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Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Vape Tank

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New Resin Falcon Tanks Now Available!

Introducing Horizon Tech’s new flagship tank, a sub-ohm tank that’s uniquely designed and geared towards high performance and a classy feel. Horizon has been on the edge of innovation with all of its past products, but they’re tipping the edge with the new Falcon Sub Ohm Tank that utilizes Horizon Falcon Coil Technology, which combines flax and wood pulp materials. You’ve never experienced a tank quite like the Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Vape Tank! Constructed of stainless steel and pyrex glass, you’ll find this 25.2mm diameter tank is an incredible addition to any mod you own. It offers a gold-plated 510 connection and uses a sloped resin wide bore drip tip. Focusing heavily on airflow, the Falcon Tank boasts triple adjustable airflow control to maximize vapor production. Additional features include a large 5ML e-liquid capacity, a convenient top fill design, and performance is primary driven by the Horizon Falcon Coil Technology. Experience the F1 Falcon Coil with 30% wood pulp and 70% cotton, the F2 Falcon Coil with natural flax fiber, the F3 Falcon Coil with flax fiber and flax paper, and the M1 Mesh Falcon Coil using a mesh design with wood pulp and cotton. It’s an innovative tank that generates great versatility for an improved vaping experience!

What’s Included

  • 1 x Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank (Glass Bulb)
  • 1 x Set of O-Rings
  • 1 x M1 Falcon Coil (0.15ohm)
  • 1 x F1 Falcon Coil (0.2ohm)
  • 1 x 11mm Bore 510 Drip Tip
  • 1 x 8mm Bore Resin Drip Tip (Resin Color Random
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube

Specs & Features

  • E-liquid Capacity: 7ml
  • Glass Tube Diameter: 24mm
  • Excircle Diameter: 25.2mm
  • Tank Length: 55mm
  • Liquid guiding element: 70% cotton + 30% wood pulp
  • Natural flax fiber
  • Flax fiber & flax paper
  • 30% wood pulp + 70% cotton
  • Both standard coil and mesh coil
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling. Do not use a short or flat 510 connection on any hybrid or hybrid style device in conjunction with this item. If unsure whether this pertains to your particular set-up, you may contact Direct Vapor Customer Service. DO NOT assemble or use until you are certain. Images are for illustration purposes only. Actual color, finish and packaging may vary.
  1. Tank is good but it's a leaker review by ProjectMayhem on 7/14/2019
    Overall Rating

    The new M3 coils get oversaturated so easy. When priming only put a few drops on it otherwise it's going to leak fast. M2 coils seem to not leak as much but burn very quick depending on the juice. M1 work the best but I want more power. Sorry I may be the minority but I think this tank is over rated. It's good not great. Leaks a lot. Produces amazing flavor. So if u can deal with the rest then your going to love it.

  2. Another fantastic transaction. review by upsouthrick on 5/2/2019
    Overall Rating

    DirectVapor was great, as usual!

    This falcon is my first sub ohm tank. I've been almost exclusively vaping RDAs in squonk mode for a while now. I'm absolutely floored at how well this thing Vapes! Easy to assemble, easy to install the coil, easy to fill and awesome to vape. Flavor and cloud production are freaking fantastic. My only regret is not buying one a lot sooner.

  3. Worth the Buy review by JT on 3/18/2019
    Overall Rating

    After reading several reviews, decided to give this tank a shot. Tremendous taste and clouds. Falcon Sub Ohm Tank, M-Triple Mesh Coil, Geek Vape Aegis Legend, around 80W-85W. Seem to get an occasional leak but can't seem to pin point the exact cause. As others stated, it drinks juice like it's going out of style. I'd buy it again with out hesitation.

  4. Horizon Falcon Tank review by Rev on 1/26/2019
    Overall Rating

    OK, I'm a 65 y/o non smoker, vaping for 10 years. I've seen products come and go, mostly crap!!!
    This is without a doubt the biggest improvement in vaping I've seen!
    Construction is great, clean threads, no oils (I still rinse new tanks)
    Flavor is incredible, coils?...still on my first one, 2 weeks old and almost no change in vapor or flavor.
    Trust an old man this is the first or last sub-tank you will need.
    DV has the best price (I looked around) and shipping is quick.
    Just order it already...LOL!

  5. Love This Tank! review by MaschelleMEcfs on 10/17/2018
    Overall Rating

    I had been using the Smok tanks that run in the baby Beast line, and I was getting very tired of having a burnt coil every other day. I wanted to try the new mesh coils and this tank was one of the first to offer them plus I saw an excellent review on it so I figured what's one more tank when I gone through all the smok tanks already and bought this baby. oh my word what an improvement in the coils! I think I use the M1 coils which is mesh, cotton, and wood pulp. they last at least a week before the flavor starts to taste not quite as good as it should. But never do they burn! so I checked them when the quality of the flavor goes down and the top of the coils look like they should taste burnt but they don't! I still swap it out though because it's time.

    The only problems I'm having with this tank is that it does leak if you do not pay attention while you're filling it. if you get it to close 2 the top near where the vapor draws up to the mouthpiece just barely Shifting the tank in your hand well let liquid flow into that area and flood out the bottom of your air flow openings. and one really big problem is the design of the lid. It's a screw-on lid but the O ring and seal is in the very top of the lid and there is nothing down around the glass at the top. If you don't get the lid screwed on properly juice goes everywhere when you tilt it to vape.. Another problem with the lid is it tends to cross thread when you're screwing it on.. this causes the lid to tilt instead of being seated flush on the top of the tanks glass. obviously it's going to leak right out of the top and also it goes over the center that is supposed to be where your Vapor comes through and it floods the base of the tank again! In that case scenario you've got e-juice leaking out from under the lid that isn't Seated on flush and is coming out of the airflow slots in the bottom of the tank. it takes a lot of paying attention to what you're doing, but if you get that lid on correctly and don't over fill the tank this thing is a masterpiece in flavor and Vapor production! it's also built in a very sturdy fashion. the original is made from Steel. It's holding up very nicely on my iJoy Avenger and none of the Finish is peeling off. this tank also doesn't heat up as fast as others I've tried at the higher wattages. Like in Vape This and Shane vaping Style at 70 to 75 Watts for this coil and the tank does not get hot. It is hard to find replacement coils as they seem to be sold out pretty much everywhere every single month. I use my prince tank with the new triple mesh coils until the Falcon coils come in stock. and those new coils for the prince tfv12 give amazing flavor and they last nearly as long as my Falcon coils. I will never go back to the baby Beast line and there horribly easy to burn coils. also the Horizon Falcon puts out great flavor with the M1 coils I've been using, but I want to try the flax coils to see if that improves it just a tiny bit. if it did then this would be perfect!

  6. Vapes amazingly leaks like crazy review by Tony on 9/22/2018
    Overall Rating

    Love the vape from it flavor is the best has leaked like crazy from day one, been thru 6 coils so its not coils, wish I could figure out the leak issue

  7. Didn’t order this tank but direct vapor messed up my order and I’m glad review by Connor on 9/5/2018
    Overall Rating

    I originally ordered the free max mesh pro but they sent me this by accident and I’m glad they did this tank has the best flavor I’ve ever experienced I would say better or close to most rdas best tank for flavor

  8. This is NOT the Resin tank as pictured! It is the ORIGINAL Falcon Tank. Still amazing, but false advertising all the same ;) review by Ashnic on 9/4/2018
    Overall Rating

    This tank is awesome. I love the M2 coils and they give tremendous flavor. It seriously made me go back on some Ejuices and rediscover flavors. HOWEVER the tank pictured here is the resin edition, which is what I assumed I bought as I already have the original. But I was sent the original tank. I’ve tried to explain this to DV but the picture is still up. This tank is still amazing, but it also leaks like crazy. As long as I get that flavor, I really don’t care. If you don’t like a little leakage here and there, then you prob won’t like this tank. But you will be missing out on the flavor this gives out. It’s sooooo good. With the leaking and false advertisement in what is pictured, I’m going deduct a star. If I got what I bought, I’d give it 4 1/2 stars (still leaks). No tank is a 5 Star tank unless it has all 3 top qualities: 1) great flavor 2) no leaking 3) coil life. But this tank is damn close!

  9. Great tank review by [email protected] on 8/6/2018
    Overall Rating

    Best mesh sub ohm tank on the market. Flavor is amazing and as well as the cloud production . The coils last a lot longer then other mesh coil tanks. Just be careful direct vape gave me the wrong color that I ordered. Which really bothers me but I'm not going to call them and send it back and have to wait for the right color. 1st time order and their was a problem means it will be my last time I order from here.

  10. Hands Down Best Tank review by George on 8/1/2018
    Overall Rating

    Horizontech has changed the game! I’ve used a bunch of different tanks, but this one is my favorite. Besides from looking fierce, the bubble glass is one of the many great features for this tank. The airflow is quiet, it does not leak, and it’s pretty sturdy which is great for a klutz like myself. I also highly recommend this tank because of the coils. The M1 mesh coil delivers awesome flavor and nice thick cloud of vapor! Forget anything else you knew about sub olm tanks and buy this bad boy!

  11. Early adopter and I'm so glad the word got out on this incredible tank... But of course the Coils steal the show! review by Chris1981 on 7/23/2018
    Overall Rating

    I bought this back in March and it looks like they have updated the design a bit. I was at first comparing it to my FreeMax Fireluke Mesh that I had fallen in love with a few weeks prior. I had seen a couple of great reviews on youtube about the Falcon and I just had to know if I was missing out on something better than the Fireluke Mesh. See, the FL Mesh was first to market with a mesh coil head. I couldn't believe the flavor quality ( i am a flavor chaser above all else ) I could get from a a pre-built coil sub-ohm tank. But, trying new vape hardware can become an addiction... even if your current tank is the best you've ever had before. Still, the curiosity got me. Now about 4-5 months later I still use both tanks... on a rotational basis lol. But, as you may have read here or there... leaking can be an issue with the Falcon. I'm still at a loss as to where it come from. I have come to believe it stems from the 510 pin not sealing properly. I have used it on 3 different mods and everytime I go through a few tanks... I unscrew it from the mod only to see juice all around the 510 connection. I've learned to live with it. For the flavor and performance it gives... it's a small price to pay. I'm wondering if HorizonTech fixed this issue on the newer resin looking models with the nice bubble glass tank. Anyways, if you want the best flavor from a sub-ohm tank, nearly equal to the best RTA's on the market, but you're not a fan of building coils, installing coils, messing with cotton and going through the trial and error and time it takes to become good at building on any RDA or RTA... This is the tank for you. Just simply drop in a new coil every week or two depending on all the variables that will kill a coil eventually. You simply cannot go wrong! It gets no better than this! Even if this i your first sub-ohm tank or e-cigarette experience of any kind... This is the tank.... FOR EVERYONE! For now at least lol... the new FreeMax Mesh Pro tank and mesh coils are getting great reviews on flavor and it appears they fixed every downside about the original Fireluke mesh. You can't go wrong with either sub-ohm tank. There just simply isn't any reason to buy any other sub-ohm tank than the Falcon or Mesh Pro Tank. I know this is a Falcon review and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it for anyone looking to stop smoking... except underage kids of course. Just buy it... that is all folks. Thanks for reading! Vape on everyone :)

    P.S. The 4 stars is only because of the leaking issue. BUT, this problem may be fixed by now, so don't worry about it. My early model is not the the current Falcon from the looks of the hardware. Peace

  12. Superior review by MrMichigan on 7/11/2018
    Overall Rating

    Owned most of the leading tanks, new and old.
    The Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank with M1 coil is my all time favorite, by a long shot!
    Easy to use, no leak unless u do something stupid, like I did, and good lookin' too.
    Do it and enjoy.

  13. Honest Falcon Review review by AshThaG on 6/29/2018
    Overall Rating

    This was my first tank I bought. Got tired of buying and replacing expensive coils that barely lasted 2 days on my Smok Alien Baby Beast tank Kit. This was the best purchase I've ever made in the vaping world. The bubble glass is awesome, the resin drip tip is dope. But the flavor from the coils is INCREDIBLE with the M1 coils. And they literally last sooo long. My first M1 coil lasted more then 2+ weeks. I couldn't believe it! I've read the other reviews before purchasing and didn't really believe the claims people were making about how long the M1 and other Falcon coils lasted for. But now that I've actually have the tank and the M1 coils, they truly live up to there reputation. 2 weeks in on one M1 coil and the flavor is better than any brand new Smok Coils and it's just as good as the day I put it in. Just wanted to leave a honest review about my favorite sub ohm tank to date. Overall INSANE flavor, closest flavor to a RDA/RTA/RTDA you're going to get on a sub-ohm tank.

  14. Amazing! review by Cathy on 6/21/2018
    Overall Rating

    I bought this tank one week ago. It now has over 2,000 puffs on it and I've run a few different juices thought it and it's still going strong! Every flavor I've run through it has been great too. Unbelievable!

  15. Just Amazing review by Jim on 5/3/2018
    Overall Rating

    Bought this tank due to all the YouTube reviews talking about how amazing it was with the M1 mesh coil. They were so correct. The M1 coil is the goto coil. The flavor, the flavor... the flavor. The M1 coil after 1500 puffs makes my SMOK Prince T10 fresh coil taste bland with the same juice. I have over 100 SMOK prince coils stashed away that I am now wondering what I am going to do with since I highly doubt I will be going back to those coils. I will try the Prince mesh and strip coils out, just to see if they compare, but all these X6 and T10 coils are going to be sitting around for a very long time.

  16. Just buy it already. review by Stefano on 5/3/2018
    Overall Rating

    I will never touch another SMOK product as long as i live now that i have this masterpiece in my posession. Amazing flavor from the M1 coil, haven't tried the F1 that came with it yet but i assume it's pretty good too. The only thing that i can slightly complain about is that it is pretty loud. But who cares. I haven't experienced any leaking whatsoever with this beauty. It's got awesome flavor, it chucks clouds, it looks good, the coils last a long time, what else do you need? Just stop reading reviews and buy it already.

  17. Killed my squonking review by Cam on 4/25/2018
    Overall Rating

    Up until purchasing this tank, I was squonking for about 5 months, but that ended soon after. I was running a dead rabbit SQ with both an hcigar vt inbox and Lost Vape Therion SQ. I have to say that the mesh coils are the closest thing to actually squonking and have heard people claim they have RTA flavor (never could get RTAs to wick right). The convenience, flavor, vapor production, and longevity are superb with the M1. By far the best coil I have used out of any tank out of my year-and-a-half of vaping. On top of that, the build quality is great and the tank stylish. I will say that to install new coils that they do take quite a few turns to read correctly with your mod. Works fantastic with my Revenant Cartel and definitely recommend with any DNA chip-set, but DNA 75 may be lacking for the F1 or F3 coils depending on taste. That being said the F1 coil was good flavor but not as good as the M1. I ordered a pack of F3s because I had never used flax fiber; they are good but do pop for quite a bit after installation. Both have less flavor than the M1 and lasted half as long (one week compared to two with the M1). I can definitely say that I enjoy this better than my Crown 2, 3, Sense Blazer Pro, and Smok Baby Beast.

  18. So far so good review by Matty on 4/19/2018
    Overall Rating

    I have had it for a few hours now and seems great. I got it cause of good reviews. I wanted a tank and coil set up that would last,this is my first non smok setup and so far so good. It did leak a little but I think it was way I primed it after taking it apart a d cleaning it up I have not had any problems. I will change my review after a few days to tell if coils do last. Smok coils only got me 3 days at best at chain vaping.

  19. So good review by Alex on 3/27/2018
    Overall Rating

    Best tank on the market. Flavor is amazing!

  20. Beast review by Brad on 3/16/2018
    Overall Rating

    i've had this tank for a whopping 7 hours and boy does this thing rock. build quality is good and i love that it comes with an acrylic drip tip(different). i wish it used 810 drip tips, but oh well. i'm currently vaping with the m1 coil and wow....does this thing pump out the vapor and flavor. recommended wattage is 70w +/- 10w, but i'm currently vaping it at 55w. with my tfv8, i would always vape around 100-120w. virtually NO ramp up time with this tank either.

    buy it...you will not be disappointed.

  21. Oh Myyyy Gaaaahhhhh review by KillerWatt on 3/13/2018
    Overall Rating

    Wow, yes yes yes this is the flavor & coil innovations captain and this ship has blasted off! With the crown 3 being a close match, I've not had anything sub ohm to even level with this sweet flavor producing baby! The only con is mine leaked sum at very bottom on the airflow ring If not for that then it would have perfect score in my book! It's still a must have if ur looking for something with Real flavor/vapor production, coil longevity, good looks, and a company trying different ideas

  22. Great flavor review by Smokyman43 on 3/11/2018
    Overall Rating

    The tank doesn't run well above 70 watts or so, but the flavor is strong! I also haven't had any experiences with the tank opening in my pocket, so that is a plus.

  23. Amazing tank, amazing flavor, super long lasting mesh coils review by Evildroid on 3/1/2018
    Overall Rating

    I have owned many sub ohm tanks over the years from several manufacturers. I generally use an RTA but use sub ohm tanks in many situations for convenience when I know I won't have time or the capability to bring rebuilding supplies or a place to do a build if needed like when camping, motorcycle trips, weekends away from home etc. I always missed the killer flavor from my RTA when using a sub ohm tank though, until now. This Falcon tank with the M1 mesh coils have completely changed the game for flavor & vapor production on a sub ohm tank. The flavor is so close to my RTA (Kylin Mini) that it's barely worth mentioning. I have had this tank now for 2 weeks & have gone through 100ml's of Ghost's Pancake House Glazed strawberry and the Mesh coil is still going strong! Just incredible coils. The airflow on the tank is smooth, the clouds are dense & super flavorful. I have never got a dry hit or a hint of leaking. Horizon Tech knocked it out of the park with this tank & coil system. The Mesh combined with wood pulp fiber/Cotton & mesh is spot on. My only suggestion is to make a bubble tank available for this tank to increase the juice capacity. I am ordering a second tank so I can have 2 of my favorite flavors going at the same time. This won't replace my RTA as I enjoy building & the flexibility it offers for easily switching flavors, but this Falcon tank is going to be my go to for ease of use & no fuss vaping on the go.

  24. Best flavor tank review by Tim on 2/26/2018
    Overall Rating

    This is the best flavor sub ohm tank out there closest to an rta u can get.u have 2 crown 3s,2 Arco 2,rta and rda and this is my favorite tank I've tried about everything. The m1 coil is mesh and prob the best only con I have is the m1 mesh coil leaks every now and again other than that the f1 coil is almost the same flavor I can barely tell them apart.10 out of 10 beautiful paint and awesome flavor and clouds

  25. The one review by O’Marley on 2/26/2018
    Overall Rating

    The best sub ohm tank for flavor period.

  26. Incredible review by undertaker3x7 on 2/26/2018
    Overall Rating

    Best Sub Ohm Tank there is. Phenomenal flavor, great airflow and excellent coil life. Just about there perfect tank. Flavor is almost as good as an rda.

  27. Great flavor as mentioned! However, hav been experiencing leakage at bottom of tank out the air holes . . review by Hilldelight on 2/18/2018
    Overall Rating

    Very Awesome with Everything else though!! A+ all the way for Flavor, design, looks, feel & performance!

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Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Vape Tank