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What is a Vape Pod System? A Beginner’s Guide

Updated January 26, 2022

Sometime in the mid-2000s, the modern-day e-cig we know and love made its big debut. Now, almost two decades later, the vape industry has made serious strides when it comes to innovation, technology, and functionality alike.

There’s a vape device to suit just about any style, preference, and even price point; putting first-class vape sessions within easy reach. One of the latest options to hit the market is the vape pod system, a uniquely-designed device that offers reliable performance wrapped up in an affordable, compact package.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a budget-friendly device that doesn’t skimp on quality, a vape pod system might be right for you. We’re breaking down the basics of vape pod systems, explaining what you need to know about these popular devices. You’ll get answers to common questions about pod vapes, including:

  • What is a pod vape and how does it work?
  • What are the different types of pod vapes?
  • Do I need a certain kind of e-juice to use with pods?
  • Where can I buy vape pod systems?

Keep reading for a short, simple, but solid lesson covering the essentials of vape pod systems.

What is a Vape Pod System?

The defining characteristic of a vape pod system (also called a pod vape or pod-style vape) is the removable container or pod, that is designed to hold e-juice. Typically, this pod is paired with a replaceable coil, then attached to the battery element/body. When the device is powered on, the battery is used to fire the coil inside of the pod, which vaporizes the e-juice and creates a fabulously fluffy vapor.

Vape pod systems can come in a broad range of shapes and styles, with each brand taking a unique approach to crafting user-friendly, stylish designs. When you explore pod vapes, you’ll notice that each system is categorized as either an “open” or “closed” system (more on that later). Most pod systems hold about 2mL of e-juice, which is why they’re often a favorite for vaping on the go.

If you were to arrange the different kinds of vapes on a spectrum, with a no-frills e-cigarette on one end and an advanced vape mod on the other, pod vapes would fall somewhere in the middle. Most vapers describe pod-style devices as a step above traditional vape pens, offering an increase in power without the complexity of a box mod.

You can get a better idea of what a pod vape looks like and how many different styles there are by checking out the selection of brand-name vape pod systems from DIRECTVAPOR. Take note of the variety of price points, body shapes, and styles, and even colorways – there really is a pod vape to suit just about any vaper out there.

Open System Vape Pods vs. Closed System Vape Pods

Open System vs. Closed System

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when choosing the best vape pods for you is picking between an open or closed system.

Open System Vape Pods

Open system pods are designed with a refillable vape pod, so you can manually open the top of the pod and fill it with your preferred e-juice. Some open systems also feature replaceable coils, so you can swap out coils if and when needed instead of buying a whole new pod.

Some benefits of open vape pod systems include:

  • The ability to use any e-liquid with your device, opening up far more flavor and nicotine options
  • Increased cloud production
  • A slightly smoother draw

Drawbacks of open systems can include:

  • Dealing with manual refills
  • Doing regular coil and cartridge replacements

Closed System Vape Pods

Closed system vape pods are comparable to a cartomizer, relying on pre-filled e-juice cartridges. When your device needs a refill, you simply remove the empty pod and attach a new one. Beginner vapers are often attracted by the zero-maintenance requirements of a closed system because there are no tanks or coils to maintain.

Some of the perks of using a closed vape pod system are:

  • Easy refills that take just a few seconds and next to no effort
  • Great affordability, due to minimal maintenance needs

Depending on your preferences, you might find that closed systems have a few downsides, like:

  • A limited selection of compatible cartridges for your device
  • A less powerful draw/cloud production
  • Occasional “spitbacks”

What are “Pod Mods”?

Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding a device style known as the “pod mod.” In simplest terms, a pod mod is a vape pod system that incorporates some of the increased functionality of a larger, higher-end box mod. Pod mods can be an awesome choice for vapers who want a middle ground between the convenience of a pod vape and the performance of a box mod.

For example, some of the features of pod mods can include:

  • Adjustable Airflow control
  • Increased battery size/power
  • Adjustable power output
  • Display screens

Some of our favorite pod mods include the SMOK Nord 50, the Vaporesso Target 80, and the VooPoo Drag S.

How Does a Pod Vape Work?

The large majority of pod systems use a single, built-in internal battery that you’ll charge using a MicroUSB or Type-C cord. When fired, the battery powers the pod’s internal coil and vaporizes the e-liquid.

Depending on your vape pod system, it will use one of three types of firing methods:

  • Draw-activated fire, which mimics a traditional cigarette experience, is activated each time you draw via the mouthpiece
  • Button fire, which relies on the power button-activated operation
  • Dual-type fire options, which let you use both draw-activated and power button firing methods

Choosing your firing method is really just a matter of personal preference.

Advantages of Using a Vape Pod System

Advantages of Vape Pods

Vape pod systems are very user-friendly. You won’t find a confusing array of settings and mods to toggle through; instead, vape pod systems operate similarly to a basic vape pen. Most have a single operating button and make it easy to start vaping in just seconds. Plus, replacing or refilling the pods is a quick, straightforward process as well.

  • Great for on-the-go vaping: Compact, easy to use, and hassle-free, a pod-based vape is super-portable and convenient.
  • Highly discreet. Because they are so small and don’t produce the giant vapor clouds that box mods do, pod systems are ideal for discreet vaping.
  • Super affordable. You can expect to find great pod system options in the $20 range, with even the most advanced systems coming in below the $50 mark.
  • Require next to no maintenance. Unlike complicated box mods, pod systems don’t require much effort on your part to stay well-maintained.

Disadvantages of Vape Pods

There are a few downsides to a vape pod system, and whether they matter to you or not boils down to personal vape style and preference.

  • Battery life can be somewhat limited. The average battery life of a pod system is often less than that on a box mod, so charging will be required more regularly.
  • Pods don’t produce huge vapor clouds. If you’re a serious cloud chaser, you should know those pod systems aren’t designed to create huge amounts of vapor.

Which E-Juices are Compatible with Pod Vapes?

If you’re looking for e-juice for a pod vape, it’s important to be aware of which options will work with your specific vaping device.

Remember, a closed pod vaporizer system can only be used with the pre-filled pods compatible with your exact model. A few e-juice manufacturers have developed pods that can be paired with various models, so your choices definitely aren’t as limited as they used to be.

If you have an open system vape pod, you can refill it with any e-juice you like. 

Nicotine salt e-juices are also optimal for use with a pod mod vape because the lower power level of many systems translates to a smoother, more enjoyable experience with e-juices with high nicotine concentration.

Is a Vape Pod System Right for You?

Because pod vapes have become such a versatile category of devices, virtually any vaper can find a system that they’re going to love. 

The benefits of vape pod systems include convenience, affordability, ease of use, and discretion. Most pods can be easily tucked into your pocket or purse, and the click-on pod design makes it simple to enjoy a quick session anytime, anywhere.

Shop Pod Vapes for Sale Online from DIRECTVAPOR

If you’re considering upgrading to a vape pod system, you’re going to want to invest in a high-quality option from a brand you can trust. DIRECTVAPOR carries a wide variety of vape products, including pod vapes made by top brands, including Vaporesso, VooPoo, SMOK, and more. With vape pod system options for everyone, it’s easy to find one that matches your personal vape style and preferences, as well as your budget. Plus, since DIRECTVAPOR is a “no-clone zone,” you can shop without worrying about ending up with a subpar knockoff – which isn’t something all vape retailers can promise.

Convenient, tech-savvy, and impressively compact, pod-style vapes are a solid option for vapers of all experience levels. Find your ideal match (and a huge selection of vape pod e-juices to go with it) when you browse DIRECTVAPOR today!

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