There’s a new sheriff in town here in the vapor world, and it goes by the name of VooPoo. This new brand has already been turning heads around here, and the new VooPoo DRAG 157W TC Vape Mod is making a bold statement.

For a fresh brand to come on the scene and offer a device this well developed says a lot about how far the vapor industry has come and the standards we have set forth for those in the manufacturing and design sectors. So let’s dive in and unpack all the goodies that this thing has to offer.

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About the VooPoo Drag Mod

First off, this device is marketed as a 157-watt mod. This may seem like a strange number to rest on, but here at DIRECTVAPOR we want to highlight this for a minute. If nothing else, landing on such an odd number actually gives us the impression that they’re being super honest here.

There’s not a lot of fluff about how their device can hit 200W one time under ideal circumstances. Essentially, VooPoo says they can get this device to work dependably at 157W and that is exactly what they do. No more, no less.

Moving on to more important things, this device is crammed full of incredible high-end features that you could previously only get if you went with one of those expensive big-name brands.

The fact that VooPoo was able to add some of this stuff in at a fair price and do a good job of it speaks well to what they will do in the industry as a whole.



VooPoo DRAG’s Body

Straight out of the box you’ll notice that this device is somewhat larger than other devices that’ve been released recently. However, some of that size is more in the appearance than in the feel. It’s still pretty lightweight.

The biggest difference is that they didn’t try to reorient everything to make it fit into rounded corners or an odd diamond shape. They went back to basics with a rectangular design and sharp corners. The effect is something of a throwback to the past that we can all appreciate.

It also has a little more of an industrial look with steel framing around a colored side panel and the DRAG emblem emblazoned across one side. The smaller OLED screen placed sideways across the front of the device is also a blast from the past, but it works just fine.

VooPoo did an excellent job of incorporating a magnetic battery door into the side of the device. This is a feature that we just can’t praise enough. If you’ve dealt with other devices having broken hinges and latches, you can surely appreciate why a battery is the best answer.

get drag 157w

DRAG 157W TC’s Functions

Now it’s time to look at how this thing really performs in the field. First up, it did surprisingly well as we put it through its paces. Yes, it has all of the straightforward variable wattage and temperature control features that we’ve all become familiar with. However, VooPoo made some big time additions that may just make this the most technologically advanced device we’ve seen in a while.

You may be familiar with temperature coefficient of resistance, or TCR mode, on some devices. However, many of those devices come with pre-set curves that you can choose from. With the VooPoo DRAG you have way more flexibility when it comes to control.

Yes, there are a handful of presets available to choose from, but when you hook this device up to a computer you can actually load up the software and completely customize your curve from start to finish. This is a level of control that few other manufacturers have ever attempted.

That being said, this is definitely not an entry-level feature so you should play with it a while before you go all out.

We want to take a moment to talk about this software feature. We mentioned earlier that the screen on this device is a bit of a backtrack in terms of size and clarity compared to many of the touch screens and full color options we have today. However, by allowing you to hook your device up to a computer and use a monitor to manage it, you can actually do way more with this device than you would expect.

No, you won’t always have a computer with you, but once you’ve found your sweet spot set up in your device, you’ll rarely have to make adjustments.

Next up is the Smart Wattage feature. This feature allows the device to sense the resistance of the coils you have and make tiny adjustments as the resistance changes. Up until now, many of us really ignored the fact that the resistance of our coils could change as they get worn down and residue builds up.

This feature basically lets the device put the coils through a break-in period and then carefully track resistance changes passively. The result is a superior consistency in the way your vapor is delivered.

Ultimately, we loved what the VooPoo DRAG 157W mod has to offer. It definitely looks like VooPoo is sending out a challenge to other manufacturers to do more with less. Less gimmicky case designs, more advanced features.

The vapor production and all around performance of this device was fantastic, and getting to explore all of the features from a computer was actually really enjoyable and exciting. We hope this review is enough to get you excited about it too.

To learn more about this and other advanced personal vaporizers, make sure you visit DIRECTVAPOR online and check out our Low Price Guarantee on all of your favorite products.

get drag 157w


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