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Coil Master Skynet Prebuilt Coils (48-Pack)


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Step into the future with a expertly crafted and carefully curated pack of pre-built vape coils with the Coil Master Skynet Prebuilt Coils (48-Pack)! Heavily researched and carefully constructed, this 48-Pack of coils provides the highest quality coils built to withstand intense vaping demands along with flavor inducing properties seldom found in machine built coils. This amazing variety pack includes among vaping's finest coil types that will provide an amazingly effective vaping experience. This kit includes fused clapton coils for mouthwatering flavor, tortuosity coils for twisted cloud production, parrallel clapton coils for a smooth balance of flavorful cloud production, interlock claptons for complex flavor, twisted fused clapton for better overall flavor, flat clapton for a classic draw, Clapton coils for signature smooth flavor and super tiger coils for an outrageous cloud chucking conclusion. Be sure to get your Coil Master Skynet Pre-Built Coils (48-Pack) today!

What's Included:

  • 1 x Coil Master Skynet Pre-Built Coils 48-Pack
  • Contains 3 pairs (6 pieces) of each of the coil types listed below (48 total pieces)

Specs & Features

  • Coil Type: Fused Clapton
  • Coil Specs: 26AWG*2+39AWG
  • Wire Composition: NI80
  • Coil Type: Tortuosity
  • Coil Specs: 23AWG
  • Wire Composition: NI80
  • Coil Type: Clapton Parallel
  • Coil Specs: 26AWG*2+39+26AWG
  • Wire Composition: NI80
  • Coil Type: Interlock Clapton
  • Coil Specs: (26+32AWG)+24AWG
  • Wire Composition: Kanthal A1+NI80
  • Coil Type: Fused Clapton(TWIST)
  • Coil Specs: 28AWG*2+32AWG
  • Wire Composition: Kanthal A1
  • Coil Type: Flat Clapton
  • Coil Specs: 0.3*0.8MM+32AWG
  • Wire Composition: Kanthal A1
  • Coil Type: Clapton
  • Coil Specs: 26AWG+32AWG
  • Wire Composition: Kanthal A1
  • Coil Type: Super Tiger Coil
  • Coil Specs: 22AWG+0.4*0.08MM
  • Wire Composition: NI80+A1
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling. Images are for illustration purposes only. Actual color, finish and packaging may vary.

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