What is a Vape Atomizer?

Learning more about your vape device is not only helpful to your vaping experience, but it is also incredibly important. Understanding your device’s critical components will ensure that you are using and maintaining it properly, and allow you to make the most of every vape.

One of the most critical parts of your vape is the atomizer. Without the atomizer, your device is mostly a useless box with a battery inside. The more you learn about what a vape atomizer is, how it works, and how the different atomizer options can allow you to custom-design your vaping experience, the more informed vaper you will be.

What is a vape atomizer?

What is a vape atomizer_DirectVapor

The general term “atomizer” is used to describe any device that transforms liquid into mist. In the vaping world, it is the component of your device that is responsible for heating up your vape juice to create the smokable vapor.

Atomizers (specifically, the heating coils within the atomizer) are measured in ohms. Ohms refers to the amount of resistance the specific atomizer has. If you are looking for an atomizer that has a lower ohm level, you can expect is to demand more power. If you have ever heard the term “sub-ohm,” that relates to an atomizer that has coils with a resistance level of less than 1.0 ohm, “sub” meaning “less than.”

Is an atomizer the same as a coil?

Is an Atomizer the Same as a Coil_DirectVapor

It can be a bit confusing to hear the word “atomizer” applied to a few different things. Sometimes, you will hear it used to specifically describe the vape coils, or heating coils, inside the device. But other times, it refers to the device containing these coils, such as an RDA or sub-ohm tank.

How does a vape atomizer work?

How Does an Atomizer Work_DirectVapor

As important as an atomizer is to your vape device, its actual function is a very simple process. When you turn on your vaporizer, you activate the battery, providing power to the components of the device. This allows the atomizer to begin its job. The heating coil (or coils) will heat up inside of the atomizer.

Located above the coil is the wick, which can be made from a few different materials, including cotton. This wick is soaked in your e-liquid, and when it comes into contact with the heat from the coils, it begins to heat the liquid. Once the vape juice reaches the proper temperature, it turns into vapor.

What are the different types of vape atomizers?

What are the different types of atomizers_DirectVapor

When considering the range of parts that the word “atomizer” can refer to, there are generally four main types that vapers can choose from:

  • Disposable atomizers like the Innokin GoMax Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank are generally recommended for newer vapers, and are the type of atomizer most often included with vape starter kits. They are easy to find, and fairly inexpensive. In the long run, the cost of disposables can add up (because you are replacing the entire atomizer every time) and are often fairly simple in terms of features.
  • Replaceable coil head atomizers like the SMOK TFV16 Sub Ohm Vape Tank or Horizon Falcon King Sub Ohm Vape Tank  are probably the most commonly used and contain replaceable coil heads inside. They do cost a bit more than disposable atomizers but also have more features for the vaper looking to create a more customized experience. You can also wash out these atomizers, allowing you to switch between e-juice flavors.
  • Rebuildable atomizers (also referred to as RDAs) allow the vaper to build their own coils, which gives you excellent control over your vape. Typically, more experienced vapers use this type, simply because it requires a bit of time and knowledge. However, if you are interested in choosing from a variety of coil sizes, materials, and designs, taking the time to learn is definitely worth it.

For vapers who ask, “how long can you use an atomizer?”, the answer depends mainly on the type. Disposable atomizers have the shortest lifespan (about a week). You also need to factor in your vaping frequency.

What is a clearomizer atomizer?

What is a clearomizer atomizer_DirectVapor

A clearomizer atomizer is a specially designed atomizer, newer to the vaping market. Usually made out of a clear Pyrex glass or polycarbonate plastic, the clearomizer tank makes it easy to see the level of vape juice inside. They function nearly the same as a standard atomizer, with heating coils warming the e-liquid to create vapor.

What vape atomizer type is right for you?

What atomizer type is right for you_DirectVapor

When choosing your atomizer, consider your budget, experience level, desire to customize your vape and the amount of time you are willing to put into the process. New vapers might want to begin with a disposable atomizer until they learn more about their preferences, and then work up to something a bit more advanced, like replaceable coil heads or an RDA.

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