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Joyetech eGO AIO D22 XL Vape Starter Kit


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The Joyetech eGo AIO brought the world of all-in-ones to the vape pen market, delivering unique qualities that set this device apart from most available today. The Joyetech eGO AIO D22 XL expands of the original platform, producing a pen that manages the demands of an all encompassing vape MOD. An expanded 2300mAh battery affords the user a greater length of use for extended vaping sessions. The internal tank found in this vape pen contains 3.5ML of vape juice capacity alongside a bottom feed atomizer that will ensure peak quality of flavor and cloud production with any coil configuration. A customizable internal tank light LED can be switched to suit your personality with an easy long press operation. While selecting your color option, consider the internal red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, white or purple LED lights found within. Be sure to customize your vaping journey and buy a Joyetech eGO AIO D22 XL Vape Starter Kit today!

What's Included:

  • 1 x eGo AIO D22 XL Body (including built-in battery)
  • 2 x BF SS316-0.6ohm MTL Coil
  • 2 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Warning Card

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Specs & Features

  • Battery Capacity: 2300mAh
  • Internal Battery
  • LED Light Internal Tank
  • Vape Juice Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Length: 106.5mm
  • Battery: 2300mAh
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling.
  1. a good one... review by ecapco on 11/18/2018
    Overall Rating

    great tool. after many bad vaporizers I got a good one.

  2. I love these review by darlene on 10/11/2018
    Overall Rating

    dont get rid of this brand

  3. Great first vape review by Arknark on 8/28/2018
    Overall Rating

    Hey there! Just wanted to chime in and express how much I liked this product. Never had any problems with it, was super easy to use and is a tough little bugger. Just recently broke the glass tank on mine after a nasty spill and am trying out a Kangertech product next, but I would gladly recommend this product to any newbies out there :)

  4. Noice review by AdizzleFoShizzle on 3/14/2018
    Overall Rating

    Yo dawg this is your boi AdizzleFoShizzle.
    Vape like it's meant to be vaped.I dunno what I'm sayin.
    Buy this shiznit now and start makin some dope clouds.
    I guarantee you'll become a level 420 Pro vaper like me with this product.
    My buddy Adawg suggested me Joytech eGo AIO because I'm a smoker, but now I don't smoke at all(I only vape) and I have a clean healthy pair of lungs.
    Now me and my partner Adawg chill out everyday with our favourite Joytech eGo AIO kit and we both are truly satisfied with this product.
    Go pro with Joytech eGo AIO.

  5. Truly excellent device! review by Rebeccaesquire on 1/15/2018
    Overall Rating

    I bought this unit based on the other reviews and the extremely reasonable price. I’ve since bought two more and I love them SO MUCH. Tank holds plenty of liquid, battery life is excellent and a perfect draw. The only complaint I’ve heard is that the coils burn out too quickly. I had this experience myself at first, but I found that a good long soak is key. I only replce coils right before bed. Put six drops of liquid in the coil and fill the tank. Let it soak overnight before use! Using this method, I usually get at least a week out of each coil. Without the long soak, coils burn out in a day or two. I also bought this model due to the nifty color changing lights in the tank. I honestly don’t use this feature much in order to conserve the battery life but it’s still pretty cool to use at night. I don’t like the look and complexity of box mods despite having been vaping for more than four years. This is an almost perfect ecig and I’ve tried quite a few!

  6. Like almost as much as the smaller EGO AIO review by JulieB on 12/13/2017
    Overall Rating

    I bought this because I was tired of having to fill my original EGO AIO all the time. It DOES work really well, and the size of the tank is great. What I don't like? I don't like that it's missing the little dots that align for optimum airflow on the smaller model. I can't adjust the airflow on this one, as the ring around the mouthpiece does not move as it's supposed to--my son has the same model, and his does move, so I just tighten it all the way so it won't leak. Which it did the first day I used it. Didn't have the lid on tight enough apparently so all of my juice leaked out on my table when it fell over. Yay! the other thing I'm not especially happy with is that the juice is somehow getting in the threads where the top connects to the base, so I either have to wipe both pieces clean before filling, or wipe down the entire outside when I refill and replace the tank--no, not filling above line. Lastly, I bought the red one, and the coating is chipping off, so it looks beat up already-I've had it just about a month. I agree with the poster above who suggested ordering a bare metal finish. Great vape for the price, just think the smaller one is better over all.

  7. Great starter pen review by hockymavn on 10/22/2017
    Overall Rating

    This pipe is the best value for the money. Good draw. The battery life is good. Clean hits. 3.5 mil tank good investment for anyone wanting to quit smoking and just getting into vaping.

  8. Great for beginners review by PuKee JooSe on 10/1/2017
    Overall Rating

    I'm new to vaping so I wanted an all in one unit, and this one is perfect. Awesome air flow adjuster close to the mouth piece, it's pretty resilient, I've dropped mine a few times. It won't leak if you follow the instructions and not fill it past the fill line. It's also a little on the heavy side but it don't turn me off. All in all, awesome little vape. Also you can change colors in the tank... I thought that was pretty cool.

  9. Awesomeeee review by Erra on 9/15/2017
    Overall Rating

    Hits very nice . packaging kept everything safe . the light is pretty damn cool for night time to see your juice level and it hits like a CIG would recommend for anyone quitting smoking cigarettes . the vaper production is very nice for a tight draw

  10. Great starter kit review by Glcj on 8/3/2017
    Overall Rating

    Although I purchased mine at a local vape shop. I wanted to leave my opinion on this kit. Size you really can't beat easy to carry. Operation is simple just one button. Vapor production is pretty impressive for such a small unit. Especially when you use the 0.5 bf coils. Great little direct ling unit. Battery life is really amazing to. Last all day even with heavy vaping. The tank capacity which is small will run dry if you vape heavy. Light vaping it will last most of the day. Joyetech coils can easily run dry and burn. So if you chain vape you will be replacing them regularly. I made the switch from cigarettes to vaping a little over a month ago. This was and still is my first and only device. Was able to successfully switch with looking back. It is a slight learning curve but well worth it. I recommend this little joyetech d22 to any smoker who ask about switching to vaping. Will like to upgrade to a bigger set up one day but rather injoying this low cost kit.

  11. Great! (Perfect for what it is) review by Lith on 6/13/2017
    Overall Rating

    Hits like a champ when it's charged enough, saves battery when it's low, which is nice. It was trying to flood a few times when I first got it, but that cleared up and hasn't returned. If that happens, it probably just needs breaking in. Battery is amazing. I vape about a tank per day and only have to charge it every other day, or every third day. It's a lot. Coils are cheap, last about 3 weeks. The stainless steel (silver, as they call it here) looks incredible, especially with the turquoise light.
    This is the most bang for your buck in the beginner section.

  12. great price.great vape. review by Rob on 5/23/2017
    Overall Rating

    I have been all over the internet and no other company beats direct vapor period end of story. This item is 30 dollars on joyetechs own company website.I have 4 innokins 1 kanger 1 smok stick but this is my favorite. the design is flawless for the price you cannot go wrong.If im not mistaken i believe joyetech was the original big name before all the other brands. For this price you will not be disapointed

  13. Not the best review by Trouble in paradise on 5/20/2017
    Overall Rating

    Easy to burn coils if they are not primed and allowed to sit a while after placed in filled tank. Battery life is less than excpected. Keeping an extra charged is necessary. The tank filling is easy and clean, size is great, hits great when battery is fresh off the charger.

  14. Just Ok review by Denise Omernick on 5/5/2017
    Overall Rating

    I prefer to vape a high/max VG fluid and this pen style struggles. It becomes frustrating. It's fine w/ a 50/50 mix. And the other thing I don't seems to mute the flavor.
    I've been using a Kanger pen type w/ a .5 coil. and I much prefer that for the thicker juice(high VG).
    But it's a good portable unit for the $.

  15. Overall Satisfaction review by Chelsea on 4/19/2017
    Overall Rating

    I have not had much vape experience in my life, so coming from a fairly novice review point I would have to say I am quite happy overall. I've only had it about two weeks and I'm just getting myself off cigarettes so I've been using it quite heavily and I'm quite impressed with it's battery life, I needed something that would vape through a full day and it definitely makes it a full day, sometimes two. The design is very simple, the fire button seems to be perfectly sensitivity level for me, the LED colors are really fun and helpful when vaping in the dark for being able to see the juice level. I love the child lock feature because I carry it in my pocket fairly often and don't have to worry about it loosening or unscrewing with movement. The only reason I give the product a 4 instead of 5 star review is due to the flooding after refilling the tank, not the worst thing in the world but also not the most pleasant. It can be helped a bit if you plug the drip tip and bring the pen up to mouthpiece and screw it on that way but there's still some flooding, I solve this by wrapping a paper towel over the drip tip and flick my wrist like cracking a whip until juice stops collecting on the paper towel. I'm currently running 30PG/70VG I'm going to try upping it to 20PG/80VG and see if that helps with the flooding a bit. Overall a wonderful vape pen, especially for the price! Would highly recommend and possibly buy again.

    Also would love to commend Direct Vapor for their amazing FREE shipping time on, I had order after hours on a Wednesday and recieved it the following Monday before the charge had even cleared my bank account! I was very impressed to say the least!

  16. Product works great, I am fairly new to Vaping review by Joe on 3/20/2017
    Overall Rating

    I wanted to be able to give Direct Vape a great review as well as the product but They charged me for the product and it took them 8 days to even get the order processed, very frustrating, and then the shipping took an extra day because of bad weather in Florida, That is what the Post Office told me.
    As far as the product goes, I am satisfied so far. I received it today and took my time to soak the coil and really let the E-juice soak into everything. Each hour it seems to be getting better. It is definitely a Non-leak top and it produces a good quantity of "vape" I was surprized because of the small size. So far I am really happy with the product. Now, I am almost afraid to order E-liquid from Direct Vape, how long will it take to get here?

  17. Great everyday device review by Mathew on 3/11/2017
    Overall Rating

    Had the original EGO AIO from Joyetech, which was good but required frequent filling. The extra liquid capacity the XL provides is great without making the device cumbersome. Threw away the 0.6 MTL coils and used my 0.5 DL coils for much better performance. I had the original in the bare metal finish, got the XL in black. That was a mistake. The bare metal finish doesn't show any scratches unless you look closely for them whereas my fingernails could probably scratch the colored coatings. Do yourself a favor and stick to the metal finish. Otherwise I would recommend this to newbies and advanced vapers looking for an easy-to-carry, all day device.

  18. Quick shipping and good price. review by Jim on 3/4/2017
    Overall Rating

    I ordered this on Wednesday around 4 p.m. arrived on Saturday in West Virginia. Not sure why anybody would pay for any shipping when it arrives in 3 days with free shipping.

  19. I love this! review by lkm on 2/20/2017
    Overall Rating

    I love this vape pen! I have bought several over the past couple of years, varying in price to over $100. This is my favorite by far, and I knew immediately at the first inhale. But first, I think it's beautiful (I have the red one), and I love the lighted tank. I also like that it has a substantial feel--it's a little heavier and fatter than the others I have. It has a really good, smooth draw and the taste is great. I've never written a review before, but I felt like I had to in order to let others know that this is a great buy, well worth the money. I plan to buy another in a different color so I can have different flavors going at once.

  20. Wonderful review by JnX on 2/5/2017
    Overall Rating

    Purchased this about 4 months ago as my first vape and totally love it! Battery you can rely on & holds good amount. Had a slight issue in the beginning, started to spit excessively so I thought the coil was done but after reading online it was "flooded" so although it is spill proof, I had to blow out the coil and wah-la, brand new again! Def love the AIO feature and it's a greater starter to enter the world of gaping with a great price. THUMBS UP!!

  21. Fantastic! review by J. on 1/7/2017
    Overall Rating

    I'm very happy with mine. I only have one small complaint and that's that the fire button is a little too flush with the surface of the device. This makes it a little more difficult to find the button in the dark etc.and also results in 'misfires' due to the button not being squarely pressed. Other than that tiny design flaw the thing i s a work of art. I'll definitely buy another when this one craps out.

  22. Love it review by CU on 11/28/2016
    Overall Rating

    Light and easy to use. Holds more juice than the smaller versions which I also have. I have learned that switching out the drip tip helps with the flavor production. The spiral one that's designed to reduce spit back is a flavor killer. The lighted tank is pretty cool! Great addition to my collection. Cheap enough that I use one for each flavor in my daily rotation. Highly recommend

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Joyetech eGO AIO D22 XL Vape Starter Kit