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How Vaping Works

Wondering how it works? Got some questions on new technology? We've got you covered with everything you need to know when it comes to vaping. Check out our glossary of terms here for definitions on the vape terms you need to know and if you need some help selecting the best of 2016, check out our Vape Guide 2016.


So you want to start vaping but you're looking to cut as many corners and save as much cash as you can. Well, you're not the only one! There are just so many products to choose from, some of them extending well into triple digits, and then there is the unexplored territory of e-liquids to delve into… all without even knowing if you're going to like any of it! Yes, we understand your plight entirely. Lucky for you, we've been into this whole vapor smoking thang for a long, long time, and we've picked up a whole lot of knowledge along the way.

Here's our guide, full of expert tips for getting what you want and need, while sticking to a budget. Yes, fret none! It can be done!

  1. Research, because the more you know what your options are, and what different products cost, you will be more aware of what a good deal truly is! This is a tech-based industry, and there are A TON of different products to choose from. You really need to learn what your options are, because this will enable you to make more personalized choices.
  2. E-cigs, vaporizers, MODs… they're all pretty different from each other, and there can be a HUGE cost differential between them. Many people start out with e-cigs, then transition up the ladder, however some jump right into MODs from tobacco, and do so with stellar results. If cost is playing into your decision, rather than the experience you're aiming for, e-cigs, by far, are the cheapest option. The following is a breakdown of what each style of alternative cigarette offers:
    • E-Cigs: $. Super simple, very similar to traditional cigarettes in looks, feel, and how you use them. However, they do not hit as powerfully as vaporizers and MODs. You also have less options for customizing their usage as opposed to vaporizers and MODs.
    • Vaporizers/Vape Pens: $$. These are middle of the road devices. More power than e-cigs, less work and power than MODs. They are loaded with options, ability to customize, and play with, plus they can offer a slew of power options
    • MODs $$ - $$$. These are recommended for those with advanced knowledge of electronics, electrical workings, and how all the different aspects of MODs come together. They are only recommended for beginners who know what they're getting into.
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  7. Buy in bulk; there's usually a big cost-savings incentive. For example, go after atomizers sold in 5-packs; you're going to be replacing these constantly. Also, the general rule with e-liquids is that the larger the bottle, the less expensive the overall amount cost is. This allows you to also be prepared for a longer period of time, and we all know how lame running out of something necessary can be.
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  9. Take the initiative: set a budget for yourself and stick to it no matter what. Even if your fave e-liquid costs $38 per 10ml and you go through a bottle a day; plan around it! Sometimes vaping can be a little too enjoyable, and it can be too easy to go overboard buying cool stuff to fuel the hobby.
  10. Learn to build your own coils. Yes, you'll have to learn some technique, some safety info, and how to properly handle the inner workings, however, the more knowledge you obtain, the more you empower yourself! DIY coils can save you a lot of money!

Vaping doesn't have to be expensive; in fact, most people are interested in vaping to begin with because it can be a whole lot cheaper than smoking! However, on the flip side, it can also be tremendously easy to overspend and go nuts on account of how excitingly innovative it is. Either way, we suggest finding the middle ground and getting in on all the awesome savings opps that await you! Shop wisely, my friends!

While MODs may not be the first choice of those just beginning to explore the world of vaping, this isn't to say it can't be done, or that it hasn't been done. It just has to be done wisely.

So, here are our tips on using MODs for the beginner, as well as our take on the best MODs for the beginner. Taking an introductory approach is a smart move, because going too complex, too quickly can complicate things. And perhaps, leave a bad taste in one's mouth about the experience.

First things first, let's talk about the origins of the MOD sector of the industry. The name is rooted in “MODification,” because in the earlier days of vaping, before super-high-tech products were plentiful and being made in epic proportions by legit brands, consumers were MODifying different e-cig items, batteries, and other electronic components on their own to vape with to get accelerated performance and battery power. Hence, these were the earliest MODders.

While that method is not exactly the safest or the recommended way to get the experience you're looking for, it was the start of a really innovative movement. Vapers were more than willing to take the technology into their own hands, quite literally, and run with it. Manufacturers caught on, and now they're offering an endless array of different products to get your preferred level of performance, in a multitude of ways. Being a MODder has never been easier, and being able to select products you're into can be done with simplicity and ease. Sure, many people are heavy into the DIY aspects, and continue to prefer MODels that give them the hands-on approach they're after, however there are many others who just want a serious experience without having to build a highly technical machine to get it.

Either way, you're sure to find the perfect beginner starter kit that fits your needs by acquiring more knowledge.

So here are our top picks for the best MODs for beginners. These are awesome devices with differing levels of power, and they come with the benefit of being really powerful.

Eleaf iStick 40W TC MOD

This MOD is easy to use, set up, and work with. If offers a lot of power- up to 40W, and allows for temperature control. This is the kind of device that shows beginners how awesome the vape world is, and that it's not really complicated.

Joyetech eGrip OLED CL Kit

Beginners really do deserve great quality, in my opinion. Starting out with powerful products that deliver an experience that can be enjoyed from start to finish really does have an effect on one's overall vaping. I highly suggest this particular MOD to those who are not intimidated by powerful technology when starting out because the results it delivers are perfection, and it is quite easy to use in the process. Capable of firing up to 30W, boasting a powerful 1500mAh battery, it has no trouble putting out some mega clouds.

Innokin Coolfire IV iSub 40W

Great battery life, tank is included with the starter kit, excellent performance. This is an awesome machine for beginners because it lacks nothing, while being incredibly easy to use. This is authentic high-powered vaping, simplified.

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Beginners may be seriously overwhelmed when faced with the massive selection that awaits them. This market has more than enough products to choose from, and for those not sure where to start, you've hit the right spot. We want to see you vaping successfully and happily, so here's everything you need to know, as a beginner, or for a beginner, to get on the right track and select the right device.

Vaporizer Pens

These are super popular, especially amongst the beginner crowd. While they are more dynamic than basic e-cigs, the cool thing about vape pens is that they still offer a good amount of power, without going too far overboard and requiring heavy duty knowledge of electronics to make them fire properly. Oh no- quite the contrary. They are very simple to use, allow you to have a great amount of control over the process, and they offer a seriously good experience.

What to look for:

  • Versatility
  • Affordable
  • 510 Threading for lots of tank options
  • A decent power level

Our top picks on the best vape pens for beginners:

Kanger SubVod

This is the standard basic, always-awesome, highly versatile, no-fail, high-powered vape pen. You can't go wrong with this one, which is why practically everyone has (at least) one. Super affordable and available in lots of colors.

eGo Cloud

This is a fantastic, ultra-powerful vape pen, or starter pen for those who don't need an excessive amount of options and force. An extremely budget-friendly device, it is simple to use, packs a major punch when handling high-nicotine liquids, and has no prob creating a huge amount of vapor.

Box MODs

These are the highly popular vaporizers that have enticed nearly everyone. The hardcore vapers have been on to these for a while, and they are getting more and more sought after. They boast an incredible level of flexibility, allowing users to customize many options, while using a vast array of different tanks. Another bonus is the power level; no intro-style devices can compare to the power output from MODs. We do not suggest newbies going after the most technical, electrical-heavy MODels, as you've really got to know what you're doing (experience is super important, people) to work with those, however the more simplified versions should be fine for any vaper, newbie or otherwise, to work with.

What to look for:

  • Ease of use
  • Affordability; you should not spend too much right from the start
  • 510 connection for versatility and the ability to use most commercially-available tanks
  • Simple design
  • No building required

Our top picks on the best MODs for beginners:

Eleaf iStick 30W

30W is on the lower end of power levels for MODs, and that makes this one an excellent startup device. It is simple to use in every aspect, yet still provides a satisfying experience and is definitely an upgrade over more basic vaporizers.

Itaste MVP 3 Pro 60W

This MOD is a great entry point for those seeking a lot of power, and it is a great device to start off with, if you are up for the challenge! With a 4500 mAh battery, you can expect extended performance from this machine, without having to recharge constantly.

Eleaf iStick Basic Full Kit

The iStick is among the most loved, coveted, and versatile devices in the industry; it can do no wrong. It is an all-in-one MOD that works in conjunction with the GS Air 2 Atomizer. It has a built-in 2ML tank, features adjustable airflow control, and is constructed of ultra-durable stainless steel.

For beginners or those who just want the compact size of a small MOD, these are our top picks.

Small MODs are great for those looking for MODerate power and wattages, and those who don't want to mess with the larger sizes of more advanced MODs. They are ideal for beginners because they offer a great performance without getting too technical, too complicated, or supplying so much power a beginner would not know how to handle it. These particular MODs are great starter devices, however they make the perfect addition to the collections of advanced users who want the versatility of a small MOD for certain situations.

Joyetech eGrip OLED CL Kit

The eGrip never gets old, boring, or outdated; Joyetech consistently finds ways to reinvent this classic, and it's always good! What we love about this particular small MOD is the amount of power it delivers to fire up to 30W, while its battery is a MODest 1500mAh, making it a testament to excellent design. The starter kit is the best way to get your hands on this device; it comes with all the necessary extras, and is perfect for advanced users who want less power, or the tech-minded beginner.

Eleaf iStick 40W TC MOD

Eleaf products are always a good bet, and for a smaller MOD, the iStick 40W with temperature control is an awesome device. It's one of the hottest MODs out there, particularly for its super functioning and performance capabilities. We would not recommend this one for the newest of beginners, as working TC can be a bit complex for the novice, however, no one will deny the capacity for a very enjoyable vape with this machine. It's tiny, handles sub ohm very well, and doesn't cost a ton.

Innokin Coolfire IV iSub 40W

Great design, fun color choices, awesome functions. The Coolfire IV is one of the best MODs in its class available right now, and this thing was so well designed. It is by far, one of the best you're going to see, in any size range. It fires down to 0.2 ohm and fires up to 40W. It takes on plenty of different tanks nicely, and handles the Innokin iSub tank exquisitely; they're basically made for one another. This is the no-fail small MOD -it's perfect for anyone, especially if you're aiming for great performance and MODerate wattage.

MODs aren't going to work right without batteries. Actually, they won't work at all without batteries! So… on that subject, what are the best batteries to use? Are there appropriate batteries for specific devices? Yes, in actuality, there are! So here's a rundown with all the info you're going to need to know if you're diving headfirst into this whole vaping thing.

The Basics: Lithium Ion

Batteries are one aspect you can't compromise on. You can swap out drip tips, change up your tank, try fancy, snazzy atomizers all you like, but you need a solid battery for your device to be able to get that vapor; no getting around it. All vaporizers, e-cigs, and MODs use high discharge lithium ion batteries. They are the industry standard. Considered generally safe, as they are utilized in all varieties of other electronic devices; from cellphones to computers to car batteries; they're everywhere.

Lithium ion batteries are preferred by just about everyone because they are known to have faster charging times, longer life spans, and have the ability to provide a higher density level that gives way to better battery life, all in a smaller, lighter package. Sounds awesome, right?

Let's Talk About Size

As MODs are designed according to specifics and size requirements, so will their accompanying batteries need to fit this mould. In other words, only the batteries specifically designed to fit your MOD will work, and you should not use any other batteries than those recommended. In doing so, you run the risk of spiking voltage, which can result in battery failure.

What Batteries Should I Use?

Of all the many different lithium ion batteries available on the market today, only a select few are specifically made for vaping. Generally, there are three types of batteries compatible with vaping: ICR (LiCoO2 or LiCd) , IMR (LiMn) , and Hybrid. Each has their own positive and negative attributes.

Here's the Lowdown on Each Battery Type:


  • IMR batteries have safer chemistry than ICR's.
  • IMR's are designed for low-resistance builds and mechanical devices.
  • For the most part, IMR batteries lack protection circuits, though they allow higher amperage discharge rates than ICR's.


  • ICR's are generally packaged for sale with protection circuits.
  • ICR's potentially have a higher storage capacity (mAh), however they are not always capable of delivering the proper amperage necessary in high power, low resistance, mechanical situations.


  • Hybrid batteries usually offer a “safer” chemistry than IMR's, while being able to compare to the increased storage capacity of an IMR.

Additional MOD Battery Tips:

  • Keep your batteries away from contact with other metal objects
  • Do not let your batteries rub against one another
  • Storage in a specifically-designed e-cigarette battery case is preferable
  • Do not expose batteries to water or excessively humid conditions
  • Do not expose batteries to extreme temperatures; hot or cold
  • Keep batteries away from open fire/ flame
  • Maintain and clean your batteries regularly
  • Inspect them carefully, as often as possible; damaged batteries should never be used
  • Do not overcharge or overdischarge your batteries
  • When your batteries have officially bitten the dust, recycle them properly. It is illegal to do so otherwise.

When working with electronic components, while you may be able to harness a level of control impossible beforehand, doing so presents a variety of new risk factors you need to be aware of. Particularly in the area of working with the batteries and electrical aspects of MODs. So much in high-powered vaping depends on your battery, so this is one area of superior importance, and one that should never be overlooked in favor of other attributes. Without further adieu, here are the necessary battery safety basics!

Don't Even Think About Overcharging

You should know this by now; it's pretty common knowledge when dealing with any batteries, however, we've got to mention it first and foremost. It's just that important! The first few times you charge a battery, keep a really close eye on it to be aware of how it takes. Once it has reached full capacity, that battery needs to be removed from the charger asap. Overcharging wears down the overall life of batteries, and this can result in battery failure.

Device-Specific Chargers

Use only the charger that is designed specifically for your device. Accept no imitations or compatible products; this is really important. Batteries are designed to be charged at specific voltages, and different chargers can be completely out of the proper range. Should you charge your battery above 4.25 volts, lifespan can be shortened. Exceeding 4.5 volts can actually cause the battery to burst, so really, do not take chances. Pay attention!

Invest in a Multimeter

If you are embarking into the world of RBA's, coil building, and dabbling with mech MODs, this tool is a necessity. It is designed to test your batteries and coils for exact voltage, and you're going to need precise figures.

Understanding Short Circuiting

It is seriously important to know how to avoid short circuiting. If you are not aware, short circuits are known to occur when the voltage from a battery gets discharged at a rate exceeding the battery's upper amp limitation through a low resistance wire. Short circuits can create a massive surge of current that can kill your battery, your MOD, and potentially other objects in its path, if you know what I mean.

Safe Storage

It may seem innocuous, however proper storage of your batteries is a must. You should remember that batteries containing metal are conductive. They should never be left in situations where they can continuously rub up against other batteries, nor should they be able to touch other metal surfaces.

Fire is Not a Valid Source of Disposal

Just in case you need a reminder, disposing batteries, you know, consisting of chemicals, metals, plastics, etc, in flames is a bad idea. They can explode. They can produce some toxic fumes. It's just not a good scenario, and definitely not how they were designed to be disposed of. If you are looking to dispose of some batteries, do yourself a favor and find a local recycling center for batteries.

So this concludes basic MOD battery safety! Please, always consider safety as a necessary component to successful vaping! It needs to be your first concern, always.

Things tend to work better with some wear n tear. You know, after you've gotten the juices flowing. Coils are no different; they perform best broken in. Brand new coils are definitely known to perform better once they have a few sessions under their belts, so here's the preferred method on how to break in your coils! Save yourself, or a friend, some trouble; happy vaping is so worth the effort!

  1. Fill the tank all the way. Having your tank at full capacity makes it easier for the liquid to enter the area where the wicking is located, so that as it becomes saturated, you will still have a proper amount of liquid available to break in the coil.
  2. Prime the coil by taking a few dry hits, by taking a few puffs on your device without activating the battery. This creates a suction that drives the e-juice into the wicking area, allowing it to quickly saturate the wick. 5 dry hits should be the maximum to get things flowing; any more and you'll run the risk of flooding, or getting liquid in your mouth.
  3. Now that your tank is filled with e-juice and your coil has been properly primed, it's time to start adding power into the mix. However, don't get ahead of yourself and start adding a ton of power right from the start. Instead, go slowly, and start off with a minor voltage, about 4.2v to 4.4v, and start taking quick hits, which are basically fast little hits from the tank/ clearomizer without taking in any of the actual vapor. The rhythm should be a quick hit and a blow out, quick hit and blow out about 5 times, et voila!

This should be all the breaking in your device needs, and your coils should be ideally broken in at this point. Your tank should be functioning with ease, and you're setting up your tank to work for a long time to come, without issues.

Variable voltage and variable wattage devices have become absolute staples in the vapor industry, and it's because this feature enables a device to produce a significantly larger quantity of vapor and produce a much more satisfying experience. Here's what you need to know to understand how variable voltage and variable wattage work, and how they can impact your vaping for the better. The more you know, the more you can control your experience in a positive direction!

The Basic Info: Straight forward

Having the best vapor production and flavor are the result of being able to adjust for a precise heat level. In the simplest terms, less volts & less watts = cooler vapor. More volts & more watts = hotter vapor.

Basic vape devices, without variable voltage/ wattage utilize a 3.7 volt battery, with a 2.4 Ω atomizer/ tank, and the ability to produce less than 5.5 watts of power. If a 3.7 volt battery is used with a 1.5 Ω clearomizer/ tank, the device can increase its output to around 9 watts, which is still not a tremendous amount of power. The result is rather lackluster for those who desire more.

With variable voltage/ wattage devices, though the battery voltage is still often at 3.7 volts, there is a circuit that stores and regulates the power emitted from the battery and transfers it to the atomizer/ tank at the voltage and wattages of your choosing.

Variable Voltage

Think in car terms; variable voltage, or VV is like a manual car. Variable voltage allows you to adjust the voltage up or down. Different headers will boast different levels of resistance, so your voltage will need to be adjusted accordingly. If your header has higher ohms, volts will need to be increased. The lower the ohms, the volts will need to be taken down as well. More ohms = more volts; less ohms = less volts.

Variable Wattage

Variable wattage, or VW is a different ballgame altogether; it's pretty parallel to an automatic vehicle. It's simpler and requires less effort and thinking from you. When you set your watts, your battery will adjust the volts accordingly on its own, automatically. It's an automatic calculation.

So, that covers the basics of Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage… pretty simple once you get the hang of it, and oh so wonderful to have in order to produce a satisfying vape!

Drip tips are super popular right now, and as much as you think it's because they are so rad looking, it's actually their purpose that makes them so appealing.

So, What Are Drip Tips?

Drip tips are a cornerstone of vaping in the dripping style. Dripping is not the preferred method of all vapers, however those who try this method and do it right, tend to fall in love with it.

In basic terms, drip tips are functional yet decorative mouthpieces, and they are an alternative option for cartridges and cartomizers. They are used on vaporizers and MODs. They are hollow, and allow you to drip liquid into them to refill the device without removing any other part to do so. If you are a dripper, (as in, one for dripping e-liquid directly onto the atomizer), you know how beneficial this can be! Dripping gives you the ability to take advantage of the full scope of power available from your device, and in the process, it offers especially clean flavored, powerfully strong vapor production.

Get Stylish

Another interesting aspect of drip tips is that they come in SO many different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors in materials that range from glass to metal to plastic, and even wood. You can get super creative and have them match your device, or you can go after complementary styles; whatever! Either way, you can get really artsy, flamboyant, creative, whatever! And though that's a great part of the appeal, drip tips are an amazing way to enhance the performance of your machine without spending big bucks, having to get a new device, or even exerting a lot of effort to receive a banging result.

How to Use a Drip Tip

It's so simple! Drip tips screw onto the atomizer, creating a smooth channel for which you can drip the liquid into, allowing it to flow through easily. Direct dripping in such a way results in excellent vapor because the liquid is available so easily, in a constantly dripping manner

Method to the Madness?

In the beginning as you learn the method, expect to take some time to really learn the skill of dripping to perfection; don't assume it will come easily or automatically. However, it's not rocket science, so getting the hang of it is only a matter of time. Practice will really help you to get your technique down. Some things to focus on specifically are to know exactly how much e-liquid to add, and when to add it. Dripping is a learned art, and if you vape fairly often, you will be refilling rather frequently.

Bottom Line

The thing with dripping, consider this a warning, is that once you get accustomed to flavor that pure and intense, and vapor that rich, it's really hard to go back to tanks. Hey, some people alternate between the two, and enjoy applying a variety of methods to their vaping, but dripping is on a whole other level. It's purely awesome. And drip tips add to that awesomeness, making it simpler, more efficient, and enjoyable! Plus your device will look just a tad more stylish, which is never a bad thing!

DIRECTVAPOR Intermediate

Steeping is a method of ageing e-liquid, and it is known to bring out intricate flavors, enhance the overall flavor, and give more depth and body to certain juices. It takes some time and patience, but it can be a really fun way to get the most flavor-bang for your buck.

Some brands of liquid, such as Motley Brew and VaporFi sell liquids that have been steeped professionally, which takes the guesswork out it, for those of you who want to enjoy the deliciousness without the effort. It also gives the benefit of offering one the opportunity to taste what these juices offer, instead of guessing with (and waiting on) your own experimentation.

If you're interested in steeping your own liquids, here's the rundown on what you need to do, and what the method entails. A little bit of work will be required, but the results will be worth it!

The Technical Side

What happens during steeping is a process of binding and oxygen absorption. It allows flavors to fully ripen to their truest potential, all the while enriching the liquid as a whole. The process of oxidization changes the chemical composition of e-liquid, and often at times, the coloring of the liquid. It is a process not much different from the ageing of wine, and similarly, oxidation is used as a tool to heighten the flavor.


Steeping allows for a lot of variation and there are a variety of methods. It can be done with water, or without, and using heat for an extended period of time is a method preferred by many steeping enthusiasts.

Steeping should always be done with a glass bottle, as glass is resilient, it holds heat better than plastic, it will not leach chemicals or plastic taste into your liquid, nor will it be susceptible to melting. If you plan on doing a lot of steeping, having an assortment of empty glass bottles will really come in handy.

Have a Sample

During the steeping process, it is recommended to sample your efforts at regular intervals to find that perfect level of flavor. It's very much a personal thing, so trying it once a week will give you an idea about where the profile currently resides in the ageing process

How to Steep E-Liquids:

Method 1: Simple & Low Effort

Remove shrink wrap from a brand new bottle of liquid and store it in a cool, dry location for several days.

Method 2: Warm Bath

Give your liquids a nice, relaxing warm bath prior to ageing. Fill a container with very warm water, ensuring it is not too hot or boiling. Water line should be filled enough to submerge the bottles of e-liquid about halfway, and the bottles should be placed upright at the bottom of the container. Keep the bottles in their bath until the temperature reaches room temperature, then remove and dry them. Store bottles away from heat and light in a cool, dry place for several days/ weeks or until you are ready to use them.

Method 3: Slow Cooker Instant Gratification

Sometimes you can't, or just don't want to wait for your liquids to age, but you still want to savor the deliciousness of steeped liquids. In this case, the crock pot method may be for you. For this, you will need a crock pot, bottles of liquid to be steeped, a plastic bag to hold the liquids in, an additional bowl of water to place inside the crockpot. Place the e-liquid bottles into the plastic bag and tie it up, and place it into the bowl of water in the crock pot. Set the crock pot to the lowest setting, and cover it. As the liquids steep, check back every few hours until you are satisfied with the resulting flavors.

Ready for Steeping?

Steeping is a great option for intensifying the flavors of your e-juice, fixing bad flavors, or just getting creative to see what happens when you allow them to age. We hope these tips and methods have been useful, because steeping is so worth the effort if you're into heavy flavor!

Oh MODs… they seem so intriguingly complicated at first! All those different shapes, sizes, and styles… all those different wattages, ohms, volts and what not. All the different drip tips, atty's, and tanks… temperature control; where do we begin exploring this entrancing new world? Better yet, how do we start?

You're in the right place, baby! Because right now, we're going to lay out the in's and out's of how to pick a MOD! We won't tell you which one to get, because this is super personal territory we'll be running into, however we will lay the groundwork for you to make the best decision possible for your own needs.

Whether you've had some experience dabbling, are a current MOD user who wants to know more, or are basically at the start of a newfound love affair with vapor; here's what you need to know!

Two Varieties

There are two basic styles of MODs: regulated and mechanical. Yes there are lots of varieties between them, however these are your general categories.

Regulated MODs

Regulated MODs are complex, and they come in a multitude of sizes, styles, and power levels. They contain a chip that regulates the amount of power flowing through the device. Regulated devices are designed with a wide array of different protection aspects, so the user does not have to worry about designing it correctly themselves. Some of the different features to choose from between MODs include temperature control, short-circuit protection, variable wattage/ voltage, battery configuration and power control. They are highly accessible and regarded as very safe.

  • Temperature Control: This feature enables the user to have a specific temperature when vaping, and to monitor the heat level to avoid dry and/ or burnt hits. It works with low resistance wire, which has the ability to change resistance as it heats up.
  • Wattage Control: This feature enables you to set your device at a specific level of wattage, and the MOD will most likely set the accompanying voltage automatically to handle the atomizer's resistance level. This is a pretty individualized setting, so it's rather nice to offer everyone the option to fine tune at their own discretion.
  • Power Range: This is the range your device is capable of delivering power to the atomizer at. Generally speaking, the range is between 20W and 200W, with 50W being the most widely used setting.

Mechanical MODs

Also known as mech MODs, these are akin to the original range of MODs, and they are super DIY. They are as simple as it gets in terms of build, and this serves as a circuit to connect the battery and atomizer. They contain no additional circuitry, other than a switch that allows connection to occur. Mech MODs are a pretty much use-at-your-own-risk kinda option because all safety aspects are dependent upon the user to create the safest connections and coils possible. The MOD itself will offer no battery protection, so the user needs to know what they are doing, 100%.

Ok, so now that you know what these two main styles are about, you've got the necessary info to choose between them.

Go with a BOX MOD if:

  • Power is very appealing to you in a device
  • You want less DIY
  • You want a lot of power with minimal effort
  • You don't mind sacrificing less power for a smaller size (usually max 50W)
  • More power; 100W and up will mean a larger device
  • You don't mind learning about, and sticking to battery safety requirements

Go with a Mech MOD if:

  • You like a lot of power and don't mind the dirty work to get it
  • You are highly interested in getting super DIY with your MOD
  • Battery safety and amp's draw type-detailed info is your idea of light reading
  • Ohm's law is super interesting to you
  • Being hands on with all the intricate workings of your device does not intimidate you
  • The absolute necessity of safety, and the potential danger that lies in not creating the perfect build does not intimidate you; you're totally up for the challenge

Vaping can seem pricey, of course, in reality for the most part it's more affordable than smoking cigarettes, however it can still get expensive if you can't control yourself, or don't know how to shop. Hey, beginners gotta start somewhere, right? Well, consider this your “somewhere” because we're going to give you some expert pointers for always scoring the best prices. With smart shopping, you're always the winner! With the endless ways you can score bargains, saving dollars is just too easy!


Yes, in a plug of shameless self promotion, we've got to start this off by bragging about our prices, selection and commitment to bringing the best products at the best prices straight to ya. It's just what we do. So, with that, when you shop with DIRECTVAPOR you get the best prices all the time, because we like to consider everyday a sale day. On top of that, we offer price matching, so if you find an item elsewhere for less, we'll give it to you at that price. If you've already purchased, we'll hook you up with a credit for the difference. Sounds great right? We also offer the ability to save with Deals of the Week, where a specific item gets put on special at a reduced price for a week. And, if these weren't enough, just being a customer gets you into our Rewards Program, which gets you savings for spending, sharing your purchases on social media, and for leaving reviews. And, just for good measure, lest we not mention that we always offer free shipping, with no minimum! Yes, we are really, really into savings.

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Medium sized MODs are great; like the perfect middleman. Large MODs are great for having extended battery power, and overall power capabilities. While the large size may turn some off, because hey, it can get a bit heavy having a larger box MOD loaded with 2 18650's, a tank loaded with 5 ml juice, and all the other accompanying accessories weighing you down in your pocket, they've got their perks. Small MODs, on the other hand, boast a fabulously compact, convenient, enjoyably small, lightweight, easy to carry size but they lack the power and battery life that large MODs are packed with.

So, this is where medium-sized MODs come into play: they offer the best of both worlds. Lots of power, but not too much power. Weighty, but not too heavy. Sizable, but not too much size. Not all are created the same, as you know, however they come with a variety of different benefits and different assets specific to each particular device.

Not small, not large, these are our picks for the best medium-sized MODs.

Kanger TopBox Mini 75W TC Starter Kit

Lots of power, lots of vapor, lots of fun, and the kit is totally essential because this MOD and its matching tank work so well together! The aerodynamics and perfected design make this the ideal MOD for those on the go, and those who want a thrill with minimal effort. This mini-medium sized box MOD is a really great innovation, and it offers a fantastic performance. The small size does nothing to slow down the power, making this a great option for those who want max power within a smaller package. Powered by 1) 18650 battery, this thing is never a burden to carry around, and it hits up to 75W like nothing. Bonus point: this kit comes with extra coil, RDA, the tank, and a Micro USB cable; dope is an understatement.


The IPV D2 runs on the smaller side, and offers a great performance without bells, whistles, gimmicks, tricks, or anything extra. It's pretty basic, but very reliable. Lightweight black aluminum body, super durable, and temperature control done right with a Yihi chip. The battery door on this MOD is a sliding ball bearing, giving it added security. This MOD takes one 18650 battery, and can be custom-tuned in joule MODe, with output power from 5-50 joules. This is the perfect mid-sized MOD for anyone.

Sigelei 75W TC

An absolutely intelligent and heavy-duty piece of equipment from Sigelei, this MOD is all about the performance. The battery power can last tremendously, and the overall vapor production is excellent. The ability of this MOD to both blow impressive clouds while conserving battery power and e-liquid is exceptional; cutting consumption without cutting performance is a truly remarkable feat and a testament to the level of design and attention to detail that went into this product.

Joyetech eVic VT Battery

This is an awesome all-around MOD. It's smaller on the size with a great amount of power: 5000 mAh battery that will fire up to 60W, so you get a tiny MOD that soars into beast MODe. It's well designed, durable, all the buttons press flush, and there is no annoying rattling. Straight-up and simple, with lots to love.

Think high-tech, advanced vaping is only going to be done with the priciest equipment you can come across? Wrong. Just because a device is expensive does not guarantee it'll meet the hype of promising the world. And similarly, just because an item doesn't boast a high-end price tag does not mean it won't offer a fantastic level of performance. In this industry, there's really something for everyone, and there is no shortage of amazing performers that come at a super affordable price. So here are our takes on the best MODs to meet your budget!

Anything Eleaf

This is a company that knows what they're doing in every way, and they never slack on quality! All of the products in their highly popular iStick range receive rave reviews and have garnered something of a cult following. You simply cannot go wrong with an Eleaf MOD, whether you opt for the super budget-happy iStick 30W, or go after their awesome TC device, the iStick 60W TC, they will not break the bank but won't lack any fun along the way!


This is an awesome MOD, boasting lots of power at 75W, and the ability to TC. One of the best things about it is the small, lightweight size due to being powered by one 18650 battery, which is pretty rad considering it fires up to 75W.

Sigelei 75W TC MOD

Generally Sigelei products run a bit higher on the scale, but this particular MODel that rakes in 75W is a hot steal. It sub ohms with ease, and produces awesome clouds. Not too many bells and whistles, just a straightforward, powerful experience.

Tesla Invader 26650 MOD

Tesla MODs really run the spectrum in offerings. They basically offer everything; from super high tech MODs that blast up to 200W, to the more simplistic. Their most affordable, yet exciting option is the Invader 26650 MOD, which is powered by 2) 26650 batteries, offering a ridiculous amount of power. It is one of the lowest-priced high-performers out there. The aluminum body, magnetic back door, and copper-plated electrodes make for one amazing device.

Smok X Cube Mini 75W TC MOD

This is such a great MOD, and while the price may seem a little high, it is an amazing price for the features and performance of this thing. It is Bluetooth compatible, fires up to 75W and down to 0.1 ohms, has a very large OLED screen, and it automatically recognizes the type of coil you're using (Nickel, Titanium, or Steel). For a MOD this advanced, you could easily spend 50% more, so if you're aiming for a lot of tech features without dropping a ton of cash, this is the MOD for you.

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vaping is a type of vaping that uses a device that works with atomizer coils that handle less than one ohm. It enables the power output of fixed voltage machines, such as mech MODs and non-variable regulated MODs, to produce a larger quantity of vapor or flavor. This is the basic definition, however sub ohm vaping can entail a whole host of different aspects, and it is a very complicated, complex method; it's really intended for the most advanced users.

How Does Sub-Ohm Vaping Work?

Sub ohm vaping works in accordance with the principles of Joule's and Ohm's law of electricity. Since sub ohm vaping works directly with devices that are powered by battery, it's all about configuring these electrical aspects to get the very best performance. This style of vaping requires an advanced level of understanding the technology and especially how the electrical engineering works; it is not intended for beginners whatsoever!

So, Is It Dangerous?

If you know what you're doing, no. If you are experimenting blindly, without caution, experience, and knowledge, yes! If you follow all safety protocol, and understand what the necessary course of action is when working with coils, wires, batteries, etc, you'll be fine. Remember, the risks include fire, explosions, and injury if you fail to use common sense!

The Process

The biggest allure of sub ohm vaping comes with the tremendous clouds and vapor production that can be created. Just by tweaking the coils, and using those that can handle being fired below 1 ohm, you can change the overall performance of a device in terms of how well it produces vapor. Sub ohm is all about the lung hit, which gets the inhale straight into their lungs, and the more vapor, the better. Because of this, for sub ohm vapers, e-liquids that are heavy in VG are the preferred option because vegetable glycerin is known for producing the biggest, baddest, and thickest clouds. Lesser nicotine content is also preferred, as in, 6 mg or less, for maximum vapor impact.

Which Device is Best to Use for Sub Ohm Vaping?

There are so many options! However, for starters, let's just make it clear that standard variable voltage/ variable wattage devices are not the best bet for getting the sub ohm experience. Sub ohm gives a consistent level of power to the coils, therefore you can decide for yourself the resistance you want, while adjusting it as needed, so go after devices, wither regulated box MODs, or mechanical MODs that are made for going really low on the ohms.

Sub-Ohm Batteries

Battery safety is so insanely important! There really is no other aspect of your vape setup that is so major to the overall function besides the battery. Always use the safest authentic battery you can score, always from a reputable brand, and never attempt to MODify them! Keep your battery protected at all times, and away from any water sources, and excess humidity. Extreme temperatures of hot and cold are also very detrimental.

The standard go-to sub ohm batteries are IMR or some variety of hybrid lithium batteries due to their “safer” chemistry. Should these batteries fail, they are made to vent gasses in a slower manner, which significantly reduces the risk of explosion or fire, compared to the typical behaviors of Li-ion, LiPo, or ICR batteries under the same circumstances.

One of the main factors sub ohm vapers go after are those with the highest continuous amperage limits for safety.

Is Sub-Ohm Vaping the Right Method For You?

It's definitely not for those who want quick, fast, and convenient vaping! Sub ohm is a specialty for those who are willing to put forth the effort to get a desired result; working with serious electrical equipment is not a half-hearted effort. Indeed, there are simplified devices and parts, but to get the true experience and personalization, you're going to have to work for it. Dedication and a certain level of seriousness are a must. Obviously, it's your call on what you're after, just be warned: you need to know what you're getting into! If you have any doubts, always err on the side of caution!

RBA's, RTA's, RDA's… yes, we know they're all different even though those names sound awfully similar and they are similar items that perform the same function in a different manner. And, to make matters even more confusing, you could be having a perfectly legit conversation with someone regarding an RBA and they could very well be talking about an RDA, and at the end, you're both left slightly perplexed. We've all been there; don't sweat it!

So, let's talk about atomizers and all their nifty little abbreviations. Here's a simple guide to the basic info, that will help you choose which one of these atty's is going to do what you need it to.

Abbreviation Glossary:

RBA = Rebuildable Atomizer

RTA = Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, same item as RBA, just a different name

RDA = Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

These terms are used kinda interchangeably, and when someone starts chatting about a “rebuildable atomizer,” they could be referring to any of these items. For the sake of clarity, you should probably request a little more back info so you're on the same page, if you find yourself in the curious position of confusion.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer: RDA

RDA's are quite similar to the old fashioned disposable atomizer, with a few MODern upgrades. They are much easier to use than the prehistoric disposable varieties, and they have been designed to be rebuilt by those who use them. Like the name implies, these are made for dripping, if that's the method you're into. With this style of vaping, no tank is employed, and the user will drip e-juice directly onto the coils. It takes more time, effort, and attention, but the results of intense flavor and massive vapor are worth it. Some vapers are strictly “drippers” as a result of this.

Rebuildable Atomizer: RTA/ RBA

This style of atomizer uses a tank, and a wick is run from inside the tank to the section where the coil is located; at the top if it's a top coil design.

So, now that you know what these terms mean for real, and how they're used, you get to decide: do you want a tank or do you want to drip directly? If you're not sure, you need to spend some time learning about your choices. With dripping, you should aim your focus in; is it flavor or vapor production you're after, or both? Because there are devices that target each of these specialties. When using a tank, there are several style options to choose between as well; flavor, vapor, or both? Do you want to build your own coils, or do you want a device that allows you to work with pre-made?

All these questions may seem complicated and annoying, but they are SO important to the overall end result. The thing with advanced vaping is that you've got so many choices, and those who go this route are typically after a certain level of personalization. So, are you better prepared to know what to look for, and how to get it, now that you know the differences?

If you're into creating the biggest clouds you can, you know about the importance of having a prime technique. This is a combination of equal parts skill and experience; it must be perfected. You can have the most optimal equipment, and naturally-bestowed oxygen tanks for lungs, but if your technique isn't on point, you bet your clouds are going to be lackluster.

Lucky for you, you've come to the right place. For this piece, we will be discussing one of the best methods for getting your breathing technique exactly where it should be to handle a whole lot of vapor, and to subsequently blow it like a champ.

Before you get started on technique, make sure you've got the gear you need: a powerful MOD, a sub ohm atomizer/ RDA/ tank, and high-content VG e-liquid; the higher the ratio of VG, the better. Some brands offer PG-free liquid, and that works out really well if you're solely focused on blowing clouds.

Now on to the technique. Here it goes:

  1. Start with a blank canvas. Begin by exhaling completely, emptying all of the air from your lungs to maximize the oncoming inhale.
  2. In the process of exhaling, lean your body forward slightly to rid your lungs of any lingering air that may be in your lungs.
  3. As you empty your lungs, do save a tiny bit of air, and use it to blow through your RDA. This will test the airflow through the air holes, getting your device as well as your lungs primed for the up and coming clouds.
  4. Prepare to inhale. As you inhale, try to do so with all your strength. The aim should be a powerful hit, and you'll achieve the greatest effect by getting your whole body into the act; keep your back straightened to open your lungs.
  5. Time for the exhale. This should be done with a fully consistent motion, with a tempered, MODerate pace. For the best results, as you exhale, try jutting your jaw slightly. Doing so, as small of a movement as it is, allows your throat to open allowing the vapor to pass smoothly and easily.
  6. On the exhale, when you reach the point of exhaling practically everything, allow your lips to tighten at the very last moment. This gives you the benefit of maximizing your cloud, allowing the most force to shoot it into a very well-formed plume.

So that's one of our preferred techniques for getting the most action into your clouds! We suggest you work with it, and perfect it to your own personal taste. Perhaps blend it with other methods you know. While this is our most favored technique, keep in mind that it is one amongst many. So the best way to find what works for you, of course, it to experiment for yourself. This, however, is an excellent starting point. Enjoy!

Everyone from Huffington Post to the Wall Street Journal have reported on the craziness that is the world of sport vaping; AKA cloud competitions. Pretty much everywhere in the world where vapers commingle, competitions have been taking place!

From small, intimate gatherings, to large-scale competitions involving prizes, cash, and a seriously competitive vibe, cloud comps have gotten hot! Prizes are typically all varieties of rad vape gear, however they can also include cash awards, ranging from $250 to $2,000! Enticing, right?

With 8,500 vape shops around the country, and profits hitting around $1.2 billion, contests are popping up everywhere. Some vapers are even sponsored by companies who want them repping their goods. Amazing, something as simple as blowing clouds and ditching tobacco for vapor could come this far, right?

So, do you think you have what it takes to compete in cloud comps? Are you at the least bit intrigued? Here's what you need to know about getting in on the sport of competitive vaping, because hey, if it's your thing, there's glory to be attained!

Cloud Handling

Technique is so important to the sport vaper. You need to know how to work the vapor, and actually use it. The aim is to maintain a solid ball of vapor in the mouth, without causing it to dissipate; and then releasing it strategically from there.

The Right MOD

You really need the right machine to handle your technique. Mech MODs, particularly the highly coveted Copper MOD from Limitless, are known for their insane performance capability. This MOD features a very minimal voltage drop and maximum conductivity, which make for a really exceptional level of vapor that can be produced. No shortcuts in this area; you've got to know your machinery.

Think Safety

In the heat of the moment, it can be hard not to get caught up in the hype, however we urge you to always use common sense, as well as observe all the necessary means of caution, and not do anything even remotely unsafe, you know, for your safety. Particularly when using mech MODs, you really, really, REALLY need to know what you're doing because they are unregulated, and there is no internal circuitry for protection.

Don't Be Lame

Don't let the whole competition aspect go yo your head, even if you happen to be winning them all. Cloud comps have become a mainstay in vape circles and at shops, and as cool as it is to hang out, vape, and do your thing, don't walk around puffing out your chest, making sure everyone knows you're the top gorilla in this pack. Watch your attitude, be courteous, and don't take this whole cloud competition thing too far; it's about enjoying the vape and having some good-natured fun, as much fun as it is to win. Just remember, you won't win friends being arrogant. Or cocky. Enjoy!

So you know all about cloud chasing… you may even consider yourself a part of this unique subculture devoted to chasing the biggest clouds you can muster up. Perhaps you've participated in a few contests. You know about building coils to suit your personal level of lung power. You have a range of different RBA's that do what you need them to in specific situations. However, you're still searching for pointers, especially when it comes to competitions.

And that's where we come in. While we don't need to explain the basics to you, we can offer some tips on getting it right to win. So keep reading!

  • There's no single no-fail formula. Different things work for different people. Just like every other aspect of vaping, when it comes to cloud chasing, particularly what works for competition mode, it's pretty individual.
  • Patience. It can take a while to execute the perfect system. Consider it an art, not a recipe. Think in terms of months, not days, to get it where you want it.
  • Breathing technique is individual, not precisely a method that will suit every vaper identically.
  • Just because someone wins a competition with a particular battery setup, RDA, custom coils, and e-liquid, doesn't mean anyone else will. Again, like breathing technique, how the machinery is used is particular to each person.
  • Your e-juice makes a big impact on your clouds, as you're most likely aware. In a competition, those hosting usually provide the juice to keep things equal and all on the same page. However, should you have the option to choose your liquid, always go for liquid that is designed for producing clouds. In this case, the higher the VG, the better. In fact, PG-free and nicotine free are often desired by pros.
  • Devices: As for devices, copper mech MODs are known for their superior abilities with cloud production because they are highly conductive.
  • High wattage MODs as well are a top choice among cloud-chasers.
  • An RDA with the best airflow available is a must!
  • Ultra-powerful batteries are not something to skimp on, or play around with. You need the most powerful one you can score, along with the safest you can find. 35 amp Efest batteries are among the most sought after in this industry. Make sure it's fully charged before the competition.
  • Get the airflow right. You need enough to produce clouds, but too much will dilute them. One tip: airflow should pass beneath the coils, not over them.
  • And, most importantly, don't get so caught up in the competition aspect you lose sight of what's most important: having fun! Competitions are fun and all, but don't take it too seriously!

Temperature control is a feature on everyone's hot list as of late because it's amazing! It really is one of the greatest innovations to emerge in this market, offering users unsurpassed control and options for personal settings. Having more control over your vaping is never a bad thing, and with temperature control, you are able to control the temperature to get it exactly where you want it, not exceeding and burning beyond it.

TC MODs go further than offering just the ability to control your temperature, however. These advanced devices can often read the interior aspects of your atomizer, which can give you head's up about occurrences such as dry cotton readings, which is so incredibly useful. Detecting dry cotton allows the MOD to not fire, which will keep the wick from being turned into a charred, carcinogenic mess. In other situations, this also signals the end of dry hit era because controlling the temperature gives you the ability to create the ideal, temperate environment.

With a TC (temperature control) MOD, you will have the ability to control your device in terms of standard temperature (Fahrenheit or celsius) and joules. The specific temperature you need to set your device to will vary among different devices, as well as what your particular preference is.

When it comes to understanding electricity and MODs, joules can be described as a measure of energy. They essentially units of temperature, and they alert you to how hot your MOD is getting. Watts are a measure of the amount of joules per second. The higher your joules are set to, the quicker the coil will hit the desired temperature. The lower you set your joules, however, the smoother the vape will be.

Batteries are among the most important and basic parts of vaping devices. You're not going to get power in really any other ways! However, this article will serve as a base of information regarding them, and will serve to provide a lot of the much needed safety info as well. In this industry, if you are going to be getting hands-on with batteries and electronic technology, it is highly advisable you understand what you are working with, in every aspect. If you plan on building, you need to become an expert on everything relevant because your safety is just that important, and accidents can happen with the slightest slipup. So here are the battery basics! Basically, what you need to know, and need to be prepared for when it comes to MOD batteries.

MOD Batteries

There are three basic types of MOD batteries: ICR (LiCoO2 or LiCd), IMR (LiMn), and Hybrid. Typically, IMR's have a safer chemistry than ICR's, and ICR's are sold with protection circuits as a result. IMR batteries do not have protection circuits, and they allow higher amp discharges in comparison to ICR's, making them much more suited to low resistance setups and/ or mechanical MODs. ICR's are generally rated for a higher storage capacity, or mAh, they do not supply, in a safe manner, the high amps needed for low resistance, extreme power, and mech MODs. Hybrid batteries boast some of the increased storage associated with IMR's, however they have a safer chemistry than IMR's. In terms of safety, IMR and Hybrids are definitely the best options, unless your device says otherwise. In which case, always use the battery type recommended by the manufacturer.


Does it really matter if you go after a brand name battery? Yes, most of the time. Authenticity, quality, and reputation are so important when it comes to safety. Stick to brands known for their quality, and all should be good.


Size is extremely specific in the vape world. When using MODs, only the size specified to a certain device should be used. Some may make a claim for stacking, however this should really be avoided as stacking can increase the voltage, and then cause battery/ device failure.

Numbers & Letters

So you're probably aware by now that most batteries used in this industry are labeled with numbers and letters. The most common among them are:

  • IMR 18650
  • ICR 14500
  • NCR18650


You've most likely heard of explosions involving e-cigarettes at some point over the past few years. What this pertains to is that explosions can and will happen if users are not incredibly detailed, paying attention to every little aspect of building, or are not fully understanding of what they are doing.

2015 has been a very hot year for vapor technology. We've seen an extremely wide array of products hit the market, and the technology has blown up massively month by month.

Right now, we're taking a look at the best offerings that are currently on the market, in all categories, from lower wattages to the super-powered, as well as temperature control devices. While this list is subject to debate, we will happily say that's the beauty of this industry; there truly is something for everyone.

Entry-Level Wattage | Eleaf iStick 30W MOD

This is an excellent device for those looking for lower wattages with exceptional functioning and performance. A 2200 mAh built-in battery with 30W, and is capable of handling a minimum of 0.4 ohms is a legit device that doesn't get too complicated. 30 watts may seem miniscule compared to some of the crazy 150+ watt devices out now, but 30W will still produce some killer clouds. This is a particularly great option for those not looking to produce competition-grade plumes of vapor.

Mid-Range Wattage | Joyetech eVic VT 60W

Massive vapor production, a 5000 mAh battery, the ability to control nickel and titanium wiring, and plenty of settings waiting to be customized make this MOD a really great all-purpose device. It's convenient enough to get the job done swiftly, yet is loaded with features that promise a powerfully wild ride, packaged conveniently into a very up-to-the-minute machine, waiting to be put to the limits.

Mid-Range Wattage | Innokin iTaste Disrupter 50W

The Disrupter from Innokin, one of the most trusted names in this business, is a device on everyone's must-have list; because it's just that good. It's powered by a most unique Innokin LiPo battery, which boasts 30% better battery life than the majority of other batteries out there, plus fantastic charge/ life cycles. Wattage range from 6W - 50W, and the fit is smooth with just about every other 510-compatible tank. This device will disrupt your preconceived notions on vaping!

Extreme Wattage | iPV 3 Li 200W MOD

Some people like things a little more mellow, but for those who want A LOT of power, this 200W device is a delightful experience. Highly advanced, extremely powerful, with some of the most perfected temperature control as a result of a Yihi chip, if you're looking for maximum watts, not many MODs are going to beat this one.

Sub ohm vaping has gotten out of control this year, and the technology has followed suit. More than just a fad, this movement is all about the variety of options and availability of technology that is allowing users to get all kinds of results from using it to their benefit.

One of the most necessary parts of sub ohm vaping somes from the type of tank you're rocking, and if you put little effort into your tank, you can expect less than stellar results.

So, if you're wondering what the best tanks of 2015 are, here are our favorites. Cut corners where you may, but never when it comes to your tank


This here is a tank that will please the pickiest vapers, yet will not create a load of hassles for those looking for great performance without fuss. Adjustable airflow base offers tons of control, and the innovative top-fill design allows you to bypass the leakage typical with similar devices. The TFV4's triple coils are the secret to its unique performance, and paired with the included, yet optional single and dual RBA heads, you can fine tune this baby to get the massive clouds you seek.

The Kanger SubTank Mini

Mini size, yet does it all. This tank basically revolutionized the sub ohm game, and it really is one of the most advanced innovations to hit the scene in recent years. It functions brilliantly, while zeroing in on the need for versatility. It looks gorgeous, while it performs exactly how it should. Stainless steel construction, Pyrex tank, a 4.5ml liquid capacity, with a large, open adjustable airflow section, this is a no-fail, always-reliable sub ohm tank.


Smok is a legendary name in sub ohm technology, and everything they release seems to become instant hits. The VCT Pto is their latest claim to greatness, and what this tank offers is a high capacity size, amazing design work, innovative airflow control handling, and options like none other. Its atomizer works with vertical dual coils which can fire as low as 0.2Ω. And then there's the price; no one is balking at the under $24 mark because it's just too darn seductive.

The Sense Herakles Sub Ohm Tank

If you're one for vertical coils on a sub ohm tank, the Herakles has done them right. The flavor and vapor capabilities are awesome, and this tank can handle up to 100W! Adjustable airflow, stainless steel body, Pyrex tank, and 3ml capacity give you basically everything you need. Superiorly durable and highly user-friendly, if you're looking for a tank you can rely on, this is the one.

Check out all the best tanks here


Building coils offers plenty of options for those looking to take the reins and put forth a whole lot of control over their vape device. More and more vapers have opted for this direction because getting the best, most personalized experience allows one to take their vaping to new heights of awesomeness. Yes, this method is intended for those who are at the more advanced, and advanced-intermediate level, and will require a lot of hands-on action, so be warned! Building coils is not a novelty; you need to be well versed in electrical knowledge and how all of the parts work together.

Your Will Need:

  • An RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) for your vaporizer/ MOD
  • 14g, 1/16”, 1.5mm size Kanthal Wire (as long as your device is not a TC device)
  • Small screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers or forceps
  • Wire cutters (however super sharp scissors or nail clippers work as well)
  • Blunt tip syringe or drill bit, sized 1/16" or 14g
  • A butane or Propane torch
  • Atomizer-specific wicking fiber, organic cotton is the industry standard
  • E-liquid of your choice
  • Unwavering determination

  1. The first step is to cut your wire to length for your build. 3” is a generally a great start.
  2. Begin wrapping the wire around the syringe tip or drill bit. The aim is to keep the coils tight, close together, and touching one another. This technique is considered the “micro-coil,” and while it is just one of many different techniques, it is among the best for getting supreme flavor and vapor production.
  3. Wrap 6-7 times around the syringe tip/ drill bit, for a resistance around 10 ohms.
  4. Remove as gently as possibly from the syringe tip/ drill bit. The coils need to be touching.
  5. Using the pliers, pinch the resistance coil, while applying a light amount of pressure. As you do so, be as gentle as possible. Only enough pressure to needed to keep the coils touching is necessary. Too much pressure can result in overlapped coils, and this can cause shorts when firing. If you find there are areas of overlapping, place the coil back on the syringe/ drill bit and redo it.
  6. As you hold the coil in the pliers, use the butane or propane torch to apply heat to the coil until it begins to glow red-orange. Once it is glowing brilliantly and with even color distribution, remove from heat.
  7. Now, the coil should be reinserted onto the syringe tip/ drill bit. This is for added stability during the next step, which will involve connected lead posts.
  8. The positive and negative posts will now be attached. Mount them to the RBA and tighten the post screws. Keep the coil attached to the syringe tip/ drill bit when wrapping. Wrap one lead around the atomizer's center post and tighten it. Next, wrap one lead around the negative post located on the build deck and tighten.
  9. Remove the coil from the syringe tip/ drill bit, and be extra careful to avoid the coils from separating from one another.
  10. One of the most important steps is up next. It should NEVER be skipped over. Time to check the resistance using a resistance checker to be sure the resistance of your coils fits within the safe range for battery operation. The majority of variable devices have this built in. 10 ohm or higher is considered the general safe range for most IMR batteries. Attach your atomizer to your device and do a “dry fire.” This is basically firing the MOD without liquid, and is done to check for shorts, to ensure that the coils are heating evenly from the center outward, and are wrapped properly.
  11. Time for the wick. You will need about 2” and ⅓ of the width of a standard cotton ball. Don't go heavier than necessary; too much cotton can cause dry hits by suffocating your coil. Too little, however, can cause flooding.
  12. Twist and spin your cotton until it is able to fit through the coil. Pull it through as gently as possible, keeping the coil from splitting or separating.
  13. Check for evenness; the wick should be symmetrically even on both sides. A general rule to observe is that the more perfect the build looks, the better it will perform. Accuracy is something you can actually see!
  14. Trim the wick according to your specific build; you need to know this ahead of time.
  15. Prime time! The time has come to prime your wick with your choice of e-liquid. Apply the liquid until the wick is entirely saturated with it. Be careful not to overdo it, though your wick's surface area should be coated well.
  16. Put your RBA back together and you're ready for action! Vape on and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


If you've been vaping with a vape pen, and your level of satisfaction has dwindled, and you're beginning to get the wandering eye for something with a little more power, DIY coils and a serious MOD may be more up your alley. More power, more control, more ability to get what you want; sounds enticing, right?

If you are interested or considering the world of DIY vaping, building your own setups and coils, getting down ‘n dirty with RBA's, and working with mech MODs, you're probably already aware of the many different options that await you and DIRECTVAPOR has a large section of products to cater to your DIY needs. You are most likely familiar with methods, have an idea of what kind of effort goes into the process, and that the results are almost always worth the time, effort, and commitment.

If your interest is only now piqued, and you haven't given much thought to this avenue of vaping prior, but want to consider what it may bring to the table, keep reading!

Power, Power, Power!

MODs offer a lot more power, and this means they offer way more vapor, can have a way better throat hit, a much more intense experience, much more flexibility, are super-personalized, and are just better for overall performance.

Yes, DIY vaping is not for everyone, and really it is a commitment if you opt to do so. The benefits have the potential to be pretty awesome; which is why so many people are doing it, and why so many companies are designing top of the line products geared towards this sector of the market. So if you're aiming to take control of your vaping, be prepared because there are so many amazing options at your disposal!

In the past, the MODs were founded in the principles of MODification; users took everything about vaping into their own hands, and MODified all kinds of batteries and devices to create their version of the ultimate vape machines. As this area only continued to grow, it become evident to companies that they needed to start delving into these types of products, as the market was growing and people were actively seeking devices with higher performance capabilities.

If you're vaping with a TC device, you're probably well aware of the different options you have for wire. As in, you're most likely aware of the two choices you typically will be choosing between: Titanium & Nickel. So, are you wondering which is better?

Here is an in-depth look at the basics of both, in case you'd like to know the differences, and perhaps how to choose between the two for your own temperature control needs. Like most areas of vaping, it's really a matter of personal preference. Some people are strictly into Nickel; others are all about Titanium; the choice is yours!

Why Build?

Building coils is great. You get an endless amount of control over the process, and having such an in-depth knowledge gives you a kind of understanding you would not achieve otherwise. Now with the immense popularity of TC devices, which are available abundantly, it is super important to build coils using wire that can work safely and optimally so that you get the very best performance from your device.


Nickel has long been the standard of the temperature control area, as it can do amazing things when you need it to, in a temp-controlled environment. However, Titanium is certainly doing a good job garnering attention for its ability to handle performance under pressure as well.

Nickel is, by far, the most popular choice in coil wire for temperature control and sub ohm builds. The biggest appeal of commercially pure Nickel is that it heats up slower and burns less quickly than the old standard, Kanthal. It offers really good flavor, without a burnt taste, and less ability for liquid to char.


Titanium has the ability to be used on TC devices, variable wattage MODs, and mech MODs, while offering supreme cleanliness. It is a very easily manipulated substance, and due to its extreme flexibility and malleability, Titanium wire is super easy to work with when building your own custom coils. It has a low enough resistance that even the pickiest cloud chasers can enjoy it, while it's ability to offer a smooth, clean vapor makes it perfect for flavor junkies who don't mess with less superior varieties of vapor. Titanium handles daily use perfectly, and goes quite a distance. It does, however, have the potential to break if heated too much.

In the past, it was hard to come across really solid quality Titanium wire, and because of that, most vapers who prefer top of the line quality were aiming for the very best option, which lay in Nickel due to its consistency. While many wanted an alternative to Nickel, there was nothing challenging its dominance in the TC ring. Until Titanium came around and companies began recognizing this is what vapers were searching for. Titanium not only performs similarly, but it offers some benefits Nickel can't even touch. For example, TI coils hold their shape exceptionally well, and can handle extended usage and still maintain their shape. They are also more forgiving than Nickel when it comes to spaces within the coils.

Some people have Nickel sensitivities, including allergic reactions to it, and Titanium is an excellent alternative.

So, which is better? It's up to you to decide! Both are great, and totally necessary for TC vaping. If you have a Nickel sensitivity, then you know what your options are; Titanium all the way! If you are aiming for abundantly available, time-tested, vaper-approved, go with Nickel. Not sure? Try both, then you can compare the two and decide from first hand experience!

Large MODs: yes they are large, yes they can get heavy, and yes you've got to power up with two batteries most of the time, but their level of power and their ability to make battery power last extensively to offer the ability to charge less often makes them amazing.

Some vapers prefer the large MOD exclusively; having a machine that can put in overtime, and perform with absolute force all the time definitely has its perks. Some like a large MOD on a part-time basis; you know, when they're out of the house for an extended amount of time, need a device that can power them up through long busy days when they're on the go, or whenever they need a MOD that can handle heavy duty usage without constant charging. Whatever the case, these MODs were made to go the distance.

Looking for a large MOD, or want to know your best options are? Here are our takes on what we consider to be the best large MODs out on the market at the moment.

Pioneer4You IPV5 200W TC BOX MOD

If you were one of the many to enjoy the benefits of the iPV Series of devices by Pioneer4You, you were spoiled with some of the best performances available on the market. Pioneer4You didn't stop there though, they're bringing in 2016 with one of the best and most powerful iPV additions yet, the all new Pioneer4You IPV5! This beauty has the ability to deliver up to 200 watts of vaping power

IPV 4S 120W

For the temperature control junkies out there, the IPV 4S nails it. This is a redesigned product based on an older MODel, and the newly evolved version is on point. Always an innovative experience with this company, what is super impressive about this particular MOD is its ability to produce mad vapor production, with seriously clean, smooth, heavy warm vapor, with amazing flavor. The temperature control is impeccable, and we attribute that the to Yihi chipset it was designed with. Aluminum body, magnetic door, rounded corners, and a built-in grip to the body that allows this device to be handled with expert care at all times.

X CUBE II 160W Bluetooth

The X CUBE should not be handled by anyone other than really advanced users! This device packs some serious punch and can be quite complicated to those who don't know how to use all of its technology. The big deal with this MOD is its ability to offer exceptionally cutting edge temperature control. The power output is mind boggling, so if you're doing sub ohm, it'll do what you need it to. In wattage MODe, you have the option of choosing specific styles of wattage, for an even greater level of custom vaping, and this is just the beginning of the amount of settings you have available with this MOD. For vapers who know what they're looking for, it's a lot of fun!


This MOD has amazing style to it, and surprisingly for the level of wattage accessible, it's quite easy to work! Temperature control works perfectly, and being able to handle up to 200W makes it really fun to use. Definitely one of the best MODs that can go this heavy in wattage. The battery is a super-powered, built in 4800mAh, making it ideal for those who want an alternative to the typical double 18650s used in similar devices. This MOD takes all that power and converts it perfectly into great performance, and an added benefit is the extended battery capacity/ life span. Bonus are the 4 MODes this can be set to.

Ohm's Law is a rule regarding electrical processes, and if you are using RDA's, RBA's, TC, or mech MODs, it's really important to understand how it works and how it relates to vaping safety. It is especially useful in dealing with advanced DIY vape building, particularly coil building because it covers the basics on how the electronic principles work, so you will be able to build the most effective, most precise, and safest coils. If you purchase coils, this info is great to know as well, because buying the right coils is obviously important, however the more info you are armed with, the better.

Ohm's Law, in Simple Terms

In the simplest terms, Ohm's law is the relation between Volts, Amps, and Resistance, and how to calculate power which, is equivalent to the amount of heat produced, which will in turn vaporize the e-liquid.

Why You Need to Learn it

Batteries are potent little bearers of tremendous energy, and if not used properly, they can explode. If you are taking it into your own hands to learn the ins and outs of coil building and working with ultra powerful batteries, you need to understand Ohm's law. The flip side to understanding all the safety info is that you'll understand how your device and all of its inner workings do their thing even deeper; you'll be able to fine tune to create the most perfect experience.

Custom coils are basically resistors, and resistors work by resistance. Resistance is used to control electricity, and in the case of vaping, to slow down the current passing through the lines. Coils in vaping are akin to curves on a road; they help keep the traffic slower where needed.

Important Terminology

Volts (V):This is the voltage difference, as in, the difference in electrical potential between two sources.

Current (I):Current is measured in Amps (A). This is the level of charge flowing through a surface, such as a wire, per second. Think of the standard concept of electricity, with electrons rushing down wires enabling power.

Resistance:Resistance is measured in Ohms (Ω). This is the term for what gets in the way of the electrons, what slows them down as they flow through the circuit. In the scope of vaping, everything has some resistance, except for very cold superconductors, hence why copper wires are the standard used as power cables because of their relatively low resistance. The resistance of most atomizers will be labeled, it's important to know that every other part of the circuit holds some inherent resistance as well.

Ohm's Law

In its simplest explanation, Ohm's law can be worded as “current = voltage divided by resistance,” or in mathematical terms as:

I = V / R

Voltage is the raw power capability, which gets reduced/ divided the resistance which will then produce the final current.

If you place values into these given spaces, the electrical current could be configured when vaping at 3.4 V with a 1.8 Ω resistance. Simply, 3.4 is divided by 1.8, which will come out as a rounded 1.9 A.

In the same frame of thought, the equation can be rewritten for other purposes if something else needs configuring, for example: voltage is equal to the current multiplied by resistance (V = IR), or resistance is equivalent to voltage divided by current (R = V/I).

In Vaping Terms

The atomizer basically serves as a heating coil, and it works because of the principle of electrical resistance; the energy from the “friction” within the circuit, creates heat. While heat is an important factor, power is even more important because it is what produces the actual vapor. Atomizer resistance converts some of the energy into heat, however there still needs to be a high level of energy flowing throughout the whole system. As the electrons flow through the wire, they will encounter resistance and produce heat, while the wattage, (the power) will tap into this and produce vapor as a result.

Because of this, we cannot stress the importance of experimentation to get the best vapor production, and if you're aiming for better performance, low resistance atomizers are the way to go.

You've probably encountered the term “dripping: and “direct dripping” if you've been involved in the vape industry long enough. Want to know more about this technique and if it's worth your effort to give it a try? We've got all the deets. There's a reason a great many advanced vapers subscribe to this method!

So, What is Dripping?

Dripping, as the name indicates, involves dripping e-liquid, instead of filling a cartomizer or tank, directly onto the coils or onto the bridge of atomizers.

The Allure of the Drip

Why is this method so hot? Because it avails lusciously large, dense quantities of vapor that are known to have exceptionally clean, bold, and pronounced flavors. Some say they find the throat hit is more intense. Some enjoy dripping because it allows you to use a variety of flavors at once without using/ switching tanks.

The Down Side

The downside is that dripping needs to be done every 7 puffs or so, because so little liquid is stored, and dripping drop by drop means vapor is going to be created and liquid is going to be used very quickly. Not everyone has the time, patience, or attention span for this, despite the many pros to dripping, so you've got to really want those awesome clouds and insane flavor to put in that extra effort. It is worth every drop, though!

What You Need to Drip

Using an atomizer with a small collar that connects to a tank, along with a drip tip is the best way to start.


There are several different parts that can offer a smoother, easier ability to drip properly:

Drip Tips

Drip tips were invented to serve the purpose of giving your lips a comfortable, safe, temperature-neutral place to rest while vaping, because atomizers can get super hot. They are fitted with an o-ring at the bottom to create a perfectly tight seal. Drip tips typically are advertised as “wide bore” because this allows for the easiest ability to drip into.

Dripping Atomizers

Also known as Bridgeless Dripping Atomizers or RDAs, these atomizers are designed to allow straightforward access to the coils, enabling one to drip directly onto them. Typically, you will make your own coils and wicks for these devices.


Technique is super important; just think: you're dripping liquid into a tiny space, it's got to be accurate! However, you've got to get your hands dirty and experience it all through trial and error because nothing else teaches you better than doing it yourself. Sure, mistakes may be part of the process, but you'll learn from them. Start off by dripping 2 - 3 drops in. The viscosity of the liquid, the style of the atomizer, and the length of the draw you're going for will play a part in it. Depending on the atomizer, you'll most likely get 7 - 12 draws before the flavor begins to dwindle. You want to monitor the amount you drip in because overdoing it will result in flooding, which is when the liquid is full to the point of seeping out of the air holes. This can be really bad, as the flood can leak into the battery shaft, and as you may guess, liquid and batteries are not a good combo. The leak can also run in the opposite direction and end up in your mouth, which is also not a desirable result. SO, big warning, do not overdrip!

How Do You Know When It's Time to Re-Drip?

You'll know the time has come to add more liquid when you do not taste it, taste something a little burnt or metallic, there is not vapor being produced, and/ or you've surpassed the 7 - 12 draws.

There is a huge, and we mean HUGE difference between regulated and unregulated MODs. If you don't know the difference, or are not sure about the differences, then all you need to know is don't bother because we're talking about pretty advanced stuff here, and suffice it say, beginners need not mess around with unregulated MODs. This subject can get confusing, however for those of you who are aware of the basics and are fully aware that it is necessary to proceed with caution, keep reading as we discuss the pros and cons of using regulated and unregulated devices. Neither is better than the other, it's really all a matter of what works into your personal style of vaping.

Unregulated MODs, AKA Mechanical MODs or Mech MODs

Mechanical MODs are unregulated, meaning there are no systems in place, no computer chips that regulate, no secured protections, nothing that will safeguard your device. This is not a bad thing; some users prefer to create everything themselves to get the perfect result and performance, however it is absolutely advised, emphasized, and reiterated that mechanical MODs be used by advanced users only.

Vapers tend to go after mechanical MODs because they are aiming to get the highest wattages possible, in which regulated MODs are not capable of producing. It's usually a domino effect; once you start wrapping your own coils, and you see the results, you start aiming for even greater results. Mech MODs take care of that urge for more!

The basic mech MOD composition includes a tube that holds the battery, a top cap to make contact with the positive side of the battery, and a bottom cap that will make contact with the negative side of the battery. On most mechanical MODs the bottom cap will have a locking mechanism so that the MOD stays in a safe MODe and will not fire the battery when it's not in use. The device contains no internal wires or circuit boards. In locked MODe, the battery will make contact with the top cap, but it will not make contact with the bottom one. When unlocked, the bottom button can be pushed, and this will cause the negative contact to make contact with the negative side of the battery, completing the circuit, allowing the current to push through the battery into the coil, kicking it into action.


  • Super basic; basically a simple metal tube
  • No wiring; you create it yourself
  • No circuit board; you're responsible for that, too
  • No internal processor to regulate voltage (hence, the term “unregulated”)
  • No internal battery protection to save it from depleting or failure
  • You get total control of everything
  • You're responsible for crafting a safe electrical system


  • If you don't know how to work safely with electricity, mech MODs are not for you
  • There is the potential of danger if you configure something wrong; like explosions
  • They take a lot of time, effort, patience, trial and error to get them perfect
  • No back up protections are available on mech MODs; you're totally on your own

Regulated MODs

Nearly all MODs and vapor devices are regulated, unless they are explicitly stated to be mechanical MODs. They are designed with internal circuitry and protection standards, and they include variable voltage MODs, variable wattage MODs, and standard voltage MODs amongst others. Regulated MODs are designed to safeguard the user, and they will automatically shut down in situations where overheating is happening, connections are faulty, or anything may be amiss. It's still important to know basic electrical laws and factors such as Ohm's law, and the correlation of resistance, voltage, wattage, and current when using them, particularly for your own knowledge and being able to grasp the full understanding of how to harness control. However, you're not totally on your own, as in the case of unregulated MODs.


  • Very easy to use; just follow manufacturer's directions
  • Not difficult for beginner, intermediate, or advanced users
  • Available in countless styles, sizes, options
  • Endless choices for personalization
  • All wiring and circuitry is created and ready for you
  • Internal protection is a great thing; having it automatically is way less risky than DIY
  • Super convenient
  • No guesswork; it's all laid out for you, making it simple to get great results with minimal effort


  • Less control of the internal electrical stuff
  • No hands-on DIY aspect
  • Very simple; some people prefer things to be more complicated

This is a rather personal area of building, and it is really subject to innovation and experimentation. Cloud chasers are a particularly cutting edge demographic, and the setups they are continuously developing are astounding. With so many different MODs, tanks, and goals out there, plus the enormous variety of different wire choices, the possibilities are endless.

Coil building for beginners is one thing, however for those who've been doing this a while, and understand the intricate details, you know that coils are so imperative to your vapor results. So much so, in fact, coil creation has now been elevated to the status level of art form.

Coil artists, artisans, engineers, and architects, as they are sometimes known as, are becoming increasingly praised for their unique coil work, and what they bring to the vape table is astounding. Yeah, to perfect a simple coil build is definitely something to be proud of, but to perfect coils at this level is beyond talent; it's a really profound skill.

For advanced building, some of the staples are 24G, 26G, and 28G wire, 4.5,7 wraps, and either dual or triple wraps. However, these are, by no means the standards used by everyone, as those who are developing new techniques, styles, and builds kind of go in so many different directions. So, just give a glimpse into what's going on in this very advanced area of vapor tech, here is a look at some of the sickest builds currently being done. This really is innovation in action.

The (Infamous) Clapton Coil

There are several variations of the Clapton coil, including transformers and fused, but the basic Clapton is the springboard, and really worth mastering. This build is all about powerful flavor, and rather awesome clouds because it is slow to heat. The Clapton involves a smaller diameter resistance wire wrapped around a larger wire in a perpendicular fashion. The current will flow through the larger of the wires when heated, allowing the whole wrap to receive heat, creating excellent vapor as a result of the impressive surface area. It works perfectly at about the 40W range. 24G and 32G Kanthal wires are the best to start with.

Parallel Coil

The design of a parallel coil involves two wires wrapped around the coil mould. The standard method of creating this style of coil is to fold one wire in half prior to wrapping, which doubles the wire of the coil while lowering the resistance and upping the surface area that comes into contact with the wick.

Nano Coil

This is another style that will produce amazing clouds in a very short timeframe. The Nano coil is about perfecting a very tiny diameter. A typical coil would be created by wrapping wire around a screwdriver or drill bit, a Nano is done by using a very small item, such as a needle. The wire needs to be of very minute resistance, and should be operated in a safe range due to the small size heating up particularly fast. In the atomizer, the wick should be placed beneath the coil because of the Nano's small diameter size.

Twisted Coil

Awesome surface area contact, tons of flavor! Similar to the Parallel coil, the Twisted Coil consists of two strands of wire twisted, doubling the amount of resistance. The gist on creating this style is to fold one long piece of wire in half and then place the open ends into a drill motor. The folded end should be held around a screwdriver as you twist the coil through the drill motor until it suits your fancy.

Looking for a new MOD and don't know what to buy? Looking for the best box MOD within a certain budget? Interested in scoping out the best products on the market at the moment? Well, you're in the right place. Here is a look at the best box under $100; don't ever let anyone tell you it's not possible to vape this well, this affordably!

Over 100W

Tesla Metal 160W TC MOD

A high-performance, highly advanced, utilitarian powerhouse of a MOD! Powered by 2X 18650 batteries, you get extended power that lasts and lasts! The vapor production you get out of this device with its 160W capability is incredible!

  • 2 x 18650 batteries
  • Spring Loaded Copper Electrode
  • Extra-Large Size for Extended Use

X Cube II 160W TC MOD

More power, more excitement! The X Cube II is as much fun as it is satisfying, and it has no problems performing at a level even the most discerning vapers will be thrilled with.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible
  • 2 x 18650 batteries
  • Magnetic Battery Cover

iPV 4S 120W TC MOD

Oh, the power you will experience when you get this MOD into your hands! Temperature control at its finest, producing the most satisfying warm vapor.

  • 2 x 18650 batteries
  • Advanced Yihi Chip
  • Fully Magnetic Battery Door

Tesla 200w TC MOD

Going after those mega wattages with style and determination, the Tesla 200W TC MOD promises an experience like nothing else, with extreme power and personalized temperature control.

  • Can be fired up to 200W
  • 2 x 18650 batteries
  • Significantly Powerful Hits that make way for tremendous vapor production.

Some vapers are cloud chasers and some are flavor chasers; it's all a matter of preference, really. As most flavor junkies know, having the right RDA can make all the difference, however it's not just any RDA's that work this way. That's right; certain Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (proper name) are designed to specifically target this function, and if you're chasing the most intense flavor, you need to check these out. Without further adieu, here are our top picks for the best RDA's for getting the best flavor.

Best in Show Crowd Pleaser | The Mutation X V4 RDA

One of the hottest RDA's in existence, this is a must-have for any flavor-lover's collection. Not only does it contribute to massive clouds, but it was engineered for results all the way. An 11mm wide bore drip tip, base secured by triple o-rings, 5mm deep juice well, and a silver-plated copper connection are just some of the amazing features of this fine RDA. Adjustable airflow as a result of serrated edges, along with precision-channeled airflow below the coils and through the barrel allow the most delicious flavor to come through.

Going All Out | The Tugboat V2 RDA

This highly coveted, obscenely versatile, often-imitated RDA is all about producing sick flavor. While it's far from cheap, it offers flavor worth every penny. Made by Flawless, you bet the performance lives up to the name! External diameter of 22mm, 3 post set up allows you to use single or dual coils, large drip well, adjustable airflow with large airholes, and a flush-mounted cap: it has all the makings to perform beautifully, and executes it with style to spare.

Budget Friendly Top Performer | The Wotofo Sapor

The Wotofo Sapor is one of the newest and best RDA's that delivers on flavor amazingly. It has been crafted for great results, and is super affordable. Designed for impeccable airflow, dual top air slots measure 12mm X 2mm, with throttle controls to maximize the flavor level, as well as control the vapor and heat. Control is a very, very nice feature if you're looking for personalization.

As things progress and advance in this industry, we are beginning to see some pretty remarkable innovations. One such area: coil building. Now, we're not just talking about a standard, or perhaps the basic dual coil you fit your atomizer with to do its thing. Coil art, commonly known as coil porn, is getting incredibly hot.

Coil art involves some pretty intricate builds, gorgeous coils, and a serious attention to detail to get things precisely perfect. It's a sector devoted to the beauty of coils, and there are certainly added performance benefits to this new area of interest. However, amid the hype, and seemingly impossible methods of creating these minute works of art, you may be wondering how necessary is it for coils to be this darn pretty.

To be honest, it's really not necessary at all. Sure, there is an added level of performance to it, plus some enhanced flavor and vapor, but it's so not that big of a deal for most. A well-made simple, little, single micro coil will get you amazing performance all on its own, and if you can master this method, that's about as technical as it needs to be. While it's an awesome option to get an artistic handle on your device, to be able to experiment with different options, and to add some extra zing to your setup, it's far from required that you have the most sculptural coils for a great vape.

In fact, when building and working with coils, don't get so hung up on their attractiveness that you forget the importance of proper wicking and airflow to create that awesome performance you know you need. Wicking is so crucial to your overall performance, so always make sure it has been installed correctly, otherwise your vapor will be anything other enjoyable. The same goes for airflow; it's gotta be precise, otherwise your coils won't breathe as necessary, and there lies the potential for too much air to get in the way.

Gorgeous, artistically-fashioned, designer coils are awesome, and if you're lusting after them and feel the need to start building them, by all means, do it! You will probably adore the results that come from getting super hands-on with your device. We have no intentions of attempting to persuade you otherwise if you're aiming to build some sexy coils. However, if you're really not that into building, don't really have a lot of patience or time, or are on the fence about whether or not to get that deep in your DIY pursuits, here are a few pointers to keep in mind regarding the functioning of your device. These are the most necessary components to getting the best performance, and as long as these are in check, you'll be good to go!


Keep your cotton a little on the looser side. If it's too tightly wound, it will have a difficult time picking up liquid and working its magic. When pushing the wick through the coils, it works much better to have some movement from the wick, with a good bit of tension from the coils. As much emphasis is placed on coils being well-made, the same amount of effort should be applied to the wick because it is essential to holding the liquid, and the performance in the grand scale of things.


The airflow traveling to the coils needs to be at just the right level for ideal conditions, and you'll find, by trial and error, the perfect settings to get it there for your own personal tastes. One thing you'll find commonly is that by restricting the amount of airflow that reaches the coils, you can intensify the flavor tremendously. Generating greater airflow, on the other hand, can up the vapor production greatly. Land at the perfect middle ground, and your result will be awesome!

Bottom Line:

Coil art is awesome, if that's your thing. The most important thing is making sure all aspects are in complete sync however, and that proper attention has been placed on creating a decent coil and wick, with the right level of airflow to create optimal results. Consider your sick, custom, designer coil to be the cherry on top!

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