Vaporesso Revenger Starter Kit Review

Red, Black, and Blue Vaporesso Revenger 220W TC Kit Review - DIRECTVAPOR

Are you tired of being disappointed by run-of-the-mill vaporizers that over-promise and under-deliver? No more! The Vaporesso Revenger is the payback you’ve been waiting for.

From the first time you lay eyes on this incredible device, you will notice that it is unlike any other personal vaporizer you’ve ever seen. At 220 watts, there are few other devices that even come close to touching the Revenger.

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Here’s the rundown in our review:


The Unboxing

Vaporesso Revenger 220W TC Mod Starter Kit Packaging Review - DIRECTVAPORFew things are as exciting as bringing home a brand new box and opening it up for the very first time. As you unbox the Vaporesso Revenger 220W Starter Kit you’ll notice the long, angled body lines of the device, giving it the look of a device chiseled out of stone. The gently sloped corners make it easy to rest your fingers comfortably around the body without straining to handle it.

The crystalline screen is embedded smoothly in the front face with your control buttons directly below. The over-sized firing button on the side makes a bold statement. Nestled tightly into the box next to your new device is also the Vaporesso NRG Vape tank, a monstrous 5-milliliter accessory built especially for use with this device.

Power at Your Fingertips

With 220 watts of power it’s hard to imagine ever needing more. The Revenger gives you not just complete control of your output wattage, but also temperature control and variable voltage. With TCR mode you will enjoy the benefit of two separate memory banks so you can save your all-day vapes for quick reference. With bypass mode you can push this device to its limits as a mechanical mod.

Finally, with custom curve of wattage (CCW) and custom curve of temperature (CCT) you’ll be able to ramp your power up and down to get a smooth transition between hits. This feature has been in high demand lately and more companies are learning the impact that a personalized curve can have on overall satisfaction.

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Power On

As you first power on your new Vaporesso Revenger you’ll be greeted by the classy analog real-time clock on the screen. You’ll notice that the screen itself is very large and clear so you won’t have any trouble reading the time or your vaping status. The screen not only gives you access to all of the Revenger’s many features; it also gives you tons of information about your batteries. This is important because the Revenger features some cutting-edge charging technology.

First of all, it’s powered by two 18650 batteries of your choice. Naturally, you’ll need some pretty big batteries to handle the 220 watts that this thing puts out. While it is recommended that you use your regular charger whenever possible, Vaporesso made sure to include a handy quick-charge feature. Your screen will light up in quick-charge mode and show your batteries filling up in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Even if you aren’t using quick charge, a handy screen feature allows you to see how each battery is charging and discharging independently. This is a helpful tool that lets you manage the health of your batteries. The equalizing charging system ensures that your batteries are not getting overwhelmed on one side or the other by unbalanced charging.

What Nobody Else Has

Vaporesso Revenger 220W TC Mod Review - DIRECTVAPORThere are plenty of high-powered devices already on the market, but Vaporesso has one weapon that nobody else has. While many of the other high-end devices share similar chipsets, Vaporesso went to the trouble of developing their very own OMNI 2.0 board. Thanks to their engineering team, you can now enjoy smart sensing of your coils and memory settings among other things.

The Vaporesso NRG tank is also a one-of-a-kind creation that is perfectly suited to this build. At 26.5 millimeters wide and a full 5-milliliter liquid capacity, it is on the bulky side. However, it fits perfectly atop the Revenger without missing a beat. Vaporesso‘s design team made sure that this thing is easy to fill with a slide top feature that makes the port accessible with the flick of your thumb.

The adjustable airflow controls are tight and easy to set without fear of them moving throughout the day. A special heat insulating layer was added, making this vape a little easier on the lips and mouth even if you’re vaping at full power.

From end to end, Vaporesso designed the Revenger with the user in mind. While other manufacturers have just tried to cram more and more power into their devices for marketing purposes, Vaporesso took the time to consider how that power would actually work for the vaper and put it to good use.

If you’re ready to get yours now, remember that DIRECTVAPOR offers a No Clone Zone policy so you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal every time.

Get my revenger vaporizer kit


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