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Welcome to Direct Vapor! We’ve hit the scene running, and are here to bring a new level of excellence to the industry. We’re into big clouds, innovative devices, and getting our hands on all the latest technology as soon as it’s released. For everything advanced vaping, look no further because it’s what we do.

We are vape enthusiasts ourselves, and we know firsthand the thrill of opening up the box of a shiny new tank, charging up a brand new mod, or filling up with a highly-anticipated new flavor only to have our minds blown shortly thereafter! This is not just a method of smoking alternatively with; it’s more than a lifestyle; it’s life, with a whole lotta vapor, and the style is a given.

What we specialize in is advanced products. The newest, most innovative, up to the minute, straight off the presses vapor devices, tanks, accessories, and everything else connoisseurs of vape culture are seeking. Some go for homogenized, run of the mill products, and that’s great. What our focus is on are the hard to find, extremely advanced, excitingly edgy products.

Our customers are go-getters. They are not waiting for anyone to hold their hand when it comes to discovering and learning. They build. They research. They experiment. They are blazing trails, taking names, and helping to push this industry further with their own innovativeness.

It’s a really exciting time to be a vaper, and we’ve got all the goods to pique your interest and keep things interesting. If you’re looking for the best vapor products, the latest industry news, and everything worth knowing about related to the vape life, we’re bringing it! Welcome to our blog!


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