What Does Your Vape Say About Your Personality?

Vape Juice Personality

Air Factory E Liquids has established themselves as one of the most prolific and delicious vape juice brands on the scene today. The sheer volume and diversity of flavors they have on offer is staggering. Every vaper is unique and has their own favorite e-liquids. But what does your vape juice of choice say about your personality? Let’s find out!

  1. You’re the sweet one in your group of friends: NTN Strawberry Nectar: You’re a true sweetheart, you always are putting others ahead of yourself and are generous and kind. This is reflected in your love of NTN Strawberry Nectar, a sumptuous blend of the freshest summer strawberries and delicious nectar.
  2. You like to get the party started: NTN Tropical Grapefruit: If you’re the life of the party and are always getting the festivities going, NTN Tropical Grapefruit is your style. Blending exotic pineapple with tart grapefruit, this e-juice is for the outgoing funlovers.
  3. You’re into the timeless classics: Air Factory Tobacco E-liquid: The classics never go out of style, and neither does your personality. Air Factory Tobacco liquid gives you that traditional tobacco experience, all while cutting out the pesky smoke and ash of normal cigarettes.
  4. You’ve got a bit of a wild streak: NTN Wild Apple: If you’re a bit wacky and can’t be tamed, NTN Wild Apple is your flavor. Each bottle has a mouth-watering sweet and sour combination of freshly picked apples and tangy taffy.
  5. You’re have a chill, laid-back vibe: Air Factory Menthol: You’re a chiller who likes to sit back, relax, and take life in. Cool down and take a load off with Air Factory’s amazing take on classic Menthol.
  6. You’re the adventurous one: Bold Tobacco Nic Salt: Fortune favors the bold! You’re an adventurer and risk taker, you forge your own path. You need a vape juice that can match this energy, Bold Tobacco Nic Salt will rise to the occasion!
  7. Nobody can quite figure you out: NTN Mystery: If you like to keep people guessing, NTN Mystery is your vape juice of choice. This puzzling flavor seems to change between a variety of fruit tastes with each and every puff. You’re an enigma…

So there you have it, with a multitude of incredible vape flavors of offer, every personality can find a match within the Air Factory e-juice pantheon!


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