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Old Fashioned (30ML)

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Vape Summit 2015 Award Winning Blend!
Primary Flavors: Bourbon, Citrus
Winner of the Best Show for Drinks and Cocktails at Vape Summit 2015, Old Fashioned R&R by Motley Brew is the perfect blend of whiskey, bitters, and citrus with undernotes of sweet sugar. Enjoy some good rest and relaxation as you vape on this full bodied juice. Think of it as old school meets new school with this great cocktail inspired e-liquid! Best part, you don't have to wait until 5pm to crack open a bottle of Old Fashioned R&R!

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What's included

  • 1 30ml bottle of your premium e-liquid.

Specs & Features:

  • 30% PG / 70% VG
  1. A manly vape juice review by SDrgn on 1/9/2017
    Overall Rating

    Hits with a very strong bourbon flavor, with a sweet mellow undertone, i didn't notice much citrus flavor but it might be muted by the other flavors. The bourbon is authentic tasting but perhaps a bit overpowering. I was expecting it to be more toned down but its prominent flavor is not necessarily a bad thing. I personally would not vape this in the AM. Overall I can see a lot of people liking this and they did a pretty good job with the juice.

  2. Great Juice! review by mwebber78 on 5/1/2016
    Overall Rating

    The flavor is mild - but very satisfying! One of the few liquids that I can vape and not become tired of. You can't go wrong with this - and the brand is well made!

  3. Fabulous review by Vapinmail on 4/25/2016
    Overall Rating

    Have loved it since I bought it. Had to buy another bottle before the month was out and I've gotten others hooked on it as well! Can't go wrong with this one...definitely an ADV!

  4. Best Juice by far review by znos on 4/11/2016
    Overall Rating

    Best juice I've ever tried.... no doubt worth buying and can have it as an every day juice....

  5. breath taking review by ZNOS on 4/8/2016
    Overall Rating

    My number one juice.....
    You will never go wrong with it and just can't have enough ...

    It is a taste you can show off with it

  6. Great review by DisappearingIntoClouds on 12/12/2015
    Overall Rating

    Got it for free and will buy more. It so so so good. I see why it won awards at Vape Summit. Never had an old fashioned drink before but if it tastes like this then all is good!

  7. DELICIOUS JUICE review by mr. snarky felon on 8/11/2015
    Overall Rating

    Some excellent juice right here! First time trying these guys- very nice product! I am really pleased with the quality of the vapor, very tasty, strong flavor... I like the big hits I'm getting. Not exactly sure if it tastes like the cocktail, that's always an odd thing for me since flavors tastes different between drinking and vaping, but it's delicious nonetheless.

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