WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Crown Subtank by Uwell


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Constructed of stainless steel for a durable structure and utilizing quartz glass for its tank, the Crown Subtank by Uwell is the latest sub-ohm tank to hit the vaping market. It features a top and bottom filling design, has support for multiple coil configurations, including temperature control, and supports up to 120 watts of vaping power! Don't let this one slip by, because it also comes complete with a wide bore stainless steel drip tip, a 4mL e-liquid capacity, and has fully adjustable dual airflow control, making it one the of the hottest tanks current available on the market.

What's Included:

  • 1 x Crown Subtank by Uwell
  • 1 x 0.25 ohm Dual Coil Atomizer Head (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x 0.5 ohm Dual Coil Atomizer Head
  • 1 x 0.15 ohm Ni200 Nickel Atomizer Head
  • 1 x Spare Quartz Glass Section
  • 1 x Spare O-Rings Set
  • 1 x User Manual

Specs & Features:

  • Constructed of Stainless Steel
  • Utilizes Quartz Glass
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • SUS316 Food-grand stainless steel heating wire
  • Wide Bore Stainless Steel Drip Tip
  • Top Fill and Bottom Fill Design
  • 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
  • 4mL E-Liquid Capacity
  • 120W Max Input (When Used With 0.25 Ohm Dual Coil)
  • Size: 24mm (D) x 74.5mm (L)
  • Base Diameter: 24mm at Widest Point
  • Weight: 74g
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling. Do not use a short or flat 510 connection on any hybrid or hybrid style device in conjunction with this item. If unsure whether this pertains to your particular set-up, you may contact Direct Vapor Customer Service. DO NOT assemble or use until you are certain.
  1. Best Tank I've ever purchased. review by Vulcan on 3/29/2018
    Overall Rating

    I started with an Arco II tank. It's flax paper wicks burned out fast, vaped hot and the drip tips would fall out way too easy. Moved to the Herakles Sense pro, which was a bubbly greasy mess that leaked like a faucet. Then I tried this Uwell crown and... Finally! This tank is amazing. It's well made: Sturdy & solid all the way to the metal tip, screws snug & smoothly locking choke vents, balanced, easy to fill and looks great. The Rose gold color pairs beautifully with the copper Tesla Punk 220W Box Mod, and I'm in love with the 0.15 ohm Ni200 temperature controlled coils. Vapor is heavy and cool, making for a tasty and enjoyable vape.

  2. Works great, solid, looks good. review by Eric on 2/20/2018
    Overall Rating

    This is only my second tank, and I've had it for a year now. With all the fancy gear out there it's easy to get as into the hardware as the actual vaping, and tempted as I am to try other tanks, this one just simply delivers. I've had one gasket on the glass go south in that year but as the kit comes with a full set that was easily replaced. Be absolutely sure to prime your wick before firing it up by dripping directly onto it before reassembling, and start at low watts or it will burn up a new atomizer. I suppose this would apply to all tanks, but needs to be said unless you like throwing away brand new atomizers. Vaping at 55 W seems optimal, and despite what others have said it does spit from time to time. Replacement coil packs come in 4s, and my coils last about 3 weeks. I'm a gamer, and I hit it often as I need my nicotine when I'm stressing, probably using about 60ml a week. I like this tank and would recommend it to anyone who wants a tank that's built like a tank, and fully disassembles for easy cleaning.

  3. I love this tank! review by David on 11/3/2017
    Overall Rating

    This tank is fantastic for what im looking for! It got it in rose hold and paired it with a Tesla Nano Steampunk 120w in brass. The color isnt an exact match but im very happy all the same. This tank has amazing flavor and nice smooth hits. I love the coils as well. I read here that some people have some leaking issues or dry hits but i havent experienced any of that. The few cons i can see are that although it does hold a good amount of juice it does eat through it. Also because of the way it screws together you could end up pulling the whole thing apart when trying to unscrew the top fill, so be weary of that. But those things are minor for how quality this tank is. And it came with three coils! I definetly recommend.

  4. 2017 and still the KING review by Baylee on 3/10/2017
    Overall Rating

    So I bought this recently and paired it with a kbox 120. I have heard great things about way back in 2015 and decided to see if it was still up to par with all of the new tech in the vaping scene in 2017. And god DAMN it is good. The flavor on these coils is outstanding as long as you prime the coils well and slowly ramp up the wattage. No leaking as long as you close the air slots before filling. Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone who is familiar with vaping and wants to try something extraordinary.

  5. This tank goes through coils. review by Mike on 2/15/2017
    Overall Rating

    I bought this tank because my previous tank leak like a seeve. Now this tank went through the first coil in a day and a half. Then just another day and a half and I am getting dry hits. If this is what I bought and it goes through coils like this. I may as well go back to cigarettes. It also has slight leakage around the base.

  6. What's up with the coils review by Yoads on 12/21/2016
    Overall Rating

    Have 3 tanks 1 leaks no matter what I do. The coils if they work last a month and have flavor .25 close to an rba. But the coils are inconsistent and I bought 2 packs burnt through 7 out of 8 coils. I heard they're are to tightly wrapped but if they fixed that I would say it's the best I had. I have owned tvf4 isub' s kanger subtank tvf8, needless to say after that i build my own coils on my tvf8 big baby for the best flavor and clouds at40-60watts on my dual claptons:) good luck in your choice of a billion subtanks

  7. Decent tank with some issues! review by Craig on 12/20/2016
    Overall Rating

    I got this tank based off a recommendation from a friend. This thing packs clouds and flavor! The major downside however are the coils. Every 6/10 times I've purchased coils I've had constant dry hits and leaking like crazy! Getting a aspire cleito to replace this!

  8. Very nice tank review by Hash on 10/29/2016
    Overall Rating

    Verga tank expecially for getting back into vaping. This provides a decent amount of eJuice volume and fairly well built coils to go with it. The tanks assembly and disassembly is very easy. Filling is also extremely easy. My only thing with the tank is refilling can be minorly troublesome with removing the top of the tank and not separating it from the bottom half of the tank. This stainless steel coils are really nice, but the ni200 coil has extremely great flavor. I have not looked the price of replacement coils and such, but as the tank stands it's a good.

  9. Great Tank!!! review by Sjsharky on 10/4/2016
    Overall Rating

    Just bought this tank and I have to say it is the best I have ever owned!! Awesome taste and clouds!! Absolutely no leaking. I have this paired with the 150w Cuboid and this tank is a BEAST!!! If you're looking for a new tank, look no further...you will NOT regret buying this bad boy!!

  10. Like a boss review by Shazam on 7/3/2016
    Overall Rating

    Had the herkales plus for a while and leaked like a civ. Just upgraded my rig to sigelei 213 and bought this tank because it was in sale. Perfect.. Great clouds, smooth hit and not spit back. Running dual Clapton on 65 w. This thing is a beast

  11. I'd suggest getting the RBA Head with this. Top choice tank at this price point. review by RehanRC on 6/15/2016
    Overall Rating

    Crazy fast delivery from DirectVapor. The stock coils have a serious wicking problem. I read that the fix is to carefully poke holes with a needle into the side holes and top. And make sure you prime it seriously. Dry/Burnt hits from Cold start. Build up the hits starting from low watts. Great clouds. Great packaging. Super Clean. All the parts come apart, which is easier for cleaning. Came with an extra quartz glass, a .5 that reads about .6, a .25 that reads about .3, and a nickel coil. The quartz is a better option to choose when deciding. I hear that the nickel is dangerous when not used with a temp control mod. All in all a great tank. This gen's tank looks the best. The Rafale Tank has an Anti Spit Back System, which I hear, degrades the flavor. So, they removed it for the Crown 2. And they improved the coil design in those versions. The Rafale has a non-removable drip tip. I prefer the look of this tank to the Crown 2. The build quality, capacity, and price are better than the SMOK TFV4 (also they're called SMOK). The capacity is better than the Sense Herakles Plus. There seem to be a lot of negatives with Kanger (leaking and battery/charge issues).

  12. Smoke/Flavor Haven ;) review by D_ToXx on 6/11/2016
    Overall Rating

    Im a newbie to Vaping and iv done bought a handfull of Tanks and E_Liquids already and i have to say I Choose this tank Over any other tank, Im using the Dual .25 Ohm at 65W and the flavor on my Taffy is Ummm So Good the cloud's this tank gives off is Amazing, the price is perfect and anybody looking at this review debating on buying this tank , STOP Thinking, BUY IT, You will not regret it.

  13. Pretty Good review by Dominick on 5/7/2016
    Overall Rating

    I've used this tank with the Kangertech 120W TC MOD. I've had it for about 3 weeks now, and have used a variety of juices with it. The only leaking I got was in the second week. Cleaning this tank once a week is essential to keep it from leaking. The only spit back I ever got was from letting the juice get too hot. The only drawback to this tank I've found is that it takes awhile for it to "prime". Putting a new atomizer in it, refilling it, or first thing in the morning it just takes awhile for it to start hitting the way it should. Once it gets going though, the flavor is awesome and clean of any metallic flavor from the atomizer. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

  14. Wow !! review by Shawn on 4/11/2016
    Overall Rating

    First off "wow" to directvapor !!! Ordered this tank Friday and received Monday. After much research I went for the crown. I must say after I ordered I began to find a lot of negative reveiws, I was like "not good" damn already ordered. Why I found a lot of negative reveiws after and not before order, can't explain. So, must say this tank is amazing, I have no leaks, no spit back and amazing flavor. This thing is SOLID built, really. Herk-plus going on shelve for a while...

  15. Hemorrhage bad review by Brandon on 3/24/2016
    Overall Rating

    Mine just would not stop leaking but yes it was a very good flavor producer...I like Council of Vapor "Vengeance" tank is my favorite of all of my tank collection. The Krixus ceramic tank is alright but seams to leak after being ramped up to higher temperatures but oh well..

  16. Best Tank I've Ever Used.... review by Shawn on 3/13/2016
    Overall Rating

    I'm still fairly new to sub ohm, but I've tried several tanks by Smok, Kangertech, Tesla, & Sense, and this is by far the best tank I've used so far.

    Very simple design, easy to use, easy to fill with the top fill design, great vapor production, no leaks, and the VERY BEST taste of all of them so far.

    Pairs nicely with my Joyetech Cuboid, but I'm sure any good 100w or 150w mod that will run at .2 ohms will probably work just as well (or maybe less since I typically run between 60w and 85w depending on the juice)...

    Also.... Just for information purposes, I stick with the .25 ohm coils...

    Highly recommended tank...

  17. Favorite by far review by Tina on 2/9/2016
    Overall Rating

    I'm fairly new to sub ohm vaping but I already own two of these lovelies in rose gold and I have had a stainless one too that is now my son's tank. I'm using it on my joyetech cuboid and occasionally on my joyetech evic mini. I have not found any other tank that meets its high quality period. Just buy it you won't regret it.

  18. Great for beginners also! review by JeffyD on 1/30/2016
    Overall Rating

    I use to get the pens but when my battery broke it wasn't really worth getting buying another one. My girlfriend recently got me back into vaping and gave me her old rig which was a kanger subtank on a joytech 60w battery which was really nice but then she got the Crown UWELL and I hit it and just had to get one also! It delivers such a nice smooth but strong hit! All the atomizers are rebuildable and is pretty easy after doing it a couple times. Very Very easy to clean and if you like a clean tank like me get the stainless steel and you can tell when it needs to be clean. My girl got hers at smokey barrel for $38.95 so the price here is also wayy better! You can dissemble this thing really easy also, I swear a monkey could do it! Not to mention they give you replacement gaskets for EVERYTHING on it though me nor my girlfriend have had to even consider that yet and a replacement glass and 3 atomizers. If you add up all that they give you, your really only paying like $10-$15 for the tank!

  19. Can be great! review by Vinyasaflowgirl on 1/5/2016
    Overall Rating

    After purchasing my 1st Crown about 6 months ago, I used with Eleaf I Stick 50W,and it was a perfect pair! I upgraded my mom's products, generously donating my 50W I Stick and a new Crown tank, while I upgraded to the 100W I Stick and a New Black Crown! I must have gotten the Friday afternoon assembled black crown, as it leaked, burn through coils, and was never "right". Major disappointment, as I waited for 2 months on the black crown to get back in stock! I'm OCD when it comes to cleaning them, and after spending an hour cleaning it, I disassembled my black crown and returned to my 1st stainless steel..... They are terriffic tanks, however if by chance you get one that gives you problems, it will continue to do so.... I tried everything, changing all the gaskets, coils from .25 to .50 everything imaginable! The 1st issue noticed was how loose the air flow turned.
    Now I have another stainless leaking in the 50 W I stick which I'm off to try to repair.
    I'm wondering if they have a short life span? Neither stainless had problems until 2 days ago.
    They are a great tank, easy to care for and clean, however troubleshooting leaking issues goes above the store in which I purchased them, goes above their knowledge, however the black one had pliers taken to it at this store..... Be careful with return policies as you don't want to loose hundreds of dollars we invest in sub-ohm!

  20. Great tank! review by Blondie454 on 1/2/2016
    Overall Rating

    I have had many tanks! I am a major clutz and have actually dropped one entire mod/tank down a storm drain cause I have a habit of sitting things in my lap and forgetting when I get out of the car.

  21. A Must for Anyone Who Really Vapes! review by ~WSF on 1/1/2016
    Overall Rating

    I have 2 of these Crown tanks in stainless steal, and I'm still eyeing up one in rose gold! I have a plethora of sub-ohm tanks, and I consistently keep a Crown in my rotation. I honestly find myself only using my SMOK TFV4 tanks, my Crowns, and an occasionally my Arctic. I love the top-fill, it couldn't get any easier! I also keep plenty of Ni coils on hand. These awesome little gems are nicely packaged and easy to swap out. But there's not an often need for that! It's usually a juice change that makes a coil change necessary. I love TC and these can handle any mod I put it on. I'm currently using one on my Sigelei 150W TC mod, the other on my Sigelei 200W TC. It also can handle my Snow Wolf 200W TC and my IPV3 Li like a King thou! It's made of food grade stainless steel and Quartz glass~making it the most durable tank I own too. I think it's a necessary "must-have" tank for anyone who enjoys their vaping as much as I obviously do! Now go get yourself one!

  22. Awesome review by Jon on 12/27/2015
    Overall Rating

    I've had this tank for about a month. I've had A LOT of Sub-Ohms and this is by far the best one. This tank on a Dovpo Champion 220w mod hitting about 40w is saving so much battery life. The best setup yet.

  23. SWEET! A definite must have sub tank. review by mrtimblin on 12/18/2015
    Overall Rating

    I had been hearing a lot of good things about the Crown sub ohm tank by Uwell. After a couple of months of hearing you should really try this tank...this tank has really great flavor..this tank is as good or better than the STARRE tank by FREEMAX. Now, I REALLY like my STARRE tank, I liked it so well that I bought the STARRE Pro tank, both are just really great tanks, superb flavor especially when using the Ni200 coils. To say I was a bit doubtful is an understatement to say the least. So I, with a lot of trepidation took the plunge and bought one from my local vape shop where knowing the manager and the owner has been beneficial to say the least. I paid way less than retail for this tank, so it wasn't that big of a hit to my wallet.
    Like I said, I was very doubtful that this tank would be equal to my STARRE tank, I got out a bottle of one of the latest juices I had and filled up my Crown tank. I do like the top fill and/or the bottom fill method, your choice which is a nice spin. The top fill has 4 slots so it would be really difficult to not be able to get all the juice you want/need into this tank. I was able to fill mine up completely no wasted space....nice. I had previously primed the coil before filling, I had the tank filled put the top back on, it was now time to try out this newest sub tank in my collection.
    WOW...I was blown away, this tank has really GREAT flavor production, loud production is really nice too, I prefer max VG and this tank was able to easily handle my thick juices with no problems what so ever. Like I said flavor and cloud production are terrific with this tank and the coil that I have that came with my tank is a 0.5 ohm Uwell coil, that has been used daily now on my Eleaf TC 60 watt for about 3 weeks, and a week prior to that on my Wismec Pressa TC 75 watt. Both mods work extremely well with this tank. Now the big question. Is the Crown by Uwell as good or better than the STARRE by FREEMAX? All I can say is that the jury is still out on that one. In some ways it is equal to and/or better than my STARRE tank. However, in some other ways it isn't quite up to my standards associated with my STARRE tank. It is, but it isn't, a really great tank that every vaper be it a new vaper or a seasoned veteran should have in their sub ohm tank collection. Thank you all so very much for reading my review. It is very much appreciated.

  24. Cloud maker supreme review by JaredONaCLOUD on 12/9/2015
    Overall Rating

    Better than any tank ive ever head. I was gonna get the herkales but im glad i didnt!!! ☆☆☆☆☆

  25. top notch in every way!!! review by James on 11/20/2015
    Overall Rating

    this tank has the easiest of use. spin off the top for an easy refill with four huge slots to do so. you can pour in juice easily w/o an accurate needle bottle. air holes at the bottom of the tank click in place nicely. this tank never leaks on me nor do i even close the air holes when refilling. optimal watts on the 0.25 coil is 90 watts. i must say full of flavor and full of flavor and flavor. i just sold my smok tfv4 because the crown sucks less juice and the coils are cheaper. boy i mean this tank is smooth sailing brother. i have a melo 2 tank because it uses many other coils like aspire,eleaf.triton,herakles and some others and readily available everywhere. so lastly, three tanks for me... crown, an extra crown in case of a problem and then melo 2 tank. i was paid $0 for this review.

  26. Outstanding review by Chkin11 on 11/8/2015
    Overall Rating

    This tank is nothing short of amazing! Best flavor of any tank I have tried. Get the RBA for it also. The RDA is tricky to get wicked correctly but once you get it figured out its awesome. Stock coils work great.

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