I did looked up how to refill the pods. There are several videos online explaining how this can be done. It is doable and fairly simple in concept, though it is a bit of a pain to actually do for oneself the first time around. Having failed to wash and dry the pod first before refilling it, I still had to draw on the device several times to get most of the yucky, high nicotine flavor out of it before tasting my own less harsh, more enjoyably flavored e-liquid. The end result was pretty good, though it felt like I had to draw longer than usual (compared to other vaping devices) to start getting vapor, which just may be in the nature of how any of these small, cigarette size automatic vaporizers tend to work. Other, similar, pod type devices are not likely to perform much better.

    Another relatively minor negative I discovered when using this device is that the pods, whether refilled or not, tend to vape wet and are a bit leaky. Not a lot leaky, but enough to be a bit of a concern that you may get some small juice stains on your shirt pocket if that is how you choose to carry one of these. Part of the issue appears to be vapor condensation related, which you can't really do much about - other than being sure to wipe the mouthpiece end of the device off before re-pocketing it after use. Also, you can't chain vape on this device for long, as the vapor does tend to get a bit too hot when you do.

    So, it's not a great device, but it isn't a complete disaster of a product either. I can see how it could have its uses, but only if you are willing to refill the pods with e-liquid flavors that are better than the awful ones they are currently filling these things with. Other, similar sized, pod type devices like this are probably not all that different in performance, but some might come with better factory pre-filled pod flavors, have pods that are little more easily refilled, and/or have pods that tend to leak somewhat less.

  19. It's great especially for a beginner. review by Kathleen on 6/21/2018
    Overall Rating

    Very nice. I had zero problems setting it up. I got the bundle- (1) Regular tobacco & (2) Vivid Vanilla.
    Nice flavors.. I will try the other flavors.

  20. WOW! What a price! review by Frankie G on 6/20/2018
    Overall Rating

    Produces good flavors and nice smoke. Terrific device for a first time vaper, can't beat the price of this special offer. Easy to use. The only con is that the pod flavors are limiting.

  21. Great Device review by smoker 81 on 6/18/2018
    Overall Rating

    I just received my device today. I must say that I really like it. It doesn’t require a button to draw liquid from and it’s a very compact design. I do not like the Gold Leaf flavored pod (only because it’s pretty flavorful and I’m not into a lot of flavors) so I plan on ordering a different flavor, but overall I am happy with the product. Also, Direct Vapor is the best shop I have ordered from by far!!! Very fast shipping and great products. I referred my mom and she will be receiving one of these soon as well. Thanks Direct Vapor!!! You guys rock!

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