As you journey into the world of vaping, you may come across a variety of specialized lingo that is new to you. One of the phrases guaranteed to get a reaction from well-versed members of the vaping community is “sub ohm”. You might have heard this phrase here and there, especially when it comes to vapers who produce larger-than-life clouds.

But what is the meaning of sub ohm mean exactly, and why is it worth learning about?

Sub Ohm Meaning

Sub ohm is a method that will bring your vaping to an entirely new level, giving you many advantages to enjoy. As you may know, your atomizer is powered by a coil through which the electrical current travels. The resistance of a given coil, or the amount of current able to pass through it, is defined in ohms. The lower this resistance, the easier it is for the coil to increase the current passing through, resulting in a higher heat level. This, in turn, produces significantly more vapor, and the mega clouds you may have seen from other vapers.

Lower resistance is obtained by utilizing thicker wires, due to an increased surface area that provides more room for the current to flow. A typical atomizer coil will have a resistance anywhere between 1.5 and 3 ohms. “Sub ohms” refers to the levels that fall below a resistance of 1 ohm, and is a specialized approach for vapers looking for a specific experience.

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The Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub ohm vaping provides three significant benefits: excellent flavor, increased vapor, and warmer vapor. These three things combine for an overall improved vaping experience, according to many people. Many vapers who are seeking to blow their friends out of the water regarding cloud size will turn to sub ohm vaping, as well as anyone who enjoys a rich, intense flavor that will surprise you. The pleasantly warm vapor produced by sub ohm vaping is the perfect temperature for a smooth, enjoyable experience.

How to Sub Ohm

In the recent past, sub ohm vaping required hands-on modificationn of your vaping equipment and a basic knowledge of coil building. But now, thanks to new vaping technology, sub ohm tanks are making it incredibly easy to change up your vaping experience, especially Smok’s best vape mods. These unique vaporizer tanks use pre-made, disposable coil heads to allow you to reach the lower levels of resistance you are looking for. Combined with a good vape mod, that’s all you’ll need to try sub ohming for yourself.

The Best E-Juices for Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub ohm vaping does require specialized e-juices. Look for a good VG/PG ratio, which is vital in avoiding that dreaded burnt taste. Quality ingredients are also essential, no matter what vaping approach you plan to use. Once you have those critical elements taken care of, all you have to do is load up your sub ohm cartomizer with your flavor of choice.

If you’re interested in transforming your vaping experience and giving sub ohm vaping a try, make sure you start with quality products from a reputable company. At DIRECTVAPOR, we provide our customers with top-of-the-line, 100% authentic American-made vaping products. Our sub ohm tanks are a favorite among the vaping community, providing the premium experience you should expect.

With our low-price guarantee and free shipping, you will be getting the absolute best bang for your buck. Whether you are looking to try sub ohm vaping for the first time, upgrade your current set-up, or simply sample some new e-juices, DIRECTVAPOR should be your first choice.

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