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FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub Ohm Vape Tank


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The FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub Ohm Tank is one of those pieces of vaping hardware that's both visually stunning and technologically impressive. This tank is designed to improve your overall vaping life by ensuring a clean, rich flavor and dense vapor. With a large juicy capacity and various airflow settings, this one is hard to resist. With an impressive juice capacity of 6mL, the Mesh Pro is a very special piece of vaping hardware. This top-filling tank features a retractable sliding mechanism that makes it easier than ever to refill throughout the day. Best of all, its unique design makes it leak-proof. At last, you can vape all day without messy e-liquid dripping down your hands. Being extremely durable is a huge plus thanks to it being made from sturdy materials like stainless-steel and thick Pyrex glass. Visually, this sub ohm tank is striking. The resin exterior and drip tip feature a unique swirly pattern. *Due to the nature of the design process, no two tanks will have the exact same appearance. This tank utilizes the Mesh Pro Coil System that increases the surface area, ensuring that your e-liquid will taste better than ever. This coil system also provides you with the large amount of vapor that you crave whenever you take a pull.

What’s Included

    FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank

  • 1 x FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x 0.2 ohm Double Mesh Coil Head
  • 1 x 0.15 ohm Kanthal Single Mesh Coil Head
  • 1 x Spare 5ml Glass Tank Section
  • 1 x Spare Parts Pack
  • User Manual

    FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank (Metal Edition)

  • 1 x Freemax Mesh Pro Metal Tank
  • 1 x Freemax Mesh 0.15 ohm DVC Replacement Coils
  • 1 x Freemax Mesh 0.15 ohm Sextuple Replacement Coils
  • 1 x Replacement Glass
  • 1 x Bag of Spares

Specs & Features

    FreeMax Mesh Pro Features

  • 25mm Diameter Base
  • Push to Open Top Fill System
  • 6ml Max Capacity Large Bubble Glass Tank Section
  • 5ml Max Capacity Bubble Glass Tank Section
  • Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control
  • 9mm Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • FireLuke Mesh Pro Coil Family
  • Double Mesh 0.2 ohm Mesh Coil 60-90w
  • Triple Mesh 0.15 Mesh Coil 80-110w

    Freemax Mesh Pro Sub Ohm Vape Tank (Metal Edition)

  • 510 Threaded
  • 6mL Eliquid Capacity Bubble Glass
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Dual Bottom Airflow
  • Sliding Top Fill Design
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Metallic Finish
  • Glass Tank
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling. Images are for illustration purposes only. Actual color, finish and packaging may vary.
  1. Fix review by Blade on 9/28/2019
    Overall Rating

    put a tank band around the top and it will not spill except in more extreme circumstances unless you toss it around like a football lol

  2. Horrible tank lid design review by Evan on 8/1/2019
    Overall Rating

    The hits and flavor from from this tank are awesome. The amount of juice that is wasted because the tank lid opens too easily is not, however. This is a horrible design flaw in what would otherwise be the best tank that I have used. When the last coil that came with it is done, I will not be using this tank any more.

  3. The best review by RJB on 6/21/2019
    Overall Rating

    Best tank I've owned so far. I've had/have the cleito 120, the supertank, 3 or 4 different smok tanks and this is now the only one I use. Just bought a second so I can switch up juices easily. The coils are superb, last me easily 2 weeks when no other has lasted me more than 5 days without a burnt taste or lowered flavor taste. Highly recommend, just wish I found earlier instead of trying all different.

  4. Just One Flaw review by Droopy on 6/7/2019
    Overall Rating

    Don't ger me wrong this vape works great. I really like it. I just can't give it 5-stars as after using it a few months the easy fill sliding top as slid open on me a few times and spilled all my juice in my pocket or on a seat. I'm not running around with it on me a bunch either. It will come open just walking to the car or once when I was getting into my car and I just tossed it into the passenger seat and I look over and my freshly filled tank is spill everywhere. The click lock on the top ia just real loose and it just needs to be pushed straight back I stead of in a sort of arc like other tanks I have that dont have this problem. As long as you are concious of this issue it doesnt happen but aa soon as I get carless and stick it in my pocket or throw it around on some cushions I lose my juice. It vapes really good though and I like the bubble glass that comes with it to increase the tanks capacity, just dont spill it and your great.

  5. Possible flaw? review by Erik on 5/19/2019
    Overall Rating

    Got my tank and loaded it with e-juice.
    Wow great taste/flavor and clouds.
    But my top doesn’t snap/lock closed so it’s always opening and spilling juice. I can’t put my mode in my pocket. Going to contact Direct Vapor is find out if top not staying closed is a design flaw or if my tank is defective. Be a real shame if they all don’t lock/snap closed and stay that way!

  6. Free max mesh pro review by Wolfcreek on 5/6/2019
    Overall Rating

    For me this is by far the best tank I've used. Coils last along time and does not leak or flood like the others. The last tank I had was a smok prince tfv12 and it leaks so bad that if you set it down for about 30 minutes the tank will empty out all over the place causing a big mess and it floods in between hits. Have tried multiple coils. With the free max mesh pro there is none of that....... Awsome Tank

  7. Well.... review by Sal on 4/10/2019
    Overall Rating

    The bubble tank looks silly but I am not one to care about looks. I care about performance and this tank delivers. Running the tank with .15 triple coils at 80w. Best flavor I have ever had out of a tank. Be warned though this thing guzzles juice!

  8. Best tank, hands down review by Jordan on 3/25/2019
    Overall Rating

    I have 2 of these and am getting ready to order a 3rd. Nothing else compares to this tank and I've pretty much tried them all. Even the Falcon. Flavor, vapor, airflow, appearance and ease of use are all 10/10. And the coils are cheap and last forever. If you're looking for a new tank, this is it, look no further.

  9. Easily One of (if not THE) the best on the market! review by J (Retailer) on 3/22/2019
    Overall Rating

    In regards to flavor, cloud production, and overall satisfaction: This tank has beaten out 90% of the competition. There aren't many "tanks" out there than can use coils comparable to the Mesh that Freemax seemed to perfect overnight. The best part is the backwards compatibility which offers a unique selection of coils, in the odd event anyone runs out, but the Mesh coils clearly beat out their kanthal sextuple by a wide margin (it's still nice to know you have backups though).

    That being said, the metal tanks do produce a metallic taste... which is odd and discomforting, so I recommend a resin tank if at all possible. Which is a real shame because them metal ones look slick as hell on a metallic style mod.

    I am a local retailer, and I can tell you that this is our shop's go to for recommendations (even by our own customers), as well as ALL of our personal tanks at home, but don't just take my word for it, pick one up for yourself and thank the reviewers later!

  10. Love the resin edition review by BethC in Denver on 2/10/2019
    Overall Rating

    I own several FreeMax MeshPro tanks and I do make one distinction to make that has not been previously mentioned. I agree with all the previous posters regarding the flavor production of the coils. The performance is superb across the line and I think the double mesh performs as well as the triple (nod goes to the double for juice economy). While I do love the resin tanks I cannot say I feel the same about the metal edition tank. I found myself a bit surprised at this. When I vape through the metal edition tank, I am very aware of a metallic taste and feel. I tried swapping out with a resin drip tip. That fixed part of my problem, but I realized that my bottom lip resting against the cold metal on the top of the tank was half the equation. I was more aware of the tank than the flavor it produced.

    None of this is a deal-breaker. And frankly, I have to recognize that an entire childhood spent in Minnesota has to be a factor in my assessment as no kid growing up in the north would fail to shudder at the thought of cold metal against one's mouth (think 1983's A Christmas Story). I'll probably use this tank all summer and be perfectly pleased with it.

  11. GAME CHANGER AND LEADER review by Anthony on 2/9/2019
    Overall Rating

    Undoubtedly the best tank/coil system ive ever used (i own a prince, cloud beast, cleito120) the price for coils is 3 for $10 and flavor and clouds are spot on. They make resin tanks and stainless steel as well. Just so simple this mesh tank has taken over.

  12. Best Tank Out There review by soxbearfan on 1/15/2019
    Overall Rating

    This tank does it all. Great taste, great vapor production. It handles chain vaping without getting excessively hot. I've been using it for a month and not a single drip either. Every other tank I've owned dripped/leaked at least a little. And I'm still using the original coil. For my money, this is easily the best tank out there, and I've used the Baby Beast, the Big Beast, the Clieto and Crown III.

  13. Great tank. A real rival for rta review by Drruss1975 on 11/6/2018
    Overall Rating

    With the included dual coils the flavor is quite intense. It has an almost coating effect on your tongue that is hard to describe. Good airflow, easy to fill, looks nice in resin blue. The bubble tank is my favorite feature as it is so distinctive but some may find it goofy looking.
    As for direct vapor let me just say they are great. I ordered this on Friday after 5 pm and even with free shipping I got it on Monday, impressed!

  14. Flavour a plenty review by Diego on 10/24/2018
    Overall Rating

    This is by far the worlds most awesome sub ohm. The first time I changed the coil, the flavour was so strong it really did take my breath away. Don't both with any other tank, buy this now

  15. 9/10- Favorite tank up to date review by Blue Baboon on 10/15/2018
    Overall Rating

    The flavor out of this is the best flavor I have ever had from a good ol' fashion non-drip tank. I used to use RDA's and RTA's all the time but this tank has matched the flavor of those.

    The mesh coil lasts forever. I have had the same coil for the past few weeks and had no noticeable change in flavor or taste. Clouds are thick and the two different coil styles included are excellent for finding your own personal sweet spot.

  16. Best tank I've used so far review by Kevin on 10/6/2018
    Overall Rating

    This tank is amazing. The double and triple mesh oils last me 2 weeks when I normally get about 3-5 days out of smok coils. The coils bring out flavor you would never taste with normal coils. You will not be disappointed with this tank. I got the black resin and OMG!!! The coolest color combos I have ever seen.

  17. You won’t find a better tank, period...... review by Dakota on 10/2/2018
    Overall Rating

    I’ve never been so in love. This tank is a perfect 10/10

  18. Awesome tank review by Scott on 10/1/2018
    Overall Rating

    I tried this tank after using a SMOK TFV8 with V8T8 quad coils for several months, I was satisfied with that tank until I tried this one. I have only used the dual coil so far vaping at 60W but I intend to try the triple coils as well. The Freemax is infinitely superior to the SMOK in terms of flavor, it is like night and day in comparison. The cloud volume is noticeably thicker as well. The only downside I see with Freemax is the coils aren't commonly stocked by shops in my area, so I've grudgingly had to switch back to the SMOK while I wait on coils to arrive.

  19. Excellent review by KillerWatt on 9/17/2018
    Overall Rating

    This tank is Amazing !! Has unbelievable Flavor, as far as the double & triple coils go since I've not tried a single.. I highly recommend this tank cuz it delivers on flavor & clouds! Pretty good lifespan too!!
    The only other tank that I consider as equal is the mighty Falcon!
    Direct Vapor is Awesome! I have Atleast 3 items I buy here every month thru the product subscription service. Love the Fast Free shipping & great customer service!

  20. Great tank for flavor review by carcharias on 9/6/2018
    Overall Rating

    I love this tank, you get great flavor from the duel mesh coils. It is on the large side so if you have a small mod there will be over hang. I have mine on the mfeng 200w and it is just large enough to accommodate the tank. Large clouds and amazing flavor you can't go wrong with this tank. The only complaint I have is the top part than slides back for refilling does not go back far enough, if you have a larger bottle you can't fit it easily in there so you will need to unscrew the top and fill that way. Not a huge deal but thought it was worth mentioning.

  21. Best mesh coil and tank! review by TheresaA on 8/13/2018
    Overall Rating

    Freemax Mesh Pro is the very best. I seriously mean the VERY BEST! I am getting huge tasty clouds everytime! I give this one a rating as high as it can go. I am very impressed and absolutely enjoying my flavors even more! AAA+!

  22. Best tank so far! review by Nick on 8/10/2018
    Overall Rating

    I’ve tried a few tanks in my day and this one is by far THE BEST!! Awesome flavor! Awesome cloud! This thing is a BEAST! Totally buying another one for a different mod. I’m waiting on the triple mesh coils for it but the double mesh is excellent! Highly recommend this tank to ANYONE

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