What You Need to Get the Biggest Clouds

Due to the increasingly popular sport of cloud blowing, the sales of RDA’s and highly technical sub ohm tanks have gone crazy, because once you start experimenting with different items, it’s hard to stop because you just never know what’s going to be that perfect device! New high-tech tanks designed to create the sickest clouds are hitting the market constantly, and seemingly every week there are new advancements emerging. This shows it’s way more than a fad… with the way people are scooping these things up left and right, massive clouds are going to be blown for a long time to come.

So, are you interested in getting your cloud action on? Here are some of the basic tips.

How to Get the Biggest Vape Clouds

  • Always Think in Terms of Battery Safety – Never compromise; get the safest batteries possible, such as Sony VTC4, VTC5, etc.
  • Perfect the Airflow – The lower the resistance, the more airflow that will be needed. Having too much air will most likely cause the vapor clouds to lose some of their voluptuous consistency, resulting in faint clouds.
  • The Right Juice – A higher VG content will get you those thick, dense, puffy clouds.
  • The Right Mod – Research your options. The right mod is one of the most important aspects to getting the best clouds. The right device will power low-resistance coil-builds ideally.
  • An RDA Atomizer – When it comes to chasing those clouds, an RDA is your best bet.
  • Practice Your Technique – This can take weeks, or even months to perfect, so get practicing asap!
  • Don’t Forget About Wicking – This is what allows the juice and air to flow onto your coils.
  • Figure out the Build – Your build will directly affect the level of vapor production. Remember that the lower the resistance set, the bigger the clouds will be.
  • Natural Selection – Nature just prefers some people more than others when it comes to blowing big ass clouds; don’t take it personally. Those gifted with greater lung capacity are capable of inhaling more vapor without needing to cough.

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