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Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

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MSRP: $21.95

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Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Guava and Orange Transport yourself to an island paradise with a bottle that captures the delectable fruits of the islands with particular attention to sweetness. The first draw of this vape juice brings a mellow pineapple note that seeks to please with just a minor hint of satisfying succulence. An exhale of guava and orange provides a tart and sweet finish that will release a pleasing aftertaste that will endure. Be sure to buy a 60ML of Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 E-Liquid today!

What's Included:

  • 1 x 60ML Bottle of Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100

Specs & Features

  • 30% PG/ 70% VG
  • Primary Flavors:
    • Pineapple
    • Orange
    • Guava
  1. Great Guava review by Flighty Flo on 4/7/2019
    Overall Rating

    Again, let me say Naked 100 is always consistent quality and with Hawaiian Pog, this company has batted the ball out of the park!!! I have loved this e liquid from the very start and I vape this flavor more than any other. I am still vaping it and after 2 years, I am still not bored of it. This E liquid is my benchmark when trying new brands and flavors. When living in Southern California about 10 minutes from Tijuana, Mexico , I had access to many Mexican Products and 1 day at work I purchased a Guava Soda, carbonated like soda here in the USA. I instantly loved that soda with its crisp, tart, taste of Guava with just the right amount of sweetness added. Hawaiian Pog gave my taste buds the same delight as that Guava soda had. The primary taste of crisp, tart, Guava mixed with just the right level of sweetness makes this E liquid my #1. Great Guava!!!

  2. Passion not pineapple review by Jocythegenerous on 10/26/2018
    Overall Rating

    Delicious. But just to clarify Hawaiian pog is passion orange guava not pineapple. Lol

  3. Not bad. review by BK on 9/8/2018
    Overall Rating

    Quality e-liquid. However the papaya completely overpowers the other flavors. There's a flavor of Trident gum called Tropical Twist, and this juice tastes almost EXACTLY like it. Not that it's a bad thing, I like that gum, but the papaya gets a little old after a while. Otherwise it's a good tropical flavor.

  4. Great taste and smell review by Jay on 9/5/2018
    Overall Rating

    This liquid is a must have every fruit mentioned on the label you could taste its very tropical it taste and smells delicious

  5. Decent Juice review by Dee H. on 8/2/2018
    Overall Rating

    This honestly what I wasn't expected, but it has a pretty decent taste. Really, it not only taste but smells EXACTLY like the Trident tropical twist gum. If you're a fan of that, then you'll love this ejuice.

  6. Really not what expected. review by tomaspx on 1/23/2018
    Overall Rating

    Brand promess flavours: "pineapple, Guava and Orange"
    Instead: Tastes as ambient deodorant. I swear this tastes and smells exactly as almost any fashion store.

    If you are looking for some fruity, avoid this one, very bad choice.

  7. Awesome!! GUAVA! review by Michaela on 12/4/2017
    Overall Rating

    I am fairly new to vaping. I only own 4 bottles of new juices I have known well enough to buy. I purchased pog on a whim after purchasing Azul Berries at my local shop. I found the price was much better here. I literally just put it in my smok stick v8 with the tfv8 tank. The azul berries ended up being way to sweet for my preference, so I wanted this. It was not a mistake!!!! The flavor is amazing right off! I get more guava than any other profile which is not an easy ejuice flavor to find. It is smooth and light and tropical!! Will buy again!

  8. Hog for Pog review by LadyHawk on 11/27/2017
    Overall Rating

    This is one of the best juices I have ever tried. The flavor alone is worth 5 stars possibly 10. The vapor production is awesome as well. If you like fruit this is one juice you really should try. Have a good one all.

  9. WOW review by Frank T on 9/19/2017
    Overall Rating

    This is a unique flavor - Truely awesome taste and another All Day Vape - Will get somemore soon

  10. Does what it says on the tin review by Jason on 5/28/2017
    Overall Rating

    This powerful fruity flavor does just what it says on the tin. Pineapple, Orange with some Guava mixed in there too. A mesmerizing fruity flavor but with little of the tartness normally associated with orange flavors. Expect and taste just what you read on the label. You won't be misled or confused.

  11. Good review by GoodGuyAvi on 5/6/2017
    Overall Rating

    I like green blast...but this is good too !

  12. One of the Best All Around Flavors Out There review by Buffie on 5/3/2017
    Overall Rating

    You can't go wrong with Naked juices but POG is unbelievable. I come back to it over and over again and in the two years I've been vaping I've spent a grand easily on various juices from lots of different lines. I've got dozens of bottles. Just do yourself a favor and if you like fruit flavored juices, just buy it. Perfectly balanced and the flavor is consistent from the first vape of the tank to the last.

  13. Overall good Juice review by Andrew on 4/18/2017
    Overall Rating

    This so far has been the Best Juice that I have bought on this site. out of my last two orders I have placed I have included a bottle of this just in case I don't particularly like the other one I order. the only reason I gave it 4 instead of a 5 is more of a site issue than a Juice issue. it has been the last to ship on the order.

  14. Beware of guava review by Danny on 12/31/2016
    Overall Rating

    If you're looking for Hawaiian-inspired juices, this is the profile for you. POG is a wham-bam combination of all the right fruits in all the right places courtesy of Naked. I enjoyed this juice SO much, but I say that a star deduction comes from two disclaimers. The first, as the name implies, is that apparently guava juices are known to burn coils more intensely, or maybe it was just on an old BVC device I is. Regardless, even now on a TFV8 i find that if i buy a 60 of this liquid and continually use it that I do have to change me coil a bit sooner...doesn't stop me though (especially if you love guava as well!) Additionally, this juice is well priced but comes at a slight premium to others of this size due to Naked's incorporation of non-tobacco based nicotine, which provides smoother hits and more profound juice flavors, but a small price hike for the synthetic nicotine. If you can stomach the extra few bucks and enjoy Hawaiian juices, the Naked POG should be your next stop!

  15. Hawaiian Pog review by Jorge A on 11/23/2016
    Overall Rating

    Great liquid but not remarkable. I am very picky about my juice and I would buy this again but I'm of the opinion that it is not like the best ever. It is good, I'll say that, nice combination of fruity/ tropical flavors. The thing is- the price is the best out there. 60ml for $22. Best priced liquids around.

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Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog E-liquid 60ML