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Jam Monster

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The Jam Monster vape juice motto is short, sweet, and the best way to sum up their high-quality juices: “Scary good!” Jam Monster e-juice combines excellent flavor with impressive cloud products, making it a favorite among vapers both new and experienced. The brand has earned respect and admiration of the vaping industry, and the quality of their products speaks for themselves. Unlike many other juice companies, Jam Monster hasn’t let the pursuit of new flavors knock them off course from the ultimate goal: to produce juice that tastes good, simple as that. Crazy flavor combinations can seem like a fun option, but all too often, the flavor becomes muddled from the addition of so many differing profiles. Vapers end up with a vape experience that tastes like sugary sweet nothing and ends up tossing the bottle in the trash. However, Jam Monster has risen to the top as the master of keeping it simple, crafting classic flavors that get the job done right. Another reason that Jam Monster juices have earned such a loyal following is their high VG content, the perfect recipe for some seriously impressive vapor production. Whether your customers are flavor connoisseurs or cloud chasers – or more than likely, a mix of both – Jam Monster is sure to please.

Jam Monster: A Fierce Presence in your Vape Juice Inventory

Jam Monster juices are created with a dedication to quality above all else, and the brand doesn’t cut corners just to save money or time. Every bottle of Jam Monster juice is crafted using their trademark process, which has been carefully perfected over time. The expert Jam Monster team knows what it takes to make a good vape juice, and their expertise is obvious in every last drop. Because they know that chasing clouds is part of the fun of vaping, they’ve upped the VG content to maximize vapor production on any device. Vapers will find that they can enjoy delicious flavor and fluffy clouds and that both really can exist in harmony.

Classic Flavors that Vapers Know and Love

You won’t find any mile-long flavor names here because Jam Monster is known for keeping things sweet, simple and delicious. It may seem easy to create a simple flavor, but it’s harder than it seems, and many companies miss the mark. Sticking with a single flavor profile means that the juice has to hit the right note the first time, and Jam Monster does just that.

Customers will find new favorites in the Jam Monster Blueberry, Strawberry, Apple, Grape, and Blackberry juices. Fruity goodness without any of the frills, these juices are a must-have on your shelves. Guava Ice Monster and Colada Ice Monster add menthol to the mix for a sweet, refreshing experience that your customers will fall in love with.

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Browse our extensive selection of products, and stock up on Jam Monster juices and some other top-notch brands. Between the products flying off your shelves and an excellent shopping experience, you’ll be back in no time at all.

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